Interview: Motribe founders Vincent Maher and Nic Haralambous

vincent maher and nic harry

Welcome to the first in a series of video interviews taking you inside the offices of SA’s leading internet startups. We had the pleasure of visiting local internet entrepreneurs (and newly found Capetonians) Vincent Maher and Nic Harry of Motribe.vincent maher and nic harry

The experienced duo launched Motribe just over two months ago to great fan fair. We explore their thinking on using the Amazon cloud to build Motribe, how they reached millions of pageviews within two months (we also get into their latest figures), how they raised capital and why they settled with 4Di Capital for their first round of funding. We also look at their competitors in the mobile social networking space, how they acquired such an awesome top level domain and their thoughts on competing with the well funded startups of Silicon Valley.

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About the Founders

Until recently Vincent Maher and Nic Haralambous were the team behind Vodacom’s The Grid and the massively multiplayer mobile game Legends of Echo, which was widely recognised as one of the most innovative products to emerge from the growing mobile applications industry in South Africa.

Maher has a long history of innovation in the web and mobile industries in South Africa. Prior to taking control of The Grid at Vodacom SA, he was one of the founders of products such as Thoughtleader, Techleader and Amatomu as well as redesigning the Mail & Guardian’s website. While Haralambous has worked for organisation such as The Sunday Times, Financial Mail, Mail & Guardian, Zoopy and Vodacom SA before founding Motribe with Maher.

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  • Tyron Bache

    Awesome interview!
    Who will turn down a billion dollar offer? Groupon

    • Anonymous

      Totally! I think Groupon will be worth more though very soon.

      Glad you like the interview – I’m just getting started. Still cutting my teeth with editing, interviewing, etc …

  • Great interview and loved the questions Charl.

    Some thoughts…
    1) I couldn’t see the difference between HD and non-HD. So maybe start the video in standard and let users opt into HD.
    2) Maybe sit in the interview with the guys – trick is I guess is to get them actually talking / looking into the camera, but having the interviewer in the video is pretty cool.
    3) Video ended a little abruptly. :) Wheres that cool fade out jingle! :)

    For a first Bandwidth Blog interview, its brilliant. Keep rocking.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the feedback dude! I’m still paying my school fees here with video production. Will use all your input. Legend.

  • I really enjoyed it, the only suggestion I might make is to not stack questions so much and rather ask just one or two at a time – essentially just a little better planning. Apart from that, lots of interesting stuff in that video.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Chris – noted

  • Anonymous

    Lets try keep the discussion about Motribe.

  • David Perel

    This was a really cool interview. I think the format you have it in at the moment is good, it’s not necessary to be in front of the cam. In fact I think the mistake we made with From the Couch interviews was that we tried to squeeze everyone into the shot.

    What you have now is good. Definitely looking forward to more.

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