Robugtix’s 3D-printed realistic spiderbot


Robotics is certainly an area of technology getting a lot of attention in recent years. From drones, to walking robots, to self-navigating bots there certainly are a lot of people doing research in robotics. Realistic animatronics is also a focal point, and Robugtix has also taken to the field.

The 3D-printed spiderbot not only looks the part, but employs 26 servo motors to drive its unnervingly life-like movement. Bigfoot’s baked-in “Inverse Kinematics Engine” deals with all of the background computations, so you don’t have to be a coding genius to work it. Instead, users send “short and simple commands” to the bot via wireless XBee or any other method you can hook up to its Rx / Tx pins.

The movements of this spiderbot are extremely accurate and realistic. I’m sure you can give some arachnophobia a hell of a fright. It will be an expensive exercise if your friend then stomps on it, though. It is expected to be shipped at the end of Q3 and will cost $1,350. Check out the demo video below:

Source: Robugtix

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  • Through the whole video I was thinking “Yes, but can it walk?”. Never got an answer…

    • Theunis Jansen van Rensburg

      True. Hopefully it doesn’t just turn around.

      • You’ll be left with the world’s first octoplegic yoga instructor…

        • Kromas

          slow crabwalk and 200mm/s spider run.

    • Steven Seagull

      Yup, same here. Google returned no results. At best it’ll probably walk *really* slowly and inefficiently.

  • Tiaan

    I will sh*t myself if that thing comes around a corner

  • It is a product of modern technology, and what people can do to be in social life today is really incredible.

  • wow! great