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HTC announce the new One flagship

Published by on Mar 26th, 2014, 6 Comments


We are massive fans of the original HTC One which brought brilliant build quality, boom sound and a fluid user experience together. It is still a great device by today’s standards, but HTC have taken the wraps off their ‘all new’ HTC One.

There is very little we didn’t know about the device coming into the announcement with a barrage of leaks coming thick and fast in the weeks and months leading up to it. As we already knew, the new One features a tweaked design with a larger display, curvier metal sides, and a dual-camera system. (more…)

Google Glass partners with Ray-Ban and Oakley

Published by on Mar 25th, 2014, No Comments


Google Glass may have been making more waves than usual over the past couple of months, but one thing that has continuously followed the high-tech eyewear is the criticism of it’s look.

I mean, let’s be honest, from a style point of view, Google Glass is definitely not the Prada of eyewear. In fact, for someone who cares more about the look of their glasses than its technical abilities, Google Glass is ugly.

And, finally, it seems as though Google has caught on to this.

The mega company announced yesterday that it will be partnering with Luxottica, to help establish Google glass as both a tech must-have and a fashionable accessory.  (more…)

BlackBerry OS 10.3 beta leaked (video)

Published by on Mar 25th, 2014, No Comments


Not only do we have details of BlackBerry’s upcoming digital assistant, but now it seems the entire build of the updated operating system has leaked.

There are many aesthetic changes and some parts of the new version of BlackBerry’s BB10 operating system has been completely overhauled. Check out the video below for a look at what BB 10.3 might offer: (more…)

BlackBerry’s answer to Siri and Google Now

Published by on Mar 25th, 2014, No Comments


Microsoft has recently revealed Cortana, their digital assistant which will bring Windows Phone into the modern are. BlackBerry is also lagging behind, but a leak seems to indicate that they are also working on their own solution to compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Now.

The leak is that of a new build of BlackBerry still in beta phase, and on the updated OS there is an application called “Intelligent Assistant.” (more…)

Google Now comes to Chrome on Windows and Mac

Published by on Mar 25th, 2014, No Comments

Back in February Google released a beta version of Google Now running on its Chrome browser. This week Google has officially brought the build out of beta and will soon be available for all to use within their browser on both Windows and Mac.

The new feature can be activated by simply signing into Chrome with the same Google credentials you used on your Android or iOS device with Google Now. (more…)

LG’s Knock Code unlock update coming to G2 and G Flex

Published by on Mar 25th, 2014, No Comments


LG has started to quicken their release cycle for updated software as promised, and have just announced that the current flagship LG G2 and G Flex will receive in interesting knock code feature soon. It stems from the Knock On feature to unlock the phone, but now supports the ability to have a passcode to unlock with the knock feature.

The functionality means you merely need to configure a phone’s security setting to recognize a combination of up to eight taps made on four sections of the screen beforehand. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy PRO ad does it again – trashing the competition

Published by on Mar 24th, 2014, No Comments


Surprise, surprise. Samsung has released their latest ad for the Galaxy PRO range of tablets, and, in a (un)surprising move, turned to trashing their competitors, again.

This time around, however, Samsung brings some other companies to the party. In the past, it seemed to have just been their biggest rival, Apple, that got caught in Samsung’s line of advertising fire.

Surface, Microsoft’s tablet, as well as the popular Kindle also get mocked in this latest offering from Samsung. And, of course, the iPad. (more…)

BlackBerry liquidates most of Canadian property

Published by on Mar 24th, 2014, No Comments


The bad news keeps on rolling in for BlackBerry fans. BlackBerry needs cash so badly that they are selling off most of its real estate in their home country, Canada. The company will sell over 3 million square feet of property in its homeland, leasing some of it back. It’s very much what Nokia went through in Finland when they were facing massive struggles.

Source: Bloomberg

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