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Samsung Unpacked 2014: Episode 2

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It is that time of the year again, where everybody awaits the next move from the pioneers and leaders in the “phablet” industry – Samsung. After the performance and usability of the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 announced at last year’s Unpacked event great things were expected and Samsung did more more than just live up to our expectations. Not only did we get the Galaxy Note 4 but we also got a two new unexpected products that were pleasant surprises.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4


Tim Cook: Apple to beef up iCloud security

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Tim Cook

In light of recent events, Apple has decided to beef up their iCloud security – just so naked photos of famed celebrities leaking on the internet can not be solely blamed on Apple security.

Following the massive celebrity photo leak last weekend, that was said to be hacked form the A-listers’ iCloud accounts, Apple CEO, Tim Cook, has said that the company will be putting new security measures in place regarding their cloud storage service.

In his first interview after the hack, Cook spoke on the subject, but still maintained that the current iCloud security did not compromise the affected accounts. Cook said that no Apple ID or passwords were leaked from the company’s servers, but that third parties accessed the accounts using either the correct username and passwords or through a phishing scam.

However, the hack did seem to be somewhat of a wake-up call for Apple, as they are now putting more security measures in place.

Cook said that the new security measures include alerting users to activity on their iCloud accounts.  (more…)

Watch the 9 September Apple event live!

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Apple-event2Tech sites, iFans and even a few curious Andriod die hards are eagerly awaiting Apple’s latest product release event next week Tuesday (9 September). Whether you are waiting to see whether Apple delivers fantastic products or to scoff at another disappointing launch you cannot deny the interest around the event.

Building on the hype Apple has decided to stream the whole event live on their website. The web page currently features a clock ticking down to next week’s event where Apple will reportedly introduce the new iPhone 6 (two models) as well as the long awaited iWatch. But there may be more… (more…)

Top 10 South African websites named

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Effective Measure, the official online audience measurement supplier of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (formerly the DMMA), have announced the top 10 websites in South Africa in terms of unique browsers.

As you would expect, news websites are among the best. Interestingly, online shopping sites like Kalahari and TakeALot don’t yet feature.

See the full list below: (more…)

Baidu Eye – the Chinese version of Google Glass

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Baidu Eye

China has there own alternative to many Western tech services and devices. They have their own version of Google and Twitter and now, to add to that ever growing list, the have just unveiled their version of Google Glass.

Baidu, which is the Chinese equivalent of Google, has just unveiled Baidu Eye – their version of Google Glass.

The idea for Baidu Eye was first announced back in April 2013 and yesterday, the first working prototype was unveiled by the Chinese tech giant for the first time.

Baidu introduced the world to the Baidu Eye at the Baidu World Conference in Beijing. And by the looks of things, this device is pretty much like a distant relative of Google Glass.

The biggest difference between Google Glass and Baidu Eye is the fact that the Eye doesn’t have a screen or optical display as is the case with Google Glass. Instead, Baidu Eye is simply a headset that rests on your ears with an earpiece on the left side and a camera on the right.  (more…)

Seagate Wireless Plus Review: Pocketsize entertainment

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Sea_004Storage comes in many shapes and forms these days. From ultra fast solid state hard drives to online cloud storage the average user today has a multitude of options when it comes to storing documents, family photos or videos of cats acting crazy. Do you remember the 3.5 inch “stiffies” or even their older brothers the “floppy” disks? Since the birth of computing, storage has been an integral part of the experience and even though the availability of disk space seems to double every few years we just can’t get enough.

Selling hard drives, externals or any type of storage media was almost a sure thing in the past. Nowadays manufacturers have to come up with bigger (storage space), faster and smaller (in dimension) products to keep up with their competitors. But what if you were to step out of this paradigm set? What if you can bring portable storage with a twist? The Seagate Wireless Plus does just that, it’s the little entertainment hub that fits in your pocket. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini now available in SA

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Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced the local availability of the GALAXY S5 Mini. The smaller version of Samsung’s flagship device isn’t quite the blockbuster its larger sibling is, with lower specs, but the smaller size is sure to be enticing to many customers.

If you’re taken with the Galaxy S5′s design, fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, but can’t afford its lofty price tag – or want a handset that’s more manageable in the hand – then the Galaxy S5 Mini is a strong replacement.

Shop around a little more though and the likes of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and HTC One Mini 2 make for some tough competition.

Check out the full press release below: (more…)

Sony announces the SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk

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Believe it or not, Sony is actually one of the pioneers of the smartwatch market. In fact, it owns the brand name “SmartWatch.” Unfortunately, it hasn’t necessarily resulted in great sales figures. The company has now revealed the third iteration of the wearable, alongside a fitness orientated wrist band called the SmartBand Talk.

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is the company’s first Android Wear device – a sigh of relief as we saw rumours previously that it would not run Android Wear – and it actually looks a bit different than other offerings. (more…)