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Ms. Pac-Man joins the breast cancer fight

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Ms. Pac-Man

October month is breast cancer month and this year we will see an activist of note when it comes to fighting for the cause.  Ms. Pac-Man herself will be fighting alongside millions of women diagnosed with the disease.

In an attempt to help boost the awareness of breast cancer, game developer house Bandai Namco, set out Ms. Pac-Man as their mascot.


Zando’s backers listed in 2nd largest German IPO

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European incubator of internet startups, Rocket Internet, will be listed as the second biggest initial public offering in German history, to be valued at $8.2 billion. Rocket Internet’s shares are expected to start trading on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on Thursday.

While the name Rocket Internet may not be familiar to you, their South African subsidiary will be. (more…)

Next-gen Xperia Z3X will be extremely powerful

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Sony has one of the most aggressive timetables around for delivering new flagship smartphone models, releasing Xperia Z-series devices every six months. We’re only just weeks past the launch of the Xperia Z3, and now we’re already seeing rumours of an even more powerful device, the so-called Z3X. (more…)

Want a hug?

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hugginMost of the time you are able to cope with everyday stress, but then there are the days when you are just in need of a hug, and good huggers can be hard to find.

Japanese company UniCare, unveiled the solution to this problem. The chair that is always ready to hand out a hug or cuddle. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to release in SA on October 18th

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The Galaxy Note 4 has launched in a couple of countries already, but hasn’t seen a worldwide rollout yet. Samsung promised that it would be released in over 140 countries by the end of October, and now we finally get confirmation of when to expect it in SA.

Samsung has posted a picture to Facebook where it shows which countries can expect the device during the coming weeks, and SA will have an official release on October 18th, a day after it releases in the USA. (more…)

New iPads to get the golden touch

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Apple is rumoured to be adding a gold colour option for its revamped full size iPad Air, which is expected to be unveiled later this month.

Apple iPad sales are on the decline, and this move is intended to buck the trend. New versions of the 9.7-inch tablet could include a golden metal rear cover as well as the silver and grey currently offered for the iPad Air, ‘people familiar with the matter’ told Bloomberg. (more…)

Tesla to unveil a new car and something more…

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tesla2South African born and raised Elon Musk is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. And he made his fortune creating cool stuff. From his own space transport company SpaceX to a futuristic electric car company Tesla producing cars everyone wants to own. The Paris motor show is taking place this month and we have already seen big automotive names such as Volkswagen and Lamborghini introduce stunning new models. But Elon and Tesla also have something up their sleeve… (more…)

Reserve Bank to pay R250 million back to Mark Shuttleworth

Published by on Oct 1st, 2014, 1 Comment

Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth is a very wealthy man and now he looks to add even more to his riches after the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled in his favour in his lengthy legal battle against the South African Reserve Bank.

The local tech entrepreneur – and first African in space – has been battling with the Reserve Bank for over a year about the pricey exchange control levies and today finally received judgement, which of course was in his favour.

The SCA has ordered the South African Reserve Bank to pay Shuttleworth R250 million, plus interest.

The official amount that the Reserve Bank has to pay to Shuttleworth is R250 474 893, 50 (plus the interest, of course). The sum is equal to that which Shuttleworth had to pay for moving his assets out of the country.

Shuttleworth has not been living in South Africa since 2001, when he moved to the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that the billionaire decided to take the rest of his money with him to the UK. He has a reported fortune of R2.5 billion. (more…)