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Samsung suffers a huge loss in “movie type” heist

Published by on Jul 8th, 2014, No Comments

Samsung signWhilst the world’s eyes has been fixed on the World Cup action in Brazil a group of highly trained criminals has pulled off a daring heist in Campinas (in the state of São Paulo). One of Samsung’s  key manufacturing plants suffered a massive raid on Monday that has resulted in reported losses of about $ 36 million. Reports indicated that about 20 men armed with tactical sub-machine guns invaded the factory and made off with seven trucks loaded with the latest notebooks, tablets and smartphones… (more…)

Samsung Galaxy F leaked in first picture

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How many flagships is Samsung planning to release this year? The Galaxy F name has been bandied about for quite some time and we thought it was a flash just a flash in the pan, because when the Galaxy S5 Prime released we thought the Galaxy F rumour was debunked.

Now, however, the rumour mill is once again claiming that the Galaxy F is real and not the recently announced Galaxy S5 Prime. It has now leaked for the first time with a photo. (more…)

BWB Monthly: Top 10 Articles of June ’14

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While we go through our daily lives, we don’t always have the time to read up about all the interesting things we necessarily want to. While consumer technology news never really stops, hopefully your workday does, and you can take a look at ten of our biggest articles in tech news in the last month, according to our readers. Check out this month’s countdown below. (more…)

iPunch – smart boxing gloves

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Whether you’re an amateur boxer or an up-and-coming Mohammed Ali, if you’re into boxing or mixed martial arts, then these ‘smart’ boxing gloves will help you throw some pretty powerful punches.

Labeled as ‘smart combat gloves’, the iPunch gloves are designed to help you improve your punch.

The gloves were developed by Responsive Sports, a fitness startup based in London. The company is currently running a Indiegogo campaign for the iPunch, with a set goal of $75 000.

The reason these gloves are classified as ‘smart’, is because of their ability to track, measure and improve your punches.

The gloves have two sensors inside of them – the one being an impact sensor and the other a three-axis motion sensor. These two sensors work in conjunction with each other to measure what ‘type’ of punch you’ve thrown and what the overall impact of your punch was. (more…)

Future Nokia Lumias might feature Canon camera tech

Published by on Jul 7th, 2014, 1 Comment

MS Canon DealThese days the smartphone is becoming the all-round gadget. Communicator, web browser, music player, gaming device as well as high-end camera. Microsoft and Canon have recently announced a broad cross-licensing agreement which could see Canon’s technology in terms of optics, lens and image processing technology find a way into future Nokia Lumia smartphones. (more…)

Saturn is birthing a new moon!

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NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has been orbiting the gas giant Saturn for some time and will stay for many more years. Its sole mission is to study the planet and the moons and rings around it. Now, though, for the first and perhaps the last time in human existence, we are seeing an actual moon form around the planet.

The birth of a moon is an extremely rare event. There’s a theory that Saturn used to have a much larger ring system, which led to formation of numerous natural satellites. (more…)

Smartphone screens to be shatterproof soon

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Scratch-resistant screens aren’t doing enough to protect our precious smartphones from ugly bumps and falls. Now, scientists from the University of Akron say they have developed a film that would protect screens from shattering.

They’ve developed transparent electrodes that, when layered on polymer surfaces, are just as transparent as current technology (indium tin oxide) but much more durable. According to the scientists that developed the new material, you can bend them over 1,000 times without breaking, and they also hold up against peeling. (more…)

MIT reactor receives extra funding – hunts unlimited energy

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With the latest damning UN climate report by almost 100 teams of scientists from around the world showing that we are changing our home planet’s climate, more countries around the world  is starting to look for green solutions to our energy problems. It is a mammoth task, of course, and the holy grail of green energy remains nuclear fusion.

Nuclear fusion will (theoretically) supply the earth with unlimited energy without the possibility of meltdowns or dangerous radioactive waste spewing everywhere and making the land inhabitable for decades. The fusion reactor will do this by mimicking the process that is happening within stars, turning hydrogen and then helium into the heavier elements through extreme pressure and the resulting heat. (more…)