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BlackBerry liquidates most of Canadian property

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The bad news keeps on rolling in for BlackBerry fans. BlackBerry needs cash so badly that they are selling off most of its real estate in their home country, Canada. The company will sell over 3 million square feet of property in its homeland, leasing some of it back. It’s very much what Nokia went through in Finland when they were facing massive struggles.

Source: Bloomberg

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Apple considering iTunes Store for Android

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The only problem with iTunes as a place to get cheap music is that you have to have an Apple device to take advantage of it (if you don’t have a Windows PC). There are multitudes more Android devices out there than Apple devices, and Apple might look to take advantage of the vast numbers. (more…)

Google’s ‘Feeling Lucky’ for music

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Many of us carry a large portion (if not all) of our music collections around with us in the pocket. What do you do if you aren’t in the mood to scroll through the entire selection to find what you want to listen to? Just like the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ search button from Google on the website, you will also now be able to use it for playing music from your device. (more…)

South Korean schools curb students’ smartphone use with app

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With the rise of the smartphone, more and more adults and kids alike are becoming transfixed with their cellphones. Teenagers, especially, are tied to the hip with their smartphone and messaging apps, social media apps and games are the centre of their world.

You can then imagine what a disturbance smartphones can cause in a classroom…

However, schools in Seoul, South Korea, have decided to fight fire with fire – they have implemented a new app in schools which is solely aimed at reducing distractions within the classroom.  (more…)

Valve’s pro gaming documentary hits YouTube (video)

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Free to Play

Last month we reported on the upcoming documentary by Valve delving into the world of professional gaming. That documentary has now been released and is free to watch on YouTube, iTunes and Steam.

It depicts some of the top players in the world, playing for a $1 million top prize. Touching on their routes and origins, it shows the challenges of becoming a professional gamer, but also that anyone can do it. We have included the video after the break, so take a look and enjoy: (more…)

Oppo Find 7 First Look: 50MP photos through trickery

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An up and coming Chinese electronics corporation, Oppo first threw itself on the map just over a year ago when they released the “Oppo Find 5″ and holds the title of the worlds first cellular 1920x1080p display. Oppo are now taking the first steps once again with their just announced “Oppo Find 7″.

Oppo took a very different approach when creating their latest flagship as they hinted to the public of their prized features such as their 2K screen, replaceable battery and the possibility of a 50MP camera Theunis wrote about a short while back. So, after months of Oppo hinting and asking their fans what they want to see, the announcement of the “Find 7″ came as a great joy to many. The specs of this phone are definitely eye catching with the much anticipated 2560×1440 resolution screen at 5.5 inches, delivering a PPI of 538! (more…)

‘Okay Google, Take a Photo’ command comes to Search

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Google has been trying to consolidate all its voice command across devices and software version, and now we mere mortals that don’t have a Google Glass are getting some of its basic functionality on our smartphones. Two of the core commands of Glass are now available in the new version of the Google Search for Android application.

If you say “Okay Google” followed by “take a photo,” your device will launch the camera app. Similarly, “take a video” will also launch the camera app, but in video recording mode. (more…)

LG G Watch with Android Wear launching next quarter

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LG Watch

This week has been massive for smartphones and wearables as a whole, with the launch of Google’s Android Wear, the dedicated Android OS for wearables. LG is the latest company to make an announcement about a new smartwatch which will run Android Wear.

LG’s latest device will be called the G Watch, and will reportedly launch sometime in the next quarter. We have no word on specs or any other details, for that matter, but that is sure to change pretty soon. (more…)