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Tesla to unveil a new car and something more…

Published by on Oct 2nd, 2014, 2 Comments

tesla2South African born and raised Elon Musk is one of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs. And he made his fortune creating cool stuff. From his own space transport company SpaceX to a futuristic electric car company Tesla producing cars everyone wants to own. The Paris motor show is taking place this month and we have already seen big automotive names such as Volkswagen and Lamborghini introduce stunning new models. But Elon and Tesla also have something up their sleeve… (more…)

Reserve Bank to pay R250 million back to Mark Shuttleworth

Published by on Oct 1st, 2014, 1 Comment

Mark Shuttleworth

Mark Shuttleworth is a very wealthy man and now he looks to add even more to his riches after the Supreme Court of Appeal ruled in his favour in his lengthy legal battle against the South African Reserve Bank.

The local tech entrepreneur – and first African in space – has been battling with the Reserve Bank for over a year about the pricey exchange control levies and today finally received judgement, which of course was in his favour.

The SCA has ordered the South African Reserve Bank to pay Shuttleworth R250 million, plus interest.

The official amount that the Reserve Bank has to pay to Shuttleworth is R250 474 893, 50 (plus the interest, of course). The sum is equal to that which Shuttleworth had to pay for moving his assets out of the country.

Shuttleworth has not been living in South Africa since 2001, when he moved to the Isle of Man in the United Kingdom. However, it wasn’t until 2009 that the billionaire decided to take the rest of his money with him to the UK. He has a reported fortune of R2.5 billion. (more…)

Samsung now has its own Galaxy Note 4 scandal: GapGate

Published by on Oct 1st, 2014, 1 Comment

Galaxy Note 4

Well, what do you know. Hot off the heels of Apple’s infamous ‘Bendgate’ scandal, another giant tech company has been hit with a similar scandal – and it just so happens to be Apple’s biggest competitor, Samsung.

Samsung is the latest company to be embroiled in a scandal relating to their latest phablet (read: really big smartphone) the new Galaxy Note 4. And as we all know, the Note 4 is direct competition for the new iPhone 6 Plus, the phone implicated in the ‘Bendgate’ scandal.

Coincidence aside, Samsung is now the subject of ‘GapGate’ – aptly named by Twitter trolls and tech junkies world wide.

‘GapGate’ refers to a small gap in the new Galaxy Note 4 between the screen of the phone and the frame or casing around it.  (more…)

Unicycle commuter transport is here!

Published by on Oct 1st, 2014, No Comments

Airwheel-X3-Self-balancing-Electric-Unicycle-Scooter-2Unicycles have for the most part of transport history been relegated to circus acts and eccentric individuals. Despite its obvious “hands-free” advantages there has been too many disadvantages tied to unicycles for them to be considered for mass transport. The two most notable problems is the fact that it is difficult to steer, one wheel doing motor force and steering, and balancing a unicycle has always remained in the realm of the extremely agile.

Now, through modern day technology, these two problems are a thing of the past and companies like Ryno Motors and Airwheel are producing one-wheeled wonders for the everyday man. (more…)

OnePlus gives Two arrival date – may also be smaller

Published by on Oct 1st, 2014, No Comments


While having the OnePlus One was a pipedream in South Africa, we still found it intriguing. It is a very affordable device with top of the line specs, and it had the craziest marketing push ever.

However, we now hear news that OnePlus is already looking on to what’s next for itself, talking about plans for a OnePlus Two. In a new Reddit AMA, a couple OnePlus employees have been sharing a few details about what the company has in mind for its follow-up. (more…)

Microsoft announces Windows 10! Wait, what? (video)

Published by on Oct 1st, 2014, 3 Comments


The time many of us was waiting for has finally arrived. Microsoft today announced the new version of their iconic operating system, Windows 10.

That’s right, Windows 10. While the software maker had referred to Windows 10 as codename Windows Threshold internally, today’s official naming puts any rumors of Windows, Windows TH, Windows X, Windows One, and even Windows 9 to bed. (more…)

BlackBerry to continue with ‘unconventional’ devices

Published by on Oct 1st, 2014, No Comments

The company logo is seen at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo

In case you forgot, BlackBerry is still making smartphones. While many have written the company off, BlackBerry insist they will still be making phones.

Not only that, but they say they will keep on making ‘unconventional’ phones like the Passport below, that has just released. (more…)

Kids are purposefully bending iPhones in Apple stores

Published by on Sep 30th, 2014, 7 Comments

Bending iPhone 6 Plus

Just as you may have thought that Apple’s ‘Bendgate’ saga is finally dying down, it actually takes a turn for the worse. A very idiotic turn, that is.

‘Bendgate’ has been hanging over Apple’s head like a dark, dreary cloud this past week. With numerous reports by users claiming that their iPhone 6 Plus bends when in their pockets, the internet blew up with these latest claims.

While there may only be a handful of iPhone 6 Plus users whose phones actually bent, naturally, people will take matters into their own hands. And when it’s a ‘scandal’ that burdens one of the biggest companies in the world, people tend to take things a little too far.

Numerous videos have popped up online of people intentionally bending iPhones in an effort to establish whether or not it will bend if it is in your pocket. The problem is, that these tests are intentional. It’s not a true representative of everyday wear and tear.

Apple also took notice of the hundreds of videos aiming to prove that the iPhone 6 Plus is bendable. So much so that they let the media into their rigorous iPhone testing lab to see what the iPhone goes through, testing-wise, before it is shipped and sold.

But, as is the case with all things internet related (and especially those that go viral) there will be some idiot out there that pushes the envelope in the wrong direction. (more…)