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Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini now available in SA

Published by on Sep 4th, 2014, 1 Comment


Samsung Electronics South Africa has announced the local availability of the GALAXY S5 Mini. The smaller version of Samsung’s flagship device isn’t quite the blockbuster its larger sibling is, with lower specs, but the smaller size is sure to be enticing to many customers.

If you’re taken with the Galaxy S5′s design, fingerprint scanner and heart rate monitor, but can’t afford its lofty price tag – or want a handset that’s more manageable in the hand – then the Galaxy S5 Mini is a strong replacement.

Shop around a little more though and the likes of the Sony Xperia Z1 Compact and HTC One Mini 2 make for some tough competition.

Check out the full press release below: (more…)

Sony announces the SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk

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Believe it or not, Sony is actually one of the pioneers of the smartwatch market. In fact, it owns the brand name “SmartWatch.” Unfortunately, it hasn’t necessarily resulted in great sales figures. The company has now revealed the third iteration of the wearable, alongside a fitness orientated wrist band called the SmartBand Talk.

The Sony SmartWatch 3 is the company’s first Android Wear device – a sigh of relief as we saw rumours previously that it would not run Android Wear – and it actually looks a bit different than other offerings. (more…)

ASUS ZenWatch announced at IFA (video)

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We already saw a teaser from ASUS for the IFA reveal of its ZenWatch, and now it has been announced. The Android Wear powered ZenWatch has a curved stainless steel design that looks classy, with a leather strap.

It has a 1.63-inch display with a 320 x 320 pixel resolution, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, clocked at 1.2GHz, 512 MB of RAM, and 4GB of internal storage. (more…)

Sony Xperia Z3 and Xperia Z3 Compact official at IFA 2014

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Sony have revealed plenty of flagships at IFA already, and we are quite excited to give them all a go. It keeps the design philosophy of previous devices, but all appear a little more refined.

The Xperia Z3 is only 7.3mm thick and underneath that slim body we find a lot of powerful hardware. It has a 5.2-inch 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 chipset, and 3100 mAh battery with internal storage options of 16GB and 32GB, which can be expanded via microSD card by as much as 128GB. (more…)

Apple says iCloud security not breached in celeb photo leak

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After the weekend’s massive celebrity photo leak, Apple has released a statement saying that the leak did not occur because of a breach in Apple security systems.

In a statement released yesterday, the company said that they immediately set their engineers to work after they were informed of the hack.

However, after what they say was “40 hours of investigating”, their engineers found that the leak did not happen because of a lack of security in either iCloud or Find my iPhone.

As we reported yesterday, some believed that the hack may have been pulled off through the Find my iPhone service. This is because, up until recently, the service allowed for an unlimited number of password attempts. Many speculated that the hacker(s) used new software called iBrute, that basically initializes a ‘brute-force’ attack on certain accounts, trying different password combinations until it finds the right one.

However, because Apple fixed this issue – allowing for only 5 password attempts now – this possible theory has been ruled out.

Apple said that they are continuing to work with law enforcement to track down the person responsible for the hack. The company also said that they believe the accounts were compromised because of a targeted attack on usernames and passwords – “a practice that has become all too common on the Internet”. (more…)

Video of working iPhone 6 (4.7 inch) leaked

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iphone_6_1-still002Until Apple officially presents the iPhone 6 at their September 9th event next week the internet will be teeming with rumours, leaked images and speculation. What we haven’t seen yet is a leak on the actual components and all-round package of the iPhone 6. A Russian website has just about broken the rumour mill when they released a video introducing the new 4.7 inch iPhone 6, showing of its components and comparing it to the current iPhone 5S. If what they present turns out to be true, the new iPhone will be quite the looker… (more…)

BWB Monthly: Top 10 Articles of August ‘14

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While we go through our daily lives, we don’t always have the time to read up about all the interesting things we necessarily want to. While consumer technology news never really stops, hopefully your workday does, and you can take a look at ten of our biggest articles in tech news in the last month, according to our readers. We have a review from the end of July that featured strongly in this month’s countdown as well, that of the LG G3. A review of a lesser known manufacturer has also sneaked into the top 10.

Check out this month’s countdown below. (more…)

Sony’s Xperia Z3 Compact photos show familiar design

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Sony is almost ready to reveal the much anticipated Xperia Z3 Compact. We reviewed the Xperia Z1 Compact a couple of months ago and we absolutely adored it (check out the review here) for its small chassis – at least by today’s standards – yet still packing top of the line software. That is why we cannot wait for the release of the Z3 Compact.

You might be wondering why we haven’t reviewed the Xperia Z2 Compact. Well, simply because there isn’t one. Sony decided to skip the Z2 moniker on its smaller flagship to coincide with the upcoming launch of the Xperia Z3, Sony’s newest iteration of its flagship smartphone. (more…)