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NailSnaps – new app turns your photos into nail art

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Ladies, listen up. Your manicure can soon reach a whole new level of self expression with this new app. Always dreamt of designing your very own nail stickers? Well, now you can – and personalize it in any which way you want.

NailSnaps is a new app, currently running a Kickstarter campaign, that can turn your selfies, Instagrams or any other photo you take with your smartphone into physical nail polish stickers.

That’s right; the app allows its users to take a photo of literally anything, then design it themselves and eventually, send it off to be printed into wearable art.

The premise is super simple and very clever. You simply take a picture, or choose an existing one, and upload it to the NailSnap app. Here, the app allows you to design, in detail, how you would want the photo to appear on the stickers. (more…)

SimCity finally gets an offline mode

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I don’t know about you, but I love me some city building. The launch of SimCity around this time last year was a massive problem for EA, but they have listened to customers and are trying to give them what they want. In that spirit, EA has revealed that an update for the game is now available for download, which will eliminate the need for the game to be connected to the internet at all times. (more…)

The Beautiful Moto 360: Could it reinvent the smartwatch? (video)

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Smartwatches certainly haven’t hit the mainstream yet, but are we to see that change in 2014? That depends on a couple of factors, one of the most important being cost. The other major factor in my eyes, however, is design.

People wear watches not only to tell time, but as a piece of engineering excellence and more importantly as something stylish. Smartwatches have not been able to capture the essence of what a timepiece should be, but Motorola think they might have the answer to our wishes. We have been asking for a great looking smartwatch with a striking, yet stylish design. But functionality also needs to be included, of course, otherwise it’s not a smartwatch. (more…)

Android Wear: Specifically designed for wearables (video)

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Google are pushing towards wearables in a big way. They have released an SDK developers platform for Android Wear, its version of Android specifically built for wearable devices.

Android Wear is in essence a way for Google to extend its mobile OS to a new category of devices while offering a lower cost for developers and users. (more…)

MS Office for iPad to be unveiled this month

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Microsoft has some big plans for mobile and is on a path of convergence. The next big step is to bring their office suite to iPad, which is said to be happening soon. The new CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, is planning to host his first press event soon.

Microsoft has definitely made their intentions clear with their “mobile first, cloud first” strategy. According to reports, we can expect interesting news before their annual Build conference in April. (more…)

Is YouTube building a ‘kids only’ version?

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The latest rumour doing the rounds will have most parents jumping for joy. According to reports by The Information, the world’s leading video streaming service, YouTube, has started working on a new project: a ‘kids only’ version of YouTube.

That’s right, parents might soon be able to rest assured when their kids climb on the internet as they will know that their children are only able to see age appropriate content.

The report indicates that the company is focusing on a target market of kids aged 10 years and younger for the more ‘junior’ version of YouTube. Apparently, The Information spoke to three individuals who have been briefed on the project.  (more…)

EU law to require universal smartphone plugs

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Could we someday soon see a universal plug for all smartphones? That is certainly on the cards in Europe with lawmakers wanting to push a law that will force all manufacturers to use a common standard for smartphone plugs.

Last week MEPs voted in favour of this regulation, marking 2017 for the target implementation date. It is of course a measure to cut down on electronic waste as we are using up valuable resources. It is only a draft law at this stage and still needs to be approved by the council of ministers. (more…)

Apple’s “Healthbook” Screenshots Leaked (Update: Recreated)

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Everyone seems to be focussed on the iWatch as Apple’s latest revolutionary product – but it turns out that the software around it might be the truly revolutionary aspect of wearables. While most “wearables” seem to focus on only certain aspects (like movement), it looks like Apple will be building a much broader platform.

Healthbook is Apple’s latest project which seems to work in a similiar fashion to the current underutilized Passbook interface. The app is divided into “cards” that keep track of key elements of your health – like heart rate, weight, activity etc. 9to5Mac managed to recreate many of the screenshots that can be expected. (more…)