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Apple launching cheaper 8GB iPhone 5C

Published by on Mar 18th, 2014, 3 Comments


Early reports indicate that the iPhone 5C has not performed as well as Apple had hoped, with the price most likely the cause. For just an extra $100, users can get the full-fledged flagship iPhone 5S. Orders for the 5C had been suspended because of low demand.

Apple might now be moving in the right direction, dropping the price of the iPhone 5C with the introduction of an 8GB version. (more…)

Google wants cross platform Android and iOS games

Published by on Mar 18th, 2014, No Comments


Google wants to make the development of mobile games that work across platforms easier, seeing more potential with in-app purchases. This would make the efforts of making games, especially multiplayer ones that work across platforms worth the developer’s time.

At the annual Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Google have outlined its plans to make this a possibility. (more…)

Samsung introduces accessories that will help the visually impaired

Published by on Mar 17th, 2014, No Comments


With the unbelievable advancements in technology for those who are visually impaired, it was a matter of time before a smartphone manufacturer came up with some clever ideas to help these people use their smartphone better.

This is exactly what Samsung has done. And, surprisingly, it doesn’t seem as though these helpful accessories will cost an arm and a leg.

Samsung has just launched a collection of accessories that are specifically designed to make smartphone use easier for those who struggle to see.

These accessories are unfortunately (for now) only available for the Samsung Galaxy Core Advance. The Core Advance, which launched earlier in the year, is a low-budget, 3G enabled smartphone. It’s basically the ‘cheaper’ version of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S range.

The Galaxy Core Advance was first launched in Korea and retails for about $390.  (more…)

WhatsApp’s VoIP for iOS revealed

Published by on Mar 17th, 2014, 8 Comments


Last month we reported WhatsApp will add voice calls to its app, and we now have our first leak of what it might look like. The first leak is for the iOS version of WhatsApp, and for the first time it seems like we have concrete evidence that we will be getting this feature soon. (more…)

Google Maps for Android update brings upcoming events

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Google is all about giving its customer as much information as possible and the latest update for its Android Maps app continues that trend. When using Maps, it will now not only show how to get to the location you searched, but also include upcoming events at that location.

Information is displayed below the venue’s address, and will include information about bands playing at a club or restaurant, games at a sports arena etc.

Image: Google+, Source: Google Play

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New Samsung Galaxy Beam spotted

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Who remembers the Samsung Galaxy Beam from back in 2012? It was launched at MWC 2012 and never really made an impact on market. It was aimed at business people who have to make presentations on to go, where projectors can’t be lugged around. It combines the smartphone experience with the ability to project content from the device.

The biggest reason it didn’t gain traction was likely because of its older version of Android, bulky design and non-impressive specs. Now, we hear news that the company is working on a successor, although we have no idea what it will be called as of yet. (more…)

Lego robot breaks Rubik’s Cube record (video)

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A robot made of Lego, called Cubestormer 3 has broken the world record for solving a Rubik’s cube, a record that belonged to its predecessor, Cuberstormer 2. The previous record was set in 2011 and the puzzle cube was solved in 5.27 second back then.

This series of robots were built with the sole purpose of solving the Rubik’s Cube, and the latest record now stands at 3.253 seconds. It’s a blistering time and you will struggle to see the moves being made in that short time. (more…)

Apple adds ‘selfie section’ to App Store

Published by on Mar 14th, 2014, No Comments

Apple Selfie ection

Once again, the selfie has proved that it is here to stay. Of course we’ve heard presidents and the Pope use the word ‘selfie’, but it seems now that even mega tech companies are (finally) formally recognizing the word and the impact it has had on the world.

Yesterday, Apple’s App Store introduced a whole new section to it’s app listings. The new section, called ‘Sharing Selfies’, groups together apps that are best suited, or cater solely, for selfies.

Whether it’s apps that are mostly used for selfie sharing, ala Snapchat and Shots, or even selfie editing apps, they are all aligned neatly in the new section.

The section is visible on both the mobile and desktop versions of the App Store. (more…)