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First images of Michael Fassbender and Seth Rogen as Apple’s Jobs and Woz emerge

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The story of Steve Jobs was bound to be done and redone for all its worth. That being said, when Danny Boyle is at the helm of such a biopic, we’re not going to judge until we see the film. Not only that, but the screenplay is being penned by Aaron Sorkin.

This film must not be confused with 2013’s Jobs, with Ashton Kutcher as Jobs and Josh Gad as Wozniak.

The first images have leaked of Michael Fassbender as Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, while Rogen’s playing fellow co-founder Steve Wozniak. Do you think they look the part? We’re not so sure. (more…)

Android 5.0 Lollipop’s adoption is slow

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The latest version of Google’s confectionary named Android software has been with us for a couple of months already. However, it has made it onto Google’s platform versions chart and the adoption rate it quite measly.

Mostly to blame are the manufacturers here, but LG have managed to get the update out to a couple of its devices already. Some HTC owners have reported the same, but other than that it has been slim pickings. (more…)

Vine launches VineKids

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There is no denying that Vine’s 6-second, looping videos are really popular. With an estimated user-base of 40 million, these little videos have a substantial market share in the social media landmark.

Vine has also catapulted many a internet star to fame – so much so that they are now being called ‘Vine artists’ – and the 6-second video format has become a go-to platform for internet bloggers, artists, performers and pranksters.

Of course the ‘funny’ Vines are without a doubt the most popular on the platform, closely followed by ‘prank’ Vines and extreme stunts. While this is all good and well and sometimes really impressive, sometimes a certain viral Vine can be a little NSFW and PG13.

Considering the fact that a large portion of Vine’s user-base are pre-teen teeny-boppers and kids under 10, as a parent, you might be concerned as to what exactly it is that your child is watching on the platform – albeit only 6-seconds long.

Vine, obviously concerned with the same matter, has decided to give kids’ the entertainment they want, all while giving parents peace of mind with the launch of the new VineKids app.  (more…)

Top 5: Weirdest ‘Smart’ Devices in the World

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Everything in the world is becoming ‘smart’. This doesn’t just refer to devices that do some really smart things, but also begin connected to the internet.

The new buzz phrase that is taking the tech world by storm is what is called the ‘Internet of Things’, which basically just refers to multiple devices speaking to each other, with the internet a predominant part of that communication. Because of almost anything being equipped with sensors these days, they are considered as ‘smart’.

As an example of where the ‘Internet of Things’ is heading: Your car rounds the corner to your home, which prompts your coffee maker to brew a fresh cup of coffee. The mug you pour your coffee into reads the ingredients and caloric information and sends it to your smartphone’s health application that collates the information (and everything else measured during the day). The fridge then realises that your milk is almost finished, and asks you on the companion app whether it should order some online at your favourite grocer. I think you see where we’re going here.

While this future is not too far away, we’re not quite there yet. However, you would be surprised to see in what kind of whacky items companies have put sensors and internet radios already. Here is our picks for the strangest ‘smart’ devices you can already buy today. (more…)

Google Now to support third-party apps

Published by on Feb 2nd, 2015, 1 Comment

exampleforpandoraAndroid users already know that Google Now can be a hugely powerful tool, reminding you about important appointments, helping you navigate to your next meeting, advising you of upcoming weather alerts, and much more.

Lately, it has started pulling some of your browser history into cards as well, updating you on frequently searched items or terms in much more detail. For the longest time, though, we have wanted Google to add the ability for our other most used apps to be able to utilise the Now service as well. Finally, our wish is being granted.

The floodgates are about to open, and Google recently announced a big step forward for Now that allows some of your favourite developers to start bringing their content to the service, introducing support for new Now cards from forty apps. (more…)

Apple and Samsung tied as world’s largest smartphone manufacturers

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We have already reported on the stellar quarter that Apple had in the three months to December 2014, but the news doesn’t stop there. In the last quarter of 2014 they actually managed to become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, in a tie with Samsung. (more…)

Top 5: Must have sports apps for any South African fan

Published by on Jan 30th, 2015, 2 Comments

SportFor the average South African guy (and to a growing extent – woman as well!) being up to date with sports scores is an absolute necessity. The digital and mobile revolution has brought information to our finger tips and we can now track our favorite teams’ scores, performance and news even though your stuck in some far flung place between Gat-sonder-water and Pofadder. No more waiting for tomorrow’s newspaper to find out what is happening with the Proteas down-under.

If you are anything like me, a good sports app is one of the first-to-be-downloaded and most used apps on my smartphone. Here are Bandwidth Blog’s 5 must have sports apps for any avid sports fan. If your favorite sport doesn’t feature on the list, feel free to leave a comment with a great app recommendation!  (more…)

Samsung announces Galaxy A-series for South Africa

Published by on Jan 30th, 2015, 2 Comments


We were wondering if Samsung would bring these devices to the country, and we are so glad they did. South Africa seems like the perfect market for this device.

The Samsung A series is Samsung’s newest and slimmest smartphone range. It consists of the Galaxy A3 and A5. The range offers a trendy design and interesting functions to support social networking for young users. (more…)