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Oppo N3 to have a strange swivel camera?

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Sometime during this month we will see Oppo unveil the N3 Android smartphone. There have been an extreme amount of teasers from the Chinese manufacturer, but we have no idea what it will actually look like. We do know that there will be two different models, though, with two different metal constructions. (more…)

‘Selfie’: a new sitcom that exposes our social media obsession

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When last did you get invited to an event through a different avenue other than Facebook? Have you recently bought a newspaper instead of checking the headlines on your Twitter feed? And can you honestly say you haven’t social media-stalked your new crush? Probably not, because this is the world we live in now.

The revolution that is social media has consumed us and in the process changed the way we interact socially. Of course, it’s wonderful and we are more connected now than ever, but it has also deprived us of real social interaction, in the real (non-virtual) world.

‘Selfie’ is a new sitcom produced by ABC that aims to expose the world in which we operate nowadays – meaning being social through the dozens of social media platforms and not IRL (that’s ‘in real life’ in case you didn’t know.)

Let’s face it, millenials are obsessed with social media and everything digital. It’s the centre of their (our) world and has shaped the way we operate irrevocably.

Satire has long been used to show the world its faults through a relatable, non-threatening, funny way. And this is exactly what ‘Selfie’ is doing. (more…)

Facebook overhauled their research process

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Facebook-buy2Facebook is a company that likes to experiment on their users, maybe not in an evil lab kind of way but still in ways that would make users uncomfortable. A few months ago the social networking giant came under fire when it revealed that they had manipulated some users’ news feeds in an experiment to track mood changes. This had users and news sites abuzz with talk from legality to morality issues. It seems though that Facebook has learned from it’s mistakes… (more…)

‘Angry Birds’ studio Rovio announces layoffs

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Angry Birds maker Rovio is laying off 16% of its staff, admitting that the company’s headcount had swelled based on ‘assumptions of faster growth than have materialised’.

Chief executive Mikael Hed announced the news publicly in a blog post, revealing that a maximum of 130 staff will be affected in Rovio’s native Finland. (more…)

BWB Monthly: Top 10 Articles of September ‘14

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While we go through our daily lives, we don’t always have the time to read up about all the interesting things we necessarily want to. While consumer technology news never really stops, hopefully your workday does, and you can take a look at ten of our biggest articles in tech news in the last month, according to our readers. As expected, people were extremely interested in the launch of the new iPhone, as you’ll undoubtedly see in the countdown.

Another popular post was our editor opinion about why he hates Apple, so take a look. (more…)

4 Ways to speed up your Android

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Google have been pushing towards software build of Android that can run on older, less powerful hardware for quite some time to make your device usable for longer. That being said, many phones aren’t bogged down by Android itself, but by the skinned version the manufacturer have plopped onto the OS build.

We have found, however, that there are a couple of ways to speed up your Android device, no matter which it is. These tips are more useful on certain kinds of phones than others, but no matter what phone you have, none will hurt.

Storage Clean Up (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S5 running Android L (video)

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Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and wondered what changes the new version of Android would look like on your beloved smartphone? Well, the folks over at SamMobile have received an alpha copy of the upgraded TouchWiz interface, and this is what you can expect.

Obviously this isn’t the final version of the software, so things may change somewhat from what you see in the video below. (more…)

Facebook to allow drag queens to keep their stage names

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Drag Queens Facebook

Sparkles Smith will no longer be forced to use her birth name of Benjamin Smith on her Facebook profile, thanks to the company (finally) amending their identity policy following backlash from drag queens and the like all over the world.

Being a drag queen or transgendered person means fully embodying the ‘persona’ which naturally includes using your new self-given name in everyday life. However, the world’s largest social network didn’t quite seem to grasp this as their ‘real-name’ policy put a stump in the world of these people.

Facebook’s ‘real-name’ policy forces people to use their legal names or names used on legal documents as a security measure. However, the policy has long since been under fire from various groups and especially the LGBT community who made a case for drag queens and kings and transgender people who use pseudonyms or stage names, and who would like to use these names on their social media accounts.  (more…)