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In Numbers: My ANC app on Mxit

Published by on Aug 27th, 2013, No Comments

mxit-logoIn July 2013, The ANC ran a campaign featuring a new app available on Mxit called ‘My ANC’.

The app was launched in May of this year, by the Western Cape ANC as a means to communicate with the province’s youth ahead of the 2014 elections.

With its core youth market, 1 million active monthly user reach and cost effectiveness, Mxit was the ideal platform with which to launch such an app.

According to Mxit, the app produced some staggering numbers from enthusiastic subscribers during the campaign, pushing the app as a new entry to the number 10 spot on the Mxit Brand Index.

The infographic below illustrates these numbers providing insight into advertising generation, unique subscribers as well as its presence across various social networks.

Take a look below for these and more:


BBM for Android releases first teaser ad

Published by on Aug 27th, 2013, 3 Comments

BBM for AndroidEarlier in the month, we reported that BlackBerry’s messaging service, BBM, would be available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones across Africa, soon.

And now, it seems the much anticipated (and sometimes criticized) release of BBM for Android is imminent.

While both Samsung and BlackBerry have jointly been promoting the cross-over to Android since the beginning of the month, the promotion and advertising has picked up a notch.

The first wave of advertisements have been released and are cheekily made in a ‘teaser’ kind of way.

CrackBerry, a tongue-in-cheek website dedicated to providing news, updates, guides and forums for BlackBerry ‘users and abusers’, have gotten their hands on a video advertisement from Samsung Ghana.

The video, which promotes the cross-over to Android, contains no sound or even a confirmed launch date. What it does show, however, is that the efforts in the promotion of BBM for Android are picking up fast.

According to some CrackBerry readers, the ad has been shown at football matches and other public events – an obvious attempt at wide-spread publicity.


8 Things You Need to Know About Storage Delivery

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By Wimpie van Rensburg, Systems Engineer, Riverbed Technology

8 ways to please your boss; keep users happy and centralise your storage.

Many enterprise CIOs today are centralising storage and backups to their core data centres, instead of allowing remote and branch offices to maintain the hardware and data. This makes sense for the sake of simplicity: who wants to manage all those devices from afar, not to mention the security risk and complexity of having multiple backup systems and dispersed data sets? And organisations with offices in sometimes unstable markets may not want any locally stored data in those offices, due to security concerns.


BWB TV Review: The Fujifilm XF1 camera

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Fujifilm is working hard to get back into the small hand-held camera race. Having been around since 1934, Fujifilm began doing very well making film and film-cameras. While gaining their primary income from film sales, over the years, their development of hot new digital photography units didn’t come as fast as their competitors in the same field.

As a result, their next money-maker was distributing printing kiosks that could print digital images. Fujifilm then decided to diversify further by developing and producing medical imaging equipment and focus more strongly on digital photography. You can read more about this, in The Economist’s “How Fujifilm survived”.

As part of this new focus and fresh direction, Fujifilm has brought out the FujiFilm XF1 and we got our hands on the new camera to see what it has to offer.


Local mobile app Perk receives $80, 000 investment

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Perk, the mobile app that lets businesses engage with and reward their customers while they’re in store has received a $80, 000 investment.

The investment comes from private investment firm Clifftop Colony. Based in Cape Town, Clifftop Colony focuses on developing and raising capital for private equity franchises, individual companies and venture projects.

Clifftop CEO Oliver Drews said, “The pools of entrepreneurial capital in South Africa are shallow and hence it is important for us to provide the right structure in terms of deep industry knowledge, investor relations and corporate governance right from the beginning.”


Galaxy Note 3 to feature 4K video capturing

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According to the Korea Economic Daily, Samsung believes adding a heavy-duty camera upgrade to 4K should do the trick in the upcoming Galaxy Note 3. The news site’s source (identified as an “industry official” rather than a Samsung employee), says the Galaxy Note III, which is likely to make its debut at IFA 2013, will be able to record video in Ultra High Definition. It’s a significant pixel boost from the 1080p video capture available to last year’s Galaxy Note II.

The company is likely hoping that offering up an opportunity to record in 4K will mean those smartphone owners are then more likely to upgrade their TV sets (to a Ultra HD Samsung model, naturally) to make the most of their crisp video content. Alongside a new camera, the same source reckons that audio quality will be bumped up to 24-bit, like LG’s G2 and a step above the 16-bit audio tech in Samsung’s existing Galaxy phones.


Dimension Data acquires AccessKenya

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Dimension DataOne of Kenya’s first Internet Service Providers (ISP), AccessKenya, has been bought for R355 million by South African based Dimension Data.

Dimension Data, specializing in information technology services, has acquired the Kenyan ISP for R1.66 per share and for 218 million ordinary shares.

This is a 42% premium on the AccessKenya share price of R1.16 per share.

Founded in 1983, Dimension Data was informed on Tuesday of the shareholders of AccessKenya’s decision to accept their multi-million Rand takeover bid.

87.6% of AccessKenya’s shareholders were represented at the vote and they passed the deal almost unanimously with 99.92% approval.

AccessKenya was launched back in 2000, and is a NSE-listed company. They currently employ 340 staff members and provide internet services to round about 5000 corporate clients.

Dimension Data has been operating for 30 years and has been listed on the JSE since 1987. In 2012, the company generated revenue of $5.84 billion.

Following Dimension Data’s acquisition of AccessKenya, the Kenyan ISP will be delisted from the local stock exchange with immediate effect.

The acquisition sees this South African company moving from strength to strength.

Source: BusinessTech

FNB now offering the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini

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S4 mini app screen_b

FNB has added the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to its range of leading smart devices on offer that give customers access to affordable digital banking.

“FNB now sells over 35 models of smart devices and we are pleased to add the Samsung Galaxy S4 mini to our range. We have recently added the Blackberry Q10 and Q5, the Samsung Note 8.0 (read the review here), the latest range of Apple MacBook Airs, as well as a range of HP Notebooks,” says Kartik Mistry, Head of Smart Devices at FNB’s Core Banking Solutions.

The S4 mini features a 4.3-inch qHD Super AMOLED display, a 1.7GHz dual core processor, an 8-megapixel rear-facing camera and a 1.9-megapixel front-facing camera.