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This gadget will tell you what is really inside your food

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We all know that what is listed on the package of some foods may not necessarily be what we consume. There have been many cases where people unwillingly consume ingredients they are allergic to or that cause some serious illness.

Luckily, a group of people woke up to this ‘dirty food’ phenomenon and are currently developing a gadget that will scan your food and tell you exactly what is in it.

TellSpec is a small, handheld spectometer that reveals the ingredients of whatever you point it at. And, because everything nowadays has an accompanying app, the gadget will then relay the information it obtained from your food to the accompanying smartphone app. (more…)

UPS to challenge Amazon’s PrimeAir with its own delivery drones

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2amzndron09870df1Earlier this week Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, revealed that Amazon will use air drones for 30 minute delivery of products in the near future. We knew it wouldn’t take long for other companies to reveal similar plans to combat the latest innovation from the online retailer. And, one day later, sources at UPS have told The Verge that the delivery giant has its own unmanned flying couriers in the lab.

Publicly and officially there has been no word from UPS, saying only that “the commercial use of drones is an interesting technology and we’ll continue to evaluate it.”

It would hardly be a surprise if UPS beat other delivery firms and Amazon to the punch on this one, as it invests quite heavily in R&D. According to a spokesperson, “UPS invests more in technology than any other company in the delivery business, and we’re always planning for the future.” That’s hardly a surprise coming from the company that already offers 3D printing services at some of its retail locations.

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Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses now available (video)

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Wearables are definitely the new frontier for electronics companies. Unlike the smartwatch market, however, this market is not being flooded at the moment. Smart glasses are still relatively unexplored, although there are some concepts and prototypes floating around out there. The obvious player is of course Google, with their Google Glass product already nearing availability to the public. At this stage, only developers and some early testers have access to the device.

Now there is another player in the market. Vuzix have made their smart glasses available for pre-order, called the M100. These glasses are also Android powered and will cost $1000. (more…)

Katie Couric is Yahoo’s new news anchor

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In an effort to expand their audience and, of course, grow their advertising platform, Yahoo Inc. has signed on legendary television journalist and talk show host, Katie Couric to anchor their new news program.

Couric will now be the new face of Yahoo news, as well as their global news anchor. Not much more is known about the show she is slated to anchor, starting next year. There is also no news yet on some of the other reporters that will join the program.

Katie Couric is a household name in America. She was a news anchor on all the major television networks in the US and currently hosts her own talk show, ‘Katie’, on ABC. According to reports, she will still be hosting her talk show along with her wrk as news anchor at Yahoo.  (more…)

ASUS tablet to run Android, Windows or both

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We know that ASUS are fully exploring the possibility have dual booting with their laptops, and we have seen some tablet prototypes that aim to do the same. Now, however, an official tablet has reached the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) that gives approval for devices to be launched to the public. This tablet is the ASUS M80T, and it will also run multiple operating systems. (more…)

Apple buys Topsy, a Twitter search and analytics firm

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Apple has certainly been using those coffers filled with cash lately. They have made a number of acquisitions in the last year, including the Kinect co-creators. They aren’t done yet, though. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has purchased Topsy, a search engine and analytics firm for tweets that have been one of Twitter’s biggest partners. Though there’s no clear implication for what Apple might do with Topsy, the Journal suggests that it could begin using Topsy’s data to better target ads, to inform users of its products about popular subjects, or to generally tap into of-the-moment interests. (more…)

Google’s “Floating Retail Stores”

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goog_miniStrange things are happening at the Treasure Island docks in San Francisco. Early reports suggested that Google was docking “mystery” barges at the harbor to start development of an unknown project. Since the arrival of these barges there’s been a wide variety of speculation as to just what the company is up to. A new report from SFGate claims that the $35 million project, code-named “Hanger 3″, will consist of three “floating retail stores” that will be docked in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. The details were apprently leaked from the budget report of Turner Construction Compnay (who is apparently behind schedule with the construction project). Google’s only statement with regards to the barges indicated that it will be “an interactive space where people can learn about new technology.” (more…)

Jeff Bezos reveals Amazon PrimeAir

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Never afraid to shy away from interesting, futuristic and sometimes kind of crazy ideas, CEO of Amazon, Jeff Bezos, has recently revealed Amazon’s newest innovation – and it’s rather compelling to say the least.

Amazon PrimeAir is still a work in progress, but Bezos is so excited about it that he revealed the new innovation on long-running talk show, 60 Minutes.

The idea with PrimeAir is to make the delivery of Amazon goods easier and (hopefully) faster. One way to make delivery time faster, is by air. And that’s exactly what Amazon is working on – by using mini drones to drop packages off at your doorstep. (more…)