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‘Race Yourself’ turns Google Glass into Virtual Reality Fitness Motivation (video)

Published by on Jan 21st, 2014, No Comments

Race Yourself

Race Yourself is the app that Google Glass was built for, blending the real world with a virtual one – and its meant to keep you fit. Not only keep you fit, but keep you fit in a fun and interesting way. Forget the dreary jog on the treadmill; this will motivate you with fun challenges, games and competitions.

It will provide a virtual reality where you can race others around you, ski through checkpoints or even hit the markers while skydiving.  All that and a map, speed, calories burned and time can be there at a glance. (more…)

Now you can print a 3D model of your unborn baby

Published by on Jan 20th, 2014, 1 Comment


A few years ago, all an expecting couple could see of their unborn baby was an ultrasound scan – some smudgy, grey and white lines that make up the shape of your baby.

Fast-forward a few years and 3D scans became the next big thing. Now expecting parents can see a little more detail in the face and shape of their child. However, it still remains very much a mystery as to what your newborn baby will look like.

Well, knowing what your unborn child is going to look like has just escalated to a whole new level, thanks to the phenomenon that is 3D printing.

We have been reporting over the past couple of months about the explosion of 3D printing world wide. And, now, believe it or not, you can actually print a 3D model of your unborn baby based on a 3D scan of the womb. Mind blowing.  (more…)

Need a hair & makeup stylist? There’s an app for that

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Ladies, finally its time to get excited about an app – because this one is definitely something that could really come in handy.

Introducing Vensette – the next generation beauty app that delivers professional, specialist-trained stylists to you doorstep.

Vensette works on an ‘order and deliver’ platform. You as the user can ‘order’ or request a stylist, and within minutes, one will arrive at your doorstep ready to transform you from drab to fab. It’s the same concept as that of Uber – except instead of getting a ride, you get a blowout.

Previously, Vensette was purely web-based. In order to request a stylist, you would have to log on to their website and make an appointment. This, of course, is not that different from many other salons – the only difference is, they would come to you and not the other way around.

However, with the launch of their new app, Vensette has opened up a whole new door that takes convenient styling to a whole new level. Ladies (and gents) can now request a blowout, makeup session or both from the comfort of their smartphones. Easy steps to a made-up look.  (more…)

Sony’s PS Move controller will change shape

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Most gaming peripherals are static and not very adept at changing according to different usage scenarios. Most people change their motion controllers if they need and want to by adding a shell of some kind, or using an entirely different controller. Sony may improve that state of affairs in the future, though, as it recently filed for a patent on a modular PlayStation Move controller.

The concept lets gamers attach parts to the Move that change not just how it feels, but how it behaves in-game. A set of “limbs” would turn it into a humanoid, for example, while a rotating part could switch between a gun and a sword. It’s an intriguing idea, although we wouldn’t count on seeing it any time soon. A modular system would likely raise the price of a future Move controller. (more…)

Google’s ‘smart’ contact lens for diabetics

Published by on Jan 20th, 2014, 1 Comment


We know that Google are getting into the hardware business more and more every year, with smartphones and tablets leading the charge. This is a bit different, though, as they have just announced that it’s building a “smart contact lens.” It is meant to help diabetics keep track of their glucose levels. Inside the lens is a miniaturized wireless chip and glucose monitor that will measure the glucose levels of the wearer’s tears.

The idea is that the monitoring process would be made easier than the usual finger prick and testing the blood droplets. The sensor would be able to generate a reading once per second, and Google wants it to act as an early warning device for when glucose levels start dropping. The warning would be given by a small LED light in the contact lens, indicating a drop below a pre-set level. (more…)

Nokia’s Android Interface: A Closer Look

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Last week, we got hold of some leaked images of Nokia’s supposed Android interface. It seems that mister @evleaks has gotten his hands on some further images, giving us a closer look at the UI on Nokia’s Android handset, called Normandy.

To be completely honest, it does look a lot like Windows Phone. This begs the question why they would build an ecosystem that is a forked version of Android, but looks the same as their native OS. What does forking mean, you ask? Well, let’s take a moment to explain. (more…)

Looking for a new adventure? This app will help you quit your job

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Are you bored with your job? Are you suffering from intense wanderlust? Does everyday feel like it’s a blue Monday? Well, if this is the case, it probably means it time for a chance, and obviously, a new job. The only thing standing in your way? Quitting.

But, just as there is an app for almost anything these days, the newly launched Quit Your Job app will do exactly that – help you part ways with your employer.

Launched recently for iPhone, the app is very straight forward and easy to use. By simply following a few steps, it will break the news to your boss (or whomever you choose to tell).  (more…)

MWEB customers get exclusive access to world’s largest WiFi network

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MWEB has announced an exclusive partnership with Fon, the world’s largest WiFi network.  The deal gives MWEB ADSL customers, with a Fon – enabled router, the opportunity to join a global community of 12-million WiFi users who act as a hotspot and a growing local community who share their connections with each other.

Fon, the global WiFi network, founded in 2006 in Spain but now represented on four continents, is made up of Fon community members, who share a part of their bandwidth as a separate WiFi signal. In return, Fon members are able to securely access any other Fon WiFi hotspot both locally and globally.

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB, “We have been looking for a way to broaden our customers access to WiFi beyond their home or office network without compromising the quality of internet access that they’ve become accustomed to.   The new Fon relationship will complement our existing WiFi zones and will give our customers access to cost effective, quality mobile Internet access and a growing network.” (more…)