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Polymorph launches Fleet of One game for iOS

Published by on Aug 1st, 2013, 2 Comments


South African studio Polymorph, that since 2009 has shifted its focus to the mobile applications industry, has launched a new game.

Fleet of One is an original space blaster designed for touch screen interaction that celebrates the glory of classic arcade shooters.

The game sees its players speeding through the farthest reaches of Outer Space, blasting and shielding, tapping and swiping, in an attempt to collect all the energy one can to power up and ultimately take down the invading Vellanoid Armada.


Cybersmart launches Web Based Video Surveillance

Published by on Aug 1st, 2013, No Comments

Video Surveillance

As most businesses in the world are moving everything onto web based services and cloud computing, it should come as no surprise that security and surveillance businesses would surely follow suit.

Cybersmart – a hosting company established in 1998, has officially launched their latest product; a new, web based video surveillance solution know as MVaaS (Managed Video as a Service)

This innovative service aims to provide residential customers as well as businesses with surveillance services. (more…)

IMC Conference Johannesburg: speaker topics finalised

Published by on Jul 31st, 2013, No Comments


With just a month and a half to go, the country’s top media and marketing minds will be convening at The Maslow Hotel in Sandton, Johannesburg from 9-10 September for this year’s highly-anticipated Integrated Marketing Communication Conference.

Speakers, the list of which was recently announced, will share case studies on their most successful industry experiences, highlighting positive trends and advise on practical tools to improve communication. With all speaker topics finalised, delegates now have a glimpse of what to expect at this marketing conference.

The 8 Keynote Topics include: (more…)

South Africa’s first interactive memorial website launches

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The internet already hosts a number of interactive memorial websites that provide a virtual space for people to pay tribute to those who have passed away and now South Africa has one of its very own with the launch of Remembered.co.za.

Remembered.co.za is an online memorial site which offers a place where friends and family can celebrate and record the legacy of someone who has passed away.

The site allows family and friends to share memories regardless of location and create a permanent memorial. Friends, family and colleagues are able to contribute to the memorial, creating a central, interactive location to exchange memories, which may otherwise be forgotten with time by populating the eulogy with biographical information, personal pictures, videos and tributes.


Samsung Galaxy S4 found to be cheating at Benchmarks

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Very sneaky Samsung.

Many high end Android phone buyers tend to base their purchasing decision on how “fast” the latest and greatest phones are. So if you are building the world’s most popular Android phone, how do you make sure your phone lands on the top of the charts, and thus appeal to these power users? Turns out, if you are Samsung, you do not necessarily have to make the fastest phone. But you can rig all Galaxy S4′s to overclock their processors for only a few benchmarks apps.

In its typically in-depth fashion, Anandtech did a bit of digging into some very strange benchmark results that came from the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 uses a 480MHz graphics processing unit which runs at that speed for every app. But the phone is programmed to overclock that processor to 533MHz for only a handful of overclocking apps typically used by reviewers (AnTuTu, GLBenchmark 2.5.1 and Quadrant). The CPU speed gets manipulated in a similiar fashion as well. Want proof? Anandtech actually found the code string to define which benchmark apps can receive the speed boost: (more…)

Infographic: Which cloud storage option offers the best deal?

Published by on Jul 31st, 2013, 3 Comments

Free Cloud Storage-01

By Stefan de Klerk for moneysmart

What would you do if your laptop were stolen or your hard drive crashed and all your beloved photos, videos and important documents were wiped out, never to be found again?

Backing your files up on an external hard drive could have prevented this scenario, but that too can crash or be stolen. And besides that, external hard drives tend to be on the more expensive side.

So what would be the best way to avoid this unfortunate situation? Store your files online, or as is more popularly known nowadays “in the cloud”.


World leaders taking Twitter by storm

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Twitter WorldIf you thought Twitter was reserved only for celebrities, socialites or sport stars, think again.

A new study, conducted by communications firm Burson-Marsteller, has revealed that a whopping 77.7% of the 193 UN member countries have quite a presence on the popular social networking site.

The company has dubbed the study “Twiplomacy” and explains it as ‘the study of the use of Twitter by world leaders’.

Surprisingly enough, almost half of the 505 accounts that were analysed are personal accounts of VIP’s like heads of state, heads of government and ministers of foreign affairs.

And what is even more intriguing; a third of these VIP’s own and operate their account themselves – which means the tweets we read are truly by them and not their PR team.

Furthermore, the study found that 405 of the accounts studied are active, 17 are inactive accounts that have never tweeted anything, 79 are dormant and 4 are protected.


Mxit Needs Repositioning – Steven Ambrose

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The rapid growth of the WhatsApp instant messaging (IM) client and the decline in the volume of chat messages going through MXit over the past twelve months in South Africa, are indicative of the change in the way people are using their mobile phones to communicate with each other.

Steven Ambrose, Strategy Worx CEO, says that according to industry sources WhatsApp numbers have doubled over the last twelve months and are heading towards the 10 million user mark in South Africa.
MXit revised their reporting of active user numbers in January 2013 to a 30 day standard, resulting in a more accurate picture, with MXit now reporting around 6.5 million active monthly users on the platform in South Africa.

This active user number for MXit is little changed from a year ago, and while that is good news in the face of the growth of the other IM platforms, MXit has experienced a downward shift in engagement on their platform from its active users, especially with regard to person to person messaging, which has declined by approximately a third over the last year.

“MXit has been the dominant player in the IM space over the last couple of years, with its user base growing steadily, while WhatsApp was a relatively small player. The answer as to why there has been a sudden change lies in user behaviour and how the technology actually works,” Ambrose says.

Defining the landscape

WhatsApp was the first major IM client that, like SMS, only requires you to know someone else’s number, as opposed to requiring users to create an account and know the user names of the people they wish to be in contact with. However, unlike SMS, it uses a data connection (more…)