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VW combines Facebook and Street View in latest campaign

Published by on Jul 31st, 2012, No Comments

Long-term partners Volkswagen South Africa (VWSA) and Ogilvy Cape Town have recently launched Street Quest, an innovative campaign that combines Facebook with Google’s Street View to create an online game. The campaign, a digital interpretation of the family car game ‘punch buggy’, originated from the agency’s digital team and is aimed at showing just how prolific Volkswagen is in South Africa.

The game uses Facebook as a platform through which players navigate Street View to find and ‘pin’ as many Volkswagen vehicles as they can from all over South Africa. By pinning the vehicles, players increase their points and win weekly prizes from Apple as well as a chance to play in the Grand Final. This event takes place in Cape Town and sees the four weekly winners take to the streets to ‘pin’ Volkswagens in a live playoff armed with a camera, a full tank of petrol and a film crew.


AppMonday: Canal Walk

Published by on Jul 30th, 2012, No Comments

One of the difficulties of apps is that many large companies in the retail sector feel they have to have one. It’s not entirely untrue, in fact there are many apps that would probably work well and some that would do wonders for retailers. However, for malls, not much can help except a simple content app. In my humble opinion, Canal Walk’s app tries to do more, and fails somewhat.

The app is easy to find, the download size is good and screens and design are simple, however many features are only available if you register with your mobile number – why? There is currently no advertising on the relatively sparse app itself, so it is unclear what the phone numbers will be used for. No thanks…

This tweet also came up while doing research on the Canal Walk app:


iPhone “inspired” by Sony

Published by on Jul 30th, 2012, 12 Comments

Well, well, well… what do we have here? One of the only benefits of long, mind-numbingly boring court-cases like the ones raging between Apple and Android OEM’s is that the court gets a look at inner workings of companies and then, so do we.

Recently, documents were uncovered and brought to court that clearly show that Apple’s holier-than-thou attitude needs to stop, and soon. Apple are now making some quite ridiculous claims. For example, that the direction of an unlock swipe can be patented and so are suing anything remotely to do with Android in a personal vendetta led by the late Steve Jobs.


MWEB slashes Uncapped ADSL pricing

Published by on Jul 30th, 2012, 10 Comments

South African ISP, MWEB announced today that it will be slashing its 10Mbps Uncapped Shaped ADSL pricing by a staggering R1000 per month. This means that the high end user; gamer, the avid downloader and small businesses will be able to experience this product for a fraction of its original pricing. As an addition to MWEB’s already robust uncapped ADSL range, including MWEB 1Mbps Uncapped ADSL for just R199 per month, the new 10Mpbs product positions MWEB as the go-to ISP for entry level, as well as top-end uncapped ADSL.

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB ISP explains, “Locally, 10Mbps Uncapped ADSL is a premium product and by cutting the price of our offering by 50% we’re making it possible for more South Africans to move up the broadband value chain to top speed, uncapped Internet. Although most of our competitors have some form of throttling on their 10Mbps products, MWEB does not throttle, which means we can deliver the best possible Internet experience to subscribers on our network. At R999 per month, 10Mbps Uncapped Unthrottled ADSL gives South African Internet users exceptional value for money.”


iPad’s domination increases

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It’s no secret that the Apple iPad has dominated the tablet market since launch, and even though there is a huge variety available today, the iPad is still stretching its lead on a yearly basis.

In the second quarter of 2012 a total of 24.9 million tablet computers shipped worldwide, according to market analytics company Strategy Analytics. Of those, a whopping 17 million was an Apple iPad; that translates to over 68% of the market. While Apple’s share has grown, their biggest rival, Android has stayed exactly the same year-on-year from 2011.


TomTom Geocoder delivers enhanced location intelligence

Published by on Jul 27th, 2012, No Comments

TomTom has unveiled the latest version of its high volume batch geocoding web service that launched in April. Geocoding converts addresses into geographic coordinates to enable rich location analysis. With this upgrade, the TomTom Global Geocoder extends TomTom’s ability to help businesses make smart decisions.

“The TomTom Global Geocoder delivers the high performance that enterprise customers demand,” said Danny Grobben, General Manager, TomTom Africa Licensing. “Our geocoding service is capable of returning hundreds of thousands of records an hour, delivering highly precise results with the single click of a button. TomTom will offer this service anywhere we have a map.”

The TomTom Global Geocoder upgrade offers the following new benefits:


HTC to build Facebook phone for 2013 release

Published by on Jul 27th, 2012, 2 Comments

Previously we reported that Facebook is preparing to launch its own smartphone, knowing there is not much more room for profit growth within its current business form. Pressure from investors after the anticipated stock launch was another reminder of that. Until now, we have seen no device of this kind, but that might change very soon.

According to Bloomberg “sources with knowledge of the matter” are stating that Facebook is planning to release a smartphone next year. More interestingly, they are working with HTC to build it. The report states that the device was supposed to launch this year, which would always have been a stretch. But now the timeline has been pushed back quite substantially so that HTC have more time to work on it.


Do Google Mobile Searches with Handwriting

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Google just launched a new feature for touch screen phones that allow users to do searches by simply tracing the letters on the screen. This will work on Android and iOS devices, and that includes tablets as well. The user has to manually activate it though:

  1. Open up Google Search on your device.
  2. Go to Settings (bottom of screen for phones, top right for tablets)
  3. Enable Handwriting.
  4. Click done.

You can switch handwriting mode on or off by clicking the little button on the bottom right.

The page should show a quick demo, and thereafter you simply start writing. It is remarkably accurate in our experience – and there is almost no delay while it figures out what you write. We must be honest though – it is not something we will use every day, because we still find typing faster.

Is it something you will use, or is it simply a nice to have feature?