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Celebrating the World Wide Web with Moneysmart

Published by on Aug 6th, 2012, No Comments

What started out as a simple set of hyperlinks became a revolutionary invention that forever changed the world. It’s called the World Wide Web and on 6 August, 2012 it’s coming of age and turning 21.

This is a significant date not only for the web but for local start-up, moneysmart, too. Like the web, it is making its debut as a publicly available service on 6 August. But instead of celebrating its own launch, moneysmart is inviting South Africans to pay tribute to the Great Web and its founder Sir Tim Berners-Lee because without his invention, little of what we take for granted today would be possible.

Tobie Van Zyl, moneysmart CEO says, “As a local tech start-up, sharing our birth date with something as world famous as the web is significant not least because we have a few things in common other than the date: we are both techies; both developed our product to make life easier; both built it for everyone in mind, and both are free to use. So we think it’s only fitting for us to pay tribute to our web roots as it celebrates its 21st birthday on our launch-day and we encourage South Africans to do the same.”

To get involved, South Africans can post a birthday tribute to the web and Sir Tim on Facebook or via Twitter #web21. The best messages will be used as part of a personalised video birthday card that features tributes from some of SA’s great techies; Matthew Buckland, Arthur Goldstuck, Alan Knot-Craig Jnr, Adriaan Pienaar, Eric Edelstein, Eran Eyal and Tobie Van Zyl.  The card will be sent to Sir Tim at 16h00 on 6 August via Twitter, with love from SA and moneysmart. (Sir Tim is in the USA so he is six hours behind South Africa. This means he’ll receive his gift as he has his breakfast).


The 2012 Annual IMC Conference, Johannesburg

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Following the success of the first three Integrated Marketing Communication Conferences, (currently the only one of its kind in Southern Africa), Living Your Brand is proud to bring you its fourth installment. The 4th Annual IMC Conference will be held this October in Sandton Johannesburg.

With just over 2 months to go before the commencement of the annual event, the Living Your Brand team yet again promises to floor delegates with a dynamic line-up of top industry speakers who will be sharing their most innovative and useful marketing communication tools and trends.


AppMonday: TheVine

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TheVine is a wine rating app, with South Africa starting to see a few of these coming out now. After all, the wine industry is a very big part of south African culture.

Built by Kaizania IT Services, TheVine is also endorsed by SouthAfrica.net, as can be seen in their tweet:


The app is light and easy to use, and to cut to the chase, nothing much at all. In fact I presume that this is simply the first version, which will later be updated with new functionality and features. On the plus side, it seems to work well, the screens are fluid and the basics of wine rating are displayed. The app did crash once on my Samsung Galaxy S2, though, and immediately rebooted to the home screen.


eBay launches same-day shipping service iOS app

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According to Tech Crunch, eBay has invited users located in San Francisco, California to a new same day shipping service in the form of an iOs app called eBay Now.

The app, in beta, is now signing up users for the service that will allow residents to get $5 same-day shipping on goods purchased from their local stores.

Below is the email invite that residents received:

Hi [Name],

We know you love shopping on eBay. But sometimes you just can’t wait for shipping. Sound familiar?

If so, we’ve created an exciting new way to shop. Starting today, for purchases of $25 or more, San Francisco shoppers can order products from local stores and have them delivered to their door — at home, at work, or anywhere else in San Francisco. The new service is called eBay Now, and you can download it here for your iPhone®, iPad®, or iPod® touch.


Over 25 000 Woza Online sites now live

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To date, the Woza Online initiative has successfully helped over 25 000 South African small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) set up websites easily and for free since its launch in January this year – equivalent to one new website being published every 10 minutes. This was announced at a local SME event in Soweto, where a number of businesses in the area showcased their success since using the Woza Online service.

Woza Online is a joint initiative by Google, the Department of Trade and Industry (dti), Vodacom and the Human Resources Development Council. The project aims to help South African SMEs create their own websites, in turn boosting SME turnovers, SA job creation and economic growth.

Speaking at the event – held at Chaf Pozi, a local restaurant and shebeen that has recently set up its own website – Luke Mckend, Google SA Country Manager recognised Soweto’s thriving SME environment. “It is energising to be amongst talented entrepreneurs and to see how getting online is helping small businesses in Soweto boost their revenues and expand their customer bases.”

“We are also pleased to unveil a new search function on the Woze Online homepage, which allows users to search easily for Woza Online sites. For example, you can now find your local plumber, electrician or bakery even more easily.”


InspireMe app wins big at MTN Business App of the Year Awards

Published by on Aug 3rd, 2012, 1 Comment

The Plascon InspireMe app, developed by 4i Mobile Applications, has taken first place in the category of Most Innovative App after being shortlisted by judges and voted on by the audience at the inaugural MTN Business App of the Year Awards 2012.

The Plascon Inspire Me App won in its category by a 67% majority vote, and then was further nominated by the judges as a finalist in the Overall App of the Year category, in which it came third in South Africa.

The App awards, held in Johannesburg, showcased mobile applications that have made an impact over the last 12 months and the people behind them. The event recognised and celebrate South Africa’s local talent and promoted the country as an innovation hub in the mobile space.


Will the real Alistair Peterson please stand up?

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Not too long ago you may have seen massive hype and attention around someone called Alistair Peterson, mostly unknown, even in some parts of the tech world in which he operates. His blog had a few hundred hits less than a month ago, now it has over 22,000, with over 5,000 newsletter subscribers. If you still haven’t heard about him, then read on, this is a fuller account of who he is.

In June on DSTV/MNet television, Carte Blanche had a whole session on him as a hacker and now successful businessman, and newspapers have also delved in and written about him from time to time. A Google search brings little except his own blog and a small LinkedIn account, so the questions begs, who is he really? The thing is, due to the nature of what he’s doing, some folks don’t want him to be known. To find out the truth, I went off to Mordor (Johannesburg) and met the source, the man himself, for a lengthy interview that gave great insight into him as a person, a businessman, a developer/hacker and as an entrepreneur of sorts. Before we start, here is what the press has loosely reported so far, and a little bit of a timeline:


Infographic: The Battle for Bandwidth

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The prevalence of smartphones, tablets, and digital media players, has resulted in a battle for bandwidth on college campuses in the U.S. The infographic below, created by onlinecolleges.net illustrates who’s hogging the bandwidth and why.

The infographic highlights some interesting statistics including:

  • 68% of institutions allow students unlimited internet connectivity.
  • 77% of institutions report increased bandwidth usage as significant issue for their network.
  • 41% of students have 3 or more devices connected to the internet at any given time.
  • The three largest bandwidth consumers are tablets, smartphones, and digital media devices.
  • 50% of IT departments claim they do not recover costs of bandwidth supplied to students.

View the infographic after the jump…