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Industry sources confirm iBurst is for sale

Published by on Aug 6th, 2013, No Comments

iBurstIf you have a spare couple of million lying around, there might be a wonderful business opportunity for you.

Rumours have been doing the rounds that Wireless Business Solutions (WBS), the parent company of iBurst, is for sale.

According to businesstech.co.za, industry sources close to the development have confirmed that the internet company is, indeed up for grabs and it appears that some big players are interested in the company.

Vodacom, MTN and Dimension Data are just some of the names being thrown around as potential buyers.

One industry source has said that Dimension Data has already made an offer to WBS of R250 million. However, it is believed that this offer was rejected, and that the WBS share holders are looking at a much steeper price – somewhere in the region of R500 million.

WBS Holdings (Pty) Ltd. was established in 1999 and owns 100% iBurst (Pty) Ltd. and Wireless Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd.

According to iBurst’s website, that has been in operation since May 2005, it  is an exclusive Service Provider Company to Wireless Business Solutions.


BWB TV Review: Samsung Galaxy Camera

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Phones have been evolving at breakneck speed over the last decade, with smartphones quickly taking over. Cameras, however, seemed to be stuck in the 20th Century. Well, no more – introducing the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

This device claims to be shaking up the point-and-shoot market. If that is possible, however, remains to be seen. Regular smartphones are coming out regularly with better and better camera capabilities. How does the Galaxy Camera shape up?

You can think of the various apps as building blocks, which make the Samsung Galaxy Camera one of the most versatile digital cameras in existence. However, some frailties in the imagery department as well as that old friend Touchwiz do offer some cons as well.

Read our full written review and give us your thoughts. You can also check out our video review at the bottom. (more…)

Galaxy Note 3 coming – announcement on Sept 4th

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It was only a matter of time, and is of no surprise to anyone. The Galaxy Note 3 will be announced next month. Well, we’re pretty sure. We have become accustomed to Samsung’s events and their released schedules. They have been using their ‘unpacked’ events for their large product launches, and have sent out invitations to another one being held in Berlin on September 4th.



FNB launches free uncapped ADSL rewards

Published by on Aug 5th, 2013, 2 Comments

fnb-adslFirst National Bank (FNB) has announced the launch of their Uncapped ADSL product with discounts of up to 100% that aims to secure its position as a key player in the data provision space and contribute to increased internet penetration in South Africa.

The new offering will give discounts of up to 100% on monthly subscription fees applicable for qualifying customers who sign up from 8 August 2013.

Qualifying Personal Cheque Account holders and FNB Private Client customers can receive between 10% and 100% off on some of the most competitive uncapped ADSL rates through FNBs internal Internet Service Provider, FNB Connect. Customers can reach the 100% discount through banking efficiently and electronically, and holding qualifying products with FNB.

According to Farren Roper, HEAD of FNB Connect ISP, “FNB has always been the leader in terms of data rewards offered to customers. We have embraced the trend towards uncapped ADSL and wanted to offer a long term deal which will distinguish FNB from the other players in the market. No other ISP gives their clients up to 100% discount off their monthly Uncapped ADSL subscription.”


OUYA Kickstarter backers still awaiting consoles

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Backers of the OUYA gaming console launched on Kickstarter in mid 2012, are still waiting for their promised consoles which were expected to arrive in March of this year.

The video game console for TV  built on Android open source technology already available to purchase from  Best Buy, Amazon and Gamestop for about $99, was hugely successful on the crowdsourcing site raising a total of about $8.6 million from enthusiastic financial supporters.

But now, as the public have had access to the console since June, some of the 43, 000 backers who pre-ordered the device have complained that they have yet to receive theirs.


Facebook hires first CMO from Motorola Mobility

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According to Ad Age, Facebook has hired its very first Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) who happens to be Motorola Mobility’s recent head of marketing.

Prior to his position at Motorola, Gary Briggs, who now joins the Facebook team, stood as the VP of consumer marketing at Google. He became CMO after the search giant’s $12.5 billion acquisition last year.

Briggs replaces VP of product marketing Eric Antonow who leaves the company since taking up the position in 2010.


Spotify is moving forward quickly – doubles revenue in 2012

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spotifyPopular music streaming web-service, Spotify, is doing rather well these days. The company has more than doubled its revenue in 2012.

Spotify’s latest revenue, as shown on Wednesday, amounts to a monstrous 435 million Euros. That is $577 million or R5 699 317 500.

Spotify provides ad-free, popular and on-demand music for free for paying customers. Founded in 2006 by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon of Sweden, this music streaming service has revolutionised music streaming on the internet.

The Stockholm based company strikes royalty deals with record labels and then pays back about 70% of it’s revenue to the rights holders.

The company posted a 58.7 million Euro net loss, as compared with the 45.4 million loss in 2011 on a turnover of 190 million.

Spotify is an unlisted company and has more than 20 million active users. They have more than 5 million paying customers world wide. A definite sign that they are doing something right.

They also receive financial backing from companies such as Northzone, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Accel Partners and DST. There are also many fund raising activities held to support the growth of this innovative company.


Review: LG Optimus L5II vs. Samsung Galaxy Music

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It seems as if the smartphone market is obsessed with the latest and greatest. With companies like HTC, Sony, Nokia and LG stepping up to the plate, the two-horse race between Apple and Samsung has become a thing of the past. This of course only benefits us as the customers, as the market now has a whole variety of flagship devices to choose from. And in saying “the market”, I refer to everyone aching after or owning the top of the line devices from the previously mentioned companies. We do however sometimes forget that we’re not the only mobile market. There are hundreds of other mobile models that are designed and priced to cater for entry-level and mid-market customers. And to be fair, not everyone cares about having a R10k smartphone that can outperform most laptops and take HD photos of Saturn’s rings (and put your face next to it as well!).

That said, we wanted to take a look at the smartphones available in the “budget” section of the market. What is available in the R1000 – R2000 bracket in South Africa? Bandwidth Blog has been given the opportunity to review LG’s Optimus L5II and Samsung’s Galaxy Music. (more…)