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Twitter will soon let you retrieve tweet history

Published by on Jul 25th, 2012, No Comments

Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo has recently revealed, during a meeting with the New York Times, that the micro-blogging site is working on a way for users to be able to retrieve old tweets.

Currently, Twitter only gives users access to the last few thousand posts made.

The decision comes at a time when the popularity and growth of Twitter, with 140 million active users, has lead executives to look into a way to build a solution as increased demand for such a service has become apparent.

Costolo said, “We’re working on a tool to let users export all of their tweets. You’ll be able to download a file of them.” The new tool is likely to limit Twitter users to their own backlog of posts rather than the entire collection of posts belonging to other users on the site.

Twitter has been slower than other social network sites like Facebook to make such a tool available. Facebook allows its users to download a file with their data. However, though other third party sites and apps have found ways for users to backup their tweets, these can often be costly.

“It’s two different search problems,” Costolo commented. “It’s a different way of architecting search, going through all tweets of all time. You can’t just put three engineers on it.”

While Costolo did not reveal when such a tool would become available, he did say that it was currently in the works.

The Death of Nokia

Published by on Jul 25th, 2012, 9 Comments

Well, hopefully not the death. While I still think that they make the best hardware, things are looking pretty grim for Nokia. Instead of talking about how the company has been downgraded to junk bond (their assets are worth less than their market cap) status, lets take a step back at some of Nokia’s highlights:

Not so long ago, the 13-note ringtone of a Nokia handset was the de facto soundtrack of the mobile revolution. The world’s largest cell phone maker for more than a decade, the company was a leading innovator in both design and technology that helped bring wireless life to American high schoolers and rural Africans alike.


Scorsese features in latest Siri ad

Published by on Jul 24th, 2012, No Comments

Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese is the latest celebrity to feature in an advertisement for the iPhone 4S’s voice assistant, Siri.

While introduced exclusively for the iPhone 4S, Siri will soon become available for the iPad with iOS6.

In the advert titled ‘Busy Day’, Scorsese uses Siri to check his morning appointments and the traffic while in a cab in New York City.

This is Apple’s fifth advertisement for Siri that features celebrities, with previous stars John Malkovich and Samuel L. Jackson lending their star status to show off what Siri can do.

Watch the advert in the video below:

One third of Europeans will watch Olympics online – Study

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Riverbed Technology, that specializes in improving the performance of networks and networked applications, is unveiling new research that states that more than a third of Europeans claim they will watch this summer’s Olympic Games online. As a result, streaming websites need to be prepared to cope with this demand.

The research identified the Men’s 100m sprint final as the Olympic event most likely to be watched online with an average of 51 percent of all respondents. The next most popular event to be watched online was the Men’s 100m freestyle swimming event, with an average of 36 percent, followed by the Men’s Football Final, which had an average of 30 percent of respondents claiming it as one of their most popular online events.

The study, carried out on behalf of Riverbed by several leading research firms across Europe, surveyed more than 3500 people across the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands. The research uncovered that approximately one in five Europeans said that they were likely to watch more of this summer’s events over the Internet as compared to previous Olympic Games. It also found that over half of all online Olympic viewers would be unwilling to tolerate delays of over two minutes when streaming services before moving to a different source.


The emergence of online company sponsorship

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Marketing a website is a challenging thing. There are so many services out there to advertise on, and the main differentiation comes in by splitting your options into online and offline advertising. Offline advertising is usually seen as expensive to the online world, and more of a focus on improving your brand than actually making sales. However, depending on what you are aiming to do, it could pay off very well.

EasiOnline.com has recently decided to sponsor a superstar on the motorbike racing circuit, David ‘McFlash’ McFadden. He’s not only a top racer, he’s also very well known. And for him to get onto the next stage of his career – the international level, he requires quite a significant sponsorship. This is because, clearly, for any world class athlete moving from one step of motorcycling to the next, that dream of competing internationally is really attractive, especially when one has the potential that McFlash displays every time he mounts his Kawasaki motorbike to race. So EasiOnline has quite publicly announced that it is sponsoring R20,000 and a portion of their sales made on the website.

This seemingly large sponsorship is apparently paying off. Even though David is not the most famous bike racer the world has, he has a known status in the South African scene, and regular announcements and displays of his sponsors are giving EasiOnline good exposure. David has seen a lot of support from MSA (Motorsport South Africa) and its very large following.


Samsung SA appoints New MD

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Samsung Electronics South Africa is proud to announce that Matthew Thackrah has been appointed as the Deputy Managing Director of South Africa. In this newly-created dual role, Matthew will continue as the Head of CE and IT Solutions for the brand.

Having been with Samsung South Africa for over 10 years, Matthew holds a wealth of knowledge and experience across the broader Samsung product portfolio, where his leadership has played an important role in the company’s achievements. His expertise lies in strategyimplementation as well as forecast and retail management – areas that will aid the continued growth of the brand across South Africa.

Says Thackrah: “Having been with the Samsung brand for a number of years, I am pleased to accept this position and certainly look forwardto the opportunity to not only add value to the brand, but to work with a team of exceptionally talented people. I will continue to focus on developing the broader consumer electronics market locally and across our African shores – enabling a more intuitive and smarter life for the consumer.”

Says George Ferreira, Vice President and COO at Samsung Electronics Africa; “Matthew has a solid understanding of the business and this, coupled with his industry experience, leadership capabilities and expertise makes him the perfect candidate for the role. We look forward to his continued contribution to Samsung SA in this role and the critical part he will play in achieving our business goals and objectives, taking Samsung to even greater heights.”

Samsung set to unveil new Galaxy device

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Samsung will host a new major announcement on August 15th, with the invitations sent out saying they are set to unveil “the newest Galaxy device”. No further information appeared on the invitations, but obviously there are some people who say they have some inside information.

Much of the speculation points toward the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 which was announced earlier in the year at the Mobile World Congress. It was suspected to be around sooner in the year, so it does seem like the likeliest to see the light of day at last. Previously, we heard that production on the tablet was stopped for a while in order for Samsung to update the processor in the tablet to the brilliant Exynos 4412 chipset, which we saw in the Galaxy SIII. Since then, though, no further news has been heard.


Amazon opens Digital Media R&D centre in London

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The Telegraph has reported that Amazon, with headquarters based in Seattle, U.S., has decided to open a new digital media development centre in London as part of the launch of its new film and television service delivery.

According to the report, London was the “obvious choice” to launch the global service as a pioneer in providing on-demand film and television services to customers over the internet with both LoveFilm and Pushbutton, Amazon’s existing on-demand services, having also been founded in the capital city.

Paula Byrne, the centre’s managing director says ”Innovation is part of the Amazon DNA and we are creating a centre of excellence to design and develop the next generation of TV and film services for a wide range of digital devices.”