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Uber job site reveals plans to enter into three new continents

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uber-iphoneSmartphone private car booking service for iOS and Android, Uber is expanding globally.

Currently operating in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, the company that  lets users book a private car anytime and anywhere, has been spotted recruiting for vacancies on its job site in Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Some of the unlaunched locations that are listed on the jobs page include Cape Town, Johannesburg and Kenya in Africa, Lima and Santiago in Latin America and in the Middle East Beirut, Dubai and Doha. Hong Kong and China are also reportedly on the list.

It appears Uber is also looking to expand in its existing markets in Asia Pacific and Europe that include Auckland, New Delhi, Kuala Lampur, Bangkok, Tokyo, Dublin, Edinburgh, Moscow, Prague, Hamburg and Rome.

According to Uber Operations Manager Ryan Graves the expansion process into various cities is not an easy one and will depend on finding the right people for the job. “If we find the right person or people,” says Graves, “it would go further up the list”.

Is bringing Uber to SA an uber bad idea? Find out more about the service and what Bandwidth Blog contributor Saul Kropman had to say about the company’s expansion.

Source: The Next Web

The Audio Desk: Bringing quality sound to your work space

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Be surrounded by your favourite tracks when you sit down to work, play or browse with the New Audio Desk from Symbol, handcrafted audio specialists, that brings quality sound into your work space.

The Audio Desk features two 4-inch high efficiency full range drivers, with titanium cones that are set in dampened cabinets, ported and paired with a down-firing five-and-a-quarter-inch sub-woofer. The desk comes fitted with stylish sliding doors that let you conceal or expose the speakers at your will.

The design ensures that all wiring is hidden away and a stereo input jack lets you connect just about any device.


Women24 survey reveals online behaviour in SA

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women-24-logoWomen24 recently conducted a survery with 2 000 of its readers, the aim of which was to help marketers and ad agencies discover what makes South African women tick through their online behaviour.

The survey findings reveal that Women24 readers are highly engaged online. 83% of the respondents said they used the Internet to gather information, 78% of them regularly take online reviews into consideration when shopping and 33% watch online videos at least once a week. 21% also spend more than 3 hours a day on their phone or mobile device.

This active engagement online is reflected in Women24’s Effective Measure numbers. Women24 features as the biggest female focused website in the Unique Browser category (Effective Measure’s benchmark of choice) with an average of 267 689 UB’s per month over the last 3 months. The site also recorded a total average of 1 846 845 Page Impressions over the last 3 months.

“Women24 is the top website for women in South Africa, consistently occupying this top spot in the benchmark measurement categories for the industry, proof that the content policies are meeting the needs of female readers” says Gustav Goosen, CEO for The SpaceStation, the digital media sales agency that exclusively represent Women24.


The Moto X is nice… even in wood?

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No, your eyes are not deceiving you. The Moto X from Motorola is being tested with wood backs and it will be available to consumers in four different types of wood – rosewood, mahogany, teak and bamboo.

Before you get ahead of yourself, it is not “made to look like wood”. Not “simulated wood”. Actual wood.

I don’t know about you, but I think it looks great. As you’d expect, there are new challenges when you’re starting to use organic material in smartphone manufacturing. Different varieties have differing RF properties, Motorola’s Rick Osterloh, senior VP of product management, told reporters in a group briefing. As for sustainability — a hot topic any time you talk about using a natural resource — well, he dodged that one. But let’s hope Motorola’s got a better answer for that one when wood panels are available as options later this year.

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Apple developer site up and running

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Apple Inc

After a scary hacker attack on their developer site, Apple has finally restored it’s main developer website.

The attack, which prompted Apple to upgrade their system in order to prevent future breaches, didn’t seem to have done too much damage.

The developer site is used by Apple to communicate with it’s nearly 6 million software developers world wide. The site was mostly back to it’s original state, although the forums and member center was still offline.

Although the company seems to be out of the deep end for now, it could still not confirm what data (and if any at all) was comprised during the attack.


Android fragmentation continues to lessen

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Fragmentation between devices and version of Android is a major pain to many users and a large reason why some people do not prefer the platform. Personally, I love Android and its openness, but won’t make myself susceptible to fragmentation; therefore I have been rocking Nexus devices for years. Getting the latest versions of Android is an imperative to me, as for others. Admittedly, though, the problem is becoming less and less of an issue, as manufacturers seem to be releasing updates more frequently and quicker after Google releases the software.

Google has released its latest saturation figures, and for the first time in years, Android’s version 2.3, or Gingerbread, isn’t on the highest percentage of Android devices. Jelly Bean finally has that honour, with 40.5% of all Android devices. Gingerbread is still hanging on stubbornly at 33% and it’s safe to assume that those devices will never receive an update. Interestingly, 0.1% of devices are still running Android 1.6 Donut from 2009. Come on folks, turn off those devices – it must be working like an old dog!

Source: Android Developers

Finally. The Horizontal Docking Station for MacBooks

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Henge Docks that provide docking stations for Apple Notebook computers has now introduced the Horizontal Docking Station for MacBooks.

With push-button docking and undocking, it features a solid metal chassis, support for up to three external displays and access to 14 ports.

The Horizontal Dock for the MacBook Pro with Retina Display allows for three external displays, six USB 3.0 peripherals, two audio devices, an Ethernet connection, an SD Card, a FireWire 800 device and power. Dual audio ports enable switching between multiple audio input and output devices directly from OS X.


Rocket Internet to launch hotel booking site

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According to a report by Techloy, German-based Rocket Internet, the company responsible for bringing online clothing retailer Zando to South Africa will be launching its own online hotel booking service Jovago.

Rocket Internet, the leading international venture builder and world’s largest internet incubator, recently received an additional €35 million investment from global telecommunications group Millicom, to further boost operations on the African continent.

The extra funding comes after Millicom signed a €340 million deal with Rocket Internet with the aim of jointly developing online franchises in Latin America and Africa.