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Flipboard “ready” to support iPad Mini

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Flipboard has recently announced that it will be updating it’s app specifically for the smaller form factor of the iPad Mini that Apple officially unveiled on 23rd October.

The announcement was made on its official blog. With the launch of Apple’s latest device, the news reading app says “Flipboard is ready”.

Rather than the update coming as a completely separate app, iPad Mini users will simply have to install the latest Flipboard update. The app will then automatically adjust its text size (making it larger) to fit the smaller 7.9-inch display.

“Flipboard’s layouts and typography have been re-factored for the mini to make it easy to enjoy your Flipboard on the new smaller screen,” said the company in a statement.

Source: The Next Web

Integr8: Microsoft’s mid-market solution provider of the year

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The Integr8 Group, has won the Mid-market Solution Provider of the Year Competency Award at the Microsoft Partner Network 2012 Awards.

This award honours partners who use Microsoft technology in innovative ways to deploy critical infrastructure solutions serving customers in the mid-market businesses.

Microsoft says that Integr8 demonstrated innovative excellence and proficiency in deploying solutions that leverage the Microsoft technology stack scaled for mid-sized businesses.

“The company’s winning differentiator was a clear articulation of how the solution significantly helps mid-market businesses with their unique challenges and save money and be competitive,” stated organisers of the Award.

According to Microsoft the criteria for the award are divided into six categories namely, winning new customers, driving customer satisfaction, growing the business, innovation, enabling people and bonus factors.

Candidates for the Mid-market Solution Provider of the Year Award are evaluated according to specific key areas including number of new customers/deployment projects, top implementations, measurable ROI for at least one customer deployment, BEE rating, local or international awards, amongst others.


Gigham: Taking you inside the Demo Africa 2012 Top 40 finalist

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Local startup Gigham has been very very busy lately. Having already represented South Africa at Demo Africa 2012 in Kenya last week where it launched Gigham Nairobi. Of the experience at Demo Africa co-founder, George Gally says, “Kenya was amazing! Things are exploding up there.” The company that makes it easier to discover events around you is now hard at work preparing to launch with Mxit in the next few days.

Bandwidth Blog thought it was time to find out more about Gigham, the people and inspiration behind it and the challenges it overcame that lead it to where it is today. Who better to give the inside scoop than George Gally himself.


Q: What was the motivation behind Gigham?

A: Simply put, we wanted to make life better for people. A basic part of people’s lives revolves around entertainment – finding something to do. At the moment digitally, this space is fragmented and the interesting things remain unexposed. Everyone probably knows about the main events going on around them,  but anything more underground or niche is difficult to find. For the people involved in the entertainment industry – artists and promoters – getting the word out has become more and more complex. A typical promoter will print posters and fliers, attempt to rustle up a posse on Facebook send out press releases to mainstream media, engage with blogs, tweet and make a whole lot of other effort to get the word out. We cut out all of this.


SA one of “most improved” in Mobile Network Performance – Study

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In the second annual Cisco Global Cloud Index (2011 – 2016), Cisco forecasts that global data centre traffic will grow four-fold and reach a total of 6.6 zettabytes annually by 2016. The company also foresees that Middle East and Africa will have the highest cloud traffic growth rate at 79 percent Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR); followed by Latin America (66 percent CAGR); and Central and Eastern Europe (55 percent CAGR).

Cisco predicts that global cloud traffic, the fastest growing component of data centre traffic, will grow 6-fold – a 44 percent combined annual growth rate (CAGR) – from 683 exabytes of annual traffic in 2011 to 4.3 zettabytes by 2016. The vast majority of the data centre traffic is not caused by end users but by data centres and cloud-computing workloads used in activities that are virtually invisible to individuals. For the period 2011 – 2016, Cisco forecasts that roughly 76 percent of data centre traffic will stay within the data centre and will be largely generated by storage, production and development data. An additional seven percent of data centre traffic will be generated between data centres primarily driven by data replication and software/system updates. The remaining 17 percent of data centre traffic will be fueled by end users accessing clouds for web surfing, emailing and video streaming.

Key Highlights from the Study for South Africa: (more…)

Cape Town wakes up to content strategy: A review of the CSForum conference

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Bandwidth Blog’s winner of the ticket to the 2012 CSForum, Jo Duxbury provides us with a review of her experience and highlights at the world-class conference that came to Stellenbosch’s Spier Wine Estate from the 25 – 26 October.


Introducing content strategy to South Africa

Answer the ‘So what do you do?’ question with ‘I’m a content strategist’ and you’ll likely encounter blank stares. Although not for long, if Kerry-Anne Gilowey has her way. After attending the first two Content Strategy Forum (CSForum) conferences in Paris and London, Gilowey undertook to bring the event to South Africa. The 150+ content strategists and the content-strategy-curious, who gathered from all over the world in Stellenbosch last week, are glad she did.


Vodacom unveils Summer Promotion deals

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Vodacom has taken the lid off its summer promotion which will provide double value to customers who purchase a variety of products and services including talk time, data, SMS, MMS, Vodacom Millionaires and selected content services. The ‘Double your Summer’ promotion, which is available to Top Up, Contract and Prepaid customers, will run from 01 November to 14 December 2012.

“Our summer promotion is bigger, better and gives even more value to our customers. Now they can double the fun on content services and double their conversations – what a great way to stay connected this summer,” says Enzo Scarcella, Vodacom’s Managing Executive: Brand Marketing & Communications.

Contract customers who purchase SMS, MMS, Data or My Minute month-to-month bundles get double the value of their purchase. (more…)

Infographic: A look at Microsoft’s YouthSpark

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Did you know about Microsoft’s incontestable commitment to education and global youth? If not, then the infographic below might be of interest to you.

The infographic below looks at the where, who and how much of Microsoft’s YouthSpark initiative which aims to empower children all over the world by connecting them with education and employment opportunities.

Microsoft has committed $500 million to the program so let’s find out what it’s all about.

View the infographic after the jump…


EA, Gameloft announce optimized games for all Nexus devices

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The Dark Knight Rises

As we all know, mobile is changing the way people receive and use content and is becoming the dominant force in technology. Even the gaming industry is suffering at the hands of cheap, fun mobile games.

In previous years only one smartphone a year was released by Google with the Nexus moniker. This year has seen that change, with the Nexus 7 tablet and also the newly announced LG Nexus 4 smartphone and the Samsung Nexus 10 tablet, which has a jaw-dropping screen. There are even rumours circulating that 4 or 5 OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) will be able to make a Nexus smartphone in conjunction with Google soon, including HTC, Sony and Motorola.