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Riverbed Technology: Optimising through successive bottlenecks

Published by on Feb 25th, 2013, No Comments

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By Wimpie van Rensburg, Systems Engineer, Riverbed Technology

Is the value of WAN Optimisation needed if you have “enough bandwidth”?  At any given point, communication across a network is bottlenecked by something. It may be bandwidth, but if it’s not, it’ll be by the latency due to application level protocol chattiness, the latency effects on TCP, TCP flow dynamics, or a combination of them.

Suppose you were first bottlenecked by limited bandwidth, you dynamite that curve in the river, and it flows free.  But it’s not only bandwidth that needs to be considered, the latency will slow you down too. You need to break down the other barriers.


Samsung introduces Galaxy Note 8.0

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The fact that another Note was coming has long been known to the public. We just weren’t sure in which form factor it would be. Well, the wait is over as Samsung has unveiled its Galaxy Note 8.0 tablet. With Mobile World Congress getting into full swing this week, we can expect some nifty gadgets from the mobile world, and Samsung decided to somewhat jump the gun with its latest offering.

Samsung’s latest S-Pen entry has an 8-inch 1280 x 800 TFT display, which is somewhat surprising as we were expecting a better quality display. This would hint at the possibility that this tablet won’t have such a high price-point as its larger sibling, the Galaxy Note 10.1, even though the larger variant has the same resolution. Screens have come a long way since then, and this resolution is not really up to par with the latest offerings from competitors.


Discovered Apple patent filing reveals slap bracelet smart watch with flexible display

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Apple Insider has recently discovered a patent application filed by Apple in August 2011 that suggests that amid rumours and speculation, the company is indeed developing a smart watch of some kind, commonly referred to as the iWatch.

The patent filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office describes the details of a wearable accessory device with a flexible display that can be strapped around a person’s wrist or other body part using the mechanism similar to that of a slap bracelet . Remember those?

When active the device can “connect to a portable device, like an iPhone or iPad, via various communications protocols like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to show relevant information in real time.”

However, the device need not be limited to displaying information from a portable device.


Review: Samsung Series 5 Ultra Touch

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The ultrabook category has clearly taken the market by storm – initially started as a standard defined by Intel as an answer to Apple’s Macbook Air, most PC manufacturers were very quick to build their own versions. The idea is simple – very light, subnotebook class machines which cost a little more than a standard machine. Most of these ultrabooks are now on their second generations, so they are better than ever.

But the problem with a standard like “Ultrabook” is that very quick manufacturers need to think of ways to differentiate their own products. A few ingredients are found everywhere – low power Intel processors, speedy solid state storage, and very thin bodies.

So what makes the Series 5 Ultra unique?


The Samsung Series 5 Ultra is built from a mixture of plastic and aluminium paneling, resulting in a very solid feeling notebook. While not as light as the Macbook Air, it definitely feels very solid. Closing the laptop also give a very reassuraing thunk sound. Kind of like the door of a German car.


Infographic: The state of the internet in the U.S.

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The infographic below, created by Zing Broadband showcases how the US is far from the world leader in internet speed and generates the second most traffic on the Internet.

Much of this has to do with the control of high speed access by a few very large companies in the US.

It includes data on both internet speeds and access in the US in comparison to some other leading countries in the world including South Korea, China and The United Kingdom.

Susan Crawford, Harvard Professor and former Special Assistant on Science, Technology, and Innovation Policy for President Obama saw the infographic and impressed by it, tweeted: “Pictures say a thousand words: infographic on US hig-speed internet access.”

Take a look for yourself after the jump:


Latest international speaker confirmed for Content 2013

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Content Conf logo 2013_high res

Content 2013 has announced that they have confirmed content strategist and creator extraordinaire, Relly Annett-Baker as the final speaker in their very impressive line up.

All the way from Brighton in the UK, Relly will bring with her, her vast content experience, knowledge and skill base and in her usual distinctive way will talk about ‘Mystery houses and cliff-top spires: content strategy as keystone’.

“Are you ready for cross-discipline creating? Can you pinpoint your different audience segments? Do you know what resources you can draw on? What about ensuring consistent messaging across multiple teams and development cycles?” asks Relly.


Inside Melbourne Server Hosting, Manchester

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This is the office of Melbourne Server Hosting based in Manchester, UK. According to 360 Spin, it has been providing mission-critical hosting services since 2000, looking after over 3, 000 servers in Manchester and now operate out of what the Telegraph is calling one of the top ten coolest offices in the UK.

With rooms and areas that are designed to look like one’s home -front door, an outdoor patio,  lounge, dining room and study/den –  the almost story book like space lends itself to a relaxed and comforting feel inspiring collaborative work and time to play (see the pink pool table, flat screen TV and Narnia themed room).


Samsung unveils commercial displays at ISE 2013

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Samsung has unveiled its full line-up of innovative digital signage products, including a 95-inch LED display, at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2013, the first of its kind for the commercial display market.

The digital signage is built on the newly developed Samsung Smart Signage Platform powered by a System on Chip (SoC) semiconductor. Software partners now have the opportunity to develop apps optimised for an assortment of service environments with the Samsung SDK.

“These products will see Samsung continue to dominate the global market for LFDs in 2013. Samsung has focused on making the devices even easier to use and allowing people to play content without requiring a separate device,” says Mike van Lier Business Leader for IT Solutions at Samsung South Africa.