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Innovative Startup Companies could win R15million

Published by on Jul 23rd, 2013, No Comments

Million Pound StartupIf you’ve been sitting on an incredible, innovative idea for a startup company, then this should inspire you to finally turn it into a reality.

An operation based in the UK, is offering a startup company a chance to win a whopping £1 million – or R15.05 million.

Not only will the winning company get the large cash prize, but they will also be given a “support package” with the intention of helping the winner grow their business into a £100 million net worth enterprise within the next five years.

The competition, called ‘Million Pound Startup’ is being labelled as the the world’s largest startup competition. The competition officially launched in May of this year and has already, over it’s three month existence, attracted 303 entries.

These entries hail from 123 different cities in 43 different countries.

All entries will be viewed and then, in round two, only 200 will be selected for further assessment. In round two, the 200 applicants will need to provide the partners and investors with further details concerning their company, and then the finalists are decided.The eventual winner of the competition together with Digital Shoreditch, will gain support from prominent businesses and companies in the UK. These include: City University London, The City of London, London and Partners, London First, School for Startups, KPMG, Ketchum, Taylor Wessing and more.


Google buys stake in Himax, the Google Glass chip manufacturer

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An agreement has been made where Google will buy a 6.3 percent interest in Himax Display Inc, a subsidiary of Himax Technologies. Himax is the current supplier of the LCOS (liquid crystal on silicon) chips and modules that are used in Google Glass. Google’s investment in supplier HDI will “fund production upgrades, expand capacity and further enhance production capabilities.” It seems Google is being proactive about potential manufacturer bottlenecking issues that have plagued other companies in the recent past, like the delayed launch of the HTC One. (more…)

Canary – Home Security of the Future?

Published by on Jul 23rd, 2013, 3 Comments


I am pretty sure most people have a special kind of hatred for home alarm systems. The complicated installation, the endless maintenance and the needlessly complicated operation is beyond frustrating. If you think about it, it seems like alarm systems have not really kept up with the pace of innovation we find in other industries.

Luckily one startup is looking at giving the home security industry a shakeup. The Canary is a small sensor loaded device that you simply place in high traffic areas of your house, and then provides you with details regarding your home. Inside the little cylindrical case there is a HD camera, infrared (motion detection), wifi, thermometer, air quality meter, humidity sensor and a microphone. Setup is as simple as giving it power, and creating an account (which is free). This all then connects to your home network using wifi – and then the magic starts.

Canary uses a smartphone app (iPhone currently) to then communicate to you if anything out of the ordinary happens at home. And unlike your ADT alarm at home, the system actually learns the environment and when things typically occur. The canary sends these user patterns to their servers, and keeps track of it all for you.


Suppliers: Apple testing larger iPhone, iPad screens

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According to Apple’s suppliers in Asia, the company is testing larger screen sizes for both the iPad and iPhone, reports The Wall Street Journal.

According to the report, Apple has requested prototypes for an iPhone screen measuring over 4-inches diagonally as well as an iPad screen measuring just under 13-inches diagonally.

While Apple may indeed request such parts, it is unknown if they will ever make it to mass production with many technology companies, including Apple, testing various devices before deciding whether to bring them to market. This could simply be one of those cases.


Moto X revealed, official announcement 1 August

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We finally have some confirmation of the looks of the upcoming Moto X from Motorola, the first device designed with Google at the helm after making the acquisition more than a year ago. The leak comes from notorious leaker @evleaks on Twitter, which has always been accurate when making something available to the public.


Net Prophet 2013: Interview with Stuart Forrest of Triggerfish Animation

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CEO of Triggerfish Animation, Stuart Forrest was interviewed after his presentation at this year’s Net Prophet conference on the topic How doing 7 ordinary things can lead to 1 extraordinary result.

Watch Stuart’s presentation here. 

In the interview, Forrest shares some of his journey through the business known as ‘the Pixar of Africa’ that has finally lead him and his team to local and global success and talks about digital animation in Africa and how aspiring digital animators can break into this growing industry.

Take a look at this and more in the full interview below:


WeChat comes to the Nokia Asha Touch

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Having recently launched in Africa, cross platform mobile messaging app, WeChat is now available on the Nokia Asha Touch range of smartphones.

Brett Loubser, managing director of WeChat Africa says, “Ultimately we want as many people as possible across Africa to experience WeChat, and we understand the success Nokia has had with the Asha range on the continent.”

Nokia’s head of developer engagement, innovation and corporate relations East Africa, Moses Sitati has said that the company is committed to continually enhancing the user experience on Nokia Asha phones, especially through social networking and messaging apps.


Mobile apps: Brand enhancer, business tool or waste of time?

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Not every mobile app is worth building, says Gartner research director Richard Marshall and investing in the wrong app can waste resources and damage brands.

“There is an app frenzy at the moment that’s leading many companies to rush into building apps because they feel they have to be on trend,” says Marshall, who will present several talks and workshops on mobility at the Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa in Cape Town in September. “But if an app is going to succeed, there must be a good reason for it to exist, and for people to download and use it.”

For example, he says, “it might seem like a great idea for an insurance company to release an app that their customers can use after a car accident, to record all the information they need. But nobody ever plans to have an accident – so who’ll download an app to help them manage one?”