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ST4GE Entrepreneurship Showcase to be held on 27 June

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ST4GEFor those interested in entrepreneurship and growing a business, one of the best ways is hearing the stories of those who have done it. Those who have been paid revenue for turning their idea into reality. Many of these people are unknown to most, and one of the places you can hear their stories is ST4GE.

ST4GE showcases entrepreneurs and businesses that have made it to the revenue stage. The first 3 stages are idea, build and sell, whereas a pivotal point is revenue. While taking an idea to revenue doesn’t ensure that a business will break even, success is far more likely.

The event includes 6 entrepreneur presentations of 5 minutes each, with 5 minutes Q&A from investors and mentors who will watch in a Dragon’s Den style type layout. Audiences wlll be entertained by seeing lesser-known companies and often demos.

This month showcases some incredible companies:

Powertime (PayGenius)
Secret Agent

Many of these companies (and their products) have been featured on BWB in the past.

The event takes place at the Bandwidth Barn, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, at 18:00 on June 27th, 2013. Food and drinks will be available. Please buy your tickets soon, as space is limited! Here is the link: http://www.quicket.co.za/events/2134-st4ge-entrepreneur-and-startup-event/.

Paul Berney of MMA brings breakfast briefing sessions to SA

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MMA’s, Paul Berney

Mobile media and audience engagement through mobile phones are revolutionizing the marketing and advertising industry globally and in South Africa. 2013 sees the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) taking strides to continue the growth of mobile marketing through a wide range of initiatives and activities aimed at making mobile indispensable to brands and agencies.

With more than 750 member companies across the world and 65 members active in South Africa spanning all aspects of advertising, mobile and media ecosystem, the MMA manages to combine its global reach with local relevance.

Paul Berney, Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director: EMEA of the Mobile Marketing Association, will be in South Africa on the 26th to 28th of June for the MMA SA’s annual AGM, and two breakfast briefing sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town for senior brand and agency executives.

Paul is a veteran of the mobile industry and was voted the number one speaker on mobile marketing in the world, says Raymond Buckle, Chairman of the MMA South Africa (MMA SA). He will share current global and regional trends in mobile marketing, insights and case studies from leading brands around the world.


Video: Steve Jobs’s “One more thing” moments

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Steve Jobs’s keynotes were often punctuated by many a memorable “One more thing…” moments during which the former Apple CEO,  who appeared to have concluded his speech, would introduce the main product drawing laughter from his expectant audience.

The video below posted by the EverySteveJobs channel on You Tube takes those very moments from various events and brings them together in a complete compilation from 1999 all the way through to 2011, the year of his death.

From the announcement of Apple laptops (no wires!) and the Apple cinema display to his taking up the position of CEO in 2000 and the iPod, Jobs always had just one more thing up his sleeve.


iOS vs Android Apps: Who makes more money?

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For some time now, Android has been on top in terms of daily device activations and market share, but how does that translate into sales of applications on the respective app stores?

We are used to most major developers bringing their apps to iOS first (although there has been a slight shift in recent months), and it was for good reason. Consumer spending on applications in iOS has always been higher. While that is still the case, Google Play seems to be making ground on iOS since last year.


FNB smartphone banking app reaches half a million users

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fnb-appFNB announced that its banking app for smartphones has gained 500, 000 active users since its launch in July 2011.

The App shows some of the highest adoption rates for any new electronic channel, with the platform showing month-on-month improvements.

“This accomplishment is testimony to the increased penetration of Smartphones in South Africa as well as the ever expanding App ecosystem. We are in an era where mobility is a critical component of the consumer’s day-to-day life and consumers are becoming increasingly adept about the benefits that mobile can offer,” says Farren Roper, Head of FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations.

According to Roper the key to the app’s success is its ability to offer customers relevance, quality, value and usefulness. Because an app can be deleted as soon as it’s installed FNB measure adoption by active users rather than downloads.


Skype video messaging launched

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Skype launched its video messaging service across all major platforms on Monday, June 17. It had been in beta for some time (although not available everywhere at the time), with early adopters limited to twenty free messages, except for premium subscriptions which had unlimited free messages.

It is now out of beta and luckily free for all. You can now send video messages to Skype contacts on Windows and Mac as well as mobile operating systems iOS, Android and Blackberry. Curiously, there is no Windows Phone version as of yet, but we are sure it will follow soon.

Check out Engadget’s hands-on first impressions of the beta below:


Humble Bundle 6 available: Great games for charity

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The Humble Bundle is back with its sixth sale instalment. For those that don’t know, the Humble Bundle is an initiative for developers and gamers to give back and support a charitable cause. The developers make their games available to the bundle for a limited time and customers pay whatever they can or want to and receive a package of 5 games. If you opt to pay more than the average amount, you get another two games in this bundle. At the time of writing, the average donation was $4.67, which is chump change for 7 games. Check out the games in their promo video below:

SA venture capital firm Silvertree invests in Nigerian e-commerce

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Cape Town based Silvertree Capital that focuses on building businesses across Africa has announced that it has invested in two of Nigeria’s largest e-commerce sites namely Sunglasses.com.ng and Glamour.com.ng.

While Sunglasses.com.ng offers customers genuine, high-fashion eyewear and contact lenses,  Glamour.com.ng secures one of the top positions in online retail for cosmetics and fragrances.

According to Silvertree, both companies offer “a broad range of top consumer brands to the burgeoning online shopping market.” In addition each site offers free delivery on purchases throughout Nigeria.