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HelloComputer acquired by DraftFCB

Published by on Jul 5th, 2012, No Comments

There goes one of the last big independent agencies. We have just learned that HelloComputer has been acquired by DraftFCB.

In a recent post, MarkLives blog has revealed that DraftFCB has acquired the award winning digital agency HelloComputer. In an interview with HelloComputer MD David Moffatt, the post explains that the agency, who has previously been approached by an number of advertising networks, chose DraftFCB as a corporate parent primarily for its creative track record, business culture and client list that includes Vodacom, that both companies shared.

Its investment in its own digital agency Mesh Interactive demonstrates the company’s value for all things digital which also appealed greatly to HelloComputer.

The new acquisition will enable HelloComputer to provide its client base with a broader technology offering while still retaining its existing company identity and culture.

MD, David Moffatt announced in a tweet today:

More details to follow.

Google I/O: A roundup of what we saw

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Last week Google I/O, the annual developer conference hosted by the search giant, came with a storm of new products and technical titbits. We have had some time to digest the Google goodness, and we will go into more detail after we take a step back and look at all that Google brought to the table.

A lot of excitement fluttered about with anticipation of the Nexus tablet launch. Also, some questions were bound to be raised over Google’s ability to counter the threats from Apple, with iOS 6, and more recently Microsoft, with the Surface. As expected, many of the announcements we saw during the week were in response to these threats and to close the gap to Apple in certain areas of the mobile market.


Upcoming Heavy Chef event with Don Packett

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Don Packett is an entrepreneur, raconteur, stand-up comedian and co-founder of business consultancy 21Tanks. Don’s speciality is providing perspective and he’s set to provide a healthy dose of it at the next Heavy Chef event on 18 July 2012 in Johannesburg.

Don will discuss how society’s rapid adoption and fostering of technology is killing incremental progress. Although new inventions, gadgets and apps are said to make our lives increasingly easier, Packett examines if this is really the case, and why some people are taking a step back from technology.

21Tanks boasts great success in executing ideas through various perspectives and encouraging clients to ‘do’ when looking for solutions to a problem. Their motto describes their clear vision – “Ideas are not something you have, Ideas are something you do.”The 21Tanks portfolio speaks for itself when it comes to big brand names. They have found solutions for names like Nokia, FNB, Investec, MultiChoice, Vespa and Media24.

Don Packett’s professional approach to business, entwined with his love for comedy, makes for the balance. Don has recently also launched his book ‘Do Ideas’ featuring articles from some of South Africa’s top entrepreneurs. You won’t want to miss Don’s views on the fast-paced world of technology.


Large Hadron Collider detects Higgs Boson particle

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Since the idea from the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, came about to build the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) with a price tag of $10bn, questions were raised about its validity in the scientific community to contribute enough knowledge that would justify the large investment. It uses immense amounts of energy to fling particles in opposite directions around a tunnel, 27 kilometres in circumference, to collide at the rate of about 3 metres per second slower than the speed of light.

One of the primary missions of the LHC since its completion in 2008 has been to discover the existence of the Higgs boson. It is thought to hold the key to understanding the fundamental workings of the universe (something we think we understand better than we actually do), or at least, one of the most important pieces to the yet unsolved puzzle. It’s the last undiscovered piece of the widely accepted theory of particle physics, the Standard Model. Nicknamed the “God particle”, the Higgs would explain a rudimentary universal question yet to be answered: Where does mass come from? Or simply, why do things have mass?


BlackBerry 9320 now available in SA

Published by on Jul 4th, 2012, 1 Comment

Research In Motion today announced a stylish new smartphone for socially-connected customers in South Africa. The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 features all the BlackBerry messaging and social features that make it easier to connect and share with everyone around you. The BlackBerry Curve 9320 also offers 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as longer battery life to help customers make the most of their day.

“The BlackBerry Curve 9320 is a truly social smartphone and is a great addition to the BlackBerry Curve series, which has propelled BlackBerry to being voted the ‘Coolest Brand Overall’ by South Africa’s youth in the recent Sunday Times Generation Next Brand Survey Awards,” said Rui Brites, Director Product Management for RIM in South Africa. “This new BlackBerry Curve model is designed to make it incredibly easy for customers to be socially-connected and we expect it will be especially popular with young people.”

The new BlackBerry Curve 9320 smartphone has everything a customer needs to stay connected to the people and things that matter most to them. It features the best keyboard in its class for quick and easy typing, and it even includes a new, dedicated BBM key.


Play the Lotto on your mobile phone with Vodacom

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Vodacom has today announced that customers no longer need to go to a National Lottery outlet or stand in long queues to buy their lottery tickets.

Customers can now play the National Lottery online, via their mobile phones and desktops. This service, which is launched in partnership with Gidani, the National Lottery’s Operator and Lidonga Technology and Telecoms, is also available to customers who are on other networks.

This service aims to provide absolute convenience as customers can now play at any time and any place. Winners are notified via SMS and funds are automatically credited to their electronic wallet.


Apple plans to launch new iPad mini this year

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According to various reports, Apple is planning to launch a mini iPad later this year, in time for the year end holiday season.

Rumours about the launch of a new smaller iPad have been circulating for quite some time and it seems that confirmation of the launch of the new device as well as details of its specs are coming in from various sources close to the project, with the most recent of which coming from website MyDrivers.com.

According to the Chinese language site, the new mini iPad will feature a 7.85 inch IGZO display made by Sharp, rather than the most recent iPad’s Retina display. The  indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) technology is used to create a display that is thinner and higher in contrast.

The new tablet is expected to be priced at around $250 with a higher end device priced at $300 also to become available.

Is the iPhone 5 launching early, in August?

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The newest Apple device might be around sooner than previously thought. Breaking its trends the last couple of years, Apple may plan to launch the new iPhone outside its usual launch window. Previously thought to launch in September or October, sources now claim that the device will be available from the end of August.