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Amazon battles to secure .Amazon domain

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According to The Wall Street Journal, e-commerce giant Amazon is battling to claim the .Amazon domain for itself.

According to filings that the company made with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), that is holding a conference in Durban this week, it wanted to own the domain name to offer customers “a unique and dedicated platform for Amazon” and “support the business goals of Amazon”.

Having just completed the application process at the end of last year, Amazon is just one of hundreds, if not thousands, of companies that ICANN will have to sort through and rule upon for various new generic top level domain name requests.


Net Prophet 2013: Andre de Wet on Entrepreneurial Observations

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Andre de Wet, General Manager of PriceCheck, that won the 2013 International BlackBerry App of the Year award, joined the 2013 Net Prophet lineup and spoke on the topic Why it takes 15 years to become an overnight success and other entrepreneurial observations.

During his presentation, de Wet talks about that which lies within all entrepreneurs that pulses inside of them and wakes them up in the middle of the night in the form of a new idea and what has to be done to make that concept, a reality.

He also shares his own journey from med student to entrepreneur.

Watch the full presentation below:


The Golf Cart Hovercraft

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Meet the Golf Cart Hovercraft, an innovative golf cart that lets you glide above the green, sand traps and water obstructions for a smooth and relaxing day on the course.

This golf cart, that meets United States Coast Guard standards, features a 65 horsepower two-cylinder engine with a nine-blade fan that keeps it 9-inches off the ground. Travelling at up to 45mph (about 72km/h), the golf cart can fit up to four passengers underneath its lift-up roof and two golf bags in the rear compartment.

With it fly-by-wire reverse thrust system, this is the only hovercraft in the world that can brake and reverse at a speed of up to 25 mph (about 40km/h).

Price: $58, 000 – about R574, 200 at the current exchange rate.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer via Uncrate

HTC One Mini official specs (finally!)

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With the on-going trend of smartphones becoming ever larger, some actions had to be taken as not everyone wants a massive slab as a smartphone – even as much as some manufacturers want to believe that. More and more smartphone makers are releasing smaller versions of their flagship devices, to accommodate people with a need for smaller screens as well as a lower price.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini did quite well, and now most Android devices seem to be following suite. HTC has released their smaller version of the flagship HTC One, called the HTC One Mini. We still believe the HTC One is the best Android phone on market today – and the best looking – so we are really looking forward to getting our hands on the smaller sibling.

HTC One Mini specs: (more…)

88mph partners with Samsung to benefit startups

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88mph and Samsung Electronics Africa have entered into a partnership to provide 3 lucky startups with a possible placement on the Built For Africa App store, and the potential to be pre-loaded on millions of smartphones across Africa. Samsung will also add marketing muscle to each startup to build and drive consumer awareness.

“88mph is extremely excited about partnering with a company like Samsung, and being a filter for sourcing great products to their platform,” says Kresten Buch, Founder & MD of 88mph. “As an early-stage investor, it’s important to create an infrastructure around the startups that can increase their chances of making it big. Teaming up with great companies is part of our goal to add substantial value to startups beyond investment.”


Don’t break your iMac’s screen

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Whether you choose to invert the display colours on a computer, swap wireless keyboards around or set Hurr Durr as the homepage on your colleague’s browser [we take no responsibility if you choose to follow this link], office pranks are part and parcel at an advertising agency. There’s something satisfying about devoting your creative focus on figuratively destroying colleagues spirits. It’s not always easy to pull off because the best pranks strike a balance between novelty, thoughtfulness and complete inconvenience.

I prefer pranks that play themselves out organically, when the victim is completely blindsided by a sequence of events and come to a realization that they’ve been had. It’s times like these when the victim themselves can’t help but laugh at the situation. That is precisely what happened to me, only I ended up pranking myself!


BWB TV: Kaspersky Lab UK (video)

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Bandwidth Blog was invited to attend the Kaspersky Lab in London, England in June 2013. We were fortunate enough to listen to some innovative individuals, tackling the problem of cyber security. It is a problem that can affect anyone connected to the internet in any way. Luckily there are individuals that are forming the front line in an ever larger battle.

Take a look at our experience at the conference below:


Video: Google grants access to new Maps preview

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The new Google Maps on the web will be rolling out soon, and it is giving customers the opportunity to give it a go before the official release. I gave it a try and it is quite simple. When you are logged into your Google account, simply go to Maps where you will find a button saying: “Try the New Google Maps.” It will then redirect you to a new site where you can test it for yourself.

So far, everything is working brilliantly and the new interface is a lot cleaner and simpler. It is a joy to use, and will work better for most people. Here are some screenshots of my experience below, but also be sure to check out the demo video.