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Transparent smartphones to be science fact?

Published by on Feb 19th, 2013, 3 Comments

All science fiction lovers will recognise this type of device, as it has popped up in many of Hollywood’s biggest films. I remember watching Minority Report more than a decade ago and thinking: “Damn, that would be so cool.” Transparent screens and phones might seem to be a pipe dream to us, but apparently they aren’t too far off.

This dream is being revived by Taiwan-based Polytron Technologies. They have already started marketing to OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), showing prototypes of a transparent multi-touch display. The key technological component is Polytron’s so-called Switchable Glass. It is a conductive OLED that uses liquid crystal molecules to display the images.


Prototyping Conference 2013, George (updated)

Published by on Feb 18th, 2013, No Comments

Update: Due to feedback received, the organisers of Protocon 2013 have decided that the event will now run over a period of two days.

The Conference part of the event will now run on Thursday 14th March and Friday 15th March. The Exhibit, will still start one day earlier on the 13th, although exhibitors may run their exhibits from Tuesday through to Saturday.

Introducing ProtoCon 2013, the Prototyping Conference is about turning ideas into reality quickly.

Protocon aims to bring all the parties in the production life cycle together in an enabling environment that stimulates networking and interaction between businesses through a series of themed sessions.

Who’s it for?

Entrepreneurs and Corporates:
Meet and connect with developers
Gain access to investors
Promote your products and services
Learn how to grow your business
Think like a startup

Investors and Venture Capitalists:
Source new talent
Promote your business
Connect with businesses and developers


Apple’s suppliers shown on interactive map

Published by on Feb 18th, 2013, No Comments

ChinaFile’s David M. Barreda compiled an interactive map from the Apple, Inc. updated “Suppliers List 2013,” released last month. The list reports the major manufacturing locations of suppliers who provide raw materials and components or perform final assembly for the company.

The recently published report is the seventh annual supplier responsibility report  put together by Apple but only the second to provide detailed addresses of its suppliers globally, the majority of which are in Asia. No surprise there.

Apple lists 748 suppliers with 600 of them operating in Asia. Other suppliers include those based in Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.

You can view the interactive map here. 

Could the mythical tricorder become a reality with X Prize?

Published by on Feb 18th, 2013, No Comments

In the late 1960′s, Star Trek featured a fictional medical device, the Tricorder, a handheld device used for sensor scanning  and data analysis to diagnose a multitude of ailments non-invasively.

Now according to a post published by Wired Magazine’s Jesse Sunenblick, a $10 million X Prize is fuelling a race to make the Tricorder a reality that could possibly change health care in the future.

One of the contenders is Scanadu SCOUT, a device that monitors vital health signs such as heart rate and blood pressure, developed by Belgian digital entrepreneur Walter De Brouwer.


Samsung launches Rex line of handsets for emerging markets

Published by on Feb 18th, 2013, 1 Comment

Samsung has launched a new line of handsets called Rex that aims to compete with Nokia’s Asha range of touch screen phones specifically developed for emerging markets.

Described as “smart feature phones” the line includes four handsets namely the Rex 90, Rex 80, Rex 70 and Rex 60. All four devices run on a Java-based OS and feature Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface and are available as either dual or single SIM devices.  Pre-installed Web browsers include Opera Mini and Access NF. Each phone also comes installed with messaging app ChatOn. 


Sony PS Vita price cut by 20%

Published by on Feb 18th, 2013, No Comments

Sony has announced that the PS Vita will now be selling at a discounted price in Japan. From the 28th of February it will sell for 19,980 yen, both the Wi-Fi and 3G models. That means that the Wi-Fi model is cut by a fifth, and the 3G model loses a third of its price tag.

The Sony handheld has not been a huge success in terms of outright profit, even with sales numbers relatively high. The investment into research and development has not yet yielded great dividends for investors, which leaves many worried about the longevity of the “AAA” gaming industry. This, of course, refers to the big budget games and studios, spending millions of dollars on the development of a single game. The world of mobile gaming on smartphones and tablets has slowly but surely eroded the money spent on expensive titles.


Apple airs new iPad and iPad Mini adverts

Published by on Feb 18th, 2013, No Comments

Apple has over the weekend aired two new advertisements for the both the iPad and iPad Mini to showcase the iPad’s over 300,000 creative, learning, gaming and musical apps with which multiple users can engage and collaborate.

The first of the adverts is ‘Alive’, followed by ‘Together’.


Tamagotchi toy craze returns as an Android App

Published by on Feb 15th, 2013, No Comments

Rememeber Tamagotchi? Well I do and I had one. Before the arrival of my first cell phone, in the 90′s my Tamgotchi not only served as my daily entertainment but also my obsession. If you don’t know what a Tamagotchi is or need some reminding, this is how it worked.

Released in 1996 by Namco Bandai in Japan, Tamagotchi was a virtual pet that came as a small egg-shaped keychain toy with just three small buttons for navigation. The buttons were used to take care of Tamagotchi – feeding, playing and disciplining it. If you neglected it, it died.