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Cape Town office park installs largest solar PV system in Southern Africa

Published by on Jun 28th, 2013, 2 Comments


The largest roof-mounted solar photovoltaic system in Southern Africa is in the process of being installed at the Black River Office Park in Observatory, Cape Town.

Phase one of the installation, is currently being completed and by the time the second phase is installed by the end of this year, it will be the largest of its kind in Southern Africa in addition to being one of the most technologically advanced systems in the world.

Installed by SOLA Future Energy, a division of Aurora Power Solutions,  it has been constructed using state-of-the art multi-crystalline silicon solar PV modules and comes with a guaranteed energy output.

Once all panels have been installed, the entire system will cover an area of 8 000 square meters – larger than the size of a rugby field and generate around 1.9 million kilowatt hours per year, enough energy to power 1000 average sized houses.

The office park supports 5 500 offices workers over a 76 000 m2 area and the scale of the solar panel system will generate enough for tenants to significantly power their operations through green energy.

Commenting on the installation, developer and co-shareholder of Black River Park, Joubert Rabie, explained that the installation of the solar PV system had been planned for some time.


Infographic: The Tech Tools of SA Startups

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Interested in seeing what tools SA’s tech startups use? Silicon Cape did a pretty great survey which gives us some insights into the industry. The survey focusses on programming languages, devices used etc. But it also tells us a bit about their banking preferences – it is clear that FNB’s innovative edge seems to grab the attention of techies everywhere.

Check it out:  (more…)

Report: Google developing Android gaming console

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will be developing an Android gaming console and wristwatch in order to expand its Android powered device offering beyond tablets and smartphones.

Last year, Google unveiled the Nexus Q, a web-connected media console that never sold to the public. Now, it appears the upcoming console would be a second version of the Nexus Q.

The report also reveals that the company is aiming to release at least one of the devices this year that it plans to design and market itself.


Facebook Privacy Breach Exposes 6 Million Users

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Facebook hack exposes contact Information of 6 Million Users

Facebook has disclosed some important information that could cause a massive uproar from the site’s 1.1 billion users.

In a unfortunate turn of events, Facebook has unintentionally exposed the phone numbers and email addresses of over 6 million users to unauthorized viewers.

Being the largest social networking site in the world, Facebook was effectively left with a great deal of egg on their face.

These data leaks began in 2012 and the company is blaming the breach on a technical glitch in it’s mammoth archive of contact information.

The glitch caused Facebook users to inadvertently download other people’s contact information when they were merely downloading the contact information of the people on their friends list.

Although the data breach has been going on since 2012, Facebook’s security team was only alerted about the glitch last week. Needless to say, the team immediately jumped to work, and the glitch was no more within 24 hours.


FNB Online ranked top for Internet Banking once again

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Home   First National Bank   FNB

FNB’s online banking platform has been ranked number one in the 13th edition of the PwC survey on banking in South Africa 2013.

This follows on the previous PwC survey in 2011, where FNB was also awarded first place.

“The banking industry is dynamic and has evolved significantly since our last survey in 2011 as banking chief executives have adapted their strategies in response to regulatory changes and global economic pressures,” says Johannes Grosskop, Banking and Capital Markets Leader at PwC South Africa.


Twitter acquires Spindle to improve local recommendations

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A couple of month ago we saw reports that Twitter wanted to experiment with different ways to introduce tweets in your local area to your timeline. Reportedly it would surface nearby tweets, wither in your Discovery tab or main timeline to make Twitter feel more personalized and show relative content.

None of those features have come to the fore yet, but now we learn that Twitter made the step into local discovery by acquiring Spindle. This app for iPhone alerts you of nearby events and deals based on your current location. Since being sold to Twitter, Spindle has been removed from the App Store.

Spindle informed their followers in a blog post and said: (more…)

Inside (and outside) Horizon Media’s office expansion

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horizon media

The largest independent media services company in the U.S., Horizon Media has recently expanded its New York office to include a large terrace area for its staff.

The terrace, that provides additional space for staff to work, relax and collaborate, was designed by a+i architecture, the firm behind the creation of the rest of the company’s space which you can see here. 

Like the other areas, the terrace is open plan, contemporary and unique with plenty of natural light and character. Even at night, it’ s an ideal place to take a breather and enjoy night-time views of the city.


Is fingerprint technology coming to next-gen Apple devices?

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apple-patent application

According to a patent obtained by Apple and released on Thursday, the company could be heading towards incorporating fingerprint technology into its next generation devices.

The latest scanner design by Apple could be built into the bezel of any Apple product and would read the phone owner’s fingerprint when swiping to unlock. This would provide extra security and ensure that no one else has access to your precious iPhone and all the personal information it may contain. Not to mention, preventing the unauthorised use of data and airtime.

This isn’t entirely surprising news as rumours have been buzzing since last year when Apple bought AuthenTec for $356 million, a company that develops new fingerprint technologies.