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Get it together Cell C

Published by on May 29th, 2013, 12 Comments


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I recently moved house, and upon moving in I realized that Vodacom has almost no signal in my area. So, after having a Vodacom contract for more than a decade, it was time to move to another network. So I jumped at the chance to finally move to Cell C. On Saturday I went to the Cell C store in Tygervalley center to get a Nano SIM for my phone, which I would need before I port. The sales lady informs me that a Cell C Starter Pack with a Nano SIM will cost me R150. Upon enquiring why, she tells me it is a “very expensive” SIM card to manufacture (which I happen to know is BS).

I then walked over to Game (just a few stores away), and bought the very same Nano SIM Card Starter Pack for the royal sum of R1 and the Game employee tells me that she is well aware of the “skelms” at the Cell C store. So I buy it, and walk back to Cell C to ask the store manager if they are aware of this. She tells me yes, but they cannot do anything about it. Apparently other stores (like Game) buy their SIM cards from “Cell C Direct”, and the Cell C franchise stores get their SIM cards from Cell C.

First off, I know my issue is all about the (some might argue) measly sum of R149, but it is things like this that affect your brand’s reputation. Right now Cell C is punting itself as the most innovative network with their customer’s interests at heart. I must agree, their current offerings like Supacharge prepaid make it very hard to ignore, and I believe their smartphone deal packages are much better structured than any other network.

But here is the thing. (more…)

Nokia no longer leader in domestic market

Published by on May 29th, 2013, 2 Comments


We have been aware of Nokia’s troubles for some years now, but luckily they have started a turnaround in recent months. Their devices are starting to sell again, which we are happy to see. Unfortunately, it is not selling nearly as well as their competitors’ devices. Now comes more bad news. Nokia’s last remaining stronghold was their home market of Finland, where they still had the majority share at the end of last year.

Samsung wins 4 TIPA Awards for Imaging Products

Published by on May 29th, 2013, 2 Comments


Samsung has won four 2013 Technical Image Press Association Awards in the ‘Best CSC Advanced’, ‘Best Mobile Imaging Device’, ‘Best Imaging Innovation’ and ‘Best Photo TV’ categories.

For the first time, Samsung’s Digital Imaging devices won three 2013 TIPA Awards. The Samsung NX300 Smart Camera won Best CSC Advanced, making it the best advanced compact system camera (CSC) on the market.

The NX300’s brand new 20.3 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor allows users to take images that boast sharp, life-like colours which are crisp and clear in all light conditions. Taking images even in the darkest conditions is also made possible by the NX300’s wide ISO range (ISO100-25600), while its Hybrid Auto Focus (AF) system delivers fast, accurate phase and contrast detection. With its Wi-Fi capability the camera also allows users to share their images. All of these features contributed to the decision of the TIPA judges to award this camera ‘Best CSC Advanced’. 

The Samsung GALAXY Camera won Best Mobile Imaging Device (more…)

TaxTim number 1 on Google SA search results

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Virtual tax assistant TaxTim has recently celebrated coming in at number 1 on Google SA search results when typing in “SARS tax calculator”.

Of the achievment, TaxTim founder Evan Robinson says that while it wasn’t a direct goal of the company’s they are very pleased. “We try to always provide the best possible services and most relevant content regarding tax,” says Robinson, “but I guess the result is the same if people like what you are doing.

In addition TaxTim is also on a Google PageRank of 4/10 (SARS eFiling is 5/10) and is the number one result for the search “how to use efiling” too – above SARS own resources.


Often I really hate Twitter

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I often think to myself: “what did I do before Twitter when I’m bored?”

The truth is, the 140 characters of time wasting are great to keep you busy and entertained however I can’t help but find complete disdain for the sins performed on Twitter. I will now demonstrate these sins with my own examples:

  • Sin 1: “My life is so f*&king awesome:

This was me posting a picture of spending a Friday in a small plane. Why… I want to look awesome.

  • Sin 2: “Here’s an article I think will make me look smart”: (more…)

YouTube adds slow motion to videos

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YouTube has announced that users can now add slow motion to their videos which the video sharing website says “makes everything better”.

Slow motion can now be applied to existing videos by visiting the Enhancements Tool (that offers other automated editing options) or theYouTube Editor. YouTube says, “You’ll get a smooth, slomo video that makes it look like it was filmed with a high-speed camera.

Watch the video below to see how the new slow motion feature will look:


D11 opening interview with CEO Tim Cook

Published by on May 29th, 2013, 13 Comments


Apple CEO Tim Cook was the opening speaker at the D11 conference that kicked off on Tuesday.

At D11, Cook sat down with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher to answer questions about  the tech Apple has in the works, the declining stock price, its competitors, acquisitions, Apple TV and the on-going Apple/Samsung patent wars.

Apple recently made headlines when the company faced The US Senate (watch it here) about its very clever but questionable tax strategy, also addressed in the interview on stage.

Mossberg and Swisher dive right in  - overall, if Apple is in trouble, Cook says “absolutely not” noting Apple’s astounding sales figures including 85 million iPhones sold last quarter and customer satisfaction numbers being “off the charts”.


Google Maps brings biking directions to new European countries

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dublin_biking_screen (1)

For countries populated by hundreds of commuters on bicycles rather than in cars or those that enjoy cycling in their spare time, Google has added turn-by-turn navigation for bike riders, that is also voice enabled, to six new European countries.

The service, announced on Google’s European blog  is now available in Germany, France, Poland, Ireland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Google Maps biking directions has been available in the U.S. and Canada since 2010.

Google says that data has been provided by users through MapMaker and through the partnership with relevant organisations, in some countries, to ensure that the correct trail and recommended route information is provided and up-to-date.