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Report details Apple’s tax avoidance strategies

Published by on May 23rd, 2013, 2 Comments

Apple CEO Tim Cook faces the US Senate

Apple CEO Tim Cook faces the US Senate

Apple CEO, Tim Cook recently testified at a senate hearing about the company’s tax avoidance practices during which he and other experts were questioned about tax “gimmickry”.

A report about this matter has been published that details Apple’s clever strategies in avoiding paying tax. According to Business Insider, the report published by the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations shows how Apple “uses a variety of offshore structures and arrangements to shift billions of dollars from the United States to Ireland” using its primary offshore holding company Apple Operations International (AOI).

A key quote from the report explains why AOI exists:


Microsoft uses Siri to attack iPad in new Windows 8 advert

Published by on May 23rd, 2013, 1 Comment


In a new advertisement released for Windows 8,  titled Windows 8: Less talking, more doing, Microsoft is taking a fresh dig at the Apple iPad’s OS and pricing using its very own Siri.

In the advert, Siri acknowledges it’s inability to complete various tasks while the the Microsoft ASUS VivoTab Smart tablet with Windows 8, does so with ease using Powerpoint and side-by-side apps with Live Tiles.

Surrendering to Windows 8, Siri suggests playing chopsticks, in a parody of the iPad Mini Piano advertisement released in November 2012,


The Scanadu Scout medical tricorder is here

Published by on May 23rd, 2013, 2 Comments


In February, we reported that a $10 million X Prize was fueling a race to make the Tricorder, a fictional medical device featured on Star Trek,  a reality. The Tricorder is a handheld device used for sensor scanning  and data analysis to diagnose various ailments.

One of the contenders for this prize is the Scout, developed by Belgian digital entrepreneur Walter De Brouwer, the CEO of Scanadu. Scanadu, based at NASA’s Ames Research Center in California,  makes medical technology devices for consumers.

However, the Scout was not originally intended for consumers but rather to provide a way for astronauts to monitor their health on the International Space Station and is built on Micrium, the same real-time operation system for SAM (Sample Analysis at Mars) on the Mars Curiosity rover.


BWB TV: 2013 Sony Conference, Cape Town

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We were recently invited to the Sony Conference at the V&A Waterfront. After enjoying a healthy lunch, we were divided into colour-coded groups and taken to different areas displaying different consumer technologies. Everything from waterproof MP3 players, DJ systems and super TV’s were displayed this year.

Sony works hard at being the trendsetter in various fields of technology and I certainly enjoyed some of the  innovations and features added to the already popular product line. As a filmmaker, I naturally lingered longer at the camera section and look forward to getting my hands on a few new Sony cameras for review.

You’ll possibly notice the excitement expressed through my camera work in the video below.

Check it out!


String of HTC staff resign in quick succession

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According to The Verge there appears to be some unrest in the HTC camp.

The company’s vice president of global communications, Jason Gordon has recently called it quits, revealing the news on Twitter. Gordon is accompanied by chief product officer Kouji Kodera, who reportedly resigned last week.

Other staff to depart include global retail marketing manager Rebecca Rowland, director of digital marketing John Starkweather, and product strategy manager Eric Lin.

Employees have reportedly moved on to companies Microsoft and AT&T.


IMC Conference announces final speaker, workshop topics

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In less than 3 weeks, the country’s top media and marketing minds will be making a big impact at this year’s highly-anticipated Integrated Marketing Communication Conference taking place on the 10th & 11th of June at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

With all topics finalized, delegates will now have a small taste of what to expect at this marketing conference.

Keynote Speakers and topics include:

  • Abey Mokgwatsane (Ogilvy & Mather South Africa) – “Data and Creative at War: how technology and the changing market landscape have created a new battlefield.”
  • Sizakele Marutlulle (ABSA Group) – “Expect the unexpected: Building a brand amongst brand builders” (more…)

FNB CEO Michael Jordaan tweets resignation

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First National Bank’s (FNB) CEO Michael Jordaan has announced his resignation on Twitter.

Jordaan’s tweet reads:


Over the last few years, Jordaan has been at the helm of FNB’s digital marketing strategy that uses technology to differentiate it from other SA banks to make a smarter, easier and more efficient banking experience for customers.


Square Stand: The register reinvented

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Square, the developers of Square Register, a  free point of sale app has introduced the Square Stand that lets business owners easily take payments directly from an iPad 2 or 3 (30-pin connector). Once the iPad and Square Stand are connected, its overall sleek and minimal appearance looks nothing like the typical cash registers that we have come to know.

The Square Stand tilts for different viewing angles and can rotate 180 degrees so customers can easily sign for purchase. The integrated credit card swiper keeps credit card information secure after swiping.