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Why is internet so slow in South Africa?

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by Tim Wyatt-Gunning, CEO Web Africa

When we fall asleep, I am told that we go through a few phases, one of which is curiously named after an aging American rock band. I’ve never quite come to terms with the whole REM thing because just conceptualising any rapid movement going on beneath my eyelids when I’m trying to sleep freaks me out.

All of which leads me to an admission of my concentration problems while listening to technical wizards painfully complicating our already over-complicated lives with their confident use of vocabulary which they must have made up.

It’s my waking version of REM – the curtains are drawn but the lights are on as I scrabble 27 other possible more exciting meanings for their latest acronym.


Want the iOS7 look on your Android?

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One of the great advantages of Android is that it is extremely customizable. There are many different launchers, themes, skins, ROMs etc. that the Android army can deploy on their smartphones. There is a flavour for everyone. There are some truly creative people out there, as is evident once you browse around MyColorScreen.

Even though iOS 7 won’t be available to Apple users until sometime in September/October, the look has already been ported and skinned for Android. An illegitimate lovechild of iOS7 and Android Jelly Bean has surfaced, created by an XDA developer, shmogt. He designed many of the icons himself, using Nova Launcher as a base. The theme is called jbOS7, and has caused quite a stir among the “modding” community. (more…)

The Business of iOS7

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Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 11.23.49 AM


October 2012, Apple reaches it’s highest price of over $700 a share. Today, it’s currently hovering around $430.

Two weeks ago we saw the announcement of iOS 7. Reactions are mixed, some people love the new look and others think it’s a candy coloured mix of chaos. My favourite commentary on iOS 7 has to be the Matt Gemmell post where he puts the iOS 6 and iOS 7 next to each other for this image:


The two weeks I’ve had with the operating system have left me extremely confused. It’s pretty but ironically very cluttered and since it’s still a beta the OS is very buggy as is expected. iOS 7 feels like someone smashed iOS 6, Android and Windows Phone 8 together in a blender and the resultant flurry is iOS 7. I’m not mad over it and those who are comfortable with iOS 6 (read between the lines: old people) are going to hate it for being quite different visually. (more…)

Ex-HTC execs form smartphone startup Kazam

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The last couple of years have been difficult for HTC. We weren’t surprised to hear back in March of the exodus of HTC executives that started to jump ship. In their eyes, the ship was beyond rescue (although we tend to disagree). Several key executives left as the company struggled with its turnaround.

Two of these former executives can’t leave the smartphone industry behind and are forming a startup called Kazam. This smartphone company will focus on the European market and they are promising smartphones that are “about great design, robust hardware, improved customer service and also intuitive technology.” James Atkins (former marketing head for HTC U.K.) and Michael Coombes (former head of U.K sales for HTC) are the minds behind the new company. (more…)

Microsoft Backtracks on Xbox One Licensing Policies

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Boy is this good news for gamers. The Xbox One was officially unveiled recently – and despite brilliant features and excellent hardware, the device got hammered in the media for two reasons.

First off, the Xbox One needed a daily check-in through the internet to ensure you are licensed for the games you are playing. This means that if your internet was down that day you simply could not play any games. Ridiculous.

Secondly, Microsoft wanted to control licensing of games through digital rights management. This meant that you could not simply go and buy a second hand game from a store like BT Games. You had to have the “license” transferred to your console, just like say, a piece of software. Once again, no internet, no go.

The backlash was so big that many Xbox fans simply stated they would switch to Playstation 4 due to these policies (and who could blame them?).

Sony was very quick to point out their upcoming PS4 will not force publishers to use the license transfer system, and gamers could simply go ahead and swap and buy second hand games as always. Needless to say, the sentiment of the Xbox One quickly fell out of favour with the general public. (See our comparison of Xbox One vs PS4 here)

So here is the the good news: Microsoft has stepped back from these ridiculous policies. Microsoft’s president of interactive entertainment made a lengthy blog post about this very issue, and had the following to say: (more…)

BWB showcases two impressive waterproof devices on Dagbreek

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You always hear stories of friends who have dropped their phone or tablet in the swimming pool, bathtub or worst of all, the loo. One of the biggest enemies of an electronic device is of course water.

As some companies seem to run out of ideas on what to put inside their devices (hardware or software), the focus starts shifting to the physical frame of electronics. Here we’ve seen a big step forward in making high-end devices dust proof and more importantly, waterproof!

In this week’s insert on Dagbreek, Jacobus Kriel showcases two impressive products: the Olympus TG-2 camera and the new Sony Xperia Z tablet. Both of these devices are waterproof and enjoy a refreshing dip in a wintery swimming pool in Cape Town.


ST4GE Entrepreneurship Showcase to be held on 27 June

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ST4GEFor those interested in entrepreneurship and growing a business, one of the best ways is hearing the stories of those who have done it. Those who have been paid revenue for turning their idea into reality. Many of these people are unknown to most, and one of the places you can hear their stories is ST4GE.

ST4GE showcases entrepreneurs and businesses that have made it to the revenue stage. The first 3 stages are idea, build and sell, whereas a pivotal point is revenue. While taking an idea to revenue doesn’t ensure that a business will break even, success is far more likely.

The event includes 6 entrepreneur presentations of 5 minutes each, with 5 minutes Q&A from investors and mentors who will watch in a Dragon’s Den style type layout. Audiences wlll be entertained by seeing lesser-known companies and often demos.

This month showcases some incredible companies:

Powertime (PayGenius)
Secret Agent

Many of these companies (and their products) have been featured on BWB in the past.

The event takes place at the Bandwidth Barn, 66 Albert Road, Woodstock, at 18:00 on June 27th, 2013. Food and drinks will be available. Please buy your tickets soon, as space is limited! Here is the link: http://www.quicket.co.za/events/2134-st4ge-entrepreneur-and-startup-event/.

Paul Berney of MMA brings breakfast briefing sessions to SA

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MMA’s, Paul Berney

Mobile media and audience engagement through mobile phones are revolutionizing the marketing and advertising industry globally and in South Africa. 2013 sees the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) taking strides to continue the growth of mobile marketing through a wide range of initiatives and activities aimed at making mobile indispensable to brands and agencies.

With more than 750 member companies across the world and 65 members active in South Africa spanning all aspects of advertising, mobile and media ecosystem, the MMA manages to combine its global reach with local relevance.

Paul Berney, Chief Marketing Officer & Managing Director: EMEA of the Mobile Marketing Association, will be in South Africa on the 26th to 28th of June for the MMA SA’s annual AGM, and two breakfast briefing sessions in Johannesburg and Cape Town for senior brand and agency executives.

Paul is a veteran of the mobile industry and was voted the number one speaker on mobile marketing in the world, says Raymond Buckle, Chairman of the MMA South Africa (MMA SA). He will share current global and regional trends in mobile marketing, insights and case studies from leading brands around the world.