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Zando rakes in 10 million SA visitors in the first year

Published by on Feb 8th, 2013, No Comments

Online fashion retailer Zando.co.za, has seen 10 million South Africans visit the site in its first year of business.

Zando went live in January 2012, and selling only shoes, soon expanded its product offering to include  clothing, accessories, sports and beauty. As a result of this expansion, Zando and its 200 employees moved to a larger premises in order to support and ensure its growth in the online retail space.

In May 2012, it reached a consistent weekly unique visitor count of 200 000 visitors per week, making  Zando one of the top five leading retail e-commerce websites in South Africa according to alexa.com. The company’s YouTube channel accumulated over 55, 000 views after launching its TV advert in August 2012.


Inside Facebook’s Menlo Park HQ

Published by on Feb 7th, 2013, No Comments

Stephen Searer of Office Snapshots has recently posted these office photographs that gives us an inside look into Facebook’s new Menlo Park, headquarters in California.

With designing firm Gensler’s young designers leading this project, the site of the old Sun Microsystems offices has been transformed into a contemporary, young, fun, creative and totally unique campus keeping the well-being and happiness of employees in mind.

This was indeed a huge project for the firm to take on with a site measuring 1 million-square-feet. Facebook made the move having already outgrown its first Palo Alto offices.


Ubuntu smartphones to launch in October

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Mark Shuttleworth founder and CEO of Canonical Ltd. has told The Wall Street Journal that smartphones running the open source operating system Ubuntu, will be available for customers to purchase in October 2013 in “two large geographic markets” though which ones exactly remains to be seen.

We can assume that one of the two markets is likely to be North America with Shuttleworth saying that North America is “absolutely a key market for Ubuntu.”

The mobile version of the operating system was announced last month and, optimised for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, will be  available to application developers in February.

While is it still unknown which smartphones will be running the OS, Canonical has said  that it will be easy for Android phone manufacturers to convert to its platform.

Cape Town and Tourism Radio team up for tourist safety

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The City of Cape Town has officially launched a digital safety campaign aimed at visitors to the Mother City. Using an in-car audio travel guide made by local travel tech company Tourism Radio, as well as various mobile travel apps, the City will provide tourists with important travel information as they move around.

The safety info has been put onto the Tourism Radio in-car device, and safety clips will play as people drive to various points in the city.

Tourism Radio uses location-based technology to provide its users with relevant information about the area around them. Points of interest play automatically, and are not bound by a set route, creating a seamless travel dialogue from thousands of audio clips.


TaxTim online tax assistant goes mobile

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Online tax assistant TaxTim has released a mobile phone compatible version of its website in order to appeal to the ever expanding number of mobile users in South Africa. In a 2011 survey it was found that a total of 7.9 million South Africans access the Internet on their cell phones less than those who do so from a computer, laptop, or tablet. 

Special care was taken not only to redesign the user interface right down to 128 pixels width, but also replace all features that require javascript so you don’t need a smartphone to chat with TaxTim as any regular feature phone will do. This is particularly important for TaxTim’s user base as only 1 in 32 phones used is a smartphone.


BWB TV Review: The Midrange Battle between Nokia and HTC

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Not everyone wants to spend large amounts of money on high end phones – often the best value handsets are the phones that slot in just below the top of the range devices. The media tends to focus on the latest and greatest models, with phones like the Lumia 820 and HTC 8S only becoming footnotes on the press releases.

Along the way we noticed that mid-range is perhaps a misnomer when you compare these two phones. Even though they both slot in just below the high end Windows Phone offerings, they are very different in design, performance and price. So which one gives the most bang for your buck? Watch below to find out. (more…)

Gartner: The future of hybrid apps

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With organisations under extreme pressure from management and employees to develop and deploy mobile applications to accommodate mobile work styles and increase customer engagement, Gartner, Inc. predicts that more than 50 per cent of mobile apps deployed by 2016 will be hybrid.

“Mobility has always been a separate topic for IT professionals, but it is now influencing mainstream strategies and tactics in the wider areas of technology enablement and enterprise architectures,” said Ken Dulaney, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “Increasingly, organisations are finding that they need to support multiple platforms, especially as the BYOD trend gains momentum.”


OUYA to launch on Amazon and other retailers in June

Published by on Feb 6th, 2013, 1 Comment

OUYA,  a video game console for the TV that is built on Android open source technology will be available to purchase from a number of retailers in the U.S. from June this year.

Joining retail giant Amazon, OUYA, that began shipping its developer hardware in January, will also be available at Gamestop, Target and Best Buy with a price tag of $99.

OUYA, that raised over $8 million after launching on crowd funding site Kickstarter in mid 2012, has been designed to completely change the gaming landscape by allowing more independent developers to create games with its own software development kit.