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LG Launches Siri Competitor in Korea

Published by on Jun 20th, 2012, No Comments

Following the lead of Samsung’s S Voice and rumours surrounding Google’s acceleration of its own siri competitor, LG has also entered into the voice assistant space.

LG has recently unveiled its own version of Apple’s Siri with ‘Quick Voice’ that is currently only available in Korea with no knowledge of whether it would become available elsewhere.

‘Quick Voice’ is the given name of the service in Korea which it may not necessarily retain if launched in international markets.

The service, that will make its debut on the Optimus Vu later this month followed by the Optimus LTE 2 in July, supports the voice control of making calls, SMSing, accessing contacts and calendar appointments, web search, emails and more.

The new service sees LG taking the lead in Korea as Siri will only support Korea when iOS6 is publicly launched.

While Siri made its debut on the iPhone 4S, Samsung’s S Voice arrived with the Galaxy S3 and may continue to appear on the fellow Korean company’s upcoming Android powered devices.

Source: Slash Gear

Inside the 22seven offices, Cape Town

Published by on Jun 20th, 2012, 1 Comment

Bandwidth Blog recently visited the offices of 22seven in Cape Town, to interview its founder and CEO Christo Davel. Watch the interview here.

While we were there we took the opportunity to take some photographs of the office space and share them with you.

The predominantly black and white colouring gives the space a sense of sophistication and simplicity while interesting wall graphics, accessories and art pieces add some fun and originality.

View the gallery below:


Build anything out of anything at HackSTB

Published by on Jun 20th, 2012, 2 Comments

In the future, you will be able to check into flights on your own. No check-in lady. No special smile to get those extra 4 kilograms onto the plane. You’ll simply interact with a screen and place your bag on a platform, where sensors will pick up its weight, size, shape and even tell you if there are straps hanging off which will hamper the conveyor belt later down the line.

But who is developing technology sensors like this, and where in the world are they doing this kind of thing? The answer, my friends, is two guys from Stellenbosch, hacking it out in Technopark.

Held in the Stellenbosch University’s Electrical and Electronics Building, HackSTB is an event showcasing projects that hack out solutions to challenges given to participants either by businesses or by themselves. Gone are the days where hacker means an evil geek busting open bank vaults with his keyboard. To hack open means to cut open, and these guys are using all manner of tools and things to find unique ways to get the desired results.


Nokia Lumia 900 finally available in SA

Published by on Jun 20th, 2012, 6 Comments

The Nokia Lumia 900 marked its arrival at a Dark Knight Rises themed event drawing strongly on the campaign that will bring it to life in South Africa, an exclusive branding and co-marketing agreement with the latest Batman movie.

The flagship Lumia smartphone is scheduled to arrive at MTN stores across the country on June 28th, available on an MTN Anytime 200 contract for R369 per month for 24 months including 75MB internet bundle for the duration of the contract. For a short time, consumers will also be able to buy limited edition Lumia 900 smartphones engraved with the Batman logo.

“As an innovative telecommunications provider with a world-class network infrastructure, MTN is well-placed to bring the Lumia 900 smartphone to South Africa,” says Serame Taukobong, Chief Marketing Officer at MTN SA. “By leveraging Nokia’s partnership with the box office hit, The Dark Knight Rises, and co-branded marketing efforts above-the-line, online and in retail, MTN is in a great position to provide a smart network for the Nokia Lumia 900.”

The Nokia Lumia 900, described by the USA’s largest carrier AT&T as “the smartphone everyone is talking about,” took the world by storm when unveiled globally at January’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, emerging with ten awards including the sought after ‘Best of CES 2012’.


Nokia releases exclusive Batman trailer

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Following on from the release of its Batman themed Lumia 900 smartphone, available in the UK and a few other European countries, that will see a limited amount of black handsets engraved with the famous Batman symbol, Nokia has since released an exclusive trailer for the upcoming Batman movie as part of its sales angle.

The trailer, that has been posted on its official YouTube channel is for The Dark Night Rises, the final instalment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy.

Nokia’s version offers viewers a first look at some extra action clips from the movie not shown in the trailer.

Making its debut on the 20th July, The Dark Night Rises opens in SA theatres on 27th July.


BOS launches first Twitter-activated sampling machine

Published by on Jun 19th, 2012, 1 Comment

BOS Ice Tea recently launched the world’s first Twitter-activated sampling machine at Wembley Square in Cape Town.

Known as BEV, the BOS Ice Tea-vending robot, made her debut appearance at the 2012 Design Indaba, where she spent the duration of the event, showing delegates and the public what she was capable of.  Originally triggered using tokens and rigged with speakers and cameras to show her inner workings, BEV has since been tweaked to respond to tweets. When ever a tweet is posted with a unique hasthag, BEV dispenses a BOS Ice Tea. BEV’s innovation was the outcome of BOS’s ongoing approach to entertaining brand activation.

“At the Design Indaba, BEV became known for her giving nature. The next step in her extraordinary evolution was to link up the real world of sampling a refreshing BOS Ice Tea with the virtual world of sharing experiences and social interaction” says Grant Rushmere, BOS Director.


Newest Performance Benchmark – Melting Butter?

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In the fast paced world of mobile technology, different manufacturers try to find different ways to make their product stand out. Performance benchmarks on powerful processing units are one way of doing that, and it is the best way to compare processors across platforms.

However, one property of processors that has never had a real ‘reliable’ test that has a huge impact on performance of both the processor and the device as a whole, is heat efficiency. Heat obviously slows the processing ability of a chip, but it has also been found that if the heat becomes extreme, it can even cause damage to other parts of a device and can warp batteries, reducing the longevity of your most prized device even further. Creating efficient chips is in everyone’s best interest.


Microsoft releases own Tablet – the Surface

Published by on Jun 19th, 2012, 6 Comments

For the last few days the technology media has been abuzz about what Microsoft had planned for its launch event on Monday night, and it seems they took a page out of the Apple playbook in terms of keeping these plans secret. Microsoft launched their own branded tablet – in other words, the tablet will not be marketed by a HP or a Dell – it is Microsoft’s own, just like the Xbox. And we like that.

First off, the tablet will run Windows 8, and will be available in two versions. A thinner, lighter version running with a ARM processor will run Windows 8 RT, and a higher end, thicker, heavier model running a full version of Windows 8 Pro. Microsoft was however not very upfront about everything – there is little in the way of actual specs, battery life, etc. Some media channels are reporting that the RT version will run a standard 10.6 inch HD display (think 1280 x 720) and the Intel based one will have a decent Full HD display, both covered in Gorilla Glass.