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Paramount launches app for Xbox to stream movies

Published by on Jun 13th, 2012, 2 Comments

Paramount has recently announced a new partnership with Microsoft to distribute its wide selection of movies with the launch of a new app.

The Paramount Movies app lets Xbox 360 owners and Live Gold subscribers to stream both bought or rented movies in standard or high definition on their gaming consoles.

Earlier this year already, Paramount began offering digital downloads for consumers to buy through its website with UltraViolet for PC and iOS. UltraViolet lets users download the movies and keep a copy in the cloud.

However, with the new app, consumers can now access movies and watch them in a way that doesn’t limit them to their computer screens with the app making it much easier for consumers to watch movies from their tv sets.

In order to access the app, users will need to set up Paramount and UltraViolet accounts and have an Xbox Live Gold membership. Content is then accessed from the Paramount website, rather then through the app itself.

Source: The Verge

High Speed Vacuum Trains: The future of travel?

Published by on Jun 13th, 2012, No Comments

High speed vacuum trains, that see trains hurtling through tight tunnels, describes a kind of futuristic travel seen only in science fiction movies like Star Trek. While everyone know’s that they’re fantasy how would this mode of transportation then change our lives, our schedules and our reality if they could be developed?

Also know as “Vactrains” would provide transportation faster than that by a plane, with  a typical flying time between Los Angeles and New York of approximately 5 hours, reduced to just 45 minutes and the journey between London and New York in just an hour, in comparison to the regular 8 hour flight. That’s just one example of how it could change our very lives.

While different designs have emerged, over time, the principle behind them is similar: pump all of the air out of a sealed tunnel and then shoot trains or capsules through them. These ‘evacuated tubes’ could be bored through rock, or laid on ground with conventional tracks. Some designs also enable them to cross oceans through large-bore pipes tethered at a fixed depth, but this idea is still very much theoretical.

In fact, today, there are teams in the US, China and other countries working on this very concept, with some even predicting their arrival within 10 years, that sees passengers commuting on a train travelling at speeds up to 4,000 km/h, theortetically speaking.


Vodacom launches new range of smartphones for the visually impaired

Published by on Jun 13th, 2012, 1 Comment

Vodacom has launched a new range of cellphones for its visually impaired customers that includes the Nokia C6 Zooms phone, Nokia E6 and Nokia C6 Speaking phones.

The Nokia E6 and Nokia C6 Speaking phones, which have a QWERTY keyboard and a touch screen, have Talks software preloaded that makes the phone accessible to visually impaired customers.

This software converts text to speech, enabling visually impaired customers to view, create and edit contacts, send and receive SMS or e-mail messages and obtain signal and battery strength.

Chris Ross, Managing Executive of Commercial Development at Vodacom says “Everyone, whether visually impaired or not, needs access to mobile communications. Things have moved on from the days of just using a cellphone to make a call, and with this new range of smartphones visually impaired customers can also make that next step and unlock the power of the internet via mobile.”

The Nokia C6 Zooms phone comes preloaded with the zooms software which magnifies font sizes making it easier for customers with low vision to access and use their cellphones.

Contract Pricing is as follows:


Opinion: Apple iOS 6 Disappointment – Pot, meet Kettle

Published by on Jun 13th, 2012, 20 Comments

With the dust settling on the Apple WWDC 2012 that was held June 11th, we can look at some of the interesting things that were announced over the course of the day. The announcement of iOS 6 was the biggest on the day, and not without reason. The sleek operating system for mobile devices is what makes Apple devices such a joy to use.

Scanning through the “improvements” listed by Apple, a couple of times I am struck with the same feeling that one would experience if hit by a car – pain. Personally, this hurts, because most of these supposedly “new” features advertised by Apple were stolen from Google’s Android platform. How can Apple blatantly rip-off the following features and call it their own?


New university students in U.S. get Nokia Lumia 900

Published by on Jun 12th, 2012, No Comments

Endgadget has reported that all new university students, known as freshman in the U.S., attending Seton Hall University in New Jersey will be given their very own Nokia Lumia 900 powered by the Windows Phone 7.5. The project, in collaboration with Microsoft and AT&T, is part of Seton Hall’s Mobile Computing Initiative and aims to extend the academic learning environment at the university.

The purpose of supplying the smartphone, given to students during orientation, is to help them integrate technology with the the school’s curriculum and hopes to make the device a “key component” of student life and the university with the SHUmobile app and its Freshman Experience hub. The SHUmobile app will give students access to campus news feeds, directories, maps and other resources with the phone also enabling students to interact with their classmates through social media and direct messaging.

The official press release, announcing the project said that:

Since 1997, Seton Hall has provided mobile technology to its students and faculty to support the integration of technology into the curriculum. Enhancing the University’s philosophy of open-ended exploration, students discover new opportunities for learning with mobile computing, sharing ideas and collaborating with peers and faculty while learning how to utilize technology effectively in their academic professional and personal lives. Mobile technology provides a means of enhancing all aspects of university life, and encourages students to engage with each other and the university community from orientation through graduation.


Hands On Review: The HTC One X

Published by on Jun 12th, 2012, 7 Comments

So here we have another latest and greatest Android “super phone”, the HTC One X. HTC’s latest smartphone is an absolute beauty, with a great looking white polycarbonate shell while also sporting a massive display. The specs are nothing to sneeze at either, but in the Android market specs will always be bested by the next phone from the competition – so how does the One X differentiate itself?

HTC has been having a bit of an image problem, seeing as they were releasing new phones at a rapid rate, which eventually meant they left their existing users in the cold when it came to updates. So HTC decided to start from scratch, and simplify their lineup with the new “One” range, consisting of the X on the top, a midrange S model and a lower end V model.


EasiOnline.com launches in SA

Published by on Jun 12th, 2012, 3 Comments

eCommerce websites in South Africa are on a roll, and a boom. We’ve seen numerous online buying portals jump up over the past year, after the group buying website influx the year before that. It is a channel consumers are following, and regardless of the fact that offline retail will probably always be larger, online buying is here to stay and to grow.

However, many of these sites still don’t display a SSL badge (such as Verisign/Thawte), online chat support, a hotline or even a proper contact page. Just launched is EasiOnline, which has all of those, and much more. EasiOnline is an online eCommerce site offering all manner of products at superb prices. And while many of the more recent sites we’ve seen have taken on a niche market, EasiOnline is aiming for an “unforgettable online shopping experience” over a very large range of products.

Despite currently displaying more homeware, baby and kitchen appliances, EasiOnline’s Ardi Coetzee promises a huge increase over the next month as they grow their offering. “This is through the recent acquisition of numerous large and medium brands, such as everyday electronic appliances, Panasonic, Kenwood, Salton, Krups, Jamie Oliver and many, many more,” explains Coetzee.

EasiOnline has a strong focus on the customer. “We’ve covered the usual user interaction channels, such as a hotline and online support,” says Ardi, “while keeping a good site design and creating a flowing online purchase experience. We have a lot of work still to do on our site and our mobile offering, which will be in place well before the end of the year.”


Apple WWDC 2012 – what is being announced? (Live)

Published by on Jun 11th, 2012, 1 Comment

While we cannot be at WWDC, there are more than enough sources on the internet to keep us, and you the reader, informed. As products and features are announced, we will be adding them right here.

So what can we expect? First iOS6 (Apple has not exactly covered up banners promoting it), Mountain Lion, and maybe even a few new Macs. But maybe there will be a few other unexpected announcements!

So here goes:

Tim Cook has taken the stage, and has started thanking all the developers who arrived for WWDC. He also mentions that the conference was sold out in under two hours.

The Appstore:

  • Apple has now 650,000 apps on the appstore, with 225,000 just for the iPad.
  • Over 30 billion downloads from the Appstore, more than $5 Billion dollars have been made by developers.


  • The new Macbook Air sports the same shape, but now has a dual core Ivy Bridge processor, and up to 8GB RAM, and also up to 512GB SSD. USB 3 ports, 720p facetime camera, 11 and 13 inch models. 8GB looks like an optional upgrade (won’t be part of standard specs). Available today in the US.