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Apple gives Samsung the boot on chip development?

Published by on Apr 11th, 2013, No Comments

apple vs samsung

To say Apple and Samsung are friendly rivals in the smartphone market would be to say that North and South Korea are friendly neighbouring countries. Although there exists no nuclear threat, tensions between the smartphone giants tend to be as explosive as a full-scale nuclear war. Apple has a love-hate relationship with the Korean giant due to their chips being developed there and that has always been a slippery slope for the Cupertino based company. (more…)

First Samsung Galaxy S4 Ads emerge

Published by on Apr 10th, 2013, No Comments

Screen Shot 2013-04-10 at 4.34.42 PM

Samsung’s latest Android superphone has many gadget fans salivating, and that massive Samsung advertising budget is bound to come up with some good ads. Samsung has just released their first three ads for the flagship phone, and they do a good job of showing some off the new features.

Samsung’s current strategy of throwing every possible feature at the Galaxy S4 means that they have to show where some of these features might be needed. For example – you might wonder why you need sound with a picture, and Samsung shows us the charming tale of a son sending his mother pictures of his trip, with sound of course: (more…)

New Apple Mac OS X code point to Faster 802.11ac WiFi

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Apple’s latest laptops have slowly moved away from traditional cable based networking, so users are forced to move to wifi networks, or be forced to use adaptors to connect to Ethernet cables. While it is not a major issue, traditional 802.11n based networks are not exactly speedy. They top out at a theoretical 300 or 450 Mbps, but they never get close to that speed.

While the new standard has not been finalised, new code from the latest Mac OS X 10.8.4 beta release shows that Apple is working on getting their software ready. This means that upcoming Macs might indeed ship with “ac” capable wireless networking. And because Apple sells wireless networking equipment in the form of its Airport device range, expect them to be upgraded soon as well. Apple is most probably waiting for the 802.11ac standard to finalized before shipping this hardware.



Infographic: How Google Glass Works

Published by on Apr 10th, 2013, No Comments


Google Glass: futuristic and applicable or fun toy? The debate is still raging and until the normal citizen can get their hands on it, we won’t know for sure. Before it does, though, people were starting to ask how it actually works, and many questions arose. From simple questions like: “Where is the processor?” and “Where is the ON switch?” to more difficult ones to answer like: “How does the augmented reality work?”

Luckily for us, a techie artist called Martin Missfeldt created an infographic that explains the wonders of technology behind Google’s technologically-enhanced Glass. The prism inside Glass projects a layer over the light generated by the environment around you. Meanwhile, the prism focuses the image directly on your retina.

Apple launching a new Mac Pro in May?

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According to one of the dedicated Apple websites, one of their sources said that Apple will announce a replacement to the Mac Pro at some point within the next month or two. It has been almost three years since the last significant update to the Mac Pro, with Apple focusing on the Macbook range lately.

Last year, Apple said that a new Mac Pro would be released sometime in 2013, and we think it can’t come soon enough. We would expect the announcement to come from Apple at WWDC 2013, with the Mac workstation getting all the glamour.

Google Play gets a new look

Published by on Apr 10th, 2013, No Comments

google play

Google Play has had a very metro-like look for some time now, but that all comes to an end today. Slowly but surely over the next couple of hours you should receive an update notification for Google Play (if you haven’t already). In today’s announcement on the official Android blog, Google explains that the new look app is meant to be “clean” and “simple.” The entertainment content will also be pushed into the foreground.

BWB TV Review: BlackBerry Z10 (Video)

Published by on Apr 9th, 2013, 2 Comments


BlackBerry has left their fans without a premium phone since the Bold 9900, and instead focussed their efforts on the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The day has finally come that we can spend some hands on time with their new Z10 handset, which is major shift for BlackBerry. Gone are services like BIS and BES, but BlackBerry has finally caught up with its competitors with decent software and a great new gesture based user interface.

So is a BlackBerry without BIS and the lack of a physical keyboard still retain what makes BlackBerry a great device? (more…)

Next Generation XBOX to be announced in May?

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Gamers have been shifting around in their seats in anticipation of the launch of both the Sony PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox (code named 720). After Sony’s mysterious launch of the PlayStation 4 in February, many Xbox fanatics have been scouring the web for any shred of information surrounding the possible launch of the Microsoft gaming platform. Well Xbox fans, time to get those wallets ready! Popular blogger Paul Thurrott reports that “sources familiar with the project” has informed him that the new generation Xbox will make its debut on the 21st of May. Thurrott claims that the new console will retail for around $500 and that there may be a $300 subscription model available. Precious little information has been leaked regarding the new console, but Microsoft did announce that they have partnered with Ericsson to enable serious development of the Xbox’s TV features.

The console wars have taken a bit of a backseat after the smartphone skirmishes started heating up between Apple and Android. We see a lot of similarity in the gaming console market, where Microsoft and Sony have been bumping heads for years now. Although, unlike the relatively close battle we see in the mobile market, one of the console sides sit with a potential end-game strategy. (more…)