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Samsung to launch 5G by 2020 (Speeds hitting 1 Gbps)

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www.androidfree.us---samsung-logo(4)With the LTE (or 4G) network only in its infancy in Africa, Samsung is already developing core technology that will allow it to deliver high-speed 5G wireless data connections to all its clients by 2020. Although service providers are touting 4G in South Africa, the reality is that we are not seeing the 40mbps associated with the LTE speed. The 5G Samsung system will allow data transmission up to  several hundred times faster than current (European & US) 4G networks.

Samsung announced (13th of May 2013) that their 5G mobile communications technology will surpass the current 4G LTE technology by providing up to several tens of Gbps per base station. Once the 5G networks are fully commercialised, they will allow users to transmit huge files including UHD movies as well as be used for remote medical services.


Official Teaser Trailer: Gravity

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Hollywood is certainly not short of epic movies that take place in space including true stories, outright fantasies and the classics be it Apollo 13, The Right Stuff, Armageddon, A Space Odyssey, Star Wars or the re-invented Star Trek films.

However, we haven’t seen anything quite like Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity,  the first trailer of which has just been released. From the director of Children of Men the movie follows a pair of astronauts played by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock that get stranded on a damaged space station with no communication with Earth.

The trailer shows little much more than the disaster that leaves them struggling to take hold of the space station debris to prevent them from drifting off into space.

Leaving you feeling  just a little cold, no doubt for some, reflecting one of our worst fears.


Investors praise Seed Engine’s 8 tech start-ups

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Seed Engine engine room lo res

More than 140 potential investors were introduced to eight tech ventures in Seed Engine’s Business Accelerator Programme at its first demo day in Johannesburg this week.

“Raising capital is currently a Seed Engine priority following the positive response and interest in the demo day presentations. We are following up the investor attendees, as well as a list of those who were unable to attend,” says CEO, Marc Elias. “Our tech entrepreneurs will continue to work on their businesses at Seed Engine’s offices while we focus on raising additional capital for their ventures in which we are shareholders”.

The Seed Engine start-ups and the model itself drew praise from investors across the spectrum.

Each of the eight ventures presented seven minute pitches: (more…)

Amazon developing smartphone with 3-D display

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According to the Wall Street Journal, Amazon is looking at developing a smartphone with a 3-D screen in an attempt to expand its product range and compete with the likes of Apple and Google.

According to sources close to the project Amazon is working on expanding its device offering beyond its Kindle First tablets with the development of two smartphones, one of which includes the 3-D display, and a streaming music device. We also reported recently via Bloomberg that the online retail giant was rumoured to be planning the release of  a TV set-top box for streaming movies and TV shows.

While some sources revealed that the 3-D display smartphone will require glasses, others say that special glasses will not be required as “users may be able to navigate through content using just their eyes” through retina tracking technology.

The technology makes images on the screen appear as if they are floating above it similar to a hologram.

We’re not entirely sure why a device with 3-D capability is appealing to Amazon at this moment, do you?


Vodacom offers Nokia Lumia 720

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Vodacom is now offering its customers Nokia’s new windows Phone 8, the Nokia Lumia 720 on contract.

The Nokia Lumia 720 is available on a range of Smart plans that include Anytime Talk, Mobile Internet and Anytime Text.

The contract pricing on the Nokia Lumia 720 is as follows:



Reports: Facebook to complete another $1 billion acquisition

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To drive expansion of its mobile presence across platforms, Facebook is reportedly soon to complete another $1 billion acquisition, this time of  Waze, a free mobile navigation application for Android and iOS.

Negotiations between the two companies apparently began about six months ago and are, at present, reportedly talking about a sale with a price tag of  between $800 million to $1 billion.

At the start, it is believed that the social network put an offer forward closer to the $300 million mark.

Rumours of this acquisition have surfaced before including those that suggested that Apple and Microsoft were also interested in buying the Isreali-based company.


FNB most popular banking website in Africa

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In its most recent survey, web information company,  Alexa found that FNB.co.za was the only banking website in the top 10 sites in Africa and was the most popular banking website on the continent.

FNB Online CEO Lee-Anne van Zyl says that “We have over 2.8 million unique visitors to our website each month. This indicates that a very large number of non-FNB customers visit our site for information. We have 1.3m online banking customers.”

van Zyl reveals that FNB is planning a relaunch of its site in July with a focus on providing customers and visitors with a much richer information offering with FNB customers finding detailed financial information and much wider transactional ability.


Caesars Palace bans Google Glass

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World renowned Las Vegas casino Caesars Palace has confirmed that wearing Google Glass will not be permitted while gambling. In a statement to The Verge, a Caesars Palace representative said that the reality augmentation device would indeed be banned for gamblers, adding that “Nevada gaming regulations (and those in other states, as well) prohibit the use of computers or recording devices when gambling. As a result, we cannot allow guests who are gambling to wear Google Glass.” (more…)