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Nokia investors grow impatient

Published by on May 8th, 2013, 1 Comment

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

According to a report by Reuters, Nokia investors are beginning to grow impatient as they continue to wait for the smartphone maker to catch up to the likes of competitors, and market leaders, Apple and Samsung. 

Investors expressed their concerns to CEO Stephen Elop at an annual genereal meeting in Helsinki, Finland on Tuesday. Nokia’s transition from its own operating system Symbian to Microsofts’s Windows Phone OS was scheduled to take two years, and with that time having now come to pass, some investors are wondering if the Windows Phone strategy is enough or was even good decision from the start, with shares having plunged from 65 euro at their peak in 2000 to 2.72 euros presently.

While sales of the Nokia Lumia range running Windows Phone 8 show steady growth in the market, they cannot be compared to the lead taken by Apple and Samsung. Add to that the fallen share price and the heavy decrease in regular mobile phones sales and investors certainly have a point.


Nokia shows new Lumia 928 low light video performance

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Nokia keeps on pushing the benefits of its Pureview cameras in its flagship phones – but this time they extended the incredible low light technology to video as well. Their new Lumia 928 phone is not only going to sport a new aluminium casing, it will clearly have an even better camera as well.



BWB TV: Parrot Zik Review (Video)

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There is plenty in the electronics world to get a gadget fan’s geek-o-meter hitting the red, but usually a headset isn’t one of them. Looking at the Parrot Zik, though, that all changes. In the high-end headphone market it is difficult to make yourself heard (apologies). The Zik takes on a lot of competition, among them the B&W P3 and the Philips Fidelio L1.

Where the Parrot Zik tries to differentiate itself is through sheer technical brilliance. It has wireless Bluetooth connectivity, touch operation, noise-cancelling technology and sensors that pause music when you take the headphones off. Sounds pretty good, but is it? Check out our video review below.


Google Maps redesign leaked

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Google Maps is one of the most used websites in the world, no surprises there. But, its influence has flowed over to basically all the consumer electronics on the market. It is constantly expanding the amount of data available to consumers and Street View completely changed the way we are able to see parts of the world we may never be able to go to.

Rumoured by Google Operating System, we may be seeing the first redesign to Google Maps in some time. Whether this is to simply change the look or to include some interesting new features remains to be seen.

Google I/O is around the corner and we think that it would be the perfect platform to announce and explain the changes coming to the mapping service.

Dropbox’s first DBX developer conference

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Cloud storage has taken the world by storm, and most people have taken to it in one form or another. There certainly is an abundance of cloud storage services these days and they all try to differentiate themselves by offering unique services. Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud storage services, and it wants to grow the capabilities of its offering. (more…)

Nokia Lumia 928 confirmed

Published by on May 7th, 2013, 2 Comments


Since rumours first surfaced last month about Nokia bringing a new Windows Phone 8 handset to mobile carrier Verizon, it has now been publicly confirmed by Vanity Fair magazine which printed an advertisement for the Nokia Lumia 928 accompanied by the Verizon logo.

Endgadget spotted the printed advert today in the magazine’s latest issue. It offers minimal details about the new handset that includes confirmation of its name, the promotion of Nokia’s PureView camera technology, Carl Zeiss optics, and its ability to capture images “even in low light.”


Rovio Accounts let you save and play games across devices

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In order to increase user engagement, Angry Birds creator Rovio has introduced Rovio Accounts which allows users to save games and continue to play them across various devices.

As a result, users will no longer have to replay levels of their favourite Rovio game when switching between different devices and logging into different accounts.

Rovio introduced Accounts on its blog saying, “Our fans have been asking for a way to play their game on different phones or tablets without losing their progress when changing the device. This is exactly what Rovio Account lets you do!”

While Rovio says that it will gradually be making Accounts available across all titles worldwide and add new features, for the moment it is available through The Croods as well as the original Angry Birds for iOS in Finland and Poland.

Cars.co.za launches new iPhone & iPad App

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Having recently launched an improved mobile site, Cars.co.za has now announced the launch of a new iPhone and iPad App.

The App, which has been in development since 2012, aims to take car buying in South Africa to the next level by offering a number of groundbreaking features.

As the backbone of the Cars.co.za offering, the latest search technology has been incorporated into the Cars.co.za App’s used car search facility. The revamped search facility offers the following functionality: