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Inside (and outside) Horizon Media’s office expansion

Published by on Jun 27th, 2013, No Comments

horizon media

The largest independent media services company in the U.S., Horizon Media has recently expanded its New York office to include a large terrace area for its staff.

The terrace, that provides additional space for staff to work, relax and collaborate, was designed by a+i architecture, the firm behind the creation of the rest of the company’s space which you can see here. 

Like the other areas, the terrace is open plan, contemporary and unique with plenty of natural light and character. Even at night, it’ s an ideal place to take a breather and enjoy night-time views of the city.


Is fingerprint technology coming to next-gen Apple devices?

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apple-patent application

According to a patent obtained by Apple and released on Thursday, the company could be heading towards incorporating fingerprint technology into its next generation devices.

The latest scanner design by Apple could be built into the bezel of any Apple product and would read the phone owner’s fingerprint when swiping to unlock. This would provide extra security and ensure that no one else has access to your precious iPhone and all the personal information it may contain. Not to mention, preventing the unauthorised use of data and airtime.

This isn’t entirely surprising news as rumours have been buzzing since last year when Apple bought AuthenTec for $356 million, a company that develops new fingerprint technologies.


One Africa Media receives $20 million investment

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One Africa Media, the largest online classifieds group in Africa has received the attention of Australia’s largest recruitment portal, Seek.

With headquarters based in Melbourne, Seek has announced the investment of US$20 million into One Africa Media as part of its growing international presence that already includes China, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Launched in 2012 when Kenya-based Carey Eaton of Cheki Africa Media and South Africa-based Justin Clarke of Private Property Holdings merged their classified businesses, One Africa Media owns or operates a number of leading online portals including recruitment sites Jobberman (Nigeria) and Brighter Monday (Kenya), auto classifieds site Cheki (Kenya, Nigeria), Private Property (Nigeria, South Africa) and Safari Now (South Africa).


Teenage Girls Convicted for Insults on Instagram

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Cyber-bullying has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, and the movement to make people – and especially teenagers – aware of the negative and harmful effects of the 21st century bullying is spreading like wild fire.

In Sweden, two teenage girls aged 15 and 16, have felt the consequences of cyber-bullying after they were found guilty of defamation on Tuesday. The teenagers went on their bullying spree by posting vulgar, sexual insults about their peers on the popular photo sharing website, Instagram.logo-instagram-icon

The girls were convicted for writing explicit, derogatory remarks next to pictures of 38 other young people, mostly girls, via an anonymous account on Instagram.

The Instagram account was opened in December 2012, and, as with most cyber-bulling cases, the malicious comments quickly spread throughout the internet before the account was eventually shut down. In March of this year, Instagram announced that it had over 10 million users.

The plaintiffs provided screen shots of the derogatory remarks as evidence while forensic evidence tied the girls to the account.

What the young girls thought to be a (horrible) practical joke, quickly went south as hundreds of young people took the streets of Gothenburg, the girls’ hometown, to protest. These protest eventually turned violent.


Multichoice to focus on online content delivery

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CEO of Naspers ‘s Pay-TV platform Eben Greyling has announced at a press conference recently that in addition to developing the growth of its lower paying subscribers through the introduction of cheaper bouquets, Multichoice will also be focusing on delivering more  online content to its subscriber base as a result of the increase in internet penetration both in South Africa and the rest of the continent.

“Regarding competition we continue to see an increase in competition across the continent from both traditional players as well as online players. Existing players in the broadcasting space are aggressively growing their business and we’re also seeing new players,” said Greyling.


BlackBerry Jam Session coming to SA in July

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BlackBerry-JamEager to develop for BlackBerry, but do not know where to start? The BlackBerry Jam Africa & Middle East Tour will come to South Africa in July providing South African developers a chance for more hands-on experience with the range of development tools available for the BlackBerry platform. The sessions will take place in Durban on 15 July, Cape Town on 16 July and Johannesburg on 18 July.

The events form part of a series of BlackBerry Jam Sessions  for developers in Africa and the Middle East that will provide new skills, support the development of locally, relevant content and give budding entrepreneurs more opportunities to reach a local and global BlackBerry audience. The events will provide attendees with the latest resources, training and best practices for creating BlackBerry 10 apps.

BlackBerry Jam sessions are open to all developers, but are also designed for people who are new to the BlackBerry 10 platform, or want to learn the basics about app development. The sessions provide practical advice and tips that help developers get the most of the BlackBerry 10 development environment. (more…)

Q-KON’s HotZone Solution to increase connectivity in Africa

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q-kon-logoQ-KON, a South African based engineering group that provides turn-key solutions and managed network services to the African and South African telecommunications industries, has launched a HotZone internet access and distribution solution.

The offering is primarily aimed at entrepreneurs who want to leverage off connectivity for their businesses as well as establishments that want to provide this service to patrons and guests.

The StarLight HotZone consists of a VSAT terminal, wireless access controller with a printer and a keypad. It comes pre-configured with 4Mbps downlink speed and 512Kbps uplink speed and works on a franchise basis.

“As the business owner you can select your profile on-line once the satellite terminal is installed and functional. Monthly base bundles and top-ups can be purchased online without call centre intervention, and allows for total freedom to operate your business according to your own requirements,” explains Juan Prinsloo, Senior Executive: Products of Q-KON.


Microsoft licences ‘Age of Empires’ for iOS and Android

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Get ready for the nostalgia train! If you remember this strategy classic and you want to give it another whirl that could happen soon. That’s right; Microsoft is bringing its games to iOS and Android, starting with Age of Empires sometime in 2013.

The news comes from mobile developer KLab, which licences games from Microsoft for global distribution. According to sources, this could be a turning point in the gaming market, as the move could possibly affect the mobile strategies of other gaming giants Sony and Nintendo. (more…)