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Lenovo confirms Windows Phone 8 handset

Published by on Jan 11th, 2013, No Comments

The new Lenovo K900

Howard added that “the company will go where the market leads in terms of deciding which operating system to include in its handsets”.According to ZDNet, JD Howard, vice president of business operations & worldwide business development at Lenovo’s Mobile Internet and Digital Home group has confirmed that the company is planning on a Windows Phone 8 handset.

With regard to consumers’ security concerns over the vulnerabilities in Android OS or that the phones are made in China, Howard said that “the security features in Windows Phone 8 should help mitigate many of their fears”.

While a proposal to manufacture handsets running Microsoft’s new mobile platform has already been submitted, a final decision might only take place in April as Lenovo’s fiscal year ends in March.

Should the plans go through, the new device is likely to be available sometime this year.

Just for fun: iPhone 6 Concept

Published by on Jan 10th, 2013, 1 Comment

Look what we found…

This video, an advertisement for the iPhone 6 concept, created and uploaded onto YouTube by user schoolpost2009 was the result of a marketing project to recreate Apple and its marketing strategies.

What do you think of this ambitious iPhone 6 concept?


Vodacom announces the return of Power Hour

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Vodacom has brought back Power Hour which has proven to be a very popular promotion for prepaid subscribers.

The new promotion will offer customers one hour of talk time for only R10 from 10 January to 28 February 2013.

Prepaid customers who purchase a Power Hour bundle for R10 a day will receive one hour of talk time to call Vodacom customers. The bundle can be purchased between 6am and 6pm on weekdays and customers can make calls to family and friends of up to an hour until 8pm on the day of purchase.

Mostafa ElBeltagy, Managing Executive for Prepaid Segments at Vodacom said, “The Power Hour concept proved to be an instant hit with customers since they could talk for an hour during peak times at reduced rates. We’ve brought Power Hour back and this time we’ve extended the times from 6am to 8pm.”

To access the promotion, customers need to dial *111# free from their cellphones, select ‘Power Hour’ and buy a bundle.


Hands on Review: LG Optimus L7

Published by on Jan 10th, 2013, No Comments

There is a lot going on in the smartphone world lately, but we thought we would take a step back from the high-end market for a minute and take a look at a device for the more budget minded individual. The festive season is over and most of us are strapped for cash, so what about the individual that is looking for a good device at a low price?

On paper it looks like we have found the answer. The LG Optimus L7 is pretty cheap, especially when you look at the large screen. You can probably pick it up for just over R2500 these days or for R189 p/m on a Straight Up 50 TopUp contract from Cell C. It looks like an affordable, good-looking and reasonably equipped smartphone. But does such a device really have anything to offer? Let’s take a look.


Samsung Galaxy S4 may not run Android?

Published by on Jan 10th, 2013, 5 Comments

We should get confirmation from Samsung that the Galaxy S4 is on its way (not that it was a secret), probably at MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2013.  It is expected to be launched in May 2013. But until then, some interesting news has hit.

The device code Samsung GT-I9500X has arisen on the company’s software download page. The number four is considered unlucky in Korea, and therefore it was skipped when the code went from I9300 to I9500, which people expect to be the Galaxy S4 as the first three iterations of the flagships were I9000, I9100 and I9200 for two version of the S2, and I9300. We know Samsung have never used the number four in a high-end product code.

The interesting thing is that in a newly leaked software test, the I9500 is earmarked as a Tizen running device. Tizen is the new mobile OS partly developed by Samsung and backed by Intel. Samsung have confirmed in a Bloomberg report that it will start moving away from Android to take more control of the mobile experience that it is delivering to users.


Could an SMS purchasing startup help stop online fraud?

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Any online retailer will tell you in no uncertain terms that fraud, specifically by using credit cards online, is a huge challenge for them and their competitors. Not only are these retailers often liable for the chargebacks caused by fraud, but it creates a negative impact on the online buying industry as a whole.

Over the festive break, a number of people have sent emails asking about making online transactions via other means — in other words not using credit cards. They asked: Can we make payments from our bank accounts directly? Can we buy with our mobile phone accounts?

Those two questions are very different things. Buying straight from your bank account is like doing and electronic funds transfer (EFT) or a debit order, both which require manual effort each time. Also, EFT payments are already offered by companies such as PayFast.


Dropbox expands integration with new Samsung devices

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Dropbox has announced that it has plans to build on its already existing partnership with Samsung by expanding its integration of its cloud storage and file sharing service with Samsung products.

Dropbox is already available natively on the Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy Camera.

This development will include integration with a number of new Samsung devices that include the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Grand smartphone, smart cameras, new smart TVs and PCs.

Lars Fjeldsoe-Nielsen, head of Mobile Business Development at Dropbox says that,

“Dropbox and Samsung share a common goal when it comes to connectivity across devices. We believe that the things that matter most to people should be accessible at all times. Extending our successful relationship with Samsung from mobile phones to cameras gives users more opportunities to access and share photos, videos and documents, regardless of what device they are on.”

The integration with new Samsung devices including PCs and a number of smart cameras being released throughout the year, is expected to begin in March 2013.

Source: Computer World

Google+ gets new feature for large photos

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Just weeks after launching full-size backups of Android photos included in a significant upgrade, Google’s social network Google+ has introduced the ability to zoom and pan large high-res photos uploaded.

Dave Cohen of Google made the announcement on his Google+ profile. Cohen gave instructions on how to give the feature a try. Users simply need to open a large photo in a lightbox and then using a mouse wheel, zoom in or out. Clicking and dragging will let you pan in all directions.