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5rooms.com aims to provide world-class online home decor shopping

Published by on Jun 4th, 2012, 2 Comments

5rooms.com an online home and living store aims to offer South Africans ‘the largest online selection of furniture in South Africa, covering all price segments and categories’.

Since first launching in April, the site has seen an overwhelmingly positive response from suppliers and shoppers, that has encouraged the company to grow its product offering from 1, 300 to 10, 000 by Spring 2012. With the variety of products on offer, safe payment options and efficient delivery and return services, 5rooms aims to provide a world class online shopping experience.

The 5rooms founders include Sean Weldon, a local furniture guru; Emilian Popa, co-founder of Groupon South Africa; Nireshni Naidoo, a local e-commerce veteran and Tiffany Hopkins, a business intelligence expert. These individuals saw a gap in the market and collectively envisioned a way for local suppliers to expand their footprint and for international designers to explore one of South Africa’s fastest growing markets while bringing South Africans a safe, convenient and affordable experience.

Weldon comments that “We consider it imperative that customers engage with the 5rooms personality. That they connect with the culture behind the brand.”


Local social innovation startup HumanWrit.es launches first edition notebook, helps children in need

Published by on Jun 1st, 2012, No Comments

HumanWrit.es, a social innovation start-up has designed and launched the first edition of their notebook – the Writable.

This 192 page square hardcover notebook is available to order from their website and for each one sold, a classroom of 10 books will be donated to children in need.

HumanWrit.es is the brain child of Adrian Myburgh, Jason Bagley and Richard Mulholland. When asked why they embarked on this project Jason, co-founder of the design agency Whitespace, responded “We wanted to create a real world product which, with our web-orientated and service background, we had not done before and we wanted to provide sustainable support to the communities around us in need”.

Adrian Myburgh, co-founder of Whitespace and shareholder in HumanWrit.es is the design and creative lead for HumanWrit.es. HumanWrit.es is the third venture for Richard Mulholland who also started Missing Link, a professional presentation business and 21Tanks, a perspective, ideas and execution solutions company.

The first edition of the Writable is a square hard cover notebook with a magnetic clasp containing 192 dotted pages, made of acid free munken pure paper. The dotted pages are something you are unlikely to find in other notebooks, Richard Mulholland explains. “We were looking for a solution to the age old argument of whether lined or blank pages are better. Writers are more prone to go for lined pages, whereas those of us who like to doodle and draw prefer a blank page, we don’t believe your brain should have to chose, the dotted page accommodates both and more importantly it encourages the user to employ whole-brain note-taking.”


Inside 22seven with founder Christo Davel

Published by on Jun 1st, 2012, 5 Comments

Christo Davel is a veteran of our local internet community. He made waves with his 20twenty virtual bank startup more than 10 years ago and now he’s back helping consumers understand their spending habits – enter 22seven.

Click play below to watch the video interview. Full interview transcript below.

Charl: Christo Davel, welcome to Bandwidth Blog video.

Christo: Thank you.

Charl: For the readers of Bandwidth Blog, before we get into 22seven I just want to talk about one of your previous companies. Along time ago you started a very innovative company called 20twenty which was just an online bank right in the dot com boom and bust. tell us a little about that.

Christo: 20twenty launched in 2001, so it was you right, it was right in the flux of the dot com boom and bust. The idea was to create a bank that people would ultimately love, um, using tech to make that possible. The challenge then was to convince people that banking online is a viable option. We had to convince people it’s safe, that you don’t have a branch so it shows you how long ago that was. But our backer was Sambo Bank and Sambo went into curatorship six months after we launched. So the truth is that 20twenty was only alive for six months. I stuck around, we were committed not to let our customers lose any money, and eventually sold to Standard Chartered Bank, 18 months later so that was quite a fascinating journey. (more…)

24.com launches Social Sharing Facebook App

Published by on Jun 1st, 2012, No Comments

24.com just launched a Facebook app that offers users a unique way to engage and connect with the news. So expect News24 stories popping up a whole lot more in your Facebook news feed. In order to read a shared article, users will have to accept the News24 app for their Facebook account.

The app is designed to allow users on the social network to read, share and comment on articles.  It opens up increased engagement around the news as users can see what their friends are reading in real-time and comment on their articles.  The app automatically shares all the articles users are reading on their Timeline and News Feed but they have the option to control their sharing preferences.

The response to the app has been impressive.  Since its launch in mid May, week on week referrals from Facebook have gone up 75% and the total unique story impressions have been 3 587 180.

Says 24.com’s Editor-in-Chief, Jannie Momberg: “The app is currently live for News24 and Sport24 and we plan to roll it out across other platforms around the beginning of July, including: Nuus24, isiZulu24, Parent24, Food24, Wheels24, Fin24, Channel24 and Women24. International trends have shown that news related social apps are proving increasingly popular as friends choose to share and read news that their friends are reading with 25-34 year old’s the fastest adopters.”

Logitech launches new solar powered keyboard for iPhone, iPad and Mac

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Mashable has reported that Logitech has just launched its Wireless Solar Keyboard K760, a new edition to its solar keyboard line-up.

The new keyboard enables users to connect their iPhone, iPad and Mac all at the same time meaning that you no longer have to disconnect each device and re-enter a code every time you want to switch between them.

Logitech’s Brand Manager Todd Walker explains that the keyboard gives an easy way to work across all these three devices.

The K760, an upgraded version of the the K750 released in 2010, is also solar powered so rather than require batteries to operate, the keyboard has “onboard solar cells” and can be charged with either natural sunlight or indoor lighting which can run for a total of 3 months based on 8 hours of usage per day.

The newer version also offers some improvements from its predecessor including a much closer resemblance to Apple’s regular Wireless keyboards with “the dedicated Home key working like the Home button on your iPad or iPhone”.

Logitech’s latest product will be going on sale in the U.S. and Europe this month with a retail price of US $80.

Watch the demo video below:


Vodacom Joins Sponsored List for IMC 2012

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With less than one week to go, final plans are in place for the Integrated Marketing Conference 2012 in Cape Town that’s guaranteed to make a mark in the marketing and communication industry across the country.

Along with a great line-up of sponsors that are already on board, Vodacom have joined the list and will be flying the IMC Conference flag for both the Cape Town and Johannesburg editions.

With an impressive guest speaker line-up that includes some of the best names in the business, a host of workshops and an exciting programme, the third IMC Conference is expected to cover all aspects of marketing, media, online and much more. Delegates will have the opportunity to pre-select the workshops they want to attend, as well as ask the questions they want prior to the conference via #IMCQUESTION to ensure they get the most out of the conference with a tailor-made experience and a chance to network, share ideas and learn from some of the most creative minds in the industry.

Selected Industry speakers chosen to represent various communication channels have prepared presentations for the IMC Conference that include:

  • Mike Sharman, Retroviral: “Blogging and theBeast”
  • Suhana Gordhan, Blackriver FC: “How tobe good parents to our brands”
  •  Christine da Silva, Neo@ogilvy: ”SEMantics”

Angry Birds continues to expand beyond virtual world

Published by on May 31st, 2012, No Comments

Rovio, the Finnish company behind Angry Birds, Angry Birds Space and the upcoming Angry Birds Heikki to launch in June, will be spreading its virtual wings into the real world once again.

The company announced this week that it will be launching an Angry Birds branded debit card in Russia. The company already offers plush toys, lunch boxes, clothing, stationery, food and drink items, a Formula 1 driver sponsorship deal and a jewellery line.

But that’s not all. Angry Birds Land was one of the highlights of the many attractions offered at Sarkanniemi amusement park that opened on 1 May in Tempere, Finland. However, the park owners have noted that finishing touches of the area that still have to be completed will continue until the beginning of June 2012 when it is ready for its official opening on the 8th of the month.


Plascon launches InspireME app for colour inspiration and expert advice

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Plascon has officially launched InspireME,  its very own mobile app that provides colour inspiration and expert paint advice from your mobile phone.

The iPhone app was made available in Q3 of 2011 and was followed by the launch for BlackBerry, Nokia and Android OS devices in early 2012. The app which became officially available in all app stores from the end of April 2012, had already been downloaded more than 6, 500 times, highlighting the enthusiasm with which people were responding to its availability.

Through its three key features Identify, Guide and Colours the app allows users to identify and browse through colours in the Plascon range and receive advice on products, surfaces and common paint problems. Basically, it’s everything you need when it comes to home decor and DIY without having to visit a Plascon store and talk to a consultant.

The Identify feature enables users to identify a specific colour, without having to sift through hundreds of colour cards in the Plascon range, from their mobile phone. If you happen to see a colour somewhere, anywhere that you like, just take a photo and then click on the section in the image you want to use. The app will find the closest matching Plascon colour, together with adjacent colour options nearest to the shade. Of course, the app relies on the quality of the photo taken and so a poor quality image may result in a slight variation between the colour in the photo and that which is recommended.