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Hands on Review: Google Nexus 7

Published by on Mar 27th, 2013, 7 Comments


Google welcomed its first tablet to the Nexus line in mid-2012. Unfortunately, it has been very hard for us to get our hands on one, as the demand has been so high that there were only a few review models handed out in SA. This is now something interesting to look at again, as the prices have been lowered in order to accommodate the new 32GB version, meaning that the smaller storage variants are now even more attractive in terms of price than they were before. This was a huge selling point of the tablet since its launch, and Google keeps pushing the envelope to get consumers the best possible experience at unbeatable prices.

This is the first time Asus worked with Google to manufacture a Nexus device, and our first impressions are that Asus did a brilliant job.


Local startup wins innovation award in NYC

Published by on Mar 27th, 2013, No Comments

Paperight logoLocal startup, Paperight, has recently won a prestigious innovation award in New York City. Paperight returned to South Africa as the Most Entrepreneurial Publishing Start-Up from the O’Reilly Tools of Change Start-up Showcase.

So what makes paperight earn such a title? Paperight is a network of over 200 independent photocopy shops and other printing businesses that print books quickly, legally and cheaply. These outlets purchase one-off licenses to print books for customers, on demand. Payments come out of each outlet’s prepaid account and go to the publisher, once Paperight has taken a 20% cut.

With over 1400 books available, Paperight, founded by Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow Arthur Atwell in 2011, is as far as it is aware, the largest network of print-on-demand bookstores in the world. That’s innovation right there.

The truth is that bookshops and libraries are rare outside of big cities in South Africa and books themselves, are expensive. As a result, most books are photocopied much to the disapproval of publishers, a process that sometimes involves breaking the law.

According to Nick Mulgrew, Head of Communications at Paperight, “The startup is a way of legalising and expanding upon this process, giving photocopy shops a legal way to do what many of them already do, and to vastly increase access to all kinds of books where bookstores, libraries, e-readers and internet access aren’t as common as we’d like it to be.”

Setting up Paperight was a challenge in itself and nobody had every tried anything like it before on such a large scale.


mapIT sponsor interactive map for the Two Oceans Marathon

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mapIT, together with their shareholders TomTom Africa, are sponsoring the interactive map for Ultra and Half Marathon routes for the 2013 Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon on the 30th March 2013.

mapIT, in partnership with Tracker recently developed the interactive route map for the 2013 Cape Argus Cycle Tour that took place earlier this month and contained vital information for both cyclists and spectators.

“We are thrilled to be providing our interactive route map to the ‘world’s most beautiful marathon’ for the fifth year running,” said Carey Dodd, Marketing Manager of mapIT. “The map provides valuable information to participants and spectators to help ease any stress relating to navigation on the day,” Dodd added.


TechCrunch editor Mike Butcher to headline Net Prophet Conference

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Net Prophet 2013 returns for its 5th year in a row.

Bringing together industry leaders, passionate entrepreneurs and innovative online professionals, this year Cape Town’s top Tech/Innovation Conference promises to be bigger and better than before, with 1 500 Net Prophet attendees packing out the Artscape Opera House for a day of inspiration and innovation.

News broke early this morning when Rob Gilmour from the RAMP Foundation announced that the first of the conference’s local and international speakers for this year’s Net Prophet is to be TechCrunch’s European editor, Mike Butcher. (more…)

Google’s new quirky Chrome adverts

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In an effort to get internet users using Chrome over any other browser, Google has launched a new advertising campaign.

The campaign features four quirky advertisements that give a few reasons why Chrome is the way to go.

The 15 second ads feature a baby with a taste for laptops, breadfish, a “dog that ate my map” and our personal favourite, Family Guy’s Stewie.

Watch them below:


SA conducting TV internet trials

Published by on Mar 26th, 2013, 1 Comment


According to Business Report, South African is currently conducting trails that involve unused parts of the television frequency spectrum that aims to provide low-cost broadband internet.

The trial to find out the feasibility of this technology that was unveiled on Monday in Cape Town, was funded by Google in partnership with the Tertiary Education and Research Network of SA (Tenet) and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research.

More specifically, the trial tested unused spaces in television frequency known as white space. Tenet project manager Arno Hart said that  “This is a very new area. There aren’t off-the-shelf products. We had to be very selective about the technologies.”

The service would broadcast from three base stations at Stellenbosch University’s faculty of medicine and health sciences in Tygerberg.

Source: City Press

Video preview: Microsoft Windows Blue

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An early version of Windows Blue has recently become available online and The Verge has had the opportunity to test it out, taking a look at some of its new features.

We first reported on Windows Blue, when a source revealed to ZD Net that ‘Blue’ would be the codename for Microsoft’s next version of Windows.

The upgrade sees improvements to built-in apps and most noticeably to the user interface. Also included are updates to Mail, Calendar, and People to the level of 1.0.

Blue is likely to be released later this year.


iPhone 5S and phablet-sized iPhone 6 spotted

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There seem to be a lot of rumours going around that Apple will release two new smartphones this year. It gathered pace recently, after a Chinese source claimed to have seen the forthcoming devices.

On Sina Tech, a micro blogging service, Old Yao claimed that his friend spotted the new edition of the standard-sized iPhone, most likely to be called the iPhone 5S, and also the 5-inch iPhone 6, in the factory of a major supplier to Apple. This lends more credibility to the rumours that two phones are coming this year, as Apple won’t release two upgrades to the same form factor in a year. Some argue that the second phone Apple is bringing to market this year is in fact an iPhone mini, following the same strategy they did with the iPad.