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Instagram finally releases monthly active user data

Published by on Jan 18th, 2013, 1 Comment

Instagram has released official monthly active user data for people using the photo sharing service on a regular basis.

This is the first time Instagram has released data that reveals actual user numbers after having been acquired by Facebook for $1 billion.

The following statistics, that reveal a growth in user numbers, were published on Instagram’s press centre:


  • 90 million Monthly Active Users
  • 40 million Photos Per Day
  • 8500 Likes Per Second
  • 1000 Comments Per Second

The results follow published reports, claiming that Instagram’s user base was rapidly declining due to a controversial proposal to change its terms and conditions.


Microsoft launches disaster management app HelpBridge

Published by on Jan 18th, 2013, No Comments

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy that devastated areas of the Caribbean and the Mid-Atlantic and Northeastern United States, during late October 2012, the importance and need for disaster management has been further realised and the advantages that technology offers in implementing effective and user-friendly solutions.

The world watched as water flooded the streets and subways of New York City, one of the largest in the world, that also suffered a widespread power outage.  In November 2012, New York City began installing the first of many smart screens to replace its under-used payphones. The 32-inch public smart screens provided information that included weather forecasts and yes, emergency broadcasts.

Now, Microsoft has launched a new app designed to help U.S. residents connect with family and friends, during a large scale natural disaster. HelpBridge also allows users to donate money, time and resources to support relief and rebuilding efforts.

HelpBridge lets users build a list of people who you would want to contact in an emergency. With one swipe users can let all those people know if they’re okay or if they need help via SMS, email and/or Facebook. The alert can also optionally provide your exact location via your phone’s GPS capabilities.


FLD Products: Multi-purpose protective laptop and tablet cases

Published by on Jan 18th, 2013, No Comments

Meet FLD Products’s new range of durable and protective tablet and laptop covers that are now available to purchase just in time for the new year. The multi-purpose FLD Products aim to offer laptop and tablet owners a stylish way to keep their devices safe and secure.

Established in May 2012 by entrepreneurs Lori Lazarus and Jonathan Feldman FLD (Feldman Lazarus Distribution) Products came about after extensive research resulted in the realisation of a gap in the market for laptop and tablet accessories that served more than one purpose. They mostly excluded additional areas for carrying other personal items.


Royal Pingdom: The Internet in 2012 by numbers

Published by on Jan 17th, 2013, 1 Comment

Royal Pingdom decided to take on the overwhelming task of discovering what went on online in 2012.

With figures compiled for internet users, emails, browsers, social media, domain names and more, they went to “the end of the web and back again” to provide us internet users, wherever we may be, with some interesting facts and figures about the very world we explore every day.

Below is just some of what they found. For the full post go to Internet 2012 in Numbers. 


  • 2.2 billion – Number of email users worldwide.
  • 144 billion – Total email traffic per day worldwide.
  • 4.3 billion – Number of email clients worldwide in 2012.
  • 35.6% – Usage share of the most popular email client, which was Mail for iOS.
  • 68.8% – Percentage of all email traffic that was spam.

Facebook launches free calls for iPhone users

Published by on Jan 17th, 2013, No Comments

Having just launched Graph Search, a service that enables users to quickly search through photos, friends, places and members interests,  Facebook has now introduced free calling for iPhone users.

The service, that begun testing earlier this month in Canada, is now available in the U.S. iPhone users will now see a new “i” icon on their screen when viewing a conversation with a Facebook friend in the Messenger App. To make a call to that person, users just tap on “free call” and the call is made over Wi-Fi as well as cellular data.

The recipient of the call, will receive a notification on their screen saying  “Mark Zuckerberg is calling” for example.

According to Endgadget a Facebook spokesperson confirmed that,  “you can only connect with a Facebook friend who also has [the latest] Messenger installed on their iPhone” and that “it’s only available on iOS.”

While not the only free calling service available, although limited to iPhone users, Facebook’s new service could ensure even more phone time spend by users on the social network. .


Porting from MTN to Cell C: A Review

Published by on Jan 17th, 2013, 38 Comments

I’ve been a loyal MTN customer for around the last twelve years. I started on prepaid with a Nokia 5110 as a teenager and then graduated to multiple contracts of ever increasing values and costs as I started using my cellphone for work and contacting girls. In recent years MTN has gone to the dogs: I had an iPhone 4 with them and almost never saw 3G signal instead being left on EDGE for mobile connectivity. Since data has become more important to me than how many SMS messages I get the lack of speed left me wanting. Add to the fact tons of dropped calls and plenty of dead spots in Johannesburg I was ready to move.

Ever since Allan Knott-Craig Snr joined Cell C they’ve changed their offerings to be highly competitive although I’d heard horror stories about the quality of the network. As mentioned earlier, my priority was data and I’ve had pretty good quality data on my Cell C data stick at home. Another issue is price, the iPhone 5 is currently R399 for 200 minutes, 200 sms’s and 500mb of data. Compared to MTN and Vodacom, this is at least R150-R200 cheaper. Enough about price though, this is an issue of network quality.

I phoned Cell C direct, got asked a million questions about my income and 7 days later an iPhone 5 was delivered to my door. I must commend the call center staff for being knowledgable and really friendly, more than I can say for my previous networks call center. While there was some issue with porting from MTN to Cell C (the sales agent forgot to initiate the porting process which is human error and could happen anywhere) but otherwise they communicated with me perfectly throughout the process.

As a whole I get a consistent 3G connection on my iPhone 5 (there is no LTE yet but this is true for any of the networks) and it’s actually rare for me to see an EDGE connection. There are spots where the quality is terrible, specifically in the Hyde Park area of Johannesburg (I get bumped to Vodacom here) but otherwise it’s perfect.

Cell C is great, don’t believe the negative press.

Samsung Note II users get Free Navigation Software

Published by on Jan 16th, 2013, No Comments

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is already one of our favourite devices (see our review here), and now it becomes even better value. Samsung Electronics SA has partnered with Garmin Southern Africa to offer the Garmin Navigon navigation app on all Samsung Galaxy Note II devices  at no additional cost.

“We are thrilled with this partnership as it provides our Galaxy Note II users with the ability to experience true turn-by-turn navigation on their mobile devices without needing to be connected to the internet resulting in extended battery life and reduced data costs,” says Craige Fleischer, Director of Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics South Africa. (more…)

earhoox: The solution for rebellious, loose and uncomfy earbuds

Published by on Jan 16th, 2013, 1 Comment

earhoox, a product that aims to solve the problem of loose and uncomfortable earbuds that just won’t stay put has launched on popular crowd funding site IndieGoGo.  With only four days remaining earhoox has raised over $8, 000 of its $18, 000 goal.  

earhoox are designed to work with standard earbuds that are included with many popular personal consumer electronics including mobile phones, tablets and MP3 players.