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FNB CEO Michael Jordaan tweets resignation

Published by on May 22nd, 2013, No Comments

First National Bank’s (FNB) CEO Michael Jordaan has announced his resignation on Twitter.

Jordaan’s tweet reads:


Over the last few years, Jordaan has been at the helm of FNB’s digital marketing strategy that uses technology to differentiate it from other SA banks to make a smarter, easier and more efficient banking experience for customers.


Square Stand: The register reinvented

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Square, the developers of Square Register, a  free point of sale app has introduced the Square Stand that lets business owners easily take payments directly from an iPad 2 or 3 (30-pin connector). Once the iPad and Square Stand are connected, its overall sleek and minimal appearance looks nothing like the typical cash registers that we have come to know.

The Square Stand tilts for different viewing angles and can rotate 180 degrees so customers can easily sign for purchase. The integrated credit card swiper keeps credit card information secure after swiping.


The new XBOX ONE: A 360º view

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Microsoft finally announced the new XBOX One yesterday (21st of May) in Redmond, Washington. There was a lot of hype surrounding the announcement as Microsoft promised to show the actual console in action (*cough*cough* Sony…). There were many online sites covering the event live and I decided to hop on to GameSpot.com to see the reveal for myself.

The previous XBOX 360 made its debut 8 years ago, which is a long time in the world of technology. The new XBOX One will most probably be around for the next decade, so for buyers the ONE (or PS4 – which ever you support) will be their longest-term consumer electronics “investment”. Thus this reveal will kind of set the tone for the next few years in console gaming. Therefore Microsoft had to pull out all the stops, and that they did! The reveal took on a Samsung Galaxy type of vibe, with feature after feature being thrown at the crowd. Will the new XBOX be the ONE? (more…)

Video: Unconfirmed Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

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Yesterday, photos of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active, obtained by GSMArena leaked online.

In addition to the Galaxy S4 Active, reports have revealed that Samsung is planning a new 8-inch Galaxy tablet and a 4.3-inch version of the Galaxy S4.

A variant of the Galaxy S4, the Android powered S4 Active comes with a similar look and feel to the flagship, although adopting a metallic shell and bolts, rather than hard plastic, and is also dust and waterproof perhaps putting it up against the impressive Sony Xperia Z.

According to various reports, the device boasts a quad-core ARM processor at 1.9GHz, a 1920 x 1080 screen resolution and a rear facing 8MP camera.


Opinion: Are retail outlets the ATMs of the future?

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South Africa already has a number of great money transfer solutions. The real challenge is not getting another banking app, but rather finding locations for these applications to convert credit into cash as well as cash into credit, says Bevan Ducasse of wiGroup.

“Mobile money is growing tremendously,” says Ducasse. “Every one of the big four banks as well as Capitec has a mobile banking solution, and we have MTN and Vodacom offering money transfer services as well. The problem of how to enable people without traditional bank accounts to transfer money has been solved. If someone has a cellphone number, you can send them money.”

What does still need to be solved, says Ducasse, is the problem of how to spend money sitting in mobile accounts and wallets. “At some point you still need to be able to deposit and withdraw cash,” he says; “and everything points to the retail footprint in South Africa being the answer.”


GoGifting launches largest SA gift card mall

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large-iconWith its new list of gift cards on offer, Cape Town-based startup GoGifting, has launched South Africa’s largest gift card mall, online.

GoGifting, launched in October 2012, allows users to send their friends gifts using their connections on social networks like Facebook and is growing maturity in South Africa, having already become a $100 billion market in the U.S. alone.

This week, South Africa’s social gifting pioneer, expanded its gift card and voucher offering to provide 40 gift cards from the country’s favourite brands including Carrol Boyes, Pick’n Pay, Cape Union Mart and Clicks.

Shoppers can now leverage the platform already popular with a large number of users to send gifts for any occasion. Having these available online lets gift-givers send gifts from where ever they are.

“We’ve had so many requests for a larger selection of brands from our users and we’re happy to oblige,” says founder Kevin Tucker. “There’s definitely a huge gap in the market to bring gift cards to online consumers. No more trekking to the shopping centre to find the right one.”

Gift cards are available in either physical or virtual format. Physical gifts are couriered to the recipient  with GoGifting handling all the fulfilment. Virtual gift cards are sent electronically and can be used immediately.


LG to demo flexible plastic OLEDs

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We can expect some interesting things at this week’s SID annual display exhibition in Vancouver, Canada. We have already learned that LG will show off their 55-inch curved OLED TV that we heard about last month. It will be a direct competitor to Samsung’s latest Smart TV technology, which has also started to launch with some curved designs.

Furthermore, they will demonstrate a 5-inch OLED screen created for mobile devices. What makes this panel unique is the fact that it is made of plastic, which means it is both flexible and unbreakable. This would of course be a welcome addition to modern smartphones, as a lot of us have had the anguish of a cracked screen. If not covered by insurance you might as well buy a new phone in some cases, because of the price tags on a new screen.


Flickr users now get 1 Terabyte Free

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Flickr is one of those great sites of the past which was ignored for way too long. As Yahoo’s SVP Adam Caham puts it: “Flickr had become about words, little images, blue links. It was not about the photo anymore.” No Yahoo is hoping to finally rejuvenate the aging photo site with a brilliant new user interface and a massive amount of storage for users.

The boring old white page with tiny images has now been replaced with a image rich interface which is much more in sync with our current broadband age. There is extensive sharing options also built in – and of course it includes Yahoo’s new darling, Tumblr (which it bought for a cool $1,1 Bil).

The biggest way to get people back to Flickr is of course with online storage. (more…)