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Why Apple Hates You But Loves Your Mother

Published by on Sep 25th, 2012, 5 Comments

Gary Meyer is the MD of iClinic, a digital strategy and management consultancy, a technology lover and amateur futurologist.

On a recent visit to my parents’ home, I had an interesting conversation with my mother that really got me thinking. It started with her excitement at telling me that her iPhone (which she’s had for 3 years now) could play music. This was of course shocking to me. My mother is one of the smartest people I know. When she doesn’t know, she has the skills to find information and learn and she’s also someone whose technological expertise far outweigh my own. How was it possible then for her to be unaware of something as simple as the iPod feature of the iPhone, arguably one of its core features. This told me there was a problem, and I wanted to try and understand where the break in information flow happened. Turns out, my mother’s never visited Apple.com, she’s never read the instruction manual nor has she ever bothered to ask anyone about the iPhone. When I asked her why, her answer was simple. “I had no reason to, my iPhone makes calls and I can send text messages. That’s really all I want it to do”. This really bothered me for sometime, as I felt I had let her down, she has this amazing device that she just wasn’t getting the full benefit of. It took me a long to time to accept the fact that, quite simply, she just didn’t care. It didn’t bother her at all.


iPhone 5 drop-test with Cygnett WorkMate case

Published by on Sep 25th, 2012, No Comments

Cygnett Design recently celebrated the international release of Apple’s new iPhone 5 with a wide range of cases.

“We created a diverse range of cases for the year’s most popular electronic device,” said Sophie Swann, Cygnett’s Creative & Marketing Director. “We have everything from the slim but super-protective WorkMate, the minimalist FlipWallet essentials case, to the ICON Art Series case from TATS CRU, world-renowned New York graffiti artists. Whether it’s fashion, function or protection, we have a case to suit!”

Among the many cases designed is the WorkMate shock absorbing case for the more “rough and tumble” iPhone owner.  The heavy-duty WorkMate comprises a two-part construction- a silicone, spark-etched chassis, with interior ridges to disperse point of impact shocks and proud non-slip ‘feet’; and a strong polycarbonate shell, with a rubberised coating for an easy-grip, matte finish.

To demonstrate the strength of this specially designed case, in a world-first, Cygnett’s Industrial Designer, Shannon Brown, drop-tested the iPhone 5 with and without the WorkMate shock-absorbing case.

Watch the drop-test in the video below:


Self driving Google car almost legal in California

Published by on Sep 25th, 2012, 1 Comment

Google’s self-driving car will soon reach legal status, that will allow it to drive on the highways of California.

Jerry Brown, the governor of California will today sign the recently passed Google robot car bill at the tech giant’s headquarters in Mountain View. Google co-founder Sergey Brin as well as other local elected officials will be present at this exciting and for some, controversial event.

According to The Bay Citizen, the bill, SB 1298, has recently passed the California legislature after a fierce lobbying campaign by Google who used significant resources to have the bill passed during the 2009/2010 legislative session including:


Infographic: Young Professionals & Risky Tech Behaviour

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Based on the 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report, Backgroundcheck.org compiled an infographic taking a look at the risky tech-related behaviour young professionals in the U.S. and abroad engage in in terms of device and password management, questionable internet behaviour, and lost or stolen devices.

View the infographic after the jump:


How can retailers compete with apps?

Published by on Sep 25th, 2012, 5 Comments

Online retailers are growing in number fast, with one new niche online buying store launched every week in South Africa. Some are small, some are big, but at least they are online. In the US, brick-and-mortar retailers are already fighting against becoming “showrooms” for customers who then return home to buy the goods online.

But for retailers, the situation is becoming even more dire. And for customers, far better. Right now, you can stand in a South African grocer, for example Woolworths, and by scanning a product’s barcode, find out its comparitive price in other stores nearby.

This is because of PriceCheck’s newly launched and improved app, available on most platforms (iOS, Android, Blackberry). “Fifty-percent of consumers are spending more than half of their total shopping time researching products online or using their mobile device. Our Mobile site gets in excess 100 000 visits per month. These numbers are growing, and what we’ve done is make it easy for even our least tech-savvy users to get the maximum benefit from their mobile devices. By keeping it simple and easy to navigate, we’ve brought comparison shopping to consumers, right in the store. This app works, and it works really well”, says Andre De Wet, CEO of PriceCheck, shedding light on the decision to increase mobile exposure and awareness.

The app also shows products that may sway buyers at the “point of purchase decision”, such as related goods. In addition to this, it now becomes far more important for stores to all appear on PriceCheck’s search results. As de Wet mentions, “There are no more walls, your product can now appear in any store.”


iPhoneographySA extends invitation to SA iPhone Photography fans

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Following the success of the 2011 iPhoneographySA exhibition held in Johannesburg, iStore and friend of BandwidthBlog, MarcForrest.com have partnered again to host this years event. Due to the popularity of iPhoneography in South Africa and the interest from different regions, this years iPhoneographySA Exhibition will be held in both Johannesburg and Cape Town.

“Based on the exceptional response to the 2011 iPhoneographySA exhibition, we are looking forward to seeing the entries from Johannesburg and Cape Town this year. We encourage anyone with an iPhone to enter the exhibition, as the user-friendly iPhone camera and availability of thousands of photography apps, makes it easy for even the most amateur photographer to take great photographs.” says Andrew Mundell, iStore CEO.


Tech4Africa 2012, Johannesburg

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Tech4Africa, the premier mobile, web and emerging technology event returns in 2012 congregating some of the best minds in ICT. This year’s theme is “Unlocking the next billion consumers”.

Sessions will be focused around mobile and content, the enterprise opportunity, entrepreneurship and financing, social business and innovation, while the audience will cut across the whole tech ecosystem of developers, social media marketers, technologists, corporates, students, investors and media.

The Developer Day and Hackathon on Wednesday, 31st October, includes three tracks – a day on Agile software development, a Hackathon with sessions on Ruby on Rails, Python, Raspberry Pi, PhP etc., as well as workshops for social media marketers on apps ecosystem, monetisation etc.


IMC Conference 2012 Jhb: Confirms final offering

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So we’ve all been to some seriously yawn-inducing marketing conferences, but that’s not how marketing conferences need to be! They can be (and really should be) exciting, intellectually stimulating, motivating, networking goldmines, and anything but a waste of time. The global marketing arena demands continuous trend evolution and constant innovation in order for companies to remain relevant. So it is with this understanding that Living Your Brand presents the Integrated Marketing Communication Conference, taking place on the 15th and 16th October 2012 at the Hilton Hotel in Sandton Johannesburg.

With a unique and unparalleled line-up of guest speakers and workshops that include some of the most prestigious names in the business, the IMC Conference is set to alter the landscape of all aspects of marketing from print media to direct marketing, all the way to the digital and social revolutions.