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Sony’s ‘Slim’ PS 3 to make worldwide debut in October

Published by on Sep 19th, 2012, 1 Comment

According to The Next Web Sony revealed its new Play Station 3 at the 2012 Tokyo Games Show on Friday.

The new slim version of the console, that is 20 percent smaller than its predecessor, will make its North American debut on the 25th September followed by a worldwide rollout in October that includes Japan and Europe.

Other features of the new PS 3 include a decrease in weight of about 25 percent, the choice of two storage options - 250GB and 500GB and a sliding disk cover, with a characteristic curved body design. The console will also be available in black and white.


Vodacom empowers Eastern Cape teachers with technology

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Vodacom, in partnership with the Department of Basic Education, has recently launched the Eastern Cape chapter of the Vodacom Mobile Education Programme in Lady Frere. This programme is set to transform teaching in the classroom through the use of technology.

The centre is part of Vodacom’s Mobile Education Programme and is expected to train 1 400 teachers from 172 schools annually in the Eastern Cape region. Teachers will be trained in the use of technology and will have access to curriculum content and teacher aids through cloud computing which is an internet based warehouse of educational content.

“This initiative focuses on teacher development, one of the most critical elements in the education value chain. It also offers a model whereby South Africa can advance in the area of education through the effective use of communications technology,” says Maya Makanjee, chief officer corporate affairs at Vodacom.


Twitter rolls out New Profile Page Design

Published by on Sep 18th, 2012, No Comments

Facebook’s update to timeline angered quite a few people out there – but now Twitter is following suit with a similiar design that shows of your history of tweets combined with your photos, and a more prominent “header photo”. This new look is meant to give a better impression of a user’s overall profile compared to the previous text heavy design.

The update is not web only – it is being rolled out to Twitter‘s own mobile clients to iPhone, iPad and Android. Photos also appear in the tweet timeline on all of these platforms, which makes us wonder about bandwidth usage. Users can swipe between these photos left and right, just like Facebook’s app. Users can still specify their background images as well, but this wont show up on mobile client apps.

You can go change your header image right now, but some prominent accounts have already switched on the new profile view.

Heavy Chef Session: Angus Robinson and Jon Hoehler on M-commerce

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This month The Heavy Chef Project is pleased to announce the rather unexplored topic of M-commerce.

Last month’s session with Shirley Wakefield shed light on the undeniable importance of mobile in Africa, which provided a solid foundation for what we will examine next – mobile shopping.

Angus Robinson is the Director of Mobile, Content, Community and Media Divisions at Native. With over 17 years of technology experience, he also founded Brandsh, a mobile and social media agency. Angus will be discussing various M-commerce case studies, brand building for mobile, and the User Experience.


Inside Design Studio Ippolito Fleitz, Stuttgart

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Take a look at the offices of design studio, Ippolito Fleitz based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Built on the premesis of an old factory, the new office space was designed to reflect their brand of being ‘identity architects’ and is meant to be a ‘quasi signature trademark for clients and studio staff alike.’

The predominantly white and bright office interior of the studio is a stark contrast to the building’s exterior. The fresh white walls and various pieces of black furniture are off-set by pops of colour in plants, books, carpets and other office accessories.

The use of unique light fixtures and wall and roof graphics give the office its own unique character and style.

View the images in the gallery below:


Samsung Galaxy S4 coming March 2013?

Published by on Sep 18th, 2012, 6 Comments

Hot off the announcement of the iPhone 5, it seems Samsung didn’t want to be out of the spotlight too long. According to sources, Samsung waited until the iPhone 5 was announced to determine their own timetable for the launch of the successor to the hugely popular Galaxy SIII, pictured above.

Even though the SIII was released only a couple of months ago, Samsung want to dig into pockets again as soon as possible. Rumours are indicating that the Galaxy S4 (or is it Galaxy SIV?) will be announced at the Mobile World Congress in February 2013, held in Barcelona.


Technology has Destroyed Us

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I’ve read countless post announcement commentary about how dull the iPhone 5 is and how it’s Apple’s fall from grace.

I’m personally guilty of this as well, I find devices exceptionally dull if they don’t come out with a whole bunch of “whiz bang” features. An example of this is the iPhone 5, I am debating not getting one because it “only” comes with an 8 megapixel camera (the same as the iPhone 4S) and is only slightly larger in terms of screen (compared to the Samsung and HTC phones coming out these days).

It’s the dumbest thought I’ve had in years. The other day, I went for a run with my phone; tracking the distance and speed with an app, listened to music and took a photo all at the same time. Five years ago this would have been considered science fiction. Who cares if it’s the newest version, a two year old device can do some amazing things.

It brings me to the following video where Jimmy Kimmel sends an iPhone 4S out onto the street and tells people that they are playing with a new iPhone 5. Hilarity ensues:

Moral of the story, it’s just a phone.

The User Experience Experiment

Published by on Sep 18th, 2012, 3 Comments

David Perel is the Co-founder of Obox Themes. Along with his brother he has been running Obox since 2005. Along with the day-to-day running of Obox he is also a designer and front end developer.

Obox Themes is a Premium WordPress theme company with an active user base of over 60,000. They specialise in themes focussed on great design and usability.

The Obox site is always in a constant state of change. Not a week goes by where either Marc or myself push a new update to the site in the aim of improving user experience or conversions.

One of our missions this year was to focus as much as possible on User Experience and then take those learnings and apply them to User Interfaces.

We were tired of just going by feel and wanted to actually see and know what was happening when a user experienced Obox in any shape or form.