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Kohler’s new Bluetooth Moxie Shower Head Speaker

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Announced in a press release, kitchen and bathroom fixture manufacturer Kohler Co. introduced its new Moxie shower head with integrated speaker.

Inspired by a high demand for constant connectivity  - like taking your smartphone with you into the bathroom – Kohler’s new invention syncs with any Bluetooth-enabled device-smartphone and mp3 player and streams music directly into the shower. It is also both removable and rechargeable so you can take it with you into err..  any shower you use or anywhere else for that matter.

Kohler performance showering product manager Leslie Bronson explains that “We’re seeing a growing demand for music in the bathroom. Smartphones are transforming the way users access music. Half of all smartphone users stream music directly from their devices. The Moxie shower head takes accessibility to a whole new level.”


Meet Spaza Shop: A South African market for Android apps

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Spaza Shop, developed by Dawid van Graan and Richard Barry of Polymorph Systems, is an app marketplace for South African Android apps. It helps South Africans with Android phones to find locally relevant apps and also gives South African Android app developers exposure to local users, both of which are not easy to do through the Google Play Store.

The apps are still hosted and installed through Google Play, and all the advantages this entails – ratings, update notifications, etc. – but the app is a very specific viewing angle on the Play Store  - local apps only.

Aimed specifically at South Africans the name is appropriate as locals know that the term refers to your local store, in your neighbourhood thereby making it clear who it is targeted at. As the saying goes, “local is lekker”.


Infographic: Celebrating 10 years of Camera Awesome

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As the smartphone industry continues to grow, more people will be relying on their phones to preserve their memories with apps like Camera Awesome.

Features of the app include:

  • Compositional tools and effects that help you line-up the perfect shot and choose an effect that will be automatically applied.
  • Settings focus and exposure to set and lock focus and exposure.
  • A vast array of effects to choose from to apply to your image.
  • Cropping and rotating tools to trim and positions photos.
  • The ability to share with friends and followers on a number of different social networks.
  • Timer or interval options.

Google launches mobile alternate reality game

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Google has recently launched a new alternate reality game app for mobile devices. Ingress, is a free app soon to be available for download from the Google Play store.

While users play the game using their mobile device, it requires physically outdoor activity with players having to walk or drive to various locations in order to complete tasks or missions.

While anyone can play the game from anywhere around the world, everyone is essentially playing the game at the same time. Players are on one of two teams: “The Enlightened,” who embrace the power, or “The Resistance,” who fight the power.


MTN & Integr8’s partnership results in converged solution

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The twelve-year partnership between South Africa’s largest privately-owned and managed ICT service provider, the Integr8 Group, and MTN Business, has resulted in the convergence of expertise to deliver a single point of contact and managed infrastructure that will benefit the enterprise and public sector market.

“The strategic partnership transcends the boundaries of a conventional ‘Telco-reseller’ arrangement and is considered a fully developed, mutually-beneficial partnership,” says Robert Sussman, joint CEO of Integr8.

As a renowned leader within managed ICT services, Integr8 offers the market the benefit of MTN’s widespread connectivity footprint which allows for a combination of Integr8 and MTN Business solutions. This enables geographically dispersed sites to share vital business applications and provides access to the corporate Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Integr8 has enjoyed a decade-long presence within the MTN datacentre, ensuring the provision of services that include: multiple Fax2Mail platforms, Remote Data-backup synchronisation, Cloud Messaging and Unified Communication Platforms, Virtualised Infrastructure platforms in both a private and public cloud based offering, as well as an array of solutions for client cloud hosting.


4Di Capital receives investment from E. Oppenheimer & Son Int.

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Cape Town based independent early-stage technology venture capital firm, 4Di Capital, that recently made headlines with the selling of its Motribe shares to Mxit, will be receiving an investment from E. Oppenheimer & Son International of the wealthy South African Oppenheimer family.

The investment, the amount of which has not yet been disclosed, will double the size of 4Di Capital’s Fund 1 that targets startup investment opportunities.

This will enable the company to expand into other new investment opportunities, that have included several in South Africa, as well as ensure the necessary capital to accelerate its portfolio growth.

Rachel Slack, a Director of E. Oppenheimer & Son, said, “We believe that South Africa has exceptional entrepreneurial talent and are excited to join the 4Di Capital family, where we hope we can assist in leveraging the resources available to us in support of young, high-impact entrepreneurs wishing to develop and launch their new innovations onto the global stage.”

According to founding partner of 4Di Capital and co-founder of the Silicon Cape Initiative, Justin Stanford the company are “pleased” to have received the investment from the Oppenheimers which will assist in providing much needed capital to local technology startups in the mobile, enterprise software and web sectors with the growth potential to make their mark in international markets.

Laurence (Laurie) Olivier, US based Senior Partner of 4Di Capital commented, “Recent shifts in technology and the global venture capital arena have created opportunities for entrepreneurs in emerging markets to take advantage of an increasingly integrated global technology landscape and lower cost of market entry, especially in the software, mobile and internet sectors.”

“Barriers to entry have dropped significantly and now technological talent anywhere in the world has the potential to flourish if provided with the right enabling environment, capital and support.”

2012 South African eCommerce Award Winners

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The 7th annual South African eCommerce Awards sheds some light on how far eCommerce in South Africa has come. Websites are in tune with the increasing demands of this growing industry and are raising their standards year on year.

The South African eCommerce Awards congratulates the Winners in the 2012 South African eCommerce Awards for their contributions to powering eCommerce in South Africa forward, and would like to give recognition and commend all the participating websites for their contributions to the eCommerce industry.

The Winners in the 2012 South African eCommerce Awards:

  • Yuppiechef winner of the Best eCommerce Store Award
  • Bidorbuy winner of the Best eCommerce Services Website Award
  • Groupon South Africa winner of the Best Group Buying Website Award
  • Property24 winner of the Best Classifieds Website Award
  • TravelGround winner of the Best Design, Standards & Ease of use Award
  • Yuppiechef winner of the Best Shopping Process Award
  • HomeChoice winner of The Public’s Favourite eCommerce Website Award

Silicon Cape Committee 2013

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Last night saw the inspiring motivations given by candidates during the elections for the 2013 Silicon Cape Committee at Bandwidth Barn in Cape Town.

After tallying up the votes these are the committee members that were voted in:

  • Alex Fraser
  • Cathrine Luckhoff
  • Daniel Guasso
  • Heidi Schneigansz
  • Jess Green
  • Joe Botha
  • Lianne du Toit
  • Nic Haralambous
  • Rob Gilmour
  • Roger Norton
  • Thulani Ngwenya
  • Tim Harris

Congratulations to all committee members!

If anyone is interested in joining a sub committee or supporting the Silicon Cape initiative in some way please email engage@siliconcape.com