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More Women needed in SA ICT Sector

Published by on Apr 24th, 2013, 2 Comments

woman-on-laptopSouth Africa needs to actively encourage young girls to consider technology as a career option if the country is going to address key issues like the current skills shortage in the IT sector and spiralling levels of youth unemployment.

That’s the word from Thuli Sibeko, the organiser of the South African Girls in ICT event, being held on International Girls in ICT day on 25 April 2013. Now in its fourth year, the event aims to inspire girls to consider a future in technology, with more than 130 schoolgirls expected to attend a conference with leading women in the local ICT sector.

Ms Sibeko, the managing director of Anglo African Events, says the technology sector offers “an extraordinary opportunity” for girls and young women to forge successful careers in a field where there are expected to be two million more ICT jobs than there are professionals to fill them in the next 10 years.

“In a country where there are millions of unemployed young people, it’s important to break the existing stereotypes that technology careers are ‘too hard’ for girls, or ‘unfeminine’ or even ‘boring’,” said Ms Sibeko. “Education and skills training – and a change in attitudes – are vital to ensure women are not left behind.” (more…)

Vodacom first to get BlackBerry Q10

Published by on Apr 24th, 2013, 3 Comments


Vodacom customers will be the first to get their hands on the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone, which will be available at Vodacom World and other participating outlets on Thursday 2nd  May 2013. The Q10 is the first BlackBerry 10 OS device with a physical keyboard.

We had the opportunity to play with the Q10 at the recent Z10 launch, and we walked away very impressed. It certainly sticks to a similiar feel to the Bold 9900 which was a great phone to hold with premium materials.

Vodacom customers get even more with the new BlackBerry Q10 smartphone.  New contract customers will receive unlimited BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) texting and file sharing* for 24 months, valued at R19 per month. In addition to this, customers will also receive double their data for the first two months of the contract. Contract prices for the Q10 can be found below: (more…)

Nokia launches Asha 210 with dedicated WhatsApp Button

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Now this is a smart move. Recognizing the shift away from SMS, Nokia has embraced the WhatsApp standard for their new low cost Asha 210 phone. The new Asha 210 features a dedicated button to access WhatsApp, and a full qwerty keyboard for messaging addicts. Well done to Nokia for not creating some proprietary messaging standard that only works on one brand. WhatsApp is an excellent choice – and you will not be charged a yearly cost to use it.


Apple Posts Q2 Earnings: Cause for concern?

Published by on Apr 24th, 2013, 1 Comment


Cupertino has been on a winning streak for a very long time. The company was struggling towards the end of the previous century, but then came the iMac. It was a massive success, but then came the iPod revolution. After the iPhone and iPad were released, the company climbed to being the most valuable in the world.

Ever since the passing of Steve Jobs, analysts have been questioning whether Apple is still capable of being an innovator and it shows in their market capitalization. From a high of over $700 per share in Sept 2012, it has been hovering around the $400 mark lately. While their latest results posted on Tuesday, 23 April would look great for most other companies, some people say it might be time to start seeing red lights.

Global Micro launches Virtual Filing Cabinet and Office on Demand

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Global Micro Solutions launched their Virtual Filing Cabinet and Office on Demand at this year’s Microsoft TechEd Africa, which took place from 16 – 19 April 2013 at the Durban International Convention Centre. Global Micro showed how customers now have the option to rent Microsoft applications on a monthly basis, without purchasing the software outright.

“Our goal at TechEd 2013 was to share our expertise and showcase the best practices which we have built our business on. This year we are focusing on how to guide your customer along the Cloud journey” says JJ Milner, Managing Director and chief cloud architect for Global Micro Solutions.

Global Micro’s solution comes in the form of a Virtual Filing Cabinet, a technology developed by Allenport to deliver the best possible Cloud storage experience and business-grade service, currently available on the Cloud services platform.

Global Micro has invited Joel E. Allan, Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer at Allenport to attend TechEd 2013 and host talks on the Global Micro stand. Allan gave attendees the best insight into how businesses can handle their Cloud services. (more…)

1 in 4 SA Computers Unprotected

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digital_globe_thinkstock_104270434One in every four computers in South Africa is running unprotected, without up-to-date real-time anti-virus or anti-malware protection – and without this vital protection layer, these systems are 5 times more likely to be infected with malware.

That was one of the key findings of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report volume 14 (SIRv14), which was released this week at the company’s TechEd 2013 conference at Durban’s ICC. According to the report, network worms are on the decline and web-based attacks have risen to become the number one threat facing enterprises today.

The proportion of Autorun threats reported by enterprise computers decreased by 37% from 2011 to 2012 – but seven out of the top 10 threats affecting enterprises were associated with malicious or compromised websites, said Dr Khomotso Kganyago, chief security adviser at Microsoft South Africa.

The report found that enterprises were more likely to encounter the iFrame redirection technique than any other malware family tracked in Q4 2012. One specific iFrame redirection family called IframeRef, increased fivefold in the fourth quarter of 2012 to become the number one malicious technique encountered by enterprises worldwide. IframeRef was detected nearly 3.3 million times in the fourth quarter of 2012.

“People intuitively understand the importance of locking their front door to prevent their homes from being broken into. Computer security is no different. Surfing the Internet without up-to-date anti-virus is like leaving your front door open to criminals,” said Dr Kganyago.

SIRv14 explains some of the most prevalent threats facing consumers online: (more…)

Schmidt reveals Google Glass public release timeline

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Google Chairman Eric Schmidt wears Google Glass

Google chairman Eric Schmidt wears Google Glass

In an interview with BBC Radio 4 Google chairman Eric Schmidt has revealed that the public release of Google Glass is still about one year away.

Google is currently distributing the Explorer limited edition to winning developers at a cost of $1, 500 each. This programme will provide Google with valuable feedback from a total of 8000 users testing out the device, before making it available for consumers in about a year’s time.

This might be good news for some who fear privacy invasions, with Google Glass wearers capturing and sharing their various activities using the device’s technology. Google is coming under fire around this issue, more recently involving concerns from the Australian Privacy Commissioner.


Infographic: Mxit celebrates one year of open APIs

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Mxit is celebrating one year of open APIs and the launch of its mobi portal in April 2012 with an infographic.

Since its launch a total of 126 developers have launched 219 apps.

The 2012 to 2013 growth saw between five to 35 apps published each month, taking the total number of apps on the platform from 209 in March 2012 to 428 in March 2013.

In terms of categories, entertainment leads the way with 23% and strategy games leads the games category with 19%.

Of the platform’s in-app advertising where developers can receive a 70%  share of the profits generated Mxit’s Sarah Rice said that “Mxit launched in-app advertising in June 2012. Since then we have seen that the split between revenue coming from in-app spending (Moola) and advertising has settled into a 60/40 split. 60% Moola and 40% advertising across all our applications. “

Check out the infographic below: