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Ouya starts shipping developer consoles

Published by on Dec 28th, 2012, No Comments

Open-source games console Ouya is getting closer to launch date, with the first batch of developer hardware being shipped to early backers before January 10. According to official Ouya forums, the notifications have been emailed to early adopters that paid $699 for the kit. The sample dev kits consist of the console itself and two controllers.

The Kickstarter backed, Android-powered games console has been designed to completely change the gaming landscape. The aim is to change the industry by allowing more independent programmers to have their creations seen by millions. Ouya was one of the high-profile Kickstarter successes of 2012. It raised more than $8.5m in backing in a matter of weeks.

It still needs to be seen whether the console is successful when it launches to the public, though. Adoption among larger gaming companies has been slow, but the announcement has been made that a further 10 games will be available at launch.

What are your thoughts on the open-source gaming console? Can it compete with today’s heavyweights?

Source: Slashgear

Apple working on “iWatch”?

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Once again the rumour mill is in full swing after a post on TGBUS. Their insider info now has Intel linked to the project, and it will feature a 1.5 inch display and Bluetooth 4.0, which is ideal for for low power transmitting. Intel will be supplying the low power processing in the device, which will be a big shift away from Apple’s current in house processing design used in the iPhone and iPad. The iWatch will apparently pair to the iPhone or iPad, and will in doing so probably also use their data connections.

Ever since the release of the sixth generation iPod Nano in 2010, people have wanted some type of Apple watch. Many buyers of the Nano at that stage mounted the player to their wrists, which made it a somewhat bulky but very cool watch. Apple caught on the fad, and released more watch faces for the software later. Problem was, the watch was an iPod, and nothing more. So no smart features or notification ability. (more…)

You are Useless At Powerpoint

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Are you tired of depressing Powerpoint presentations where you sit through visuals that look like a fourteen year old splashed some colour on the screen? Are you often upset or embarrassed by your inadequate skills to master Powerpoint? If so then take a look at this fantastic presentation on how to actually master the topic: (more…)

Facebook built the “Poke” App in just 12 Days

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One of the early Facebook features that many people got to know was the “Poke” feature. It did not do much – it simply showed a notification on the receiver’s Facebook page. But here we are a few years later, and Facebook has finally given the Poke name something that is of actual use.

Facebook yesterday launched its new Poke app for iOS, which is incredibly simple to use. Just like an instant messenger, you click a friend’s name and start typing, or sending images and video. But Poke has stolen a page from Snapchat in that the message disappears after a pre-set time up to 10 seconds. The receiver also has to hold down the person’s name in order to see the message, which does make it a little more difficult to capture with a screenshot.*

What is also quite interesting about the Poke app is that Mark Zuckerburg was actually very involved in the coding and design of the app. One of the strange little parts of the Poke app is the notification noise – which is a heavily processed voice which says “Poke!”. (more…)

The Growth of Visual Marketing

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Content marketing is rapidly growing overseas as brands realise that being a publisher online is a great way to get their products noticed and growing. As someone in the content marketing business I’m very focussed on words but further to that with the growth of Instagram and 500px it’s inevitable that imagery will eventually tell a thousand words. Here’s an infographic on the growth of visual content marketing:


What you need to know: Making the move to mobile

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With mobile penetration in South Africa already well over 100%, an increasing number of enterprises are turning to this medium as a means of communicating with their customer bases. Mobile communications tools like SMS represent an immediate, personal and cost-effective mechanism through which to reach customers, allowing large organisations to send anything from account updates to discount vouchers at the click of a button.

Yet whilst this might seem like a simple solution for enterprises looking to improve on customer relationships, large-scale mobile messaging campaigns can prove incredibly complex, and can in fact end up hindering a company’s communication efforts if not managed correctly. Corporates looking to develop and maintain in-house mobile communications tools need to factor in a number of elements, such as security and capacity management, which can prove both costly and time consuming.

Stefano Sessa, CEO of Cape Town based mobile communications provider, Panacea Mobile, believes that corporates would be best advised to seek out expert outsourced solutions.

“Specialist SMS providers are better placed to deliver high-impact mobile communication services, with existing systems able to take into consideration a number of key elements essential to their success,” explains Sessa. “Enterprises looking to develop effective communications campaigns, whilst at the same time bolstering their bottom line, can most effectively do so by taking advantage of these systems, which can communicate with core business applications, and greatly reduce their total cost-per-message.”

System Security

For large institutions, particularly those dealing with sensitive financial information, security is of paramount importance. With mobile campaigns often spanning a number of departments, from finance to the call centre, stringent user controls need to be implemented so as to protect customer information.


Looking back at Apple commercials of old

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With every new device, be it an iPhone or iPad, that Apple introduces to the market, comes a brand new advertisement.

From acclaimed celebrities like Martin Scorsese and John Malkovich endorsing Siri to a rather uninspiring iPad Mini advertisement of which a parody was made by Conan O’Brien and one involving the Microsoft Surface tablet, new campaigns aim to impress fans, recruit new ones and boost sales.

As the end of the year approaches and we reflect on the devices, gadgets, reviews and news of 2012 let’s take a look way, way back to some Apple commercials of old.

Power Macintosh:


Samsung 5.5 inch Flexible Display to be revealed at CES 2013

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Samsung have long been teasing the idea of flexible displays and have recently created a subsidiary, Samsung Display, which will showcase a couple of their flexible displays at CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Showcase). Reportedly the first will target smartphone users, with a 5.5 inch 1280 x 720 HD screen, while the other will be a massive 55 inch screen, obviously for television use.

According to Samsung Display, these screens curve without rendering, but don’t yet roll up. The men in white coats in the lab developed the touch panel and cover lens in addition to creating the material that becomes the main substance of the screen.

The electronics giant has long been accused of merely copying and refining in the smartphone market and this kind of innovation would surely silence their critics. If Samsung Display can perfect this kind of technology, we could see another radical shift in smartphone trends in the years to come, just like we saw after the introduction of the iPhone.

CES is kicking off in about three weeks and we can’t wait to see what kind of devices and technologies get unveiled. If these are the kind of new technologies we can expect from CES 2013, it will be a fantastic show!