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Skype for Windows Phone 8 in Preview

Published by on Nov 12th, 2012, 1 Comment


Skype for Windows Phone 8 is now available to download in Preview. The VoIP/chat service has been tailored especially for use with Microsoft’s new operating system.

New features include:

  • Seeing all your Skype contacts in the People Hub and starting a conversation with just a tap
  • Signing in with your Microsoft Account and IM with your Messenger buddies
  • Even when the app is closed, you’ll begin to receive some call and message notifications so you can respond right away (under development)

Panacea Mobile announces new account design

Published by on Nov 12th, 2012, 2 Comments

Mobile services company Panacea Mobile has made some improvements to their interface with the development of a brand new design that will accommodate a host of new features rolling out in the future.

Now in beta phase, the new account design, with more to come, includes:

Campaigns: All Message and Batch campaigns are now located under the Campaigns section. Better filtering tools and bulk actions have been added so that it’s easier to manage multiple campaigns. Right now you can send a Message Campaign (to contact lists) or a Batch Campaign (upload a file of numbers and messages to be sent). You can then watch your campaigns deliver in real-time, pause and resume sending, edit the batch settings or message text and download results from the campaign such as message results, failures or the original batch file. There is more to come including new campaign types like subscriptions and competitions.


Teraco launches first vendor neutral satellite earth station in Africa

Published by on Nov 12th, 2012, 1 Comment

Teraco Data Environments, South Africa’s first provider of vendor neutral data centres, has announced the launch of Africa’s first vendor neutral satellite earth station. The station, which effectively positions Teraco as the most connected data centre in Africa, is due to be completed in March 2013. Teraco Managing Director Lex van Wyk says that this announcement has far-reaching effects for Satellite Service Providers, African carriers and Internet Service Providers with connectivity now available through fibre, wireless and satellite, “this strategic offering reinforces Teraco’s status as the communication hub for Southern Africa”.


iPad Mini vs Surface TV ad Parody

Published by on Nov 9th, 2012, No Comments

It seems that American talk show host Conan O’Brien wasn’t the only one who was unimpressed with Apple’s iPad Mini advertisement having created a parody of what he considered to be  “a little condescending”.

Produced by Cinesaurus, here is yet another parody of the TV advert released by Apple, with Microsoft’s own branded tablet, the Surface, thrown into the mix.

Watch “Surface vs iPad Leaked TV Ad #SurfaceVSiPad” in the video below:


Mobile Broadband a Massive Revenue Opportunity in SA – Study

Published by on Nov 9th, 2012, 1 Comment

Mobile broadband is the biggest single revenue opportunity in Africa in the immediate and longer term, according to the results of a recent Industry Outlook survey commissioned by Informa Telecoms & Media. This resonates with Informa’s forecasts that suggest that annual mobile data revenues in Africa will reach US$18.5 billion by 2016 accounting for 22% of the region’s total mobile service revenues as compared with 12% in 2011.

Informa Telecoms & Media commissioned the survey for AfricaCom 2012 and will publish the results in its “Africa Telecoms Outlook 2013: Seizing new revenue opportunities” report at the event in Cape Town between 13 – 15 November.

Mobile data growth will power a number of revenue opportunities. The business case for 4G technology will emerge, according to 70% of the survey’s respondents, as the growth of mobile data services continues to accelerate. Giving mobility to broadband services will empower enterprises and especially SMEs to benefit from more mobile working thereby generating greater business agility.

Yet there remains a large constraint on the ideal of connecting Africa. Even the cheapest mobile phone is still not affordable for many there. There is a powerful message from Informa’s survey: seven out of 10 respondents agreed that operators must use their buying power and distribution networks to make more devices available and device manufacturers need to make more affordable devices.

A central message from the survey is the need for mobile network operators (MNOs) to take notice of the changing demands and characteristics of its customers. Nick Jotischky, principal analyst for emerging market analysis at Informa Telecoms & Media comments, “There is more depth to a mobile operator’s customer base in Africa than two or three years ago and, for this reason, MNOs need to gain a greater insight into their customers’ behavior and offer them services that match their individual needs and preferences. Using this insight to design new business models that combine an MNO’s traditional capabilities (mobility, location) with Internet-style services (search, mapping) will enable a more compelling and personalized set of services to a wider variety of customer segments”.

Jotischky will chair a session at AfricaCom on November 13 discussing Africa’s evolving telecoms market with a number of Informa analysts and copies of the report will be made available there.

Look & Listen, Vox Telecom offer free Gigs for Gamers

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Entertainment retailer Look & Listen has teamed up with Vox Telecom to bring dedicated gaming enthusiasts a special offer over the festive period. Customers will receive 40GB of gamer-optimised, premium bandwidth with every purchase of selected new game releases and/or Xbox, PlayStation 3 and Wii U consoles.

From 13 November, gamers around the country will have access to Vox Telecom’s newest ADSL product – Wildfire – when they purchase a copy of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Available in two variations (a usage based and a fixed monthly charge version), Look & Listen will be offering customers 40GB of Wildfire bandwidth free with the game among others as well as Xbox, PS3 and Wii U consoles going forward.

Wildfire bandwidth has been designed for gamers from the ground up, with Vox Telecom’s highest quality bandwidth available 24/7.


Hands on Review: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (Updated)

Published by on Nov 9th, 2012, 2 Comments

Update: Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean started rolling out for the Galaxy Note 10.1 in Europe yesterday, and it has been reported that it does help performance significantly.

Update 2: We added our video review on the Galaxy Note 10.1 – and you can find it here. Unfortunately, our opinion of the device has not changed….

Although Samsung are leaps and bounds ahead of other Android smartphone manufacturers when it comes to sales numbers, their tablet offerings have never lived up to that same potential. The Galaxy Tab series never truly took off, and with competitors like Acer, Asus and Amazon launching some great products, Samsung haven’t had their moment in the sun with its tablet offering.

The electronics giant had to throw everything into their new tablet, even landing James Franco to be the official face of the Galaxy Note 10.1. A quad-core Exynos chipset with 2GB of RAM is pretty serious performance spec, but Samsung wanted the Note 10.1 to be more than just powerful.


Galaxy S3 sales surpasses iPhone 4S in Q3 of 2012

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Samsung’s Flagship Galaxy S3 became the world’s best selling smartphone in the third quarter of 2012, overtaking Apple’s iPhone 4S sales.

The results, released by Strategy Analytics, a market research and consulting firm, show that the Samsung Galaxy S3 sold 18 million units in Q3 in comparison to the iPhone 4S’s 16.2 million.

In addition Samsung’s global market share increased drastically from 3.5% in Q2 to 10.7% in Q3 in comparison to Apple’s market share slipping from 12.7% to 9.7%.