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Vodacom multiplatform mobile app workshop, Pretoria

Published by on Sep 12th, 2012, No Comments

Vodacom is planning to launch South Africa’s first multiplatform mobile application development workshop which is aimed at strengthening the mobile app eco-system in South Africa. The workshop will be launched in partnership with some of the best and leading ICT players in South Africa which include BlackBerry, CSIR, Google, Microsoft, mLab, Nokia, Qualcomm, Samsung, Technology Innovation Agency and The Innovation Hub.

The workshop forms part of the Vodacom Developer Programme which aims to encourage local developers to design apps that are relevant to the South African market as well as the global market.


iPhone 5: What to Expect

Published by on Sep 12th, 2012, 9 Comments

Every year we see some leaked images for the upcoming iPhone – and this year is no different. While there was no phone lost in a bar this year, the leaks from component manufacturers means we have a pretty good idea of what to expect already. In fact, so many components have been leaked that some intrepid folks have already built an iPhone 5 from the combined leaked parts. While it does not boot up all the way, it shows that the leaks might very well be the very thing that we see later tonight.

So what can we expect to see later today? (more…)

Zuckerberg: A Facebook phone is the wrong strategy

Published by on Sep 12th, 2012, 1 Comment

Mark Zuckerberg has publicly stated that a Facebook phone makes no sense and that “It doesn’t move the needle for us”.

Zuckerberg put rumours and reports of  the development of a Facebook phone to rest on stage at the TechCrunch Disrupt 2012 in San Francisco. Among the reports, that came from “sources with knowledge on the matter”, was that HTC were going to be building the smartphone for release in 2013.

Zuckerberg stated that while he understands that people have been reporting and believing stories about a Facebook phone for its ‘juicy’ appeal, a Facebook phone, is clearly the wrong strategy at this time.


Introducing the Waytag: Making location simple

Published by on Sep 11th, 2012, 3 Comments

Meet the waytag, a free permanent “address” that moves with users wherever they are and represents a new era of location-aware marketing and development. The waytag was introduced to fellow Progress software developers and business leaders at the recent AIGS Progress Africa Conference, which focused strongly on the theme of mobility and its impact on both business and technology

“Mobility may be the most important trend affecting businesses today,” says Richard Firth CEO of !Waytag, established in 2012. “But very few companies are effectively operating in that space, globally or locally. We wanted to create a tool that would allow companies to speak to individuals on the move and optimise their customer service according to their location.”

Waytags move with users wherever they are. This allows a user to create a waytag (e.g. BobMobi) and then update their location to wherever they are. If Bob, for example, wants to meet someone at his favourite restaurant, they can simply look at his updated waytag and meet him there. “This makes the app extremely useful in terms of things like road safety,” Firth says. “Someone that has broken down in an unknown area can simply update their waytag, and help can find them easily.”

Firth emphasises that the application has strong security measures in place. “You create it, you name it, you update it, you can delete it and you can choose who to share your waytag with,” he says. “You are always 100% in control of the information associated with your waytag.”


YouTube launches new app for iPhone, iPod Touch

Published by on Sep 11th, 2012, No Comments

YouTube has launched a new app for iPhone and iPod touch.

According to a blog post, “the new app is built by YouTube engineers, to give our iPhone and iPod touch users the best mobile experience” offering more features than a previous pre-loaded version.

New features now offered by the updated app, that seems to focus mostly on watching rather than uploading the “tens of thousands more videos” now available, include a channel guide that can be viewed by swiping and tweaked search tools that autocomplete suggestions for you.

According to iSource, The reason that “tens of thousands more videos” are now available, is due to the new app’s ability to display advertisements.

Users can now also share their favourite videos on Google+, Twitter and Facebook. Alternatively YouTube fans can also share videos through text message in the app as well as email.

YouTube are also currently working on an optimized version of the app for iPad, expected to be available in the coming months.

Download the new app from the App Store.

Airbus targeting ‘smarter skies’ by 2050 for 50% reduction in emissions

Published by on Sep 11th, 2012, No Comments

Airbus has never shied away from a challenge, always trying to push the envelope to be innovative, inventive and bringing solutions future generations need. It is this attitude that saw them becoming a huge player in a market previously dominated by Boeing and McDonell Douglas. It also saw them creating the new behemoth of the skies, the Airbus A380.

The largest commercial aircraft in the skies today by some margin, I might add, it signalled a new chapter in aviation. It fully started the age of a fuel efficient long haul aircraft. Soon after, Boeing followed suit with its Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircraft. These new machines have the most fuel efficient engines the industry has seen and it even prompted these companies to fit these engines to some existing aircraft in their fleet.


Win R3000 with the IMC Conference Slogan Hunt Competition

Published by on Sep 10th, 2012, No Comments

It’s that time again! With just over a month to go before the IMC Conference sets foot in Johannesburg, Living Your Brand is giving you the opportunity to get creative and win big!

Put your thinking caps on and help our team come up with a fresh and eye catching slogan for the next IMC Conference edition. The creative mind behind the most original and innovative slogan will walk away with R3000 in cash as well as a ticket to attend both the CPT and JHB IMC Conferences in 2013.


BandwidthBlog Review: Nike+ FuelBand

Published by on Sep 10th, 2012, 13 Comments

I have always had a bit of a thing for watches – but more specifically, smart watches. Any watch that does a bit more than telling the time has the potential to grab my attention.

Nike has a lot of experience in sport watches, and the technology they are building into their shoes is becoming cooler every day, and they all form part of Nike’s tech called “Nike+”. It all started a while back with the Nike+ shoe kit which was launched with Apple’s iPod Nano, but from there they have greatly expanded their Nike+ lineup, and it is not dependent on Apple products anymore.