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Tizen: The newest mobile OS launching in 2013

Published by on Jan 2nd, 2013, 1 Comment

According to an article in Japan’s Daily Yomiuri, we finally have confirmation of a developing program that has been whispered on the internet known as project “Tizen”. It comes from Japan’s largest mobile communication company, NTT Docomo Inc., and is being developed to compete against the all dominant Android and iOS platforms.

The first Tizen devices will come to market some time in 2013, most likely near year-end. Docomo is developing the Linux-based and Intel-backed OS with its partners, hoping to take a bigger slice of the market in years to come. Of the three major telecoms companies in Japan, Docomo is the only one that does not sell iPhones. Reportedly, the first devices will be launched in Japan “and other countries around the same time”.

Interesting, we already know which company is jumping on the Tizen bandwagon first to release its own devices with the newest OS. Would you care to hazard a guess? Yes, it’s Samsung, who is also helping in the development of Tizen.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but get excited about the mobile device market in the year to come. Other than Android and iOS, we also have Windows Phone 8 starting to show its metal and the long-awaited BlackBerry 10 is to launch within the month. Throw another player into the mix, and we sure are in for a topsy-turvy ride this year. Let’s enjoy!

Sony Finally Stops Production of PlayStation 2

Published by on Jan 2nd, 2013, No Comments

After more than 12 years, the best selling games console of all time is finally calling it quits. After 150 million sold units, and the PlayStation 4 apparently already in the works, you really have to commend Sony for somehow still convincing people to keep buying them until now.

The PlayStation 2 got launched in March 2000 with then very high end hardware, and even included a DVD drive, which was still a rare find. The later Blu-Ray equipped PlayStation 3 was much improved, but its high price meant that the PlayStation 2 actually still outsold it for a further three years. The games ecosystem for the Playstation 2 is also without equal – there is more than 10,000 titles available for the console, and game development houses still keep on developing Playstation 2 versions of high end games, despite it having much worse hardware compared to later consoles.

But now that the Playstation 2 will no longer be produced, Sony can start putting those manufacturing resources towards the new PlayStation 4. There is no confirmation of specs or pricing yet, and Sony is not divulging any info on it yet.

Source: BBC

Rumour: Galaxy S4 will include S-Pen functionality

Published by on Dec 31st, 2012, No Comments

We’re still in the midst of silly season, and so continue the slew of rumoured devices and future launches. What we know from the rumours about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 so far is that we’ll be looking at an Exynos 5440 quad-core processor, with a 5 inch full 1080p HD display. Also, it will be sporting a 13 MP rear facing camera with a body about 9.2mm thick. We have also heard that it will release in April 2013.

The latest rumour to fly around is that the S4 will include an S-Pen with beefed up features. This certainly seems to be possible since the body thickness will increase, making it possible to accommodate the touch sensitive pen.

If true, this would be a very interesting move from Samsung. Even though the screen will be larger than on the S3, the dimensions of the device won’t be excessively larger. When reviewing the Galaxy Note II we stated that the device is brilliant but the size might be a turnoff for many. Also, we thought if the same functionality came in the size of the S3, it would almost be the perfect device. Is this what Samsung are doing with the new generation S4?

Would the inclusion of the S-Pen to the flagship S-range from Samsung make it more or less attractive? Let us know your thoughts below.

What is “Social Commerce”? – Infographic

Published by on Dec 29th, 2012, No Comments

Does it make sense for companies to invest in e-commerce based on Social Media networks? 8th Bridge did this great infographic showing the current most successful methods and networks for retailing using social network integration. (more…)

Leaked BlackBerry 10 info shows video chat

Published by on Dec 28th, 2012, 3 Comments

Excitement is quickly growing for the launch of BlackBerry 10 at the end of January, 2013. In anticipation, more and more leaked images of devices and the OS have been showing up around the web. This week is no different.

When the new OS was announced, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins implied that video chat would be added to BBM when BB10 is launched. Possible verification of this feature has come from what is thought to be leaked presentation slides.

From all the sites that originally shared the pictures, many have been asked to remove them and has done so. This leads us to believe that they are real and not just a hoax being pushed around the internet. Also, after the leak the following statement from RIM was received: “We understand that there is a lot of excitement for BlackBerry 10. We will launch the platform on January 30th and until then we won’t comment on speculation.”

It seems BBM will be launched with video chat within the new OS. Whether or not it will be done via Skype integration (or a company offering the same kind of services) or with their own solution is up to speculation. Not only that, but BBM will also have the ability to screen share during these video calls, which could be a nifty feature. Another slide details a new task manager called “Blackberry Remember”. It will feature Evernote integration and will also be able to sync with MS Outlook.

Source: Engadget

Ouya starts shipping developer consoles

Published by on Dec 28th, 2012, No Comments

Open-source games console Ouya is getting closer to launch date, with the first batch of developer hardware being shipped to early backers before January 10. According to official Ouya forums, the notifications have been emailed to early adopters that paid $699 for the kit. The sample dev kits consist of the console itself and two controllers.

The Kickstarter backed, Android-powered games console has been designed to completely change the gaming landscape. The aim is to change the industry by allowing more independent programmers to have their creations seen by millions. Ouya was one of the high-profile Kickstarter successes of 2012. It raised more than $8.5m in backing in a matter of weeks.

It still needs to be seen whether the console is successful when it launches to the public, though. Adoption among larger gaming companies has been slow, but the announcement has been made that a further 10 games will be available at launch.

What are your thoughts on the open-source gaming console? Can it compete with today’s heavyweights?

Source: Slashgear

Apple working on “iWatch”?

Published by on Dec 28th, 2012, 1 Comment

Once again the rumour mill is in full swing after a post on TGBUS. Their insider info now has Intel linked to the project, and it will feature a 1.5 inch display and Bluetooth 4.0, which is ideal for for low power transmitting. Intel will be supplying the low power processing in the device, which will be a big shift away from Apple’s current in house processing design used in the iPhone and iPad. The iWatch will apparently pair to the iPhone or iPad, and will in doing so probably also use their data connections.

Ever since the release of the sixth generation iPod Nano in 2010, people have wanted some type of Apple watch. Many buyers of the Nano at that stage mounted the player to their wrists, which made it a somewhat bulky but very cool watch. Apple caught on the fad, and released more watch faces for the software later. Problem was, the watch was an iPod, and nothing more. So no smart features or notification ability. (more…)

You are Useless At Powerpoint

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Are you tired of depressing Powerpoint presentations where you sit through visuals that look like a fourteen year old splashed some colour on the screen? Are you often upset or embarrassed by your inadequate skills to master Powerpoint? If so then take a look at this fantastic presentation on how to actually master the topic: (more…)