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Gust PayPoint: No more clunky cash registers

Published by on Dec 13th, 2012, No Comments

GustPay, the Stellenbosch based mobile payments startup has introduced a new iPad based point of sale (POS) solution for restaurants and coffee shops.

Gust PayPoint, currently only available in Stellenbosch, is an iOS app which turns an iPad into a touch screen POS system and accepts smartphone payments.

Gust offers merchants a web based product management system to configure stock items. Merchants have the option to create daily specials and these specials are pushed to their customer’s smartphones using a location aware app called Gust Finder.


A Year in South African Search: Google’s Top Searches of 2012

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Google has announced its annual Zeitgeist, a look at 2012 through the collective eyes of the world on the web, offering a unique perspective on this year’s major events and hottest trends based on searches conducted in South Africa.

Topping the list for overall trending South African searches in 2012 is free classifieds site, OLX – online buying and selling has become a popular means to get rid of those unwanted items. Beloved songstress and world famous diva, Whitney Houston (who passed away in February this year), claims second place on the South African list. Hurricane Sandy, which devastated portions of the US, the Caribbean and the Mid-Atlantic in October came in third.

Whitney also takes the number one spot on the list of overall trending people in SA, followed closely by international athletics star, Caster Semenya and newsmaking social celebrity, Khanyi Mbau.


Apple testing TV-set designs with Asian suppliers

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According to sources close to the developments of Apple’s own TV, the company is currently working with component suppliers in Asia to test different TV-set designs reports the Wall Street Journal. 

Apparently the much anticipated and rumoured Apple branded TV will be a large-screen high resolution TV, the existence of which was not confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook during a television interview on CBS’s Rock Center. When asking about Apple Inc. branching out in televisions, Cook simply told its host that it is an area of “intense interest” for the company.

Apple is also reportedly in the process of evaluating several TV set designs with component suppliers, one of which is apparently Sharp.

One of the unnamed sources has revealed that “It isn’t a formal project yet. It is still in the early stage of testing”. However, the report also reveals that Apple has been testing out various TV prototypes for a number of years already. So, as to how close Apple are to actually bringing their own branded TV to market is anybody’s guess at this stage.

Vodacom LTE rollout reaches Cape Town

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In the two months since Vodacom launched commercial LTE (commonly known as 4G) services in South Africa, the number of LTE enabled base stations has grown from 70 to more than 500 and the rollout has now reached Cape Town.

Speaking about the progress on LTE, Chief Technology Officer Andries Delport said “I’m bowled over with what our engineering teams have achieved. They worked incredibly hard to hit the 10 October launch date but rather than take a breather they actually accelerated the rollout from there. On average we’ve lit up another seven LTE sites every single day for the past two months and hit our target of 500 LTE base stations a month early.”

In addition to having LTE up and running in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban, the rollout has now reached Cape Town with sites in the CBD, Stellenbosch, Atlantic Seaboard (including Camps Bay), the Waterfront and Century City. More sites are planned for early next year.

Delport added that “I’m pleased to say that we’ve also managed to bring LTE to Cape Town several weeks ahead of schedule and in time for the holiday season.”

“In the six months to September we invested R3.2 billion in our network in South Africa. One of the big focus areas has been providing high speed links to our base stations, which we’ve now completed at more than 5 000 sites to support both LTE and faster 3G connections. Our clear goal is to ensure that Vodacom maintains its lead with the best network experience and widest coverage, ” said Delport about overall network improvements.


Huawei announces the mother ship of “Phablets”

Published by on Dec 12th, 2012, 5 Comments

Ever since the original Samsung Galaxy Note was released the mobile market coined the term “phablet”, a smartphone/tablet hybrid. While many thought they would fail because of their sheer size, that couldn’t be further from the truth, with the latest Samsung Galaxy Note II selling into the millions within weeks.

Samsung’s success in this segment of the market has sparked a new war on the plains of the mobile battlefield. HTC came up with the Butterfly (called the Droid DNA in the USA), which has a 1080p HD screen (unlike the 720p on the Note II). Now, others are jumping on the bandwagon – Sharp, Sony, ZTE and others have slowly but surely started rolling out 5-inch plus display devices.

However, Huawei don’t want to get involved in the scrap with Samsung and so they are looking to push the envelope further. Huawei Senior VP Yu Chengdong has confirmed that the Huawei Ascend Mate will be launching sometime next year.


iTunes Movies now Live in SA, to Rent or Buy

Published by on Dec 12th, 2012, 4 Comments

MyGaming just found this morning that Apple has silently switched on iTunes Movies for South Africa. This means that you can now buy and rent movies from the iTunes and watch it right on your Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone etc.

We looked at the catalogue, and once again Musica should be very worried. Movie costs vary based on how new they are, as well as their image quality. We cannot seem to find the reason why certain older movies have various prices – for example, even an older movie like Toy Story comes in at R120. Certain movies are also only available for rent – like Dumbo. We were also very surprised to find that there are some South African movies are on there as well. At the current pricing it currently seems to compete with Blu Ray and DVD pricing in SA – so people who wish to hold on to physical copies of their media might not switch. (more…)

CCID launches SMS donation service to help the homeless

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The Cape Town Central Improvement District (CCID) has launched an SMS donation service as part of its Give Responsibly campaign in an effort to help break the cycle of homelessness on the city’s streets.

The SMS line forms part of the augmented Give Responsibly campaign and offers the public an alternative way of donating money to people living on the streets of Cape Town.

The donations will be disbursed to various city NGOs that already do great work in helping to change the lives of the homeless by providing shelter, food, social services and rehabilitation programmes.

“For many members of the public, the instinct is to give money to people begging on the street because they believe it will give the person a chance to build a new life — or at the very least help them survive life on the street. However, we find that very often the money given is not used for basic needs like food, clothing or shelter but rather to fuel addictions, resulting in homeless people sometimes rejecting assistance and committing themselves to a life on the street,” said Pat Eddy, head of social development at CCID.

Members of the public who wish to donate to the campaign can send an SMS to 38088, using the keywords ‘Give’, ‘Success’, ‘Dreams’ or ‘Dignity’. Each R10 SMS donation will contribute to the efforts of the CCID’s six NGO partners, which are: Straatwerk, Ons Plek, Carpenter’s Shop, Homestead, Salesian Institute Youth Projects and The Haven.


First BlackBerry 10 device Images Leaked

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Despite not having a lot of new high end product unveilings in the last year, BlackBerry has been quietly working in the background to build its BlackBerry 10 OS, and the first elusive BB 10 device – called the “L-Series” is the first phone to receive BlackBerry’s latest operating system. If there is one thing phone manufacturers have learned, it is that new high end devices cannot seem to stay under wraps until launch any more.