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Private Cloud becoming more Evolved – Microsoft Management Summit South Africa

Published by on May 16th, 2012, No Comments

The role of information technology (IT) in the enterprise is changing from being a supplier of devices to becoming a supplier of pooled computing resources, with cloud computing giving IT professionals an opportunity to increase their strategic value to their businesses.

That’s the word from Microsoft’s global virtualisation director, Edwin Yuen, who will be in South Africa for a series of Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) events this month. The events, in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, are expected to draw several hundred IT professionals from some of the country’s biggest companies.

Cloud computing enables you to deploy continuous services that are always on, always available, and delivered, down to a set of connected devices,” said Yuen. “South African IT professionals should be looking at ways of evolving their roles with cloud computing to help their businesses be more competitive.


Facebook to boost IPO by 25 percent

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Facebook Inc. is looking to increase its IPO by another 25 percent, that will add another 85 million shares and could value its offering at over $18 billion, reports CNBC.

According to a source familiar with the matter, the social network will be filing papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on Wednesday.

These additional shares will take the size of the new issue from 340 million shares to about 410 million,  a change that “combined with the greenshoe – additional shares that could be sold by bankers in the aftermath of the IPO – could value the total deal at nearly $20 billion”.

A final decision on the IPO price, expected to be between $34 and $38 is likely to be made on Thursday evening with the company going public on Friday.

Shares are expected to begin trading on Friday on the Nasdaq stock exchange under the “FB” symbol.

Vodacom Granted Insurance Licenses

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The Financial Service board has given Vodacom the go-ahead to enter the short and long term insurance market by granting the service provider with a licence. This license, along with the short term license granted earlier this year, allows Vodacom to underwrite and sell insurance products.

Vodacom is able to leverage the direct links it has with its more than 30 million customers and dramatically reduce the costs traditionally associated with acquiring and serving customers. According to Vodacom, these savings enable the network to extend greater value to its customers. Vodacom is also recognised as one of South Africa’s most trusted brands, which is likely to be a major benefit when it comes to attracting customers who are looking for insurance products.

Our insurance business proposition is simple; we are focused on providing Vodacom customers with unbeatable value. Our customers will benefit from the value and convenience that we are able to offer. The vision is to dissolve the barriers to entry for all South Africans previously unable to access insurance products,” says Mark Taylor, Managing Executive of Vodacom Financial Services.

As part of the strategic decision to enter the insurance market, Vodacom appointed FRANK.NET, South Africa’s fastest growing direct life investment company which is owned and capitalized by Liberty Holdings, to provide administrative and claims support for its long term insurance offering.


Google Animation explains the Story of Send

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Google explains how an email is sent from your PC, smartphone or tablet to the recipient with a new website called Story of Send.

Google’s blog explains that the site  ”gives you a behind-the-scenes look into how all that virtual information makes its journey through the real world—from your Internet service provider to our data centers and beyond.”

The website is an interactive, animated story, that shows the journey of your emails and also explains how Google protects your inbox from viruses and spam emails.

Google also shows how it saves energy and keeps its data centers up to high environmental standards.

Watch the Story of Send in the video below:

Source: Mashable 

Kickstarter raises almost $500, 000 for Remee Dreaming Mask

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Fundraising platform, Kickstarter, is approaching the $500, 000 mark in pledges for one of its latest projects, surpassing its $35, 000 goal with three days still remaining. The product is called the Remee, the world’s first, comfortable and affordable REM enhancing lucid dreaming mask.

The Remee is based on the concept of consciously recognizing and controlling our dreams and while more information about what is known as Lucid Dreaming has become available through scientific research, many people are unaware of it. So the question is, why would anyone want to do it? Well the creators of Remee believe that Lucid Dreaming can be one of the most profund things you can experience and they want to make it available for the public to enjoy.

Creators Steven and Duncan decided to create something that would allow Lucid Dreaming to occur more often and more reliably. Existing Lucid Dreaming masks were not only extrememly expensive but bulky and when there was no alternative, they decided to make one.


Amazon to launch Kindle e-reader with front-lighting

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A source has revealed that Amazon.com Inc. will be launching new versions of its Kindle that includes a monochrome e-reader with front lighting, reports Reuters. 

The source also revealed that with Amazon increasing the production of the new Kindle, it is expected to be available in stores in July and is set to compete with the Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight launched in April.

The new e-reader will run on E Ink’s display with its new design solving the problem of users having to buy an external light to attach to the device when reading in the dark that will be available in both the touch 3G and touch wi-fi versions.

Jennifer Colegrove, Vice President of Emerging Display Technologies at DisplaySearch, an NPD Group company, which monitors trends in the display sector said that ”I do see demand for a front-lit Kindle.” However, Colegrove acknowledges that it is a trade-off as the front light will consume more battery power causing it to run out quicker than Kindle models without the light.


Internet in Africa takes big strides, but Hard Work lies Ahead – SEACOM CEO

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The African Internet has taken massive strides forward over the past three years, thanks to the large investments telecommunications operators have made in new terrestrial and submarine cables. However, there is still a lot of hard work to be done before Internet services are accessible and affordable to every person on the continent.

That’s according to Mark Simpson, CEO of SEACOM, reflecting on the state of Africa’s Internet ahead of World Telecommunications Day (17 May 2012). He says that the telecommunications industry has broken many of the bottlenecks to affordable and ubiquitous broadband across the continent.

New submarine cables such as SEACOM and the recently launched WACS have helped to boost the performance of the Internet in many African countries while driving costs down for the end user. SEACOM alone has seen more than 10-fold increases in bandwidth penetration in several of Africa’s most underserved nations, driven by drops in connectivity prices and increases in terrestrial coverage.

3G cellular network technologies have helped to boost connectivity speeds to the end user and new terrestrial networks have helped to extend connectivity from submarine cable landing points into African hinterland, once only covered by expensive satellites. Many challenges still remain, including extending the reach of the international cables into vast African territories that remain underserved, says Simpson.


Twitter is coming to your inbox

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Twitter’s official blog has announced that it will be introducing a new email service to users with “a weekly email digest delivered to your inbox”, writes Othman Laraki, Director for Growth and International.

The email will include a summary of some of the most relevant Tweets and stories shared by those you are following on Twitter.

The stories will feature a design that is similar to that of the Discover tab, “emphasizing who shared each story beneath summaries to help you decide which ones matter most to you.” You can then click on any of the headlines to finish reading the story, tweeting about it directly from the email and view related tweets from other users.

Laraki also states that “this new email digest also features the most engaging Tweets seen by the people you follow, even if you don’t follow those who wrote them”. You will then be able to see who from your network liked or retweeted the tweet.

The new feature will be rolling out to all users over the coming weeks which you will be informed about in an email from Twitter.