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Google Play gets a new look

Published by on Apr 10th, 2013, No Comments

google play

Google Play has had a very metro-like look for some time now, but that all comes to an end today. Slowly but surely over the next couple of hours you should receive an update notification for Google Play (if you haven’t already). In today’s announcement on the official Android blog, Google explains that the new look app is meant to be “clean” and “simple.” The entertainment content will also be pushed into the foreground.

BWB TV Review: BlackBerry Z10 (Video)

Published by on Apr 9th, 2013, 2 Comments


BlackBerry has left their fans without a premium phone since the Bold 9900, and instead focussed their efforts on the new BlackBerry 10 operating system. The day has finally come that we can spend some hands on time with their new Z10 handset, which is major shift for BlackBerry. Gone are services like BIS and BES, but BlackBerry has finally caught up with its competitors with decent software and a great new gesture based user interface.

So is a BlackBerry without BIS and the lack of a physical keyboard still retain what makes BlackBerry a great device? (more…)

Next Generation XBOX to be announced in May?

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Gamers have been shifting around in their seats in anticipation of the launch of both the Sony PlayStation 4 and the new Xbox (code named 720). After Sony’s mysterious launch of the PlayStation 4 in February, many Xbox fanatics have been scouring the web for any shred of information surrounding the possible launch of the Microsoft gaming platform. Well Xbox fans, time to get those wallets ready! Popular blogger Paul Thurrott reports that “sources familiar with the project” has informed him that the new generation Xbox will make its debut on the 21st of May. Thurrott claims that the new console will retail for around $500 and that there may be a $300 subscription model available. Precious little information has been leaked regarding the new console, but Microsoft did announce that they have partnered with Ericsson to enable serious development of the Xbox’s TV features.

The console wars have taken a bit of a backseat after the smartphone skirmishes started heating up between Apple and Android. We see a lot of similarity in the gaming console market, where Microsoft and Sony have been bumping heads for years now. Although, unlike the relatively close battle we see in the mobile market, one of the console sides sit with a potential end-game strategy. (more…)

Cell C slashes Data Costs

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Last week we reported that Cell C’s CEO was planning more price cuts, but did not want to let his competitors know when he will “deal a uppercut” to them. Cell C has just announced their latest promotional data rates for people who want to get data only contracts, and once again they have significantly undercut their competitors.

Vodacom has recently matched their pricing for certain packages, so its good to see how quickly Cell C reacts to the competition. Many users were also worried that the Giga packages would soon be phased out, but luckily it is still in place for late night surfers (or downloaders…). The new Giga pricing drops from R249 to R189 per month, and still offers some of the best value for money in SA right now.

The Out of Bundle rate remains unchanged.

These latest prices will run from today until 30 June: (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Mega supersized phones coming

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It’s no secret that Samsung sees the future in large, big-screen smartphones. Its flagship Galaxy S range has been given a larger screen with every iteration, then came the Galaxy Note, and recently we heard about the Galaxy Grand – a Note sized phone without the stylus – when reporting from Samsung Forum 2013 in Cape Town.

Now, we have heard that there are two even larger phones coming, apparently being called Galaxy Mega according to SamMobile. We do know SamMobile are very accurate when reporting on non-released or rumoured Samsung devices, so don’t be surprized if these pop up before long.


Samsung’s massive profit in Q1 2013

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Samsung will only have official announcements of its sales and profits on April 26th, but they have released what they call “profit guidance” – their expectations and numbers from rough calculations. Needless to say, the numbers are impressive.

They have seen an increase in mid-range handsets, which actually meant that Q1 sales surpassed that of the usually unbeatable holiday season quarter. They sold an estimated 68 million phones during the first quarter of 2013, beating out the 63 million from the last quarter of 2012. Sales reached an estimated $46.2 billion, which led to operating profit of $7.7 billion, a 53% increase year on year.


First “Cheap” BlackBerry 10 device spotted

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We really like the new BlackBerry Z10, but it is a phone that is meant to compete in the top end of the market. BlackBerry is going to have to quickly move its fancy new operating system to cheaper phones. Right now the Z10 and Q10 devices are the only officially announced devices to run the BlackBerry 10 operating system.

So its good to see a new lower end keyboard based BlackBerry out in the wild – no clear indication of release date or cost has been confirmed. The device is clearly still a developer based device, with the serial codes blurred out. You can also see it is a white plastic phone – we are wondering whether this a replacement for the Curve series of devices. The new “R-Series” device is speculated to launch at a $300 – $400 price range, and will ship with 8GB of storage, and a good ol’ full qwerty keyboard combined with a touch screen.


Source: BlackBerryOS

Price Check in running for International BlackBerry App of the Year

Published by on Apr 5th, 2013, 1 Comment

Price-CheckSouth African Mobile Shopping App, PriceCheck, has been selected from all BlackBerry apps worldwide; as one of three finalists for the coveted International BlackBerry APP OF THE YEAR.

Locally conceptualized, developed and released, the app offers shoppers access to prices and reviews of millions of products; choice out of thousands of categories and direct access to hundreds of on and offline stores. A Barcode scanner as part of the App, makes comparing and finding best prices in store a breeze. PriceCheck now process a barcode scan off their App every 10-20 seconds.


‘’Being selected out of more than 100 000 BlackBerry 10 apps worldwide is quite a milestone’’, says PriceCheck GM, Andre de Wet, ‘’and as South Africans we can be pretty chuffed about it. It shows what is being done locally on mobile is world-class and what PriceCheck is doing for mobile shopping is the right way to go.’’

BlackBerry users around the world have selected PriceCheck’s BlackBerry app as one of the apps that demonstrate the most innovative use of the BlackBerry technology in this year’s BlackBerry Achievement Awards.

While the price comparison service has invested a lot of effort and time into developing apps on all platforms including BlackBerry, Nokia, iOS and Android, being shortlisted as one of the three finalists for the BlackBerry App of the year is no small feat. (more…)