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Competition: 2 x Alcatel Onetouch Idol Alphas Giveaway (Update: Closed)

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Update: Thanks to all you wonderful people who entered. The winners have been announced and contacted. It was highly successful and because of this we will be launching another competition very soon!

Alcatel has been dabbling in the cell phone market for many a year and up till now they were more known for lower-end yet indisputably reliable phones. The Idol Alpha thrusts Alcatel into the already heated battle of the smartphone war (read our full review here).

We think it is a great find, especially for its price. Following the success of our previous competition, we’ve decided to give away two of the Alcatel flagships to our readers (see the rules below), in partnership with Alcatel SA. (more…)

Apple Pay – All you need to know

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Apple Pay

Apple really hit it out of the park with their event last night. Along with finally announcing the much anticipated iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus as well as the swoon-worthy Apple Watch, the company also announced an all new service that will allow for mobile payments called Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is a mobile payment platform, that will in essence, allow you to make payments straight from your iPhone through the Apple Pay service.

The main goal with Apple Pay, as Tim Cook announced last night, is to make credit and debit card payments more secure – and of course easier and more efficient.

Cook started by saying that their goal is to eliminate the ‘fairly antiquated’ process of paying by card. He emphasized the fact that current credit or debit card payments are not as secure as we think. Magnetic strip cards are outdated and highly susceptible to fraud. While most of us have a chip card nowadays, these are also not as secure as they should be.

That is why the safest, most secure and most streamlined way of paying is mobile payments. As Cook said, with the current way of paying with physical credit cards, we are “totally reliant on exposed numbers”.

Apple Pay incorporates NFC technology to make the payments more secure. But besides the inner workings of Apple Pay, how it works (in layman’s terms to you and me) is quite simple.  (more…)

Apple reveals its first wearable: Apple Watch (video)

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We were absolutely ecstatic to hear those immortal word once again: “One more thing…”

Expectation are always high when Apple dives into a new market segment, and this time was no different. What wasn’t expected however, was the name Apple chose for the device. It’s called the Apple Watch – no iWatch monikers here. (more…)

U2 releases free album on iTunes

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U2 AppleOK, so everybody can breath again. Apple day is over, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus has been announced alongside the really good looking Apple Watch. You have to say since the passing of Steve Jobs, the annual Apple event has lost some of its charm and excitement. Not that Tim Cook isn’t good at hosting the show, he just isn’t Steve Jobs. So to make things more exciting and to cap of last night’s evening Apple had “one more thing” to share with the audience, U2, and they came bearing gifts… (more…)

Apple announces the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus (video)

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Well, folks, it was the day millions of people were waiting for. Launch day for the new iPhone!

Tim Cook called it “the biggest advancement in the history of iPhone.” It was in one way, at least, the size of the iPhones. As rumours suggested, we have two new models. There is the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as well as the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. (more…)

Apple Live Launch Event: As it happened

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As many others, we followed Apple’s launch event live and were treated to the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Pay and the Apple Watch. In case you couldn’t do the same, you can see how we experienced it below: (more…)

Larger iPhone 6 model to have iPad-like qualities?

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iphone landscapeSo we are literally counting down the hours until the big Apple event today. And true to form there seems to be speculation around the proposed devices until the very end. Since the idea came about to create larger smartphone and phablet devices many of the companies simply increased the screen size and left it there. Only a select few took advantage of the increased size to add a level of additional usability. Apple and Samsung both received a lot of praise for their tablet lineups (iPad and Galaxy Note) but it looks like Apple might just take a step further… (more…)

Exactly how fast is Uber growing? Uber fast

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Uber CEO

It’s one of the most talked about tech companies in the world right now, and if these latest sentiments by its CEO are to be believed, it is also one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, has made some pretty impressive statements regarding his chauffeur-like service. So impressive, in fact, that Uber might be contributing to  healthy chunk of job creation the world over.

Speaking at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Kalanick said that Uber is creating nearly 50 000 jobs per month. Yes, that’s right – 50 000.

“There are hundreds of thousands of partners connected to our system…[sic] We’re in the neck of 50,000 new jobs every month that are being created” he told the interviewer and surprised audience.

50 000 is no small number and considering that the company announced that they roughly create 20 000 jobs back in May, the growth rate of the company is nothing less than astonishing.  (more…)