Popular Now: LG G4 "Note" might feature a metal body

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LG G4 leak shows a subtle curve

Published by on Mar 17th, 2015, No Comments


A couple of leaks have hit the internet showing the upcoming LG G4 flagship device from the Korean electronics company in a completely new light. If these leaks turn out to be true, it marks a major step forward for LG and their ambitions.

Other companies like Samsung have only flirted with the idea of having a curved screen smartphone on the flagships – they continue to be alternative models to the flagship proper, in the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge and before that the Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge. (more…)

Google to open Google Now API to all apps

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In early January this year, Google initiated a pilot program to allow 40 select apps and services to integrate with the company’s Google Now digital assistant, which is available on Android smartphones on tablets. At South By Southwest (SXSW) this weekend, the company announced that it would soon be opening its Now API to any app developers which are interested.

This will ultimately enable any app to present cards and information within Google Now, and sync information across any devices using the service. This includes not only smartphones and tablets, but alerts present in Google’s own internet browser, Chrome.


Microsoft’s Cortana coming to iOS?

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We all know that Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana and Apple’s equivalent, Siri, are fierce competitors. So much so, in fact, that Microsoft has even mocked the rivalry in an advertisement for Cortana.

So you can imagine our surprise when we heard that there are rumours doing the rounds that Cortana may soon be available on iOS – and for good measure, on Android, too!

According to a report by Reuters, Microsoft is planning on making Cortana available as a stand alone app that both iOS and Android users will be able to download.  (more…)

Apple confirms storage for all three Watch variants

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Apple confirmed that all three editions of the Apple Watch will ship with 8GB of internal storage.

Apple Watch users will be limited to up to 2GB of songs and up to 75MB of photos that are locally stored on the device and can be listened to or viewed without a paired iPhone. Songs can be synced using the Apple Watch companion app on compatible iPhones running iOS 8.2 or later. (more…)

ASUS shows why you should buy ZenWatch over expensive Apple Watch Edition

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ASUS has published this rather humorous image on Twitter, showing the social network why they should choose the ZenWatch and not the Apple Watch. (more…)

Help NASA discover new asteroids with new software

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asteroid_nasaI have always been fascinated by space, the stars and the infinite nature of our universe. A career in astronomy has always perked my interest but never seemed to work in my head for some reason. Well now there is a way for me, and you, to get involved with the work that NASA is doing.

You can now help NASA find new asteroids. At South by Southwest yesterday, the space agency released its asteroid tracker desktop software, produced in conjunction with asteroid mining company Planetary Resources in an online competition.You can get exploring right now… (more…)

Opinion: Why Apple’s new MacBook is a step backward

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Apple dared, during its Spring Forward event, to cross that line and develop so extreme a product that, despite being marketed being so many years of its time, it is, in reality, a step backward.

They called it the “new” MacBook.


Top5: iPhone 6 tips and tricks

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iphone tipsHaving a smartphone and using a smartphone are two different things. You might own an iPhone 6 but do you really know what it can do? Many smartphones have so many features that some users don’t ever learn to use them before moving on to the next model. There are literally hundreds of tips and tricks around the internet that will guide you to become a more effective user of your iPhone, these are the our Top 5 tips and tricks for the iPhone 6. (more…)