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Call of Duty: The Documentary (video)

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An homage for fans of the Call of Duty series is heading our way. The documentary looks to take fans behind the scenes of “one of the most successful video games ever produced”.

Legal battles, eSports mega game and a foundation helping war veterans is only a small part of the documentary that will be released soon.

Called CODumentary, it “has been made for COD (they used the large O, not me) and gaming fans everywhere in the world. I just felt it was important to make a film about such a great game and how it’s just got bigger and stronger. There is also a strong moral side to the narrative and we portray the whole picture from the early days right up to 2014 “, says Jonathan Beales, producer of CODumentary. (more…)

You can now buy Google Glass in SA – for a ridiculous price

Published by on Aug 15th, 2014, 4 Comments

Google Glass

Tech junkies, rejoice! Google Glass has arrived on South African shores for the first time; however, we’re pretty sure that not many people will jump to get their hands on the device – considering the ridiculous price.

Online retailer, takealot.com, is offering a limited amount of Google Glass devices. The company made the announcement on their website yesterday, but really there was only one thing that caught our eye…

Takealot is selling Google Glass for an astonishing R26 999 – for one.

Now if you can get over the initial shock, you might be glad to hear that they are selling two different styles of the device, although that doesn’t affect the price.

Takealot if offering limited units of Google Glass Black in either split style frames or edge style frames.  (more…)

Can sweat power your smart device?

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sweatTwo days ago we reported on the new Athos range of gym clothes that is able to monitor your muscle activity whilst you are working out. In our stats crazed world of today I am sure this line of active clothing will be a hit in the fitness centric market. But what if you could use your workout time to achieve more? What if you could use your workout not just to be healthy, fit and look good but also charge your smartphone? More particularly charging it using your perspiration…


New Android Wear commercial shows off features (video)

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A new Android Wear ad has hit the internet. As you might expect, the Moto 360, LG G Watch, and Samsung Gear Live all figure prominently in the ad. If you want to check out the other 15-second clips, they’re all available at Google Mobile YouTube channel link below.

Are you in the market for a smartwatch? Could you use any of the features shown in the ad below? (more…)

Can these alleged Galaxy Note 4 specs be true?

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What are you expecting from the Galaxy Note 4? We always expect the new Note model to have the best specifications possible, but did you expect 4GB of RAM? (more…)

Zuckerberg, Nadella do ‘ice bucket challenge’ for charity

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ice bucket challenge

If you have been paying any attention to you social media timelines lately, you may have noticed a new fad going around called the ‘ice bucket challenge’

Much like any other social media challenge (remember those idiotic neknominations…) it requires a person to perform – a usually ridiculous – task and then nominate or challenge other friends to do the same.

The ‘ice bucket challenge’, however, seems to support a good cause. Rather than simply dumping a bucket of ice water on your head for no apparent reason, the aim of the challenge is to raise awareness and money for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

ALS is a neurodegenerative disease much like Motor Neuron disease.

Surprisingly enough, some high profile tech giants have also somehow caught wind of the challenge and has started challenging each other to dump a bucket of ice water over their heads and then donating money towards the fight against ALS. (more…)

Polaroid launches GoPro rival

Published by on Aug 14th, 2014, 1 Comment

Polaroid Cube

Calling all hipsters. If ever you wanted to use a Go Pro but felt that it was too big, bulky and mainstream, you can now rest assured knowing that Polaroid has just launched a smaller, easier and cooler alternative.

Introducing the Polaroid Cube. Described as a ‘lifestyle action camera’, this tiny cube is basically a smaller, simpler version of  GoPro.

At first glance, the Polaroid Cube looks like a 3D printed model of the Instagram logo, but in fact, this little camera pack more punch than what meets the eye.

First things first – the size. The Cube is really small. It stands only 35mm high, which means you can hold it in between your two fingers. It also, obviously, makes it easier to transport. You can carry it around in your pocket or handbag without it taking up too much space.

While the Cube is small in size, it’s big on video recording quality. The Cube can record up to 1080p HD video and takes 6MP still photographs. It features a 124-degree wide angle lens so you can capture everything around you. (more…)

Uber accused of booking thousands of fake rides to undermine rival Lyft

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lyft_bypasses_uberUber is one of, if not the hottest start-up company born within the last few years. But even a successful company like Uber could fall to playing some dirty tricks on market competitors. The private taxi service has once again been accused of interfering in the business of their competitors. The accusations come in the form of booking rides with rival companies through their apps and then cancelling them at the last minute. This tactic is known as “phantom requests”, and Uber has allegedly booked and cancelled 5,560 rides with rival Lyft since October last year. (more…)