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HeartBleed bug: The Internet’s enemy

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Over the course of the Internet’s existence, there have been many a bug that threatens to disrupt the world wide web. Some are more powerful than others – and unlucky for us, an extremely powerful and destructive bug has been disclosed this week.

By now, you may of heard of the HeartBleed bug. This bug affects security on the Internet, essentially making all of your private passwords, usernames and other personal information vulnerable to attack.

While the bug has actually been active for two years, it was only disclosed to the public on Monday night.

The HeartBleed bug is a bug on the very popular OpenSSL cryptographic software library. It is able to scrape an entire server’s memory where private and sensitive user data is stored such as passwords and usernames.  (more…)

How to hack flow and be up to 5 times more productive

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Would you like your team to be 5 times more productive?

How about a team that learns between 2 and 3 times faster and is 7 times more creative?

According to research done by McKinsey and the US military these are some of the results you can expect if you get good at cultivating a state of flow in your teams.

I recently wrote an article on the 12 skills you need to build a great digital product but I left out the 13th and probably the most important skill:

Hacking flow states.

Why is flow state hacking so important? Because it acts as a multiplier of all the other skills.


First international Galaxy S5 ad airs ahead of launch (video)

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That’s right, Samsung fans – the launch of the Galaxy S5 Is around the corner. According to their first truly international Galaxy S5 commercial, “meaningful innovation” is what you’ll find. We don’t necessarily agree with that statement, but will keep mum until we receive our review unit in the coming weeks.

The video shows the device in slow pans, highlighting the “state-of-the-art camera” (umm, no Samsung), heart rate sensor, IP67 water and dust resistance, 5.1-inch HD display, and dimpled (ugly, in our opinion) back.

We don’t really see what they are trying to say with the slogan of the ad, but take a look at it after the break and let us know in the comments below. (more…)

Samsung Gear Fit is now even better

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The Samsung Gear Fit is easily the most eye-catching of Samsung’s latest batch of wearables, and also its most innovative product in a very long time.

There was only one problem we could see from the Mobile World Congress launch event and hands-on – the orientation of the software. It was only usable in landscape mode, which could be quite uncomfortable to use. It has now received a software fix which means it is also usable in portrait mode. (more…)

‘Transparent’ Land Rovers soon to be reality (video)

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Land Rover has revealed their use for augmented reality, and it’s actually quite interesting. The Transparent Bonnet Concept utilizes cameras mounted in the car’s grille to show you things that are usually obscured by the bonnet. It is then fed to you HUD in impressive fashion.

The development is still in an early phase, but results do look promising thus far. The company envisions the system to be a big help with climbing steep inclines and uneven terrain. Perhaps it could also help when in tight urban areas; you never know what your Landy can run over.

Check out the video of the demo below: (more…)

Could this be what the iPhone 6 will look like?

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With the build up to the official debut of the new iPhone 6 growing stronger and more intense everyday, it’s no surprise that Apple fans, designers and tech sites and journalists will come up with their own idea of the iPhone 6.

Imaginations have run wild over the past few months, with dozens of people submitting their interpretation (or rather, expectation) of the iPhone 6 to various websites.

A couple of weeks ago, we showed you designer Sam Beckett’s vision of an iPhone Air. While Beckett’s version of the ‘new’ iPhone went viral, many more followed suit and came up with their own ideas.

The latest mock-up to hit the interwebs, is this one by popular technology website, Macrumors.  (more…)

Twitter has a new look – and it looks awfully familiar

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Yesterday,  Twitter started rolling out a redesigned look for its user profiles. While most users usually welcome a new look, we’re not so sure if they’ll be to excited about this new look – mostly because it looks exactly like Facebook.

When the first screenshots of Twitter’s redesign started surfacing yesterday, we got a little bit of déja vu. We have definitely seen the same design somewhere else before.

The new look features a bigger profile picture and also has an entirely new ‘header’ image. This header image is much like (read: exactly like) Facebook’s cover photo on their user profiles.  (more…)

Windows XP support officially dead, but 25% of PCs still run it

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How long until an operating system ages beyond all hope? Well, according to Microsoft, it is 12 years. That is how long Windows XP has been around, and support for the grandpa of the Microsoft shed has officially been retired. That’s right, the age of XP is officially over, folks.

That means no more security updates and no more customer service calls. The only people who will still be getting support (and at great extra costs) are governments and large corporations. It will offer critical patches and support, but nothing more. (more…)