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Tesla Model X will be a tow-capable vehicle

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tesla-model-x-1Elon Musk’s electrical car company Tesla will be adding an interesting model to their line up. Tesla cars are still quite expensive but they are becoming more and more affordable as time and technology advances. If you are looking (in the US that is) for something with more space than the current Model S, you might be interested in Tesla’s new rumored SUV, the Model X. Not only will it be a much larger vehicle, it will also bring some much required torque to the Tesla range. (more…)

Facebook (finally) launches Facebook At Work

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Facebook at Work

Are you feeling guilty about spending so much time on Facebook while you are at work? Well, you don’t have to be. Soon you’ll have a perfectly legitimate reason to mindlessly scroll through your newsfeed – sort of.

Back in November, we reported on Facebook’s plans to launch a totally separate, ‘new’ Facebook that is specifically geared towards using the platform at work

Facebook at Work (first believed to be called ‘Facebook for Work’) had a relatively hush-hush, soft-launch on Thursday’. While the platform has not been released entirely to the public just yet, the new, ‘productive’ version of Facebook has been launched to a few partners for testing. And while there will be different versions for desktop as well as iOS, it’s only the app (for iPhone, iPads) that has launched.

So, just how exactly will Facebook at Work, work? (more…)

Samsung Galaxy S6 to sport 2K display, 64-bit processor

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The last couple of months have been pretty dry as far as interesting flagships go. The year is starting to gain some momentum now, however, and even though we didn’t see a massive mobile presence at CES 2015, Mobile World Congress is around the corner and it might be a bit more exciting when it comes to flagship phones. (more…)

HTC sends out MWC invites – new HTC One M9 coming soon?

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While HTC did unveil the Desire 826 at CES this year, they didn’t really have a massive presence at the trade show. Last year HTC announced the HTC One M8 at a standalone event, and not at MWC as they had before, but this year might be different.

Reports point to a possible HTC flagship launch at MWC 2015, called project “Hima”, which is rumoured to be either the HTC One M9 or the HTC One M8 Max – the massive phablet successor to the previous One Max. (more…)

Windows Phone 10 leaks shows new homescreen

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Alongside the new Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is launching their new software for smartphones. We’re not yet exactly sure what it will be called yet (the rumoured names are either Windows Phone 10 or Windows 10 for phones), but a leak allegedly shows off the homescreen of the new software. (more…)

Google Translate can now translate in real time through your camera

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Translate apps are cool right? With recent updates and innovations these apps are becoming more and more useful by the day. Long gone are the early days of typing in the words you want translated, you can now speak them. But what if you need a quick translation of an information board without you having to type in whole sentences or try to speak that particular foreign language? Well Google has enabled real-time translation with its latest update to Google Translate. (more…)

Samsung reportedly in talks to purchase BlackBerry

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According to a new report, Samsung has approached BlackBerry for a potential takeover worth as much as $7.5 billion.

The news from Reuters, citing unnamed sources: (more…)

iMac concept inspired by the Macs of yesteryear

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The iMac is undoubtedly one of Apple’s more aesthetically pleasing computers. The beautiful, clean lines, big, crystal clear display and the impossibly sleek design is enough to make any tech junkie weak at the knees.

That is why it is so strange to think that the iMac we know today evolved from the first ever Macintosh computer – yes, that big, bulky, box-like computer.

However, in a bit of a past-meets-future scene, a group of designers from Curved Labs have come up with a new conceptual iMac design that that throws it all the way back. It is Throwback Thursday after all. (more…)