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Aerial shots of first stages of Apple’s spaceship campus

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Apple Spaceship Campus

Almost a year ago, we reported on Apple’s extensive plans for their new, spaceship-like campus in Cupertino, California. And while we know that the project has been on track for quite some time, one YouTuber filmed some sneaky ‘spy shots’ of the campus from high up above.

The spaceship campus, which gets its name from it’s circular design looking very much like a mothership, started construction at the start of the year.

Now still in its first stage of construction, the campus looks set to be the biggest Apple campus as of yet. The building will sit on a mammoth 2.8 million square-feet and will house up to 14 000 employees.

It is four stories high, with a 4-story ‘ring of glass’ surrounding the entire building. It is designed to be a ‘green’ building with the roof made up entirely of solar panels.

Although it doesn’t look like it now, the building will be surrounded by acres of green space. For now, however, it wouldn’t be strange if you confused the construction sight for some weird, alien-like crop circle. (more…)

Google’s object recognition is insanely impressive

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We know how hard it is for computers to know exactly what they are looking at if they don’t have some human assistance, even with very powerful algorithms to do all the work. (more…)

Selfie Brush! Yes, it’s actually a thing!

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What an interesting time to be alive… (he says with a “what is this world coming to” look on his face). This is now blaring through my head:

“If you ever wanted a better way to combine your hair brushing routine with all those selfies you take, it has finally arrived! Introducing, the Selfie Brush. (more…)

Acer’s Aspire R13 and R14 – Convertible Notebooks

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Aspire R 13_06

Acer has announced the Aspire R 13 and Aspire R 14 Series, two new convertible notebook lines that can transition between various notebook and tablet style modes of operation. The Aspire R 13′s Ezel Aero Hinge with a U-frame structure lets users fold it into six usage modes quickly and smoothly, which extends the functionality of the previous models.

Aspire R 14_07

Both notebooks also has high-end specs and features and both come with the Acer Active Pen. Also, both notebooks are designed for those who don’t want to give up a traditional notebook design, but want more options and flexibility.

Aspire R 13_03

See the full press release below: (more…)

Apple hires famed designer Marc Newson

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Marc Newson

Legendary industrial designer, Marc Newson, is now a part of the Apple family according to a report by Vanity Fair.

According to the magazine, the company has hired Newson as a designer that will no doubt form an integral part of Apple’s already outstanding design team, under the leadership of another famed, iconic designer – Jony Ive.

It’s also no secret that Newson and Ive are close friends. The two designers have collaborated on various design projects over the years, including some Apple products on which Newson acted as a consultant for Apple.

The most recent time Newson and Apple’s Senior VP of Design worked together was last year for musician Bono’s (RED) foundation. The pair designed a beautiful (albeit super expensive) once-off red Mac Pro as well as a pair of 18 karat rose gold Apple EarBuds and other Apple products. The items were auctioned off and raised more than $25 million for AIDS, TB and Malaria research.  (more…)

TomTom launches Runner Cardio GPS sport watch

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image001TomTom has launched the Runner Cardio GPS sport watch with cutting-edge heart rate technology. The Runner Cardio has a built-in Heart Rate Monitor, eliminating the need for a separate chest strap.

The TomTom Runner Cardio is available at selected retailers with a RRP of R3799.00. There is also a Multi-Sport Cardio sport watch available at selected retailers with a RRP of R4599.00. The Multi-Sport Cardio Bundle which includes Altimeter, Cadence and HRM is available with a RRP of R5599.00

There are some other interesting features as well, including: (more…)

Huawei also to release an Android Wear smartwatch

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Having built up a consumer-facing business over recent years with smartphones and tablets, Huawei made its first move into wearables this year with a fitness tracker-cum-smartwatch (pictured above).

The company is far from finished in this burgeoning product category, though, as Huawei’s CEO Richard Yu has told us the company’s prepping another wearable that’ll launch next year — this time running Android Wear. He wouldn’t reveal too much more during an interview at IFA, but said it’ll be both “innovative and beautiful.” (more…)

Sony’s IFA 2014 Event in Johannesburg

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DSC_0371Sony has a very unique philosophy when it comes to releasing flagship smartphones. They are the only manufacturer at the moment that is releasing an updated version of its flagship every 6 months. We were at their IFA announcements this week to see what else they have to offer this time around.

The Xperia Z3