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“Apple killed our two biggest industries” – PM of Finland

Published by on Oct 14th, 2014, 2 Comments


My first reaction when reading about the Finnish Prime Minister saying that Apple has killed off the Scandinavian county’s two biggest industries was “What is the second?” Of course, Apple had a big role to play in the downfall of Nokia (although it wasn’t the only contributing factor), but in my ignorance I couldn’t think of another industry Apple could affect so adversely. (more…)

Oppo reveals the N3’s swivel camera

Published by on Oct 14th, 2014, No Comments


October is shaping up to be a big month for mobile. Last week we saw two interesting new devices from HTC, the HTC Desire Eye and the HTC Re. We will also see the release of at least one new iPad this week, but we are expecting at least one more as well. We shouldn’t forget the Chinese counterparts, though. (more…)

Apple Watch covers Vogue; cements itself as fashion accessory

Published by on Oct 13th, 2014, No Comments

Apple Watch Vogue China

Many a fashion accessory got its ‘big break’ from gracing the cover of a high-end fashion magazine. The Birkin Bag, the Chanel clutch or the Burberry trench coat – all of these can thank magazines for tirelessly pushing them as the next big ‘it’ item.

And now, for the first time, a tech product has been treated the same way – say hello to the next must-have fashion accessory, the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch doesn’t launch until next year (and the official date is still undisclosed), but the device has already made its debut on the cover of the world’s so-called fashion Bible, Vogue.

On the cover of the November issue of Vogue China, you will notice something shiny on the arm of the model – an Apple Watch. The device immediately catches your eye not only because its a smart watch on the arm of a model, but because it actually looks damn good paired with high end fashion.

Inside the mag, the watch also features in the editorial spread, where it can be seen paired with different outfits. It shows the watch with different straps, each matching the outfit – which, of course was one of the main pulls of the watch, that you can choose your own strap from the various one’s on offer, to fit your own personal style or match it up with your outfit for the day.  (more…)

PlayStation’s “Powers” series trailer lands (video)

Published by on Oct 13th, 2014, 1 Comment


Sony has decided to branch it’s PlayStation brand beyond gaming, and will be releasing an original series called “Powers,” which will be launched on the PlayStation Network. The first trailer for the original series is now available, and it’s pretty clear that the production maintains a dark, twisted world of superhero crime. The series stars South Africa’s own Sharlto Copley, playing detective Christian Walker.

We are expecting the series in December and will be free to all PlayStation Plus subscribers. You can see the trailer below: (more…)

Apple redesigns iTunes Store

Published by on Oct 13th, 2014, No Comments

itunes-12-aboutIt seems as though Apple wants to turn over a new leaf in 2014. We have already seen them break out of the “small” smartphone mould with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Apple is also set to launch the all new iPad Air2 this week and they have already debuted the new Mac OS X Yosemite. Since the release of iOS 7 we have seen design overhauls across the iphone, iPad and Mac devices, but iTunes Store remained relatively unaffected until now. (more…)

Play Store gets Material Design update

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Google is calling the design language that we will be seeing with the advent of Android L, Material Design. They have already started updating some of their stock apps to carry this same design even before Android L is released (which is likely to be this month). (more…)

Uber launches uberCHOPPER in Cape Town

Published by on Oct 10th, 2014, 3 Comments


o celebrate Uber’s one year anniversary in Cape Town and the official start of the festive season, we are taking to the sky with uberCHOPPER, powered by Cape Town Helicopters. It is available from today, 10 October.

Uber is bringing you a chance to request a helicopter ride on-demand using the same seamless technology you have learned to love the last year in Cape Town. (more…)

LG G3 Beat – SA Launch Event (With some surprises!)

Published by on Oct 10th, 2014, 6 Comments

LG-G3-Beat-GPSWhen it comes to market timing and providing affordable and desirable smartphones, LG doesn’t seem to miss a beat (no pun intended). We were invited to attend LG South Africa’s Johannesburg launch of their latest addition to the LG G series, the LG G3 Beat and true to the experience we have had with LG over the last couple of years the evening turned out to be a blast. LG Electronics SA and their PR partner Ogilvy surprised a select few of SA’s tech press by hosting a small, very interactive and endlessly enjoyable evening at the African Pride Hotel in Melrose Arch. The dinner event might have been a small occasion, but the products and plans revealed for SA couldn’t be any bigger! (more…)