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According to Apple, iOS 8 upgrades have slowed to a crawl

Published by on Oct 8th, 2014, 8 Comments


With iOS 8 being released right after the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple was once again expecting people to flock to its new operating system on all devices that support it. Unfortunately, the initial release was buggy to say the least.

Apple quickly rolled out an updated version, iOS 8.0.2, but it still seems that Apple users aren’t taking to iOS 8 in the same way as its predecessors. (more…)

iPhone 6 prototype fetches more than $100 000 on eBay

Published by on Oct 7th, 2014, No Comments

iPhone 6 Prototype

If you are into technology at all, then you’ll surely know that prototypes of new smartphones are like the Holy Grail of devices. The are also extremely hard – in fact nearly impossible – to come by.

This is exactly why an alleged prototype version of the iPhone 6 has fetched more than $100 000 (yes, that’s 5 zeros) on eBay.

A seller from Beverly Hills has put up a 64GB iPhone 6 prototype device on the popular auction website – obviously in the hopes of making a pretty penny off this prized possession. However, we’re sure that he never imagined the device would fetch that much.

The seller claims that Verizon shipped him the device by accident when he upgraded his contract. And to prove that it is the real deal, he included several photos of the device, switched on, which clearly shows that it is not a standard iPhone 6.

As one can see form the photos, the device is not running iOS 8. Instead, according to the seller, it’s running software called ‘SwitchBoard’ – an internal testing app, that is supposedly only meant for Apple to have access to.  (more…)

BREAKING: Kalahari and Takealot agree to merger

Published by on Oct 7th, 2014, 5 Comments


In one of the most unexpected moves in recent history, it has been revealed by TechCentral that Kalahari and its long-time competitor Takealot have agreed to a merger. Unfortunately we have no details about the prospective value of this deal.

What we do know is that Naspers will reportedly acquire shares from Tiger Global Management, who recently invested the mammoth amount of 100 million USD into Takealot, such that the shareholding in the merged business will be of equal value. Upon hearing the news, our first thought was that Kalahari (a la Naspers) had to react to Takealot’s growing market share. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however. (more…)

LieQi Review: Universal Clip Camera Lens

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Accessories to your smart devices don’t get too much attention after their launch, but here we have something really interesting.

With smartphone cameras becoming extremely capable in their own right, fewer people tend to carry around their dedicated point-and-shoot these days. But what if you want some extra kinds of shots that your smartphone is not able to take?

That is where the LieQi 4-in-1 Universal Clip Lens comes in. The attachable, interchangeable lenses clip on very easily to your favourite smart device for quick, on the fly shots with a macro lens, fish-eye lens, as well as a wide-angle lens. It also comes with a CPL (circular filter lens), which can eliminate reflections or enhance saturation. (more…)

Samsung sees drop in Q3 operating profit

Published by on Oct 7th, 2014, No Comments

Samsung-signThe Juggernaut that is Samsung is slowly losing speed. The company warned against their huge profits last year stating that it might not last forever and true to that statement they are repeating the message now. Samsung issued a forecast to its forthcoming Q3 2014 earnings yesterday telling investors and the media that they expect operating profits of 4.1 trillion won (which is $3.8 billion) for the quarter. This is down a hefty 60% from the 10.6 trillion won ($9.8 billion) this time last year… (more…)

Big Data and the V’s

Published by on Oct 7th, 2014, 2 Comments

Ryan.NaudeBy Ryan Naudé (Entelect Manager: Data Solutions)

‘Big Data’ may no longer be a buzzword – the concept of Big Data, creating Big Data stores and analysing against these effectively is common practice. However, ‘Big Data’, is still a bit of a ‘fuzzword’, as I like to call it, because there are no industry-accepted or concrete definitions to tick off and go through and finally say, ‘I have Big DataBig Data.’ Lately, I’ve been on a quest to try and understand what this monster is and what would be the key factors that would enable a successful Big Data implementation.

After having many discussions about the topic of Big Data with Entelect’s CTO, Martin Naude, I decided to visit my go-to website, Wikipedia, for a ‘tidy’, encyclopedic definition. According to Wiki, the concept of Big Data has been around since 2001. Initially, there were three V’s that defined Big Data. These were volume, velocity and variety. However, this is where the main dilemma begins… no one can define any of these V’s for me. There is no concise definition of what each one means or entails. So after all the research and more discussions, I have decided to throw the dictionary (and Wiki) out of the window on this one and come up with simpler, more realistic definitions of all the V’s and at the same time, hopefully make sense of Big Data. (more…)

Future LG G Flex devices show up in trademarks

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Even though the LG G Flex was a flawed device, it was still one of the most interesting to hit the market in the last couple of years. The screen was extremely disappointing, even though the form factor was some new and added something to the experience. We’re still waiting to see what LG is planning for this product’s future, and today we get some hints on what to expect. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SA price revealed

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We are only days away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in South Africa (according to a Samsung post it should be available October 18th), and finally we get some official word on the price, both on and off contract.

Vodacom will be offering the device for R11 759 off-contract, which makes it one of the most expensive phones you can buy. (more…)