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Samsung to launch foldable tablet in 2015

Published by on Jul 14th, 2014, No Comments


Samsung has been accused by the tech community of lacking innovation in the past couple of years, but maybe this will silence their naysayers.

The Korean electronics company is reportedly said to be working on a tablet with a foldable display that can fold in on itself into a smartphone form factor, which will launch sometime in 2015. This news isn’t really a surprise, though, as we have heard of these foldable displays from Samsung as early as 2012 when the patents were filed, but it was tipped to launch sometime in 2016 or 2017 at that time. (more…)

Intel’s Pocket Avatars: Chat app that uses cartoons to mimic your face

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We would usually associate Intel with processing chips and other PC parts, not software and applications. That may be the case, but they recently released a social app for Android and iOS called Pocket Avatars.

On the surface the app doesn’t offer anything different to the hordes of other social apps out there, but it does actually have an interesting feature. With some software wizardry, the mobile app will relay your facial expressions through a cartoon avatar of your choosing.


iPhone 6 release date revealed?

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iphone6What are you wanting from the iPhone 6? Do you think the larger screens will make a difference to the core experience of iOS? We’re not sure, but at least we are starting to get reliable information as to when we will find out.


Your World Cup tweets could light up Christ the Redeemer

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Christ the Redeemer lit up

With the 2014 FIFA World Cup drawing to a close on Sunday with the epic final between Argentina and Germany, you can make a memorable contribution to whichever team you’re supporting – all thanks to Twitter and the Archdiocese in Rio De Janeiro.

While its easy for you to dress in the colours of either Argentina or Germany on Sunday, it probably won’t make as much of an impact as seeing on the world’s most famous statues ‘dressed’ in the colours of either Argentina or Germany.

And that’s exactly what Twitter wants to do.

Twitter, with the help of the Archdiocese in Rio that manages the famous Christ the Redeemer statue, will give football fans across the globe the chance to have the iconic landmark be lit up in either blue and white Argentinian colours or the black, red and yellow of Germany. (more…)

Has Voyager 1 finally reached interstellar space? Or not?

Published by on Jul 11th, 2014, 2 Comments

VoyagerAfter many controversial arguments on just where the edge of our solar system is, NASA has made their position known. Originally it was declared that Voyager 1 left our solar system in 2012, but according to the propeller heads at NASA the probe has yet to leave the solar system, but it has in fact entered interstellar space, a part of the universe the human race has never reached. (more…)

Did you know some of these facts about the Internet?

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the internet

The internet is as big a part of our lives today as reading the newspaper was 30 years ago. Its our go-to source for literally everything and has changed and shaped the world in an unfathomable way.

While we can’t even begin to imagine our lives without the world wide web, there are a couple of surprising facts about the ol’ Net that we didn’t know – and that are actually really interesting. (more…)

Apple hires Tag Heuer exec ahead of imminent iWatch launch

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Patrick Pruniaux

I think it would be safe to say that Apple’s mysterious iWatch is finally nearing release – especially if Apple’s latest employee is anything to go by.

Apple has recently hired (read: poached) a top executive from famous luxury Swiss watch maker, Tag Heuer – and it’s kind of obvious why they hired him if you take into consideration the recent influx of iWatch rumours.

Patrick Pruniaux is the now former Vice President of Sales and Retail at Tag Heuer. He will now join Apple in a role that has yet to be announced by the California-based company. However, we are pretty sure that Mr. Pruniaux will help the company promote their upcoming iWatch.

With a reported October launch for the iWatch, Pruniaux will have a few months to plan and implement an sales and marketing plan for the device. Apple is somewhat late to smart watch party, with Samsung and Motorola being the front runners on the scene.  (more…)

Android Wear video shows Google’s design philosophy (video)

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The biggest talking point at this year’s Google I/O conference was undoubtedly Android Wear, the tweaked Android OS designed specifically for wearable devices. We have been gifted a glimpse at what it may be capable of through their developer YouTube channel.