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OPPO reveals the R7 and R7 Plus

Published by on May 12th, 2015, No Comments


At this stage you might not be aware of OPPO or what they are up to, but you should really take notice. The Chinese manufacturer has made some inroads in North America, is one of the leading manufacturers in its home territory and is expanding into Europe and the rest of the world. We might even start seeing them pop up on our shores sometime soon. (more…)

Upcoming Nexus 7 may not be (just) another phablet

Published by on May 12th, 2015, 1 Comment


The Nexus 6 came out in November last year and unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as successful as its predecessors. According to analysts, the main reason consumers didn’t pick up Google’s latest attempt to showcase Android in its purest form was its form factor.

While we love Nexus devices of the past, we have to agree that the Nexus 6 wasn’t exactly to our liking. Not only is it a massive phone, it is also priced completely differently to previous Nexus phones. They were always known for being relatively inexpensive while still including the latest and greatest hardware, which was not the case with the Nexus 6. (more…)

Microsoft confirms ’10′ will be the last version of Windows

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The end to Microsoft’s roughly three-year update schedule for Windows appears to be night – Microsoft Executive Jerry Nixon has confirmed that Windows 10 will the last version of the world’s most popular operating system that will see a launch.

This, however, doesn’t mean an end is imminent for Windows – it rather signals a massive change in the manner which Microsoft sell and update their iconic operating system.


Uber bids to buy Nokia’s HERE mapping service

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uberTo keep the snowballing business that is Uber going the company needs to be ever forward looking. To achieve this the ride sharing service looks to invest in all possible areas of the business, especially its mapping and GPS capabilities.

A report in the New York Times indicates that the company has taken a step forward in bidding to buy Nokia’s HERE mapping service… (more…)

Designer creates a stunning iPhone 7 concept

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With great anticipation building over Apple’s possible plans for the next iterant update to the iPhone line, designer Martin Hajek has produced his own iPhone 7 concept.

The concept, which retains the same slim form factor of the current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, bears influences from several rumours - detailing the next iPhone’s design and features – which are presently circulating the internet.


Is Apple developing its own search engine?

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Apple’s next stab at Google might not just be limited to smartphones, operating systems, web browsers and mapping – if recent news reports are to be believed, Apple is in the midst of developing its own search engine.

A recent addition to Apple’s support site details a web crawler named Applebot; web crawlers are used to index web pages for search terms, and the confirmed existence of Applebot is the first time the Cupertino company has publicly confirmed an in-house web crawler.


Mango and Microsoft celebrate launch of app with R 1 flights

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Low cost airline Mango this week launched its third app, this time for all devices operating Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 operating system. In celebration of the app launch, the airline has made Windows exclusive fares available from R 1 for a limited time.

Mango was the first African airline to offer a mobi-site and apps allowing bookings, payment and flight management on the go. The Mango app is available for download in all app stores for Android, Apple, Blackberry and Windows 8.1 devices. (more…)

Qualcomm exec dismisses Snapdragon 810 overheating rumors

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OMGEX-Qualcomm-Snapdragon-810For the past couple of years the engine behind some of the most popular smartphone flagships has come from the Qualcomm Snapdragon range. Whilst the new Snapdragon 810 chip powers the likes of the HTC One M9, the company is seeing decreasing amounts of top tier devices opting for the newest Snapdragon model.

This is a large turn around in fortunes from a year ago where Qualcomm processors were found in nearly all of the flagship Android smartphones. Is there a specific problem with the new Snapdragon 810 processor? (more…)