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Why I Hate Samsung (but secretly love them)

Published by on Mar 9th, 2015, 11 Comments


This past week we saw the launch of the Galaxy S6, the latest iteration in Samsung’s blockbuster smartphone line. Having finally seen the device after all the hype and rumours, everything seemed business as usual with the new flagship. Nothing here excited me, and I realised that has been the case with Samsung devices for a couple of years.

I caught myself thinking in the same way I did when I wrote about how I hate what Apple has become, which is a strange way to think about these two smartphone giants, I know. But why? (more…)

Apple’s Spring Forward Event: What to expect

Published by on Mar 7th, 2015, No Comments


Apple is set for a date with the public on March 9th, where the company is expected to primarily focus on their imminent release of their own wrist-worn wearable – the Apple Watch.

Additionally, speculation is rife that Apple will also use the opporunity to showcase other new additions to their hardware lineup, including a formal reveal of the company’s plans regarding the Beats Music streaming service.


Google sends their Street View cameras on a zipline through the Amazon

Published by on Mar 6th, 2015, 1 Comment

Google Street View Amazon

Not many of us will have the opportunity in to experience the immense beauty of the Amazon rainforest in our lifetime. While it may be a tick on the bucket list for many, the reality is that it might not ever happen.

Luckily, there is one way that you can, sort of, experience the wonder, all in the comfort of your own home, thanks to a little thing called Google Street View.

Google Street View is an amazing tool that allows you to explore various places on Earth, virtually. Sure, you’re not there in person, but it’s as close as you will get to the real deal. (more…)

HTC replaces Swype with China’s TouchPal on new Android keyboards (video)

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HTC users who like using the Swype keyboard are going to have to switch phones or learn to type differently because the Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer is ditching the system. HTC’s new phones, including the new flagship, HTC One M9, will come installed with Chinese keyboard tool TouchPal instead.

One feature TouchPal has over Swype is that predicted words appear above the letters as you type instead of above the keyboard, as can be seen in the promotional video below. Overall, however, they are fairly similar, so it shouldn’t be more than a minor annoyance for users to make the switch. (more…)

12.9-inch iPad is coming later this year

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Previously we heard that the jumbo-sized 12.9-inch iPad would start production in Q1 2015, but plans have changed due to some unforeseen production problems. The timeline has shifted to September of this year, according to inside sources. (more…)

Sony MWC 2015: Joburg Launch Event

Published by on Mar 5th, 2015, No Comments


Sony took centre-stage at the Reef Hotel in central Johannesburg on Thursday morning, bringing a slice of Mobile World Congress (MWC) proceedings to South African press teams as the conglomerate showcased a flurry of newly-announced devices: The Xperia Z4 tablet, the entry level E4 and E4g, as well as the mid-range M4 Aqua.

Sony kicked off the event, with introductory speaker Mark Fenzel, the Communication Sales Director of Sony Middle East and Africa, recapping Sony’s statement of direction the company presented at MWC.


Apple, Google and others cough up $415 million in employee poaching scandal

Published by on Mar 5th, 2015, No Comments

Employee_lawsuitThe technology industry is a cut throat world where everyone needs to have an edge to stay ahead. Over the past 5 years the big tech companies have had many a court battle where they accused each other of patent infringement, competition law breaking and various other legal skirmishes. Now though it seems like they are facing an attack from a different source, their own employees. (more…)

Cape Town based Obox makes website creation easy

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Cape Town based web software company Obox has released Layers, a new product that promises to enable simple website creation with WordPress. The launch, which took place 2 weeks ago has already seen 15,000 product downloads and has been featured on some of the world’s top product blogs.

WordPress currently powers around 23% of the entire internet and as a result has sprung a hundred million dollar theme and plugin industry, aiming to provide users with more options for how they want their sites to look. Yet despite its popularity, themes are still is not easy for novices to use. (more…)