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Plastc – a single card that will replace your entire wallet

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Nowadays we have so many cards we need to carry industrial sized wallets with us. From debit cards to credit cards, gift cards and access cards – it’s all a little too much.

Wouldn’t it be great (for security and our sanity) if all our cards could be linked to one? Of course it would – and that is exactly what Plastc card wants to do.

Plastc card is a ‘smart card’ that can hold up  to 20 different cards in its system. All you have to do, is load your array of cards onto Plastc and then store them there, electronically.

Much like the concept of Coin – that can hold 8 cards and let you choose between them – Plastc card also allows you to choose which card you would like to use by simply swiping on the card’s touch screen, or E-ink display, to select the one you want.

Plastc also has NFC and EMV technology capabilities, which of course accompanies the more secure chip reader cards, rather than the less secure, outdated magnetic strips. (more…)

HP announces split and retrenchments

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hp-splitHewlett-Packard has revealed plans to split the company in two. The Wall Street Journal broke the story over the past weekend that HP has filed the motion with the US Securities and Exchange Commision. The transition into two publicly traded companies is expected to be completed by the end of 2015. The split is intended to refocus the companies efforts within their core businesses, but who gets the “H” and who gets the “P”? (more…)

Phones to get ultrasound gesture control in 2015 (video)

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At the CEATEC 2014 technology show outside Tokyo, Elliptic Labs introduced Multi-Layer Interaction. It is a new technology that uses your hand’s proximity to toggle different actions or layers. This will be implemented in smartphones in the first half of 2015. (more…)

WhatsApp now officially belongs to Facebook

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Eight months after we initially heard that Facebook had acquired WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion, the deal has finally been approved by the various commissions involved in the US and Europe. In fact, the deal’s price tag has actually increased to $21.8 billion. (more…)

According to Apple, iOS 8 upgrades have slowed to a crawl

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With iOS 8 being released right after the launch of the iPhone 6, Apple was once again expecting people to flock to its new operating system on all devices that support it. Unfortunately, the initial release was buggy to say the least.

Apple quickly rolled out an updated version, iOS 8.0.2, but it still seems that Apple users aren’t taking to iOS 8 in the same way as its predecessors. (more…)

iPhone 6 prototype fetches more than $100 000 on eBay

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iPhone 6 Prototype

If you are into technology at all, then you’ll surely know that prototypes of new smartphones are like the Holy Grail of devices. The are also extremely hard – in fact nearly impossible – to come by.

This is exactly why an alleged prototype version of the iPhone 6 has fetched more than $100 000 (yes, that’s 5 zeros) on eBay.

A seller from Beverly Hills has put up a 64GB iPhone 6 prototype device on the popular auction website – obviously in the hopes of making a pretty penny off this prized possession. However, we’re sure that he never imagined the device would fetch that much.

The seller claims that Verizon shipped him the device by accident when he upgraded his contract. And to prove that it is the real deal, he included several photos of the device, switched on, which clearly shows that it is not a standard iPhone 6.

As one can see form the photos, the device is not running iOS 8. Instead, according to the seller, it’s running software called ‘SwitchBoard’ – an internal testing app, that is supposedly only meant for Apple to have access to.  (more…)

BREAKING: Kalahari and Takealot agree to merger

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In one of the most unexpected moves in recent history, it has been revealed by TechCentral that Kalahari and its long-time competitor Takealot have agreed to a merger. Unfortunately we have no details about the prospective value of this deal.

What we do know is that Naspers will reportedly acquire shares from Tiger Global Management, who recently invested the mammoth amount of 100 million USD into Takealot, such that the shareholding in the merged business will be of equal value. Upon hearing the news, our first thought was that Kalahari (a la Naspers) had to react to Takealot’s growing market share. That doesn’t seem to be the case, however. (more…)

LieQi Review: Universal Clip Camera Lens

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Accessories to your smart devices don’t get too much attention after their launch, but here we have something really interesting.

With smartphone cameras becoming extremely capable in their own right, fewer people tend to carry around their dedicated point-and-shoot these days. But what if you want some extra kinds of shots that your smartphone is not able to take?

That is where the LieQi 4-in-1 Universal Clip Lens comes in. The attachable, interchangeable lenses clip on very easily to your favourite smart device for quick, on the fly shots with a macro lens, fish-eye lens, as well as a wide-angle lens. It also comes with a CPL (circular filter lens), which can eliminate reflections or enhance saturation. (more…)