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We’re doomed! Sharks are eating the internet! (video)

Published by on Jan 14th, 2015, 1 Comment


These sharks are truly getting out of hand. First they threatened the west coast of the United States in a giant tornado, and now they are targeting innocent people’s Facebook status updates by attacking the internet, of all things! (more…)

World’s craziest Rubik’s Cube (17x17x17) solved in under 8 hours

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Many people see the Rubik’s Cube as a symbol of hours wasted in feeble attempts to solve it. I actual fact, anyone can learn with some easy to remember algorithms. Of course, when people start mastering it they want to take it to the extreme.

Kenneth Brandon is a YouTuber that has become famous for his puzzle solving capabilities, but more specifically in solving the Rubik’s Cube and all its spinoffs. In 2011, Oskar van Deventer designed a 17x17x17 Rubik’s Cube which he called the “Over the Top Rubik’s Cube”, and in November last year Kenneth took on the challenge. Because this cube needs to be 3D printed, it costs in excess of $1000 because of the materials needed. It is the world’s largest in terms of squares per side.

According to Brandon, solving the 17x17x17 “isn’t that hard” if you’re capable of solving the more standard 3x3x3 or 5x5x5 cubes. It is, however, “very, very tedious.” He created two videos of the solution of the cube: a 6 minute time-lapse as well as the entire solve, which took nearly 8 hours. (more…)

Is a new Age of Empires game in the making?

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If you get the same nostalgia thinking about the first two Age of Empires games as we do, you grew up a golden age of real time strategy games. We spent countless hours building and destroying walls, decimating enemy armies and gathering those precious resources which made it all possible. (more…)

‘Je Suis Charlie’ app launched in App Store thanks to Tim Cook

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Je Suis Charlie

The world is still reeling from the horrific terrorist attack on French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo in Paris last week.

Two masked gunmen entered the offices of the controversial magazine on Wednesday last week and brutally shot and killed 11 of the magazine’s employees.

Following the attack, millions of Parisians, French people and other all across the globe showed their support for freedom of speech and stood in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo – condemning the attack with the hashtag #jesuischarlie

Je suis Charlie translates to ‘I am Charlie’ in English. A powerful message clearing stating that anyone bearing the words ‘je suis Charlie’ are standing in solidarity with the magazine, as they, too are Charlie.

Of course, in our day and age, with social media being at the forefront of breaking, international events, it came as no surprise that such a powerful slogan was transformed into a hashtag that went viral. But the je suis Charlie slogan didn’t only spawn a powerful hashtag, it also spawned an app.  (more…)

Pentagon social accounts hacked by alleged ISIS agents

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PentagonThe world’s attention has been held by Islamist extremist groups over the past couple of weeks. The events that took place in Paris and Nigeria has focused every government’s attention on possible terror events and how they might affect their countries. In our modern world a physical attack or event no longer remains a primary act of opposition and virtual terrorists are starting to creep out of the woodwork.

A group referring to itself as the CyberCaliphate and claiming ties to ISIS appeared to have taken over social media accounts belonging to the United States Central Command.  (more…)

Internet TV services score big at Golden Globes

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Conventional TV services are finding it harder every year to compete with the new generation of TV – internet TV services – especially in the USA. Last year was the breakout year in terms of awards, with Netflix picking up its first Emmy Award for original content.

This year saw the same thing at the Golden Globes, with Netflix and Amazon both being honoured with prestigious awards on the big night, with the big four American broadcast networks not winning anything. (more…)

Samsung announces Galaxy A7, and it’s thinner than the iPhone 6

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We are in the midst of a whole new design direction from Samsung, although it may not look like it on the surface. It started a couple of months ago with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha, but as it turns out that was mostly a concept (a la Alpha testing) that Samsung released to mass market in order to gauge people’s interest in the new design.

It was the first modern Samsung phone made of metal, and the world has taken kindly to it. Now Samsung have officially announced the Galaxy A7, which is the Alpha’s successor in spirit, but you should think of it more as the production models of the Alpha concept. (more…)

2015 will be the year of QHD smartphone screens

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Only about 3 or 4 years ago the best smartphones on the market had 720p displays. We were impressed, as well we should have been – 1280 x 720 pixels on a display that size, wow!

The world of technology is always moving on, of course, and the last 5 years or so has been all about the spec race. Almost all manufacturers try to put the best new hardware into their flagship phones, as it’s become somewhat of a statement to have the best specs in your phone. (more…)