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Samsung runs to Google for help with Apple patent war

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Over the last couple of years we have seen the patent war between Apple and Samsung go from bad to worse, with mudslinging all round contributing to some lengthy and very expensive court cases. Apple is now once again on Samsung’s back and wants $2 billion is damages, claiming that Samsung infringed on five patents, including slide to unlock and tap to search. (more…)

New CyanogenMod OS leaked on OnePlus One

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CyanogenMod is one of the most popular rooting option for Android devices (they even recently tried releasing a launcher on Google Play, which was removed by Google). Modders from around the world have come to love it because of its clean and beautiful UI and impressive list of features it adds to the stock Android experience.

CyanogenMod has searched for new ways to increase revenue and started offering the software on smartphones out of the box. The first phone running CyanogenMod was the Oppo N1, and now a new one is about to be released. (more…)

Microsoft name new Xbox head Phil Spencer

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Xbox E3 2013 Media Briefing

The new leader for Microsoft’s Xbox team was announced yesterday by CEO Satya Nadella, longtime Microsoft Studios leader Phil Spencer.

One of the first things Spencer was asked was what would be the immediate focus of the Xbox team, as there is so much to oversee within the world of Microsoft gaming. “I’m gonna lead with a gaming focus and making sure that’s where we’re led. That’s the North Star for the organization,” he said. “Winning with the gamer first is gonna be something that drives the organization.” (more…)

Google Maps parody, ‘Google Naps’, shows you the best places to nap

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Sometimes you just feel like having a nap. Especially when you’re traveling the world and doing all sorts of exhausting, tourist things. The only problem is, how would you know where the best place is to have a nap in a foreign country? Well, that’s where Google Naps come in to the picture.

Google Naps is a parody of the popular Google Maps, and, basically, shows you the best places to take a nap all around the world.

The service has exactly the same interface as Google Maps – with beacons place on the map showing you where the best place would be to get some shut eye. However, these places are not hotels or guest houses, but rather public places that will be adequate for a quick power nap.

The areas marked as nap spots are usually public areas with soft grass or benches. (more…)

Yahoo looking to steal YouTube celebs for its own service

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CEO Marissa Meyer certainly has made some bold moves since taking over Yahoo, and now they are aiming to take on another juggernaut. Their next target: none other than YouTube.  The company has been working on a new initiative to lure away prominent YouTube stars and channels to a competing service with the simplest of all incentives – money. (more…)

Will BlackBerry devices of the past save its future?

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BlackBerry has released their earnings report for the fourth quarter of 2014, and it makes for bleak reading. It is the first time since 2007 that the Canadian company has reported quarterly revenue below $1 billion, coming in at $976 million for the three month period. That led to an operating loss of $42 million.

One of the most worrying figures is that 3.4 million devices were shipped during the period, but 2.3 million of those were running the older version of BlackBerry OS. Only 1.1 million devices shipped is running BlackBerry 10 software.

Microsoft Office for iPad finally launched

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office for iPad

After years of rumour upon rumour, Microsoft has finally put the endless speculation to rest and announced the launch of Office for iPad. 

Julia White, General Manager of Microsoft Office, finally gave avid iPad users what they have been waiting for at an event held in San Francisco yesterday. Here, Microsoft unveiled Office for iPad for the very first time – and we must say, it’s really quite impressive.

Office for iPad is available as three different apps – Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. (more…)

Turkey bans YouTube because of ‘corrupt’ videos

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Turkey has been trying to get a grip on social sites in their country. It started with a Twitter ban this month which has since been overruled in the courts. Now the government has cracked down on YouTube, citing harmful videos depicting the government in a negative light.

The ban is already active with some ISPs as per order from the government, while other networks are in the process of blocking access as well. (more…)