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Samsung sees drop in Q3 operating profit

Published by on Oct 7th, 2014, No Comments

Samsung-signThe Juggernaut that is Samsung is slowly losing speed. The company warned against their huge profits last year stating that it might not last forever and true to that statement they are repeating the message now. Samsung issued a forecast to its forthcoming Q3 2014 earnings yesterday telling investors and the media that they expect operating profits of 4.1 trillion won (which is $3.8 billion) for the quarter. This is down a hefty 60% from the 10.6 trillion won ($9.8 billion) this time last year… (more…)

Big Data and the V’s

Published by on Oct 7th, 2014, 2 Comments

Ryan.NaudeBy Ryan Naudé (Entelect Manager: Data Solutions)

‘Big Data’ may no longer be a buzzword – the concept of Big Data, creating Big Data stores and analysing against these effectively is common practice. However, ‘Big Data’, is still a bit of a ‘fuzzword’, as I like to call it, because there are no industry-accepted or concrete definitions to tick off and go through and finally say, ‘I have Big DataBig Data.’ Lately, I’ve been on a quest to try and understand what this monster is and what would be the key factors that would enable a successful Big Data implementation.

After having many discussions about the topic of Big Data with Entelect’s CTO, Martin Naude, I decided to visit my go-to website, Wikipedia, for a ‘tidy’, encyclopedic definition. According to Wiki, the concept of Big Data has been around since 2001. Initially, there were three V’s that defined Big Data. These were volume, velocity and variety. However, this is where the main dilemma begins… no one can define any of these V’s for me. There is no concise definition of what each one means or entails. So after all the research and more discussions, I have decided to throw the dictionary (and Wiki) out of the window on this one and come up with simpler, more realistic definitions of all the V’s and at the same time, hopefully make sense of Big Data. (more…)

Future LG G Flex devices show up in trademarks

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Even though the LG G Flex was a flawed device, it was still one of the most interesting to hit the market in the last couple of years. The screen was extremely disappointing, even though the form factor was some new and added something to the experience. We’re still waiting to see what LG is planning for this product’s future, and today we get some hints on what to expect. (more…)

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 SA price revealed

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We are only days away from the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in South Africa (according to a Samsung post it should be available October 18th), and finally we get some official word on the price, both on and off contract.

Vodacom will be offering the device for R11 759 off-contract, which makes it one of the most expensive phones you can buy. (more…)

Sony Xperia T3 Review: So close to great

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t3 Seeking to fill every conceivable product category with their Xperia range, Sony’s latest offering, the T3, brings a large display and mid-level specs in a form factor thin enough to slice butter. After two weeks spent with Sony’s latest edgy contender, I found that while the T3 pushes the boundaries with a great form factor and user experience, it’s undermined by small design issues, an uninspiring display, and a lacking camera. First off, the basics: arriving sporting Android 4.4 KitKat, the T3 is a somewhat unpretentious challenger, carrying mid-level specifications in an effort to lower the price tag. The T3 retails at around R5,499 (device only) which hardly makes for a compelling buy at that price bracket, which many slightly older flagships, such as the LG G2, now frequent. (more…)

Facebook Messenger hack shows hidden mobile payments feature

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Facebook Mobile

Facebook wants to be more than just your go-to social network and platform for talking to your friends. It seems that the social giant now also wants to be your preferred platform for sending money to your friends – well at least when they enable their newly unearthed mobile payments feature.

Andrew Aude is a computer science student from Stanford University who brought Facebook’s plans for mobile payment to light after he hacked the code of Facebook Messenger and discovered the new feature.

Aude, who posted screenshots and a video of the feature in action on Twitter, used Cycript – a iOS and Mac hacking tool – to enable the feature on his jailbroken iPhone.

As the screenshots and video show, the mobile payments feature allows you to send money to your friends in Messenger, just as you would send a photo or video.

Aude says the entire process is fairly simple. You simply tap a button to start the payment process, select the amount and hot send. Easy and fast – apparently. (more…)

Microsoft teaches Cortana to speak Klingon

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This probably won’t mean too much for most people, but we think this is extremely geeky and oozes awesomeness. (more…)

Apple to unveil new iPads October 16th

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Tim Cook

Until now we have only received vague dates for the new iPad launches, with many pointing to mid-October. Now, finally, we have some concrete evidence that we the new iPads will be launching on October 16th.

Both the new iPad Air and iPad Mini is expected on this date, but we may also be seeing something new from Apple. A wild card for the event would be the 12.9-inch iPad Pro which has long been rumoured for early 2015 but as we know from the Apple Watch, Tim Cook isn’t shy about announcing new categories early. (more…)