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3D printed clothing and other high-tech garments on the CES runway

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3D printed dress

If you thought that the recent Computer Electronics Show in Las Vegas was just a place where tech junkies ca show off their latest geeky creations and inventions – essentially making it a show for ‘boys and their toys’ – think again.

This year’s CES show had another part of it – perhaps one that didn’t garner as much attention as Samusng’s latest and greatest TV or Sony’ impressive new Walkman. Although, these creations are just as impressive as all the others we were exposed to.

The runway (yes, think fashion runway) at CES this year was just as hot as the showroom floor. This year’s catwalk provided a platform for various high-tech high fashion garments to get their moment in the spotlight.

The biggest trend this year for high-tech fashion was undoubtedly 3D printed garments.  (more…)

Has the new Canon EOS 80D accidentally been spotted?

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Canon-EOS80D-rumor-1200-80Canon’s enthusiasts camera range (double-digits) is currently topped by the EOS 70D and a lot of Canon partial photographers are waiting for its successor to launch, to either upgrade their old equipment or jump onto the DSLR bandwagon. If you are one of these Cononites or just take a special interest in anything photography you will be happy to know that the EOS 80D might just have accidentally poked its head out.

The “new Canon” was spotted by PetaPixel on Canon Austria’s Facebook page, and speculation has been growing about what model it could possibly be. (more…)

Xiaomi tease super-thin smartphone

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The name may not ring a bell, as we don’t see their devices in SA, but Xiaomi is actually one of the leading smartphone manufacturers in the world. They are Chinese, and have been selling smartphones in their millions. (more…)

NASA is using machine learning to predict the characteristics of stars

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The scientists of at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA are on a mission. They are trying to identify as many types of stars as quickly as possible. They have no started using a new technique to do this – NASA is adopting new machine learning techniques to speed up the process.

Telescopes around the world are capturing countless images of the night sky, and new projects such as the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will only increase the amount of data available at NASA’s fingertips. In essence, they are ‘teaching’ computers how to spot patterns in start very quickly. (more…)

New iOS 8 update coming this week

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iOS 8.1.2 was rolled out about a month ago, which added some minor features and fixed bugs, most notably the WiFi connection issues some of the new iPhones were experiencing. It wasn’t really anything major, but Apple continue to make the experience as good as possible. (more…)

CES 2015: 250 Gadgets in 3 minutes

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The yearly Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas has a lot of gadgets and technologies that we were able to cover here, unfortunately. There are hundreds of stands, 5 large building full of booths, and many companies that you have never even heard of.

In the interest of showing you everything that happened at CES 2015 in as little time as possible, check out this montage from TheVerge, showcasing everything at a glance. (more…)

New Microsoft browser to include Cortana, other features

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Earlier in the week we reported that Microsoft is allegedly building an entirely new web browser to be launched with the new Windows update, Windows 10.

Apparently, the new browser is specifically designed to be more streamlined and a so-called ‘light-weight’ browser. The browser is supposedly codenamed ‘Spartan’ for now, and will be completely separate from Microsoft’s long-standing flagship browser, Internet Explorer.

Now, reports are stating that ‘Spartan’ will include a whole bunch of new features, some of which haven’t been included in other, rival browsers. This is a big step from Microsoft, considering that Internet Explorer has been lacking behind other browsers for years.

A big step, but one that is no doubt necessary.  (more…)

Has LG teased the G Watch R2 at CES? (Update: Running WebOS)

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The Las Vegas trade show is bringing us many smartwatches to choose from, which is great for the consumer, but how will you choose?

We’ve seen watches like Alcatel’s OneTouch, bands like Lenovo’s, and new looks for old models like Sony’s managed to deliver. Last year, the LG G Watch R was one of the more talked about models, as it is the only truly round faces smartwatch to date that has come to the mass market. (more…)