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Sony launches PlayStation Now on the PlayStation 3

Published by on May 5th, 2015, 1 Comment


Today, Sony announced that the company intends to bring its cloud gaming service to its elder console, the PlayStation 3, alongside a new 7 day free trial to consumers who haven’t yet signed up.

PlayStation Now – Sony’s game streaming service which launched in beta in July of 2014 – was at first exclusive to the PlayStation 4.


Astronauts can now enjoy a shot of espresso, too

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espresso in space

We all love a good cup of Joe in morning to get our engines fired. This is especially the case if you have a somewhat stressful job that requires a lot of concentrating.

Now, there is no job that is quite as stressful as being an astronaut, mapping out the stars and researching galaxies for us mere Earthlings.

Unfortunately, astronauts had to make due without a morning, caffeine-laden kickstart up in space. That is until now, when they can finally get the jumpstart they need, just as they would on Earth.

Over the past weekend, astronauts at the International Space Station enjoyed their first cup of espresso, thanks to their new espresso machine that was designed specifically to give you the shot you need in zero gravity conditions.  (more…)

Microsoft releases Office 2016 Preview

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Office20162015 will be a big year for Microsoft. This statement has been reiterated within most presentations at the company’s annual Build developers conference. They have been working hard to gain customer feedback for all major products that are scheduled for a launch later this year.

Microsoft has already pushed Windows 10 technical previews alongside the Windows 10 mobile previews over the past couple of months. Now its time for another major Microsoft service to show us what it has up its sleeve… (more…)

Top 5: Coolest Futuristic Car Concepts (video)

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Technology has always been part of the automotive industry, helping car manufacturers push the envelope of what is possible in your beloved chariot. Since the early 20th century manufacturers have showcased their latest ideas at motor shows. Some are outlandish, whacky and completely bonkers, and we love to see what their creative minds can come up with without needing to abide by any safety regulations.

Sometimes they even hint at what the company’s actual cars will look like within the foreseeable future. Here are some of our favourite concept cars from the last couple of years, stocked full of interesting technology. (more…)

Samsung partnering with Samsonite, making smart luggage

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Just about anything you can think of these days is getting the ‘smart’ treatment. Everything from smart chopsticks to smart cups is being created – the mundane household items we are all used to will never be the same.

It seems that the latest everyday item to get the smart treatment is luggage, in a joint venture between Samsung and Samsonite. (more…)

Microsoft making two high-end Lumias for Windows 10

Published by on May 5th, 2015, 7 Comments


One of our biggest gripes with Windows Phone over the years have been that there aren’t enough flagship devices. Very few OEMs came on-board, something Microsoft spent years trying to remedy to no avail.

There are many hardcore Windows Phone fans out there and they almost never got anything blisteringly fast to sink their teeth into. At last, though, Microsoft appears to be catering to that need for speed. The two rumoured devices are codenamed Cityman and Talkman, for Windows 10. (more…)

Apple iPhone 6 Plus vs Huawei Mate 7: Apples and oranges

Published by on May 4th, 2015, 13 Comments


Large smartphones have become extremely common and a massive sub-segment within the smartphone market. Apple is the latest company to get into the phablet game – some would say a bit belatedly – with the iPhone 6 Plus.

Huawei are trying to take the market by storm with very well received Huawei Mate 7. These devices are very different, but in some ways very similar as well. Let us see how they shape up in a head to head comparison. (more…)

Review: Crystal – the app to revolutionise email

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Those of us who work up a sweat over crafting a succinct and clear email can now take a breath; Crystal is a new platform that comes with a bold promise: to aid you in writing a clear, succinct email that will be appreciated by the recipient. Or, as the service itself phrases it: bring about the end of miscommunication.

Crystal is currently in beta, and has an open waiting list for anyone wishing to give the service a try. We delved in and got to grips with our own psychology to see if Crystal makes good on its promise to revolutionise how well we communicate.