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Fly from Tokyo to San Francisco in 90 seconds

Published by on Jul 16th, 2014, No Comments

No, sorry, this isn’t some brilliant new space age technology people are dreaming up that will never occur. It is something a little simpler and more majestic then that.

Over 3,400 separate images were combined to make the time lapse video above from a Boeing 747-400 en route from Tokyo’s Narita Airport to San Francisco.

If you are dreading a long haul flight that is around the corner, maybe this video can calm your nerves and let you forget the headaches associated with commercial flights.

Source: psp747

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Larger iPhone 6 delayed until 2015?

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Last year Apple revealed the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C at the same event, and many of us were expecting the new iPhone 6 devices in September this year. It has been the time of year when Apple revealed its latest and greatest smartphones to the world. We know that we are getting two new models this time around. Unfortunately, news broke a couple of weeks ago that we might have a slight delay because of new manufacturing constraints.

The delay we were expecting was only a week or two, however. It seems the wait may be a bit more agonising this year, at least for the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 variant. (more…)

Another Samsung Galaxy S5 – the Neo

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 has been available for months now, but since then another few variants of the device hit the market. A few more is still to come, though.

Not only did we get the Galaxy S5 Active, Galaxy S5 Mini and the Galaxy S5 Prime (or LTE-A in other markets), according to reports we may also soon find ourselves checking out the Galaxy S5 Neo. (more…)

MasterCard launches MasterPass in SA

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MasterPass3Online shopping has become many a customer’s first choice of access when it comes to purchasing. Unfortunately due to security concerns and legislation it sometimes takes quite a while to get through the “Checkout” counter on any given website. The experience is sometimes similar to a day at the department of home affairs. To make this process not only super quick but also easy and secure MasterCard introduced MasterPass to the South African public yesterday.

According to the MasterCard press release: “MasterPass enables consumers to make convenient, simple, fast and secure digital payments. Digital wallets accessible through the MasterPass acceptance network allow consumers to store all their MasterCard or other branded credit, debit or cheque card information, and shipping and billing address details securely in one place. This gives them the ability to make secure online payments without the repeated hassle of entering these details each time.” (more…)

World Cup final breaks Twitter and Facebook records

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Germany win World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was certainly one to remember. Besides the fact that it was held in Brazil, the undisputed home of football, the tournament offered some amazing high’s and shocking low’s.

It’s natural then that World Cup cause quite a stir on social media – a record breaking stir, in fact.

The World Cup seemed to dominate conversation on two of the world’s biggest social networks. The event broke records on both Facebook and Twitter as the world became consumed with soccer-madness.

This year’s World Cup final is officially the most talked about sporting event on Facebook, ever. According to data released by Facebook, Sunday’s final generated a lot of interaction on the site.

88 million people interacted with the site – and they did that 280 million times. This is in the form of posts, comments and likes. It broke the previous record, which centered around last year’s Superbowl in the US.  (more…)

Google Glass founder heading to Amazon

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One of the visionaries that gave us Google Glass has decided to move on from the search giant. Babak Parvis was the first head of the Glass team and has said that he is “super excited” to be joining Amazon.

Amazon hasn’t shown any public interest in either wearables or medical and healthcare technology, but there are rumours that he will be focusing on these areas. So, naturally, it is lending some credibility to earlier rumours that Amazon will also enter the new segment in electronics sometime in the future. (more…)

Tesla Model X SUV launching in 2015

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model x

Tesla is the only electronic automotive company that have captured the hearts and minds of consumers around the world (mostly in the US, though). The problems with other electric vehicles have been the technology used to power them – the batteries. The standard lithium-ion batteries did not inspire confidence in being able to use the vehicle on a day-to-day basis, with very long charge times and meager range. It is pretty much the same technology used in smartphone batteries, which is why we experience the same problem with our devices.


The History of iOS (video)

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A lot has been said about Apple’s new versions of iOS over the last couple of years, and there is just as many negative comments floating around than positive ones. Of course, much of this talk has come from fanboys on both sides of the iOS/Android divide.

One thing you can’t ignore, no matter which mobile operating system you prefer, is that iOS changed the way we used our cellphones and completely made certain smartphone features standard. Are the advances in iOS (which was called iPhone OS until 2009) really as minimal as many say? Take a look at TheVerge’s look in the video below: (more…)