DStv Now gets Google Chromecast support, AirPlay support incoming

dstv now chromecast airplay support

MultiChoice has announced that DStv Now will benefit from Google Chromecast support while Apple AirPlay support will arrive in the near future.

If you use DStv Now and pine for a method to cast content from your phone or tablet to your television, you’re in luck – MultiChoice has confirmed to TechCentral that Google’s Chromecast is now supported on the service.

The news comes amidst a major expansion of the service, which DStv Digital Media head Graeme Cumming confirmed will soon be available to subscribers of Extra and Compact bouquets. Previously, the feature was limited to subscribers of the platform’s Premium bouquet.

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In a statement, Cumming cited that “The option to share content from mobile devices to TVs is something our customers have been asking for, for a while…These features will become available to DStv Compact and Extra customers at no extra cost during the first quarter of our new financial year.”

Support for Google Chromecast will allow users to cast DStv Now content to their television, while AirPlay support – which will arrive on the platform at a later stage – will enable owners of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV to stream content from one device to another.

MultiChoice cited to TechCentral that its Now service had grown by 90% in the past 12 month period, and revealed a close split wherein over four million titles were digested across DStv’s online platform (38%), Android (33%), and iOS (30%).

Unsurprisingly, Cumming revealed that usage of DStv Now reached its zenith in 2016 during the broadcast of sporting events such as the ICC Cricket World Cup, Super Rugby, and the Olympics.

Support for both Google’s Chromecast and Apple Airplay will likely be an enticing feature in the months to come, as Google recently expanded its Chromecast range while Apple has bullishly pushed its own content agenda through both Apple Music and Apple TV.

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Source: TechCentral

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  • Warren F

    What on earth does Chromecast support mean? Do I still need a Chromecast device? How will it work exactly? When exactly will this become available – we don’t all know when the first quarter of their (DSTV) new financial year could be. Too little information.

    • Ebendl

      Yes, you will need a Chromecast or a TV with it built in (haven’t seen a lot of those in SA).

      It means you download the DSTV Now app to your tablet or your smartphone. You log in with your DSTV credentials. Then, instead of watching it on your phone, you hit “Cast to TV” and it tells the Chromecast connected to your TV to view the stream on your TV instead of your phone. Your phone then becomes the remote control.

      So the legal way this works is that if you have DSTV at home, you can theoretically watch DSTV Now anywhere and if you go on holiday you take your Chromecast along, plug it into your TV there and stream DSTV to that TV — assuming you have enough data on your phone.

      The illegal way this works is you borrow your dad’s DSTV Now credentials and use his account to stream DSTV at your home.

    • Quite right, @ebendl:disqus Ebendl! Thank you for your comment! @warrenfab:disqus, you’d need either a Chromecast (http://www.takealot.com/google-chromecast-2nd-generatin-2015-black/PLID40764471) or TV with built-in Chromecast tech, as Ebendi outlines.

      Chromecast support should come into play between April to June 2017, though we’re awaiting a more detailed answer from DStv. It is presently expected that AirPlay support (for iOS devices, like the iPhone or iPad) will roll out at some point after this during the year.