Afrihost to launch Afrihost+

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Internet service provider, Afrihost, recently sent out an email to its client asking if a new service called Afrihost+ will be a wise move.  The new service will give consumers more data benefits as well as access to Simfy Africa Music.  This will be an add-on to your existing service with Afrihost.


Web Africa reduces capped ADSL packages to as low as R1.50 per GB

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As of today, Web Africa custmers can expect reduced costs of their capped ADSL packages – some from as little as R1.50

In January we reported on Web Africa’s drastically reduced prices for their uncapped ADSL customers; and now it seems that the customers on capped ADSL packages will also welcome new, lower prices.

CEO of Web Africa, Tim Wyatt-Gunning, was adamant that the price reductions is not just for promotion, but rather here to stay:

“This isn’t a short-term promotional exercise…[sic] these price reductions are so deep that we believe they will convince many consumers and businesses, who previously felt it was simply too expensive, to switch to ADSL. Each Rand now buys between two and three times more data than before thereby allowing users to start using the internet to its full potential as an affordable alternative to data hungry applications such as TV, DVD’s, CD’s and photos” he said. (more…)

MWEB slashes Uncapped ADSL pricing

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South African ISP, MWEB announced today that it will be slashing its 10Mbps Uncapped Shaped ADSL pricing by a staggering R1000 per month. This means that the high end user; gamer, the avid downloader and small businesses will be able to experience this product for a fraction of its original pricing. As an addition to MWEB’s already robust uncapped ADSL range, including MWEB 1Mbps Uncapped ADSL for just R199 per month, the new 10Mpbs product positions MWEB as the go-to ISP for entry level, as well as top-end uncapped ADSL.

Derek Hershaw, CEO of MWEB ISP explains, “Locally, 10Mbps Uncapped ADSL is a premium product and by cutting the price of our offering by 50% we’re making it possible for more South Africans to move up the broadband value chain to top speed, uncapped Internet. Although most of our competitors have some form of throttling on their 10Mbps products, MWEB does not throttle, which means we can deliver the best possible Internet experience to subscribers on our network. At R999 per month, 10Mbps Uncapped Unthrottled ADSL gives South African Internet users exceptional value for money.”


Do Broadband Wrong: Telkom Increases Prices

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When it comes to broadband worldwide, the general trend is quite well known by now – over time, while broadband internet becomes faster and better, the cost comes down. Quite simple. That is why we keep on seeing great offers for internet bundles on our mobile devices. But, leave it to the fixed line operator Telkom to go and change that little formula.

A few weeks ago we got the great news that Telkom would be increasing its minimum ADSL line speeds from 384kbps to 1Mbps, while 1Mbps clients get their lines upgraded to 2Mbps. This is great, but those speeds are still way  behind the rest of the world. But now, just as Telkom is increasing the speed, they have decided it is also good time to bump up the price of ADSL line rentals, as well as most of their other services, by a few percentage points.

New pricing: 

Speed Old Price New Price
Fast 152 165
Faster 289 299
Fastest 413 425


MTN, MWEB react to Telkom IP Connect cost reduction

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Following the recent announcement made by the Independent Communications Authority of SA (ICASA), Telkom agreed to decrease IP interconnect rates by 30%. Large scale Internet Service Providers MTN and MWEB were quick to react.

Says Edwin Thompson, general manager of Technology and Infrastructure at MTN Business; “As IP Connect is one of the most expensive parts to providing an ADSL service currently, a price reduction here is long overdue. Although we are not sure what all the providers will do with the price cut, a clear benefit for the end user will likely be felt, as this will allow for various Internet providers to either improve the current broadband services offered or, should they choose, pass on the reduction in prices.”

Considering the high cost associated with the fixed-line broadband network in South Africa, many Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are currently offering broadband services that are unfortunately restricted. MTN Business believes that through this cut, the market will likely see many providers use this cut as a mechanism to improve broadband solutions offered and therefore the consumer will most likely receive an improved experience from their broadband solutions, perhaps even cheaper rates.

“We welcome this positive percentage cut as it is certainly one that is needed in the market, and will go a long way in achieving more capacity, more accessibility and more cost effectiveness – essentially improving overall broadband solution offerings for the local consumer,” concludes Thompson.


Axxess launches uncapped internet for R99

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My, how far we have come. To think about a year ago we were still paying through our noses for even the simplest ADSL data bundles. And then finally Mweb stepped up to the plate and made relatively affordable uncapped internet available. While uncapped packages at present do not really cater for power users due to heavily shaped bandwidth during business hours, there are still people who need to use their internet connection for everyday web browsing and email.

Axxess has just announced a R99 uncapped deal called “just Surf”. This is of course for a 384kbps line version. The user is still responsible for getting an ADSL line from Telkom, which these days is becoming the most expensive part of getting an internet connection at home. Pretty sad considering that an ADSL line is not really even a seperate line going to your house, its merely frequencies being isolated in a traditional phone line.

Here is Axxess’s statement:

In a radical and very exciting move to offer the average South African uncapped Internet, Axxess DSL have launched their new uncapped offerings. The new addition to the current uncapped offerings is called the Axxess “just Surf,” Uncapped Internet Account. The name pretty much sums the account up, as it is targeted to the user that merely wants unlimited internet surfing capabilities without having to be concerned about how many gigs they have used, or when they are going to hit their cap. It is truly affordable to anyone who has an ADSL line, at R99 it is cheaper than a case of beer, and lasts for the whole month!

Pricing is as follows:

R99 per month            384Kbps

R149 per month          512Kbps

R249 per month          1024Kbps

10 Mbps rollout starts

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Its finally happening – Telkom is starting its rollout of upgrading certain 4Mbps lines to 10Mbps, but it will at first focus on metropolitan areas. While the cost stays the same, users can expect big speed increases from their existing lines – but only users who have 4Mbps line speed activated. No good news to customers with slower ADSL lines.

While this is great news, I expected a bit more from Telkom. True, our infrastructure might not support much faster lines yet, but I at least expect Telkom to increase the speeds of its lower end offerings. At present, its lower end 348kbps and 512kbps lines can hardly be considered “broadband” (click here to see how SA stacks up against the rest of the world in terms of internet speed). Despite Telkom’s misleading advertising, SA is still firmly in the stoneage of internet connectivity, with users paying ridiculous prices for slow internet. At present ADSL clients have a choice of 348kbps, 512 kpbs or 4Mbps lines, with the 4Mbps lines getting upgraded to 10Mbps lines eventually. My opinion is that this should at least be 1Mbps, 2Mbps and then finally the 4-10Mbps offering.

At least in the past year things improved with uncapped internet becoming more affordable, and many people have moved to this method of how the internet is supposed to be used. The whole idea of thinking about how much money this youtube video will cost you in bandwidth is a very antiquated idea by world standards. The problem is now that people who  might have 10Mbps capable lines will need to pay more to their ISP if they want to stick with uncapped.

At present Mweb has made public that they are working towards a 10Mbps uncapped offering, but pricing is still unavailable.

Now if Telkom can just increase the speeds of their lower end ADSL offerings…

As a commenter on IOL said, it seems its “To hell with peasants with slower lines”.

South Africa’s first video-on-demand service announced

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DStv On DemandInternet users in South Africa, and MWEB uncapped adsl clients in particular, now have one more reason to be happy. At last South Africa has a Video-on-Demand (VOD) service, thanks to a partnership between MWEB and MultiChoice.

The service is being offered exclusively to DStv Premium subscribers, and they will be able to access it free of charge via both their PVR decoder and MWEB ADSL broadband.

1. The DStv On Demand HD PVR offering, accessible via PVR decoder, will provide 20 hours of the most popular TV series, sporting shows, magazine shows and movies, for up to 7 days after their broadcast on DStv Channels.

MWEB logo2. The DStv On Demand online offering, available exclusively to MWEB ADSL customers (both capped and uncapped), will provide 800 hours of premium content including blockbuster movies, award-winning series, all the best sporting action, kids’ shows and documentaries.

Programmes are chosen for the On Demand service based on monthly consumer surveys. Content will be continually updated after each show appears on DStv channels; international series will be available for 7 days, and local content and movies for 30 days. The pilot episode will always be included.

MultiChoice says of their partnership with MWEB, “DStv Online is committed to delivering the highest possible quality of service to our subscribers. As a result, we request certain guarantees from our ISP partners – the most important of which is uncapped broadband access. MWEB was the first ISP to offer an uncapped ADSL service in South Africa and to meet our quality of service and technical requirements. We are excited to partner with them to offer you unlimited viewing pleasure at no extra bandwidth costs.”

DStv plans to roll out this service to the rest of Africa shortly. They are also investigating the feasibility of launching a Transactional Video on Demand (TVOD) service, which would allow subscribers to have access to the latest movies on a pay-per-view basis, before they are screened on DStv.

Find out more about the DStv On Demand online offering.