Microsoft announces 20 new OEMs will ship Office & OneDrive

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Microsoft made a huge announcement today, citing a bold new phase in the company’s cross-platform strategy: 20 new OEMs, including the likes of Sony and LG, will ship Microsoft services such as Office and OneDrive as pre-installed apps on their devices.

The news, which comes alongside yesterday’s announcement that Cortana will shortly be available on both iOS and Android, indicates that Microsoft are readying a tighter integration with Android, iOS, and the forthcoming release of Windows 10.


Microsoft confirms Cortana for Android and iOS

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Microsoft officially confirmed today that plans are in place to bring the firm’s digital assistant, Cortana, to other mobile platforms, and that an iOS and Android release will be available shortly.

Cortana will make use of separate apps on each mobile operating system to run efficiently outside of Windows, and will be able to respond to the same commands as found on either the forthcoming release of Windows 10, or on Windows Mobile.


New Nexus details emerge ahead of Google I/O

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With Google I/O around the corner anything that has to do with Google is taking centre stage. The Nexus line will be refreshed in the latter part of the year, but we’ll receive no news from Google at the conference regarding the hardware. Rather, it seems they will share some interesting news regarding its software policies.

According to reports, Google intends to use the update’s release to set up an official policy for how long Nexus devices are entitled to updates. This is regardless of the manufacturer or form factor. (more…)

Google leaks updated Photos app screenshots

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Google Photos screenshots-970-80

With Google’s 2015 I/O conference just around the corner – scheduled for the 28th of May – the company has leaked several images depicting a new version of its Photos app which have been published by Android Authority.

The leak details new tools as well as a re-imagining of pre-existing app features, and it seems that Google are readying a more cohesive photo backup service which parallels Apple’s Photos in both iOS and Mac, as well as Dropbox’s Carousel photo management app.


Samsung Galaxy A8 set for a wider release

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Samsung’s all-metal Alpha line has proved to be a popular smartphone range; incorporating a high-quality chassis and great user experience at an affordable mid-range price. Now, Samsung is set to release a new addition to the A line to supplement the A3, A5 and A7; the A8.

Speculation posits that the A8 – which was originally slated to be released exclusively in China – will now see a wider international launch.


Upcoming Nexus 7 may not be (just) another phablet

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The Nexus 6 came out in November last year and unfortunately it wasn’t nearly as successful as its predecessors. According to analysts, the main reason consumers didn’t pick up Google’s latest attempt to showcase Android in its purest form was its form factor.

While we love Nexus devices of the past, we have to agree that the Nexus 6 wasn’t exactly to our liking. Not only is it a massive phone, it is also priced completely differently to previous Nexus phones. They were always known for being relatively inexpensive while still including the latest and greatest hardware, which was not the case with the Nexus 6. (more…)

Sony launches Xperia Z4

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April 20th saw the surreptitious launch of Sony Corporation’s 2015 flagship – the Xperia Z4.

The firm announced the release of the forthcoming smartphone over a blog post on its Japanese website, indicating that the new device won’t be immediately available internationally.


Android For Work arrives on Google Play

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Earlier in February this year, Google officially revealed Android for Work – a profile (for Lollipop users) or app (for Ice Cream Sandwich to KitKat users) designed to integrate enterprise and business functions into an employee’s private Android phone.

Yesterday saw Google release the official Android for Work app on the Play Store, which allows Android users to keep two copies of the same app – one for work, and the other for personal use.