BWB: 5 must have sports apps for any South African fan

Published by on Jan 30th, 2015, 1 Comment

SportFor the average South African guy (and to a growing extent – woman as well!) being up to date with sports scores is an absolute necessity. The digital and mobile revolution has brought information to our finger tips and we can now track our favorite teams’ scores, performance and news even though your stuck in some far flung place between Gat-sonder-water and Pofadder. No more waiting for tomorrow’s newspaper to find out what is happening with the Proteas down-under.

If you are anything like me, a good sports app is one of the first-to-be-downloaded and most used apps on my smartphone. Here are Bandwidth Blog’s 5 must have sports apps for any avid sports fan. If your favorite sport doesn’t feature on the list, feel free to leave a comment with a great app recommendation!  (more…)

Adobe Lightroom photo editing comes to Android

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Lightroom2Long gone is the idea of only editing your photos once you get home to your desktop PC or forking out wads of cash for a powerful laptop. Professional mobile photo editing is an essential tool to professionals and even enthusiasts. Last year Adobe brought a version of its Lightroom photo-editing software to the iPad enabling on-the-go editing without pulling out the old PC or laptop. Now a version of the app is ready for Android devices and it brings all of the key features from the iOS version to those handsets running Google’s mobile OS. (more…)

Google’s update Wednesday was a big one

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Google-apps-updatesGoogle’s app update Wednesdays has become a bit of a tradition. Each week millions of Android users look forward to news from Google regarding updates to their favorite apps. Whether its is just a small tweak, bugfix, or new feature here and there, Google always seems to deliver. While most update Wednesdays aren’t really something to write home about, this week’s lineup is a bit larger than most, with at least a dozen Android apps seeing updates become available yesterday. (more…)

Nokia N1 announced, the company’s first Android tablet (video)

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Not long ago, we speculated about Nokia making a move to come back into the smartphone market with Android. As it turns out, though, the company’s first device since selling its Lumia devices division to Microsoft will not be a smartphone, but a tablet. And yes, it is an Android tablet.

The company has announced the Nokia N1, a 7.9-inch tablet running Android 5.0 Lollipop. While tablet designs are pretty generic these days, we can’t help notice that this device looks awfully like the iPad Mini. Along with the latest Android build, the device will launch with Nokia’s own Z Launcher, which it has released for Android smartphones as well. (more…)

Nokia’s last hope is… Android?

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As Obi-Wan Kenobi was to Princess Leia, Android could be Nokia’s only hope in remaining alive in the smartphone market. Having sold off its devices division to Microsoft, the Lumia name has now gone to the technology giant from Redmond. Subsequently, Microsoft has completely dropped the Nokia name from its upcoming Lumia devices.

As it happens, this may not turn out to be the end of Nokia as a smartphone manufacturer. While Lumia devices will now exclusively run Windows Phone, recent rumours point hint at Nokia preparing a high-end Android-powered smartphone. (more…)

Google Fit launches for Android

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It has been quite some time since we first heard about Google Fit, the fitness application that will be launched on all Android devices pretty soon.

The Google Fit app, the company’s answer to Apple Health, is now available for download, compiling all of those collected fitness stats in the same spot. By leveraging your phone’s sensors, the software monitors walking, running and cycling activity, allowing you to set specific goals and benefit from some friendly advice. (more…)

Android 5.0 is official and called Lollipop

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Yes, today is all about the big G. Not only do we have two new Nexus devices, but we also have the official release of Android 5.0 or ‘L’, which is now officially called Android Lollipop.

Summing up the new Android release, which includes some 5,000 new APIs and the new Material Design visual style, Google describes Lollipop as an OS for interacting with a bunch of different screens — from phones and tablets to set-top boxes and wearables. (more…)

Android looks very different in these new ads (video)

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The ad above and the two below are now showing on US televisions and it gives us an idea of the new direction Google is taking with Android. It is certainly very different from what we have seen in the past.

It all but shows the new Nexus 6 that we are expecting sometime this week, with the smallest Android figure pulling out a monstrously large phone. We are expecting the Nexus 6 to be a large 5.9-inch phablet, which is a bit disappointing to the stock Android fans out there not interested in the large screen craze. To be honest, Android isn’t optimised in its stock form to really use the larger screens effectively, so let’s hope Google is cooking up something interesting with Android L which we haven’t seen yet.

Check out the other ads below, and let us know what you think about them in the comments section: (more…)