Mom develops app so son can’t ignore her text messages

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Ignore No More

Teenagers; they are constantly in their own world and are only interested in texting their friends – definitely not their parents.

And for one Texas mom this was not going to fly. She got so fed up with her teenage son not replying to her text messages or phone calls, that she decided to fight fire with fire – by developing an app that would force him to reply.

Ignore No More is an app that allows parents to block their kids’ phones remotely, even when they are not in the house.

The app essentially disables the child’s phone – that is until he or she decides to reply to mom or dad. It blocks them from texting or calling anyone else (or even use the internet) except contacts listed on an emergency number list or emergency responders like the police or paramedics.

To unblock their phone, they will be forced to call their parents to receive a passcode to disable the block.  (more…)

Will Google and Samsung’s relationship last?

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It is no secret that Samsung has been a big part of Android’s meteoric rise to dominance. In fact, the utter dominance that Samsung enjoyed in the Android market had Google worried. So much so that Google had to personally meet other manufacturers and help them to step up their game to compete with Samsung.

The reason for this is of course the eventual intentions of Samsung to leave Android behind altogether for their in-house operating system, Tizen. Samsung also changed the Android interface so much with the launch of the Tab Pro and Note Pro tablets at the beginning of the year that it lead to Samsung execs flying out to South Korea to confront Samsung. Subsequently Samsung has vowed to drop this Magazine UI in favour of something more traditionally like Android. (more…)

Google Play Store getting massive makeover

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It seems Google is completely focused on aesthetics, something we couldn’t say about them at all times a couple of years ago. The Google Play Store has always been easy to use and functional, sure, but visually it hasn’t always been appealing.

Now we hear news that the Play Store will receive another visual overhaul, and we like the look of it. A large amount of screenshots have leaked and we see many visual changes to the Play Store. Extra-large artwork is everywhere, and there are now a slew of icons that make it clear what you’ll be getting, meaning there won’t be any nasty surprises when you open that app for the first time. (more…)

Google surprises with Android One

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As the keynote from Google I/O started the whole conference room was abuzz as to what we would hear from Google VP Sundar Pichai. Not many people saw this coming, however.

After spouting Google’s user statistics for its Android OS – which has now hit 1 billion active users over a 30 day period – first big I/O announcement to make: the launch of Google’s Android One project.


Google I/O 2014: What to Expect

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We’re all licking our fingers to the prospect of getting plenty of news, software, hardware and more from Google at their yearly conference, Google I/O. The key-note from the company will take place today, and we’ll be following all the goings-on with bated breath.

But what exactly are we waiting for? Here are our top predictions of things to expect from this year’s conference. (more…)

Nokia announces the X2 Android phone (video)

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We were rather bamboozled when Nokia released three Android phones, the Nokia X, Nokia X+ and Nokia XL several months ago.

They continue to baffle us today with the announcement of the second iteration of one of the devices, a couple of months after the first. The colourful phones are meant to show users a different face to Android, which is modelled after Windows Phone’s tile arrangements. The idea is to lure said users onto the Microsoft platform sooner or later. (more…)

Google’s new ‘L’ version of Android coming today

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We know we are getting some interesting goodies from Google this week with Google I/O, including a new version of Android. What we didn’t know was if we would get a new version of KitKat or the ‘L’ version of Android (most likely to be called Lollipop). (more…)

New Android version will enhance battery life and speed up apps

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Android 4.4 KitKat was built with the single intention of allowing lower-end smartphones to work better than ever before, as Google’s mission was to get their services in as many people’s pockets as possible. Now it seems that Google will be focused on pushing the envelope even further with what we are suspecting will be called Android 4.5 (probably still KitKat), the new version to be released in this week. (more…)