Nokia Normandy Android phone surfaces

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While this Nokia device might look strange to most with only one capacitive button at the bottom, the source claims that this is Nokia project Normandy – the Nokia device running a tweaked version of Android. It will be a low-end device that will come to market sometime in this year.

The name has been floating around for a few months now, often accompanied by images flaunting Nokia’s usual design cues but without the hardware shutter button or LED flash that adorn its Lumia devices. Normally, that would peg the hardware for Nokia’s Asha line. (more…)

Coming soon: Locally made Android smartphones and tablets

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South Africans can soon look forward to a more affordable Android smartphone and tablet, that is made right here in South Africa.

Seemahale Telecoms, a South African telecommunications company, announced their plans to manufacture affordable, locally made Android-based smartphones and tablets in October last year.

And now it seems that the time has arrived for the manufacturing to start, after all their testing has been completed.

According to CEO and Chairman of Seemahale Telecoms, Thabo Lehloke, both ICASA (The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa) and Vodacom have completed their individual testing.

Apparently, Vodacom was testing the company’s 5-inch, dual SIM Android smartphone as well as a single SIM version, and that they were pleased with the results.  (more…)

Audi reveals Smart Display Android tablet – for your car

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Well it sure seems that Audi and Google aren’t waiting around for anybody after they announced their partnership to bring Android systems into cars a mere two days ago.

Yesterday, we reported on the formation of the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA), an alliance spearheaded by Google that will focus on bringing Android-based platforms and tech to various cars in 2014.

In the wake of their announcement, Audi held the attention of the media  by revealing the Audi Smart Display – a 10.2 inch tablet that is specifically designed for in-car use and runs – you guessed it – Android.  (more…)

Google teams up with automakers to bring Android to cars

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In not such a surprising move – as we all knew that the next big thing to be turned into a ‘smart device’ would, naturally , be a car – Google has announced its plans to bring Android to your car, and it seems they have the backing of some big players.

Yesterday, at the 2014 CES Show in Las Vegas, Google introduced the world to the Open Automotive Alliance (OAA). The OAA is a worldwide alliance that aims to connect tech and auto industry leaders.

The aim of the OAA is to enable (and inspire) a better integration between cars and Android devices. However, that being said, Google has also stated that they are actually developing a new Android platform that will enable the car itself to become a connected Android device. Think music streaming in your car via cloud, and having it automatically call up the maps you searched for on your smartphone… (more…)

Polaroid Socialmatic combines Android, instant prints and retro style

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We reported on this camera in 2012, at which time it was still being touted as the Instagram Socialmatic. It has been renamed as the Polaroid Socialmatic, siting licencing issues as the culprit. But finally, we have a launch window and the final design.

Polaroid’s Socialmatic camera promised some big things when it was announced in 2013. Your photos could be printed instantly like with Polaroids of yore, with the modern functionalities you expect from smart devices. This is supposed to be Polaroid’s second chance (and some say last chance), as they have come under some difficulty lately. (more…)

Apple trumps Android in Christmas sales.

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The little green android has taken the fight to Apple in almost all technology areas in recent years. And it is safe to say that in certain areas Android has been wiping the floor with the Cupertino based company. There is however one area that Apple still rules with an iron fist and that is Christmas day sales. Although most people usually do their shopping before Christmas day, the actual day accounts for one of the largest retail days (apart from Black Friday and Cyber Monday :)) in the US. A report from IBM’s Digital Analytics benchmark hub indicated that the sale in Apple’s iOS devices made up 23 percent of all e-commerce orders, whilst Android devices only accounted for 4.6% of total sales. (more…)

Danny K launches app alongside new album

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South African singer, Danny K, has just launched his latest album called ‘Good Look’ and with it, an exciting app that was developed with the help of Wonderland collective and Samsung.

On 21 November, Danny K held an exclusive listening session of ‘Good Look’ at Taboo nightclub in Sandton. Not only was his new music put on display, but the app was also unveiled.

Director of  Mobile Communications Samsung Electronics South Africa, Craige Fleischer first took to the stage to embrace the partnership between Samsung, Danny K and music.

Business Development Director of Wonderland Works, Graeme Lipschitz, also had the chance to showcase their latest work by introducing the app to the guests, by taking them through the unique design, layout and features. (more…)

Eric Schmidt posts “How to switch from iPhone to Android”

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There might be some of you out there that are thinking of switching from your iPhone to an Android device (and vice versa). Well don’t fret, if you are of the former the Google executive chairman has decided to answer your questions.

Eric Schmidt said in a post to Google+: “Many of my iPhone friends are converting to Android,” Schmidt writes. “The latest high-end phones from Samsung (Galaxy S4), Motorola (Verizon Droid Ultra) and the Nexus 5 (for AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile) have better screens, are faster, and have a much more intuitive interface. They are a great Christmas present to an iPhone user!”

It explains how to add a Google account to your devices, import contacts, sync music etc. Check out the rest of his post and see if you think it’s as easy as he makes it seem. (more…)