Is the Android logo changing?

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The Android platform’s looks are instantly recognisable to the majority of users out there. Android’s logo has basically remained the same since its existence, but if a leak of the LG G Watch’s boot-animation is to be believed, it might change in the coming months. (more…)

Google’s new Android version will focus on businesses

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It seems that Google is targeting the corporate world with its next version of Android. According to experts, the operating system isn’t very well suited to business needs and demands, something iOS does with aplomb.

The new OS will reportedly allow apps that require their own authentication, as well as data storage on secure chips. Remote management controls will also be introduced. Google will unveil the new version of Android at its annual I/O conference in June 2014. (more…)

Apple considering iTunes Store for Android

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The only problem with iTunes as a place to get cheap music is that you have to have an Apple device to take advantage of it (if you don’t have a Windows PC). There are multitudes more Android devices out there than Apple devices, and Apple might look to take advantage of the vast numbers. (more…)

Google Maps for Android update brings upcoming events

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Google is all about giving its customer as much information as possible and the latest update for its Android Maps app continues that trend. When using Maps, it will now not only show how to get to the location you searched, but also include upcoming events at that location.

Information is displayed below the venue’s address, and will include information about bands playing at a club or restaurant, games at a sports arena etc.

Image: Google+, Source: Google Play

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Dual-Boot Windows and Android phones coming this year

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Dual-booting is nothing new and has been happening for year. The last couple of years have seen Windows running on Apple laptops alongside OS X and more recently tablets dual-booting Android and Windows. Reports state that this year we will see the first smartphones running Android and Windows Phone. (more…)

Nokia finally launches 3 Android Phones

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Nokia Android

Who would have thought? Nokia has now officially launched three Android phones – called the X, X+ and the XL.

All three run on a custom version of Android which uses a Windows Phone looking tiles interface. The phone will benefit from the huge Android apps ecosystem, while staying true to the look and feel of the latest Nokia phones. Nokia and Microsoft is supplying apps with the phone, and Microsoft’s own online services (Bing, Live, OneDrive etc) are bundled with the phone, not Google’s like most other Android phones. (more…)

Are Android apps coming to Windows?

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Rumours are running rife that Microsoft might be giving in and opening up Windows for Android apps – and many believe it’s about time.

According to The Verge, sources close to Microsoft’s inner circle have revealed that the company are heavily considering the big move of allowing Android apps to run on Windows mobile and desktop platforms.

While the sources claim that these Microsoft Android mash-up ideas are still only in it’s early stages of discussion, there is already a divide in the company swinging either yay or nay.  (more…)

22seven launches Android app

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Following its acquisition by Old Mutual, 22seven, the local start-up that caused uproar in the local banking sector last year, has now been granted a global platform for its personal financial management service.

CEO and founder of 22seven, Christo Davel, says the stress has now shifted from “having to pay for things as a start-up” to having to deliver on a business that needs to run in the UK and other territories while also having to continuously develop the product. (more…)