Microsoft licences ‘Age of Empires’ for iOS and Android

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Get ready for the nostalgia train! If you remember this strategy classic and you want to give it another whirl that could happen soon. That’s right; Microsoft is bringing its games to iOS and Android, starting with Age of Empires sometime in 2013.

The news comes from mobile developer KLab, which licences games from Microsoft for global distribution. According to sources, this could be a turning point in the gaming market, as the move could possibly affect the mobile strategies of other gaming giants Sony and Nintendo. (more…)

BlackBerry Enterprise Server now secures work on Android and iOS devices

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blackberry-launches-secure-work-space-for-android-iosBlackBerry today announced the availability of a new security solution that separates work and personal apps and data on iOS and Android devices. Secure Work Space for iOS and Android is a new option with BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 (version 10.1.1) that offers customers with a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policy, a solution with the best combination of security, user experience and total cost of ownership. BlackBerry designed Secure Work Space to meet the management, security and cost needs of the CIO, and the user experience and functionality that employees demand.

Since launching in January 2013, 18,000 BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 servers have been installed by customers around the world and Secure Work Space for iOS and Android has been trialled globally with BlackBerry customers since the launch, including Netherlands-based e-office mobile b.v. For the past 22 years e-office has been creating virtual working environments for their clients, and to ensure they are always staying current on their clients’ mobility needs, e-office took part in BlackBerry’s early adopter program for Secure Work Space.

“Secure Work Space builds on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10, and we found that BlackBerry’s secure infrastructure offered our company the best containerization solution to help mobilize our multi-platform environment, while maintaining a great user experience,” said Thierry Lammers, Director and co-founder, e-office mobile. “We’re looking forward to deploying this solution across our organization and to our customers in the coming months and bringing the separation of work and personal data to life on iOS and Android devices.” (more…)

iOS vs Android Apps: Who makes more money?

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For some time now, Android has been on top in terms of daily device activations and market share, but how does that translate into sales of applications on the respective app stores?

We are used to most major developers bringing their apps to iOS first (although there has been a slight shift in recent months), and it was for good reason. Consumer spending on applications in iOS has always been higher. While that is still the case, Google Play seems to be making ground on iOS since last year.


Hands On Review: Samsung Galaxy S4

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Samsung has taken the smartphone market by storm – it is incredibly popular, and Android to the common man has become synonymous with the “Galaxy” brand. But the Android market has some truly great competitors right now. The HTC One is almost perfect, and the Sony Xperia Z sports a cool waterproof design. But thanks to Samsung’s huge marketing effort, the most popular Android phone out is the Galaxy S series, and most other Android phone are ignored. In a quick few iterations it has become the phone on everyone’s minds, and thanks to massive marketing, the phone that the average South African aspires to.

But is the new Galaxy S4 up to that high praise?


The S4 looks a hell of a lot like the S3 – and its good to see that Samsung has nailed down their own design language. Much like the way you can recognize a iPhone, the S4 is unmistakably a Samsung Galaxy phone. In fact, if you don’t have some time to look at it with a close eye, it easy to mistake for the S3. And I think that is a good thing.

The S4 is a good looking phone in person, and it is dominated by a massive 5 inch display. This screen is larger than the S3, which means that the phone has now officially crossed over into the uncomfortable territory. Sure, thanks to curved edges it feels great in hand, but you need some monstrous paws to use this phone with one hand.


LG won’t be making the Nexus 5

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The fourth iteration of the Google Nexus range of smartphones certainly made some big waves throughout the technology community. It is now that time of year again when rumours start flowing about the next Nexus phone, which will undoubtedly be called the Nexus 5. Already, though, an LG exec has squashed one of the earliest rumours: that LG will be making the Nexus 5 as well.

Samsung shows off Design Process of the Galaxy S4

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Samsung’s new flagship phone, the Galaxy S4, is clearly more evolutionary in approach, and most people will probably not notice the differences between it and its older S3 cousin, except for size. Samsung has long been accused of copying Apple’s designs for its smartphones, but with the S3 and S4 it is becoming clear that they have found their own design language.

As part of Samsung’s launch campaign of the S4, they have roped in their high ranking designers to share what they decided to do and how with the S4. It ranges from User Interface to actual product designers for the new phone.

Samsung is pushing their innovation strengths hard in this video, and the designers tell us a bit more about the more gimmicky features as well.

Tell us what you think: (more…)

BWB TV: Google Nexus 7 Review (Video)

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Even though the Nexus 7 has almost been around for a year, a revamped version was released more recently and we put it through its paces. At such a low price point, the Nexus 7 is a premium device for very little money. We think it’s the best 7-inch Android tablet by a country mile, but how does it compare to something like the iPad Mini? Check out our video review below. (more…)

FNB launches Tablet Apps

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FNB has released a new Banking App customised for tablet devices, complimenting a much larger tablet device strategy for the Bank. From today, the App is available for download from today in app stores across Apple, Android and Windows 8 devices.

“The new Banking App, designed specifically for tablet devices, was developed with ease-of-use as a key priority and utilises the full capability of the latest tablet devices. It is completely custom-made and not a re-skin of our existing smartphone App.” says Farren Roper, Head of FNB Connect ISP and Business Operations.