New Android version will enhance battery life and speed up apps

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Android 4.4 KitKat was built with the single intention of allowing lower-end smartphones to work better than ever before, as Google’s mission was to get their services in as many people’s pockets as possible. Now it seems that Google will be focused on pushing the envelope even further with what we are suspecting will be called Android 4.5 (probably still KitKat), the new version to be released in this week. (more…)

Samsung, Motorola and LG will launch Android Wear watches this week

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Next week’s Google I/O conference is set to be one of the most interesting yet. Not only will be seeing a new version of Android, but Google will also launch Android Wear. Even more interesting is the fact that we can expect the launch of three smartwatches that will run Android. Samsung, Motorola and LG will reportedly all launch their first Android Wear smartwatches and it will be very interesting see the differences (and similarities). (more…)

Nokia releases the Z Launcher for Android

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There are so many launchers available for your Android devices these days, but this is not something we could see coming. Nokia has launched an Android launcher, called the Z Launcher. Just to be clear, this is the part of the Finnish company that wasn’t sold to Microsoft, which will mostly be focused on software and services. (more…)

New emojis coming soon

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new emojis

Ah, what is a great text-based conversation without a few emojis? Emojis have become an integral part of our texting life, and if we can get our hands on more, we’d be forever grateful.

And now it looks like that might happen in the near future.

Unicode, the industry standard that regulates text and emojis across various software platforms – like iOS and Android – updated their arsenal of emojis today to include 250 new emojis.

Of course, this is good news for any text loving person, but, it is still up the Unicode partners (i.e iOS and Android) whether or not they will implement and develop the new emojis.  (more…)

SwiftKey is now free on Android (video)

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As we’ve mentioned a couple of times before, SwiftKey is definitely our favourite app on Android. It truly makes your life so much easier and is the best typing experience around in our opinion. Now Android users can rejoice, as SwiftKey is opening up the experience to everyone.

Usually the app cost $4 on Android (we picked it up on a $1.99 special back in 2012), but now it is available for free to all Android users. That may irk customers who have actually bought the app and stayed loyal, but those loyal customers aren’t being left out in the rain. All existing customers get a Premium Pack worth $5 for free, meaning many more themes and emoji. (more…)

Is the Android logo changing?

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The Android platform’s looks are instantly recognisable to the majority of users out there. Android’s logo has basically remained the same since its existence, but if a leak of the LG G Watch’s boot-animation is to be believed, it might change in the coming months. (more…)

Google’s new Android version will focus on businesses

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It seems that Google is targeting the corporate world with its next version of Android. According to experts, the operating system isn’t very well suited to business needs and demands, something iOS does with aplomb.

The new OS will reportedly allow apps that require their own authentication, as well as data storage on secure chips. Remote management controls will also be introduced. Google will unveil the new version of Android at its annual I/O conference in June 2014. (more…)

Apple considering iTunes Store for Android

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The only problem with iTunes as a place to get cheap music is that you have to have an Apple device to take advantage of it (if you don’t have a Windows PC). There are multitudes more Android devices out there than Apple devices, and Apple might look to take advantage of the vast numbers. (more…)