New iPads to get the golden touch

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Apple is rumoured to be adding a gold colour option for its revamped full size iPad Air, which is expected to be unveiled later this month.

Apple iPad sales are on the decline, and this move is intended to buck the trend. New versions of the 9.7-inch tablet could include a golden metal rear cover as well as the silver and grey currently offered for the iPad Air, ‘people familiar with the matter’ told Bloomberg. (more…)

Kids are purposefully bending iPhones in Apple stores

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Bending iPhone 6 Plus

Just as you may have thought that Apple’s ‘Bendgate’ saga is finally dying down, it actually takes a turn for the worse. A very idiotic turn, that is.

‘Bendgate’ has been hanging over Apple’s head like a dark, dreary cloud this past week. With numerous reports by users claiming that their iPhone 6 Plus bends when in their pockets, the internet blew up with these latest claims.

While there may only be a handful of iPhone 6 Plus users whose phones actually bent, naturally, people will take matters into their own hands. And when it’s a ‘scandal’ that burdens one of the biggest companies in the world, people tend to take things a little too far.

Numerous videos have popped up online of people intentionally bending iPhones in an effort to establish whether or not it will bend if it is in your pocket. The problem is, that these tests are intentional. It’s not a true representative of everyday wear and tear.

Apple also took notice of the hundreds of videos aiming to prove that the iPhone 6 Plus is bendable. So much so that they let the media into their rigorous iPhone testing lab to see what the iPhone goes through, testing-wise, before it is shipped and sold.

But, as is the case with all things internet related (and especially those that go viral) there will be some idiot out there that pushes the envelope in the wrong direction. (more…)

Apple’s intense iPhone testing centre revealed in light of ‘Bendgate’

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iPhone testing

With every new phone released there is a whole lot of praise, but it is almost always accompanied by a whole lot of scandal. And for Apple and their new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the past week was rather rough when it comes to scandal.

Besides the fact that iOS 8 and it’s first update, 8.0.1, caused some serious problems for certain users, Apple had to deal with yet another scandal that rocked the pristine world in Apple-land – the so-called ‘Bendgate’ scandal.

If you have been following any tyoe of tech news as of late, you would of most certainly have heard of Bendgate – the alleged report that some iPhone 6 and 6 Plus devices bends when in users’ pockets. Naturally, this is not  good look for Apple.

A mere 20 days after the iPhone 6 and it’s bigger brother the 6 Plus was released, people began reporting that the phone literally bends in their pockets. How much of this is true (or how many devices it has affected) is still unknown, but enough people made a hoo-ha about the bending scandal for it to attract a lot of media attention. And it also caught the attention of Apple.

In light of ‘Bendgate’ Apple did something that they rarely do. They let a reported from The Verge into their enclosed iPhone testing centre, to show us just how much new iPhones have to endure before they can be labeled consumer ready. (more…)

iOS 8.0.2 released to fix 8.0.1 disaster

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iOS 8

iOS 8 users, rejoice! Apple has released an update to the disastrous iOS 8.0.1 and it seems that all is good and well again in iOS land.

After the dreadful roll out of iOS 8.0.1 on Wednesday – the first update to Apple’s new iOS 8 – Apple really had to scram to fix numerous bugs that severely upset iOS 8 users, especially those with either the new iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Complaints of debilitating bugs associated with the iOS 8.0.1 update started surfacing on Twitter and Facebook almost as soon as the update was released. In mere minutes, thousands of iOS users were crying out to Apple about the bugs that effectively rendered their phones unusable.

Reports claimed that the bugs associated with the iOS 8.0.1 update caused users to lose all cellphone signal and also affected the TouchID – making it completely unusable.

However, these complaints did definitely not fall on deaf ears, as Apple removed the 8.0.1 update a mere hour after it was released from the Developer Centre. The company also hurried to disable the over the air download of the update.  (more…)

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s new iPhone ads (videos)

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Apple have always made short spots for TV adverts that explain what exactly makes their device(s) so great. This time around, they are doing it with Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon’s voice talents.

To Apple fans who watched the launch event and have been following subsequent reports on the hardware, there’s not really any new information here, but the point is more to be entertained by Fallon and Timberlake’s chatter. Check out their ads below: (more…)

Don’t update to iOS 8 just yet

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ios8The early adopting curse has struck again it would seem. Tech experts and just those in the know usually give new devices and software a bit of time to settle in, as it were. Whenever large new software updates hit the shelves the multitudes of early adopters are usually the guinea pigs identifying bugs and other issues. Some early iOS 8 adopters have found a few glaring issues with Apple’s new iOS 8… (more…)

U2 working with Apple on ‘secret project’ to curb piracy

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U2 Apple BFFS

Legendary rockers, U2, made quite the splash recently thanks to their partnership with Apple. The rollout of their latest album, ‘Songs of Innocence’ that was given away for free to iTunes users, placed them in the spotlight again – even though the reception was less than favourable.

After Tim Cook announced that every iTunes user or iPhone owner will be able to download ‘Songs of Innocence’ for free, the internet and social media exploded with a lot of WTF’s. We get it, not everyone is a U2 fan (except perhaps my dad).

The outcry (dare we say disgust) was so bad, that Apple had to release a support guide to help users get rid of the unwanted U2 album.

However, Apple’s partnership with U2 goes way beyond free albums and awkward finger-fives. It’s also common knowledge that Apple has partnered with U2 frontman, Bono, in the past to collaborate on his (RED) initiative that helps fight HIV/AIDS.

Who can forget the stunning, shiny red Mac Pro Jony Ive designed for the (RED) auction last year.  (more…)

Apple bringing more gifts in October

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ipad-air-gallery1-2013If the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as well as the Apple Watch wasn’t enough for you, Apple is poised to release more products somewhere in October. Although the much rumored date of 21st October has been all but shot down, the month still presents many opportunities for Apple to launch their new devices. As you might have guessed by now Apple will be revealing the next installment of their tablet range. (more…)