Is Apple planning a new Mac Mini?

Published by on Oct 16th, 2012, 3 Comments

According to 9to5 Mac, Apple are planning to announce a brand new Mac Mini to be released alongside its new iPad Mini the details of which have yet to be officially confirmed by the company.

Sources tell the website that “the Mac Minis will come in two standard configurations, with different storage and processor options, and a third model that runs OS X Server”. That statement might not mean a lot, but we reckon we can at least look at latest generation, more power efficient Ivy Bridge processors from Intel, which will help Apple’s mission to push the Mac Mini as a “green” machine.

Dream features we hope for in the little Mac are also an additional Thunderbolt port, and easier upgrading of the hard drive inside. With Apple’s recent more aggressive move to Solid State drives, expect more options in that area as well.

The sources also suggest that the new Mini Macs will ship immediately after the announcement.

Dear Apple: Please buy Nokia

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Ever since Stephen Elop went from running the Microsoft Office division to head up Nokia there have been rumours of Microsoft circling the rotting carcass that is the Nokia business. I still think Nokia makes the best looking phones, arguably better than the latest Apple designs, so Microsoft makes logical sense for Nokia, especially since they use the Microsoft mobile operating system. However, what if Apple were to buy Nokia with their patents, mapping services and great hardware design skills? It’s not as crazy as it sounds:


This past July, Envision IP took a look at that portfolio and found that, in the US alone, Nokia had almost 16,000 patents around telecommunication in the US alone (and another 20,000 patents outside of the US). With an average 13 years left on those patents, they include some of the building blocks for the next generation of mobile telecommunication services: building blocks technologies like GSM (which was mostly developed by Nokia), 3G, and now LTE are all part of Nokia’s patent portfolio. A 2011 survey showed that Nokia was the largest patent holder for essential technologies relating to LTE.


Mobile Payments Suck

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Everyone and their gran has a mobile payment startup from Square to Paypal to Google to everyone. The logic is why carry your cellphone and wallet when you can just carry the cell and pay for everything. You know what I think about this: it’s a dumb idea.

Why Saul, why are you saying that progress is bad? Don’t you want to just carry one device?

You know what: carrying a credit card isn’t actually that much of a hassle. The truth of the matter is that I need a wallet for my drivers license and various other cards so it’s hardly as though I am going to carry less. Maybe with Apple’s Passbook to control my loyalty type cards I could eventually solve this issue but the truth of the matter is that I don’t care.

I’m not the only one that thinks this:

Bill Ready, CEO of Braintree, which powers the credit-card handling portion of various websites, “is that mobile doesn’t solve a huge pain point for either the consumer or the merchant on in store payments.” In other words, none of these methods makes life that much easier. It’s true that mobile wallets could allow for all kinds of new features, from helping shoppers keep track of their spending to giving retailers new ways to reward loyal customers; but technologies tend to catch on fast only when they solve a pressing problem. Those that merely make life a bit better take time for people to adopt.

A credit card is tiny, it pays for anything around the world and people should spend more time getting parking machines to accept credit cards than a cellphone replacing a slice of plastic with a slab of plastic.

Source (Quartz)

Tim Cook pays tribute to Steve Jobs

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A year ago the co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs died. Today has a simple video playing just showing some of the most memorable photos of Steve Jobs, and some sound bytes. Tim Cook also ends it off with a message.

Steve Jobs died on 5 October 2011, and his death came the very next day of the iPhone 4S launch, after a long battle with pancreatic cancer. After resigning as CEO in August 2011, he handed over full time CEO duties to current CEO,  Tim Cook.

Importing the iPhone 5 – The SA Experience

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After receiving 2 iPhone 5′s with the model A1429, one black and one white with objective to sell one to offset the costs of buying a phone out of contract.

I brought them in via pre order in the UK and then got a friend to Fedex them to me (mistake as this was pretty expensive, with shipping and duties.+-R2500 extra).

So if you’re planning on going this route for the iPhone 6, get a friend to fly down with them hidden in his suitcase.

So, on to choosing which one to use, I opted to use the white one based on the following reasons.

  • After reading numerous posts and playing with a friends black version  it is prone to chipping and scuffing.
  • The white one seemed a little naff, but hey I am a metro sexual I can handle it!
  • All my previous iPhones garnished the white finish and I felt comfortable moving into this realm.
  • The white one was a 32gig and the black one was a 16gig (’nuff said)

SA iPhone Users to get Turn-by-Turn Navigation Soon

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Those of us who are eager enough to have already downloaded iOS6 would have noticed that the current new Apple Maps app is not yet fully featured in SA. In fact, before the weekend we were pretty sure SA would not get turn by turn navigation. But its not all bad news – routing works, so a person can ask how to get from point A to point B, and right now there are traffic updates already, as you can see from this screenshot. Take note of roadworks and accidents.

These traffic reports will become even better over time, because iOS6 actively monitors iPhone for traffic patterns and slowdowns, just like Waze (which Apple actually also uses as a data source).

But the best part of the new Apple Maps is not quite live yet: turn by turn navigation. Until now iPhone users had to shell out for dedicated navigation apps to get full turn by turn navigation (as in “turn left in 200m” type prompts). This is one of the most significant features of iOS6, because the entire OS’s location features integrate with Apple Maps. But as of today, Apple has put a notice up on its location features page that it will reach South Africa in October:

We have not had a crack at the new turn by turn features, but so far iOS6 looks like a great update for the Apple faithful. One negative is that turn by turn navigation will only come to the iPhone 4S and up, so users of iPhone 3GS and 4 will not receive this great new feature.

So far we have been very impressed by Apple Maps – the mapset is accurate, and aerial photography for SA is in many cases much better than Google Maps. Still, many people will miss Street View, so we are hoping for Google to release a Google Maps app soon, please.

iOS6 should be here by September 19th 2012. We have been using it since Beta 1, and its a great update.

CoPilot Live to integrate with new Apple Maps on iOS6

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The iPhone 5 has been unveiled. As widely predicted, its all-new design features a thinner metal case, a larger screen, and a new connector. It also packs iOS 6, which includes Apple’s Maps, Apple’s new proprietary mapping and navigation app and the replacement for Google Maps on iOS.

To welcome the iPhone 5, ALK have optimised CoPilot Live for its new taller screen for an a better widescreen navigation experience. They have also integrated with Apple’s Maps in iOS 6. A user will be able to find and select a location on Apple’s Maps and then navigate there using CoPilot’s offline, voice-guided, turn-by-turn GPS guidance. As with all CoPilot apps, CoPilot’s maps are stored on the phone for use when there is no mobile or data connection available.


Samsung Report: 132 Pages of iPhone Envy

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Say whatever you will about the whole Apple / Samsung court case, it is becoming very clear that Samsung had a clear case of iPhone envy at one point. Apple today released this 132 page evidence document to the court, and as such, it got released to the public. Titled “Relative Evaluation Report on S1, iPhone”, this document by Samsung’s Product Engineering Team in 2010 gives some pretty harsh criticism to the Galaxy S’s interface, and compares it step by step to the iPhone.

As you browse through the document, the Samsung engineers often give a “Directions for Improvement”, which has slowly started filtering into Samsung’s later skins over Android. The opposite is also true though – many of the elements of Android which were considered to “complex” have also found their way into iOS, for example the pull down notification tray.