Ireland to close tax loophole exploited by Apple

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appletax2If the Irish government’s plans come together, the tax loophole that Apple, Microsoft, Google and other companies have been using for years will be closed up. Reuters and other news services are reporting that the Irish Government intends to close the loophole, although another will remain.

Last May, a US Senate investigation revealed that Apple had sheltered billions in assets by declaring companies registered in the Irish City of Cork as not tax resident in any country.

Michael Noonan, the Irish Finance Minister declared Tuesday that he was going to make it against Irish law for an Irish-registered company to have no tax domicile anywhere. Apple and the other companies could still avoid big tax bills by nominating Bermuda, for example, as its tax residence, or any other country that does not charge corporate income tax.

Source: BBC Business

Steve Jobs’ childhood home a historical site?

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Steve Jobs' Home

Steve Jobs has certainly left his mark on the world in more ways than one. And now it seems even his childhood will be preserved for fans and foes alike to revel about.

The Apple founder’s childhood home in Los Altos, California, is currently being considered as a possible historical site.

Jobs’ childhood home is quite a far cry from the mansion he spent his last few years in. The single story, ranch-style home features 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A very average, middle class family home that was built in 1952.

The house also has an attached garage – and it is in that same garage that Jobs and his partner, Steve Wozniak started building the first 50 Apple 1 computers.

Jobs moved into this home with his foster parents in the 7th grade, and continued to live there throughout his high school career. While some teenagers would throw parties in their parents’ garage, Steve decided to start building his empire. (more…)

iOS 7 adoption rate beats out iOS 6

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iOS 7Congratulations, Apple! All the hype you have created over iOS 7 has surely paid off – and it’s only been a day since it’s release.

Many Apple users across the globe have been waiting in anticipation for the launch of Apple’s new operating system. It was finally unleashed on the world yesterday, and boy did it do the rounds.

According to mobile web and analytics provider, Mixpanel,  the iOS 7 adoption rate has been 35% in the first 24 hours of it’s release.

The information however, is only based on approximately 300 million page views from devices in the US and Canada. So iOS 7 downloads around the world could only contribute to the final, all inclusive numbers. (more…)

Walmart to offer discounted iPhone 5C and 5S

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America’s leading chain store giant, Walmart, has taken a swipe at Apple Inc. after they announced that they will be selling the new iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S for much less than the actual Apple store.Walmart

Walmart, which has been the king of chain stores in the States since it opened it’s doors in 1962, has shocked everyone and announced that they will be offering the all new, ‘cheaper’ iPhone 5C for $79.

This is, however, with a 2-year contract. Still, $79 knocks of $20 from Apple’s initial offering of $99. There has been a lot of talk on various forums about Apple’s price for the 5C.

Many people have felt that $99 is still expensive – even for this ‘inexpensive’ iPhone. (more…)

Nokia has sarcastic message for Apple

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Nokia Lumia Apple

After a long period of waiting, wondering and whispering, Apple finally revealed it’s new, low cost iPhone yesterday.

The iPhone 5C is Apple’s answer to a ‘lower cost’ mobile phone. While the phone is much cheaper in price – it is expected to retail for $99 in the US – it still promises to give you an undeniable Apple experience.

Instead of an aluminum back cover like the top of the range iPhone 5 and 5S, the iPhone 5C has a plastic back cover.

Even though the cover is plastic, it is still eye catching thanks tho the array of different colours it is available in.

Green, blue, pink, yellow and white are the colour option for the new low cost phone. Apple seems to be very impressed with the colourful palette themselves, as they continue to use this as the main selling point of the device.

On their website, Apple calls these colours “anything-but-shy” and says that the 5C is “not just for lovers of colour” but for “the colourful”. (more…)

Apple iPhone 5S launched, A7 chip “2 times faster”

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The new iPhone has been announced by Apple, together with a cheaper model. There are no surprises as to the look, design or iOS 7, but we do have some interesting titbits.

The new fingerprint reading home button is official and Apple showed it off at the launch event. The company demonstrated functionality for unlocking and buying stuff through iTunes. Cool, but what about third-party apps? We can imagine all sorts of neat uses not limited to buying stuff. For the time being, however, the authentication functionality is off-limits. The functionality is not being opened to developers initially.

Apple has also laid claim to a world first: 64-bit processing inside a real, ready-for-sale smartphone. According to Apple, the new A7 processor will power the iPhone 5s with a “desktop-class architecture” consisting of over 1 billion transistors. That’s twice as many transistors as were squeezed into the A6 and, for the sake of context, it’s not a million miles away from the 1.4 billion transistors found in a current Intel Ivy Bridge desktop-class PC chip. Scary thought. (more…)

Samsung could become $18.3 billion poorer

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It looks like Samsung might have to cough up a ridiculous amount of money in the near future.

$18.3 billion – that is the amount the South Korean company could face in fines after the European Union regulators told the company to offer more concessions to settle European charges of patent lawsuits.

These lawsuits, against Samsung’s biggest rival, Apple, breached antitrust rules after their first offer subsequently fell short.

Either they offer more concessions or they will have to pay the large amount of money or, alternatively, 10% of their 2012 revenue.

Samsung and Apple have been at each others throat for what seems like forever over patent disputes. These disputes are carried through in at least 10 different countries. (more…)

Steve Woz: “Lots wrong” with ‘Jobs’ movie

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Co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, gave an interview to Bloomberg where he spoke about many a topic. It varied from Larry Ellison and his comments on Apple without Steve Jobs, companies’ roll in innovation for consumers and also the film ‘Jobs’, starring Ashton Kutcher as the eccentric visionary.

“There were a lot of things wrong,” he said in a televised interview Friday. Wozniak says that the film glorifies Steve Jobs, and inaccurately portrayed him; not showing the flaws inevitably lives within any human being. He also added that the film didn’t give the credit due to a lot of people that were involved in the early Apple.  “I didn’t like seeing a lot of people I know not get the respect they deserve,” he said. (more…)