Apple hires Tag Heuer exec ahead of imminent iWatch launch

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Patrick Pruniaux

I think it would be safe to say that Apple’s mysterious iWatch is finally nearing release – especially if Apple’s latest employee is anything to go by.

Apple has recently hired (read: poached) a top executive from famous luxury Swiss watch maker, Tag Heuer – and it’s kind of obvious why they hired him if you take into consideration the recent influx of iWatch rumours.

Patrick Pruniaux is the now former Vice President of Sales and Retail at Tag Heuer. He will now join Apple in a role that has yet to be announced by the California-based company. However, we are pretty sure that Mr. Pruniaux will help the company promote their upcoming iWatch.

With a reported October launch for the iWatch, Pruniaux will have a few months to plan and implement an sales and marketing plan for the device. Apple is somewhat late to smart watch party, with Samsung and Motorola being the front runners on the scene.  (more…)

Apple, Facebook & Google march on for gay pride

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Apple Pride

On Sunday, 29 June, San Francisco held it’s annual gay pride festival. It is one of the biggest pride festivals in the world, and, considering the fact that it takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley, giant tech companies also got together to show their support for equality and the LGBT community.

The three big guns – Apple, Facebook and Google – were there in full force and further cemented their place as forward thinking, compassionate companies.

Apple took the cake, though. The company invited all of it’s San Francisco based employees and their family members to take part in the march. Apple employees all wore special t-shirts featuring the Apple logo in rainbow colours with the word ‘Pride’ etched across.

Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, made an appearance and handed out t-shirts and pride flags to hundreds of excited employees.  (more…)

Apple’s new ad shows how the iPhone can help with parenting

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 New Apple Ad

We’ll never know what it’s like to be a parent or how much our parents did for us until the day we become parents ourselves. What we do know, however, is that it’s not easy and that you need all the help you can get.

This is what Apple is trying to convey in their new ad for the iPhone 5S – that it can be a great parenting tool to help you help the little ones.

If you’re already in you’re twenties, chances are your parents had little or no help from technology when you were growing up and certainly no help from a smart smartphone. But nowadays, for kids growing up i the digital age, an iPhone or any other smart device, will be a common sight.

In Apple’s latest ad, entitled ‘Parenthood’, the company attempts to show us how much the iPhone can help you with your kids. (more…)

Apple to stop development of iPhoto, Aperture

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iPhoto & Aperture

At Apple’s WWDC conference earlier this month, the company introduced us to a new photo app for it’s new desktop platform, OS X Yosemite. And on Friday, Apple confirmed that the new app will act as a replacement for the long-standing iPhoto app and it’s editing partner, Aperture.

Development for both iPhoto and Aperture will stop as soon as OS X Yosemite ships in September.

Aperture, Apple’s leading photo editing software, was first introduced in 2005 and was (and is) aimed at professional photographers.

iPhoto on the other hand is one of Apple’s oldest ‘brands’ and has become an integral part of the OS operating system.

While it may be sad news for loyal Aperture and iPhoto users, Apple promises that the new Photo app for Yosemite will be a kind of mash-up of both of these app, along with new, better features.  (more…)

Apple’s smartwatch will have ‘more than 10 sensors’

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We are getting closer to the reveal of Apple’s smartwatch, and with the launch of Android Wear happening this week, we can’t wait to see how it will compare. We have now received reports that the company is planning a new wearable that comes in “multiple screen sizes” and includes “more than 10 sensors” capable of tracking fitness and wellbeing.

We expect the sensors to include ones like an accelerometer, magnetometer, gyroscope, compass, heart-rate monitor, altimeter and an ambient light sensor. (more…)

Rumour: iWatch to start production soon

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There have been countless rumours about Apple’s mysterious iWatch over the past few months, but if this latest one is to be believed, we might be able to see an actual iWatch very soon.

According to a new report (rumour if you will) by Reuters, Apple plans to start production on the iWatch as early as July.

Reuters reports that Taiwan based company, Quanta Computer Inc. will start mass producing the elusive smart watch in July.

As to the look of the iWatch, Reuters reports that the watch will feature a 2.5 inch display, will be ‘slight;y’ rectangular with the face of the watch slightly protruding from the actual band.

The report also states that LG will be the exclusive supplier of the screen for the watch. (more…)

Google to reveal answer to Apple’s CarPlay

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We are extremely excited about Google I/O conference next week. Among other things, we are expecting the unveiling of Android Wear, Google’s version of its popular operating system for wearable devices such as smartwatches. But now we get word that they will also unveil their answer to Apple’s CarPlay, the operating system built into cars to allow immediate connectivity to an iOS device and all the apps on it.


Apple opens third store in Tokyo

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apple store tokyo

Apple is really getting big in Japan after it opened it’s ninth store in the tech savvy country.

Apple opened their latest store in Tokyo today, making it their third store in the capital alone. However, the new store is definitely the best looking one out of the three.

Located in the high-end shopping district of Omotesando, the new store looks to reach a younger, more hip demographic. The other two Tokyo Apple stores are located in the Shibuya and Ginza districts.

Apple’s new home shares a street with some impressive, luxury names, including the likes of Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci and Dior. This is without a doubt another way for Apple to cement themselves as a ‘luxury’ brand, by aligning themselves with other, high-end designer brands.  (more…)