Apple’s iPhone 6 will come in two sizes

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The bi-annual excitement of Apple releasing their new iPhone design is upon us. I call it that, because in true Apple tradition they will release a new design this year, not just a revisited design that comes with the ‘S’ smartphone extensions – and this year the ‘C’ extension.

One of the major themes that is attached itself to rumours of Apple’s 2014 smartphone ambitions is that instead of just one iPhone 6, we might see a pair of models, differing mainly in their screen sizes. There are various sources citing various ‘facts’ about this year’s iPhone 6. The newest revelation is that Apple will be abandoning their 4-inch screen size altogether. (more…)

iPhone 6 frame and camera details revealed

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Last week was a whirlwind in the form of CES 2014. If you are a mobile fan and like the Android or Windows 8.1/Windows Phone platforms, then you are completely set at the trade show. Apple enthusiasts, on the other hand, have a lot less to look forward to.

Just because Apple is not present at CES doesn’t mean we need to ignore them completely. Apple’s manufacturing partners may be up to something of their own in Southeast Asia, and we’ve just gotten our ears on news about Apple and it’s purportedly an image of a metal frame for the iPhone 6 (below). (more…)

Happy 7th Birthday, iPhone

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There are a few things in life, specifically in the current digital age, that really transforms the world and makes such a significant impact that it will never be forgotten. One of those has been one of Apple’s most prolific inventions – the iPhone.

Today, 7 years ago, the late Steve Jobs introduced the world to the device that would soon become synonymous with the word ‘smartphone’ and mobile innovation.

To be fair, there have been some equally great smartphones released on the market that has given the almighty iPhone a hard run for its money (hello, Samsung Galaxy). Yet the iPhone still lathers itself in unfathomable popularity and takes its seat in pop culture royalty.  (more…)

Apple trumps Android in Christmas sales.

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The little green android has taken the fight to Apple in almost all technology areas in recent years. And it is safe to say that in certain areas Android has been wiping the floor with the Cupertino based company. There is however one area that Apple still rules with an iron fist and that is Christmas day sales. Although most people usually do their shopping before Christmas day, the actual day accounts for one of the largest retail days (apart from Black Friday and Cyber Monday :)) in the US. A report from IBM’s Digital Analytics benchmark hub indicated that the sale in Apple’s iOS devices made up 23 percent of all e-commerce orders, whilst Android devices only accounted for 4.6% of total sales. (more…)

Apple to require all apps be iOS 7 optimized starting February 1st

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If you are in the process of developing a knockout app that you would like to submit to Apple’s App Store, here is a friendly reminder from Apple: make sure it is iOS 7 optimized.

Apple has just announced on their developer site that all apps, whether they are new creations or simply updates for existing App Store apps, must be iOS 7 optimized by the first of February next year.

The company, who of course made a huge hoo-ha about iOS 7 before it’s release, posted the following note on their developer site:

Starting February 1, new apps and app updates submitted to the App Store must be built with the latest version of Xcode 5 and must be optimized for iOS 7. Learn more about preparing your apps by reviewing the iOS Human Interface Guidelines. (more…)

Apple buys Topsy, a Twitter search and analytics firm

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Apple has certainly been using those coffers filled with cash lately. They have made a number of acquisitions in the last year, including the Kinect co-creators. They aren’t done yet, though. According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has purchased Topsy, a search engine and analytics firm for tweets that have been one of Twitter’s biggest partners. Though there’s no clear implication for what Apple might do with Topsy, the Journal suggests that it could begin using Topsy’s data to better target ads, to inform users of its products about popular subjects, or to generally tap into of-the-moment interests. (more…)

Bright red Mac Pro sells at auction for R9.8 million

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There is a new world record in the world of tech – and it’s the most expensive computer ever sold. And if you were wondering what make it is, then yes, it’s Apple.

A bright, metallic red Mac Pro was sold for a unbelievable R9.8 million! The bright Mac was sold at an auction and now carries the record for the most expensive computer ever sold.

However, the computer didn’t fetch that much because some millionaire decided he wanted a real fancy Mac Pro – no. The auction was part of an initiative to raise funds to help fight HIV and AIDS in Africa.

(PRODUCT)RED is a brand which is licensed to partner with some of the world’s biggest companies to create red products – hence the bright, metallic colour of the Mac Pro. (more…)

Apple patent filing turns entire display into fingerprint sensor

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The fingerprint sensor was undoubtedly the biggest change to the iPhone 5S in comparison to the previous iteration – it lets you unlock your phone and authorize app purchases simply by resting a pre-authenticated fingertip on the home button. It turns out however, that Apple might’ve had plans for the technology that go far beyond just that. According to a patent application filed with the World International Property Organization, the Cupertino company may use TouchID’s sensor technology to transform the Home button into a trackpad, similar to the ones on BlackBerry’s older line of Curve devices. (more…)