Yo, the world’s simplest app, receives further funding

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A few weeks ago, we reported on what we thought could possibly be the world’s simplest app. Yo, the single-function app basically does exactly what it’s name suggests; it let’s you say ‘yo’ to your friends.

And while the app was considered rather strange by many critics and tech journalists, Yo has just gone and given the finger to all it’s naysayers after it received a second round of funding – to the tune of $1.5 million.

Betaworks, a seed-stage VP firm that is based in New York City is one of the investors along with Mashable founder and CEO, Pete Cashmore.

But just what is it about Yo that makes people want to invest large amounts of money into it? (more…)

BarkCam – the app that will capture the perfect pic of your pooch

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If you’re an animal lover fond of taking pictures of your furry friend, then you’ll understand the headache that ensues when you’re trying to get your pet to sit still so you can capture them smiling at the camera.

This is what the BarkCam app looks to eliminate and help you look like a sane person when trying to get your pet’s attention.

The app, which was developed by Bark & Co, a New York based, pet-focused startup, is designed to do the attention grabbing for you, so all you have to do to snap a pretty pic, is to press the shutter button on your smartphone.

Bark & Co are also the pet-loving masterminds behind the BarkBox – a subscription-based, dog-centric service that delivers delicious doggie treats an toys to your door every month. It’s almost like Rubybox, but for your dog.

The app, in all its clever quirkiness, allows you to choose from an array different sounds to grab your dog’s attention. These include squeaky sounds, doorbells, bag of treats rustling and of course, the ever important cat meow.  (more…)

Apple to stop development of iPhoto, Aperture

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iPhoto & Aperture

At Apple’s WWDC conference earlier this month, the company introduced us to a new photo app for it’s new desktop platform, OS X Yosemite. And on Friday, Apple confirmed that the new app will act as a replacement for the long-standing iPhoto app and it’s editing partner, Aperture.

Development for both iPhoto and Aperture will stop as soon as OS X Yosemite ships in September.

Aperture, Apple’s leading photo editing software, was first introduced in 2005 and was (and is) aimed at professional photographers.

iPhoto on the other hand is one of Apple’s oldest ‘brands’ and has become an integral part of the OS operating system.

While it may be sad news for loyal Aperture and iPhoto users, Apple promises that the new Photo app for Yosemite will be a kind of mash-up of both of these app, along with new, better features.  (more…)

1.7 Million watch USA vs Germany on ESPN app

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Traffic on apps can be difficult to track in most circumstances, but when you are ESPN its a breeze. At some point during the USA vs. Germany match that aired earlier today, 1.7 million visitors were watching the game at the same time through ESPN’s site and its WatchESPN app.


This unofficial MyCiti Bus app is all you need for traveling in CT

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One of the greatest things about traveling in Cape Town – whether you are a local or a tourist – is the marvel that is the MyCiti bus. The MyCiti busses have changed the way people travel around Cape Town and made it easier for people to take in the Mother City from almost every angle.

Because of the service’s popularity, it is almost expected that a MyCiti app see the light of day; as a way to help commuters stay up to date with everything MyCiti.

However, there has not been an official MyCiti app developed as of yet. But one MyCiti commuter has developed an amazing, unofficial* MyCiti bus app that will make your MyCiti experience that much better.

Alex Koller says that he developed the app to solve problems he faced while using MyCiti. Realizing that his app turned out to be “pretty useful”, Koller then decided to share his creation with the rest of us.

And aren’t we glad he did.  (more…)

Could this be the simplest app in the world?

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We know there are thousands upon thousands of apps out there, and a good few of them are really very simple. However, this app could quite possibly be one of the simplest apps we’ve ever come across.

It even has a simple name; Yo. And much like it’s name suggests, all it allows you to do, is say ‘yo’ to your friends via push notifications.

You don’t have to sign in with an email address or via Facebook, either. You simply choose a username, invite your contacts to Yo and then, by the tap of a button, you can ‘Yo’ them.

However, should you want to step it up a notch, you can double tap the button to send your friends a ‘Yo Yo’ instead of just, well, a ‘Yo’.

An app like this surely has some kind of backstory? For sure.  (more…)

This app will send scents with your photos

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Imagine you can Instagram you’re food and send it to your friends with an accompanying smell? Well, now you actually can. Sort of.

David Edwards, a professor at Harvard University, along with a group of students, have developed the world’s first ‘scent message’ – an image sent with an accompanying smell.

The ‘scent message’ forms part of an iPhone app called oSnap. Basically, oSnap allows you to take a picture and then tag certain smells to the photo.

It has an Instagram-like interface (although it has got nothing to with Instagram) that is simple and easy to use. The app has its own automatic camera which the users then uses to take a picture with. Then, instead of choosing a filter as you would with Instagram, you choose a smell…or two, or three. (more…)

Apple’s WWDC video is a tribute to developers

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 apple WWDC apps video

Yesterday, Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference was somewhat overshadowed by the big unveilings of iOS 8 and OS Yosemite. However, it’s important to remember that the WWDC is not only a platform for Apple to show off their latest creations, but it is, in fact, a conference for developers.

To kick off the conference, Apple showed a video, simply entitled ‘Apps We Can’t Live Without’ that highlights how much developers do and how thankful we, as app users, can be to them.

The video is very heartwarming, and I’m sure if you are a developer, you will definitely feel proud after watching it.

It features interviews with everyday people discussing the apps that they ‘can’t live without’. They are also asked what they think about the developers that made these apps – and most of them just express their gratitude. (more…)