App Store users, get ready for a price increase thanks to the new digital purchases law

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Apple and App Store users, unfortunately I have some bad news for you. As of today, prices in the South African App Store will be raised – and no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke.

Today, Apple sent out an email to all developers explaining that the prices of cotent and apps in various App Stores will be raised as of April 1st.

A total of 5 countries are being affected by the new price increase. These countries include India, Indonesia, Australia, Turkey and the good ol’ RSA.

Apple hasn’t made it clear as to exactly how much the prices will increase to.  (more…)

WeCam – video calling app that connects all your social networks

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WeCAm Chat

All you social networking addicts, listen up – this new app is right up your alley and will definitely make your life easier.

Meet WeCam; a new, video calling app that connects all of your social networks in one place. Yes, that’s right, with WeCam you can have all your social networks in one place, and chat to your friends face-to-face.

WeCam is any social networking junkie’s dream. It allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts in one place, while giving you the option to live video chat with your friends.

The video chat function is integrated with these social networks when you sign in with your account. With this activated, you can chat, face-to-face with any of your contacts on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (more…)

South Korean schools curb students’ smartphone use with app

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With the rise of the smartphone, more and more adults and kids alike are becoming transfixed with their cellphones. Teenagers, especially, are tied to the hip with their smartphone and messaging apps, social media apps and games are the centre of their world.

You can then imagine what a disturbance smartphones can cause in a classroom…

However, schools in Seoul, South Korea, have decided to fight fire with fire – they have implemented a new app in schools which is solely aimed at reducing distractions within the classroom.  (more…)

NailSnaps – new app turns your photos into nail art

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Ladies, listen up. Your manicure can soon reach a whole new level of self expression with this new app. Always dreamt of designing your very own nail stickers? Well, now you can – and personalize it in any which way you want.

NailSnaps is a new app, currently running a Kickstarter campaign, that can turn your selfies, Instagrams or any other photo you take with your smartphone into physical nail polish stickers.

That’s right; the app allows its users to take a photo of literally anything, then design it themselves and eventually, send it off to be printed into wearable art.

The premise is super simple and very clever. You simply take a picture, or choose an existing one, and upload it to the NailSnap app. Here, the app allows you to design, in detail, how you would want the photo to appear on the stickers. (more…)

Is the return of Flappy Bird imminent?

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The prodigal son of mobile apps is possibly going to make his shocking return. Fans of the highly addictive and highly frustrating Flappy Bird game will be happy to know that the app’s controversial developer might let the popular game see the light once more.

After a very publicized freak out, Flappy Bird’s creator, Dong Nguyen, sat down for an in-depth interview with Rolling Stone magazine to talk about the rise and fall of his (now infamous) app.

The magazine met with Nguyen in his native of Vietnam, where he is currently residing with a friend of his. He says the media attention surrounding him and the game got too much for him and that both international and local Vietnamese paparazzi would bombard his parents home, where he had been living.

Obviously, it is understandable that international, and especially US media, are obsessed with the Flappy Bird saga. However, Vietnam is not really a custom to internet millionaires – so having someone like Nguyen in close proximity is a BIG story.  (more…)

Samsung launches Milk Music

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 Milk Music

Samsung has finally decided to jump on the bandwagon (literally) that is music streaming. The company announced on Friday that they have launched their very own music streaming mobile app.

Milk Music is Samsung’s latest development that allows Samsung Galaxy owners to stream different Internet radio  music channels from their smartphone.

Although the project was solely developed by Samsung, the app is not available to all Samsung phone users.

Milk Music is only available for the Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, and S4 Mini, as well as the Galaxy Note 3, Note 2 and the Galaxy Mega. The app will also be made available to Galaxy S5 users when it launches in April. (more…)

Want to wake up to the smell of bacon? With this app you can

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The world (or at least most people) have somewhat of an infatuation with bacon. The smell, the taste, the texture; people just love bacon. Of course, if you ask any bacon lover if they would want to wake up to the smell of bacon, they would say yes.

Brace yourself, bacon lovers, because now that can become a reality – all by using a app and a special iPhone dongle.

The Wake Up and Smell The Bacon app, is essentially a alarm app. However, it works in conjunction with a iPhone dongle that (literally) releases the smell of bacon once the alarm goes off. (more…)

Facebook to shut down messenger app for Windows

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FB app for Windows

If you are a Windows user and love yourself some Facebook messaging, we’re sorry to say, but you will have to get ready to say goodbye to the Facebook Messenger app for Windows.

Come March 3rd, Facebook will pull the plug on the popular messaging app for the Windows desktop platform.

Starting yesterday, Facebook has been sending out messages to all Windows user saying that the app will be pulled next Monday:

“We’re sorry, but we can no longer support Facebook Messenger for Windows, and it will stop working on March 3, 2014. We really appreciate you using Messenger to reach your friends, and we want to make sure you know that you can keep chatting and view all your messages on Learn more” the message read. (more…)