Lame AT&T video for iPhone angers customers

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AT&T knows it’s iPhone-strained network has become a public relations nightmare, with a number of major publication and news channels recently recounting how heavy iPhone use has resulted in unsatisfactory service.

Instead of generating understanding and goodwill, a video posted on YouTube has been mocked by angry customers, social media experts, bloggers and commenters as defensive and too little too late.

Rather than empathize and connect to with their customers on a personal level, AT&T offered up a know-it-all spokesman who evokes little empathy, while failing to apologize for AT&T’s flaky service.

Apple Doing Away with Single Carrier Exclusivity Model to Expand Market Share?

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The AT&T and Apple bonding for the iPhone sales across the United States has solely dominated the market share for years now. But word is that the two companies are about to break up in a years time.


This isn’t a confirmed detail but Apple analysts have reported that the sales for the iPhone have been more conquering in places where the single service provider approach hasn’t been used. Consequently Apple intends to end its single carrier exclusivity model to further expand its market share.

Reports also suggest that this change will be brought about with the launch of a new product in 2010. As far as the American alliance is concerned, people have been happy with the iPhone but the AT&T services have not really been satisfying.

Although AT&T is eager to continue the deal through 2011, Verizon might be next on Apple’s roadmap. Given that Verizon has sped up work for its 4G network and the next iPhone model is bound to adore that, that sounds like a deal made in Heaven, don’t you think?

[via AppleInsider]

The FCC Questions AT&T, Apple and Google

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The FCC has been questioning who has been behind the termination and rejection of Google applications from the App Store — to be more exact the rejection of the Google Voice Mobile (a VOIP solution for mobile phones that offers free text messages and really cheap international calls) by Apple, from last week.

fcc questions at&t, apple and google

It is pretty obvious that Apple was prompted to react the way it did owing to the persuasion coming from the AT&T camp but it never realized that they’ll have to come up with an explanation for all these. The answer could be that Apple is yet to recognize Voice as an application and not as a service, but then why did Skype get a preferential treatment?

Also, there is chance that both Apple and AT&T want to curtail the rise of the VoIP inside of WiFi hotspots on mobile devices. But then again, the allowance to Skype hints double-standards for Skype has a business favor as it is purchasing some of their US termination from AT&T.

The answers sure might be kept confidential but we will still get a lot to know from this development and we are delighted over FCC to stamp its authority by intruding in a way it always should.

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