Rumour: BlackBerry up for acquisition

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The BlackBerry rumour mill is once again turning, with new rumours citing that the Canadian company is up for acquisition. Speculation posits that many tech behemoths are interested in purchasing the company, including major names such as Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei.

Interestingly, another certain company – which acquired another famous smartphone marque not too long ago – is also interested: Microsoft.


Blackberry unveils the “Leap” and plans for 2015 at MWC 2015

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Blackberry2Blackberry has been very dormant over the past couple of years, only releasing a product here and there. So it came as a surprise to a lot of people that Blackberry is planning to release a flagship smartphone this year. At the company’s Mobile World Congress press conference Blackberry revealed that it plans to launch a new touchscreen slider device later this year. The new phone doesn’t have a name, price, or exact release date but it will take on the big boys of 2015… (more…)

Samsung ends BlackBerry acquisition rumours

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In the last couple of days we’ve been hearing rumours that Samsung might be leaning toward acquiring BlackBerry for around $7.5 bn. In some ways it really makes sense. Samsung’s numbers are declining faster than they could have anticipated and could use BlackBerry’s impressive host of patents to their advantage, while BlackBerry is struggling as a smartphone manufacturer and has actually been looking for a buyer for some time. (more…)

Samsung reportedly in talks to purchase BlackBerry

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According to a new report, Samsung has approached BlackBerry for a potential takeover worth as much as $7.5 billion.

The news from Reuters, citing unnamed sources: (more…)

BlackBerry Passport to launch in South Africa

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BlackBerry Passport

The latest flagship phone of struggling Canadian firm, BlackBerry , will be available in South Africa from early November 2014. BlackBerry unveiled the Passport on 24 September 2014 with hopes of getting back the attention of the corporate user.

“South Africa is a country of early adopters of the latest smartphone trends and I am convinced they are going to love our BlackBerry Passport – it’s unique, innovative, disruptive and very BlackBerry”, says Yudi Moodley, MD for Africa at BlackBerry. (more…)

BlackBerry to continue with ‘unconventional’ devices

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The company logo is seen at the Blackberry campus in Waterloo

In case you forgot, BlackBerry is still making smartphones. While many have written the company off, BlackBerry insist they will still be making phones.

Not only that, but they say they will keep on making ‘unconventional’ phones like the Passport below, that has just released. (more…)

Is Blackberry making a smart watch, too?

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Since Apple joined the smart watch game on Tuesday, one can say that the race is officially on. With all the big players now in the ring, including Samsung, Motorola and LG, the competition as to whose smart watch is the smartest has heated up quite considerably.

Surprisingly, another player has joined, and it’s one that we definitely did not expect to see enter this fight. Welcome to the ring, BlackBerry.

That’s right, the struggling company has kind of, sort of announced that they are also looking into developing a smart watch.

BlackBerry’s President of Enterprise Solutions, John Sims, told reporters at the recent Super Mobility Week in Las Vegas that the company is researching the development of a BlackBerry smart watch.

“We’re doing internal research on different wearables…[sic] I would love to have BBM on a wearable…It’s definitely an area of research for us”.

Well better late than never I suppose?

As many can certainly agree, that is one thing we definitely did not see coming, considering the dire straits the company currently finds itself in.  (more…)

BlackBerry’s upcoming smartphones

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Many have wondered what BlackBerry will do in the upcoming months, as we are expecting a couple of new devices but have no idea when they will arrive. Now, a leak of the company’s internal documents shows us what we can expect and when. (more…)