Google tops Apple as world’s most valuable brand

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Any big-name brand would love to be the most valuable brand worldwide, and when you’re either Apple or Google, it turns into somewhat of a competition.

The race to be most valuable brand in the world has long been a three-way race between Google, Apple and IBM. The prize? To be named as the most valuable brand in the Millward Brown annual BrandZ study.

While 2013 saw Apple take top honours, the tech giant has been dethroned this year by another tech giant; Google.

Released today, the study chronicles the Top 100 brands in the world, and attributes monetary value to their brand as a whole.  (more…)

When Bad People happen to Great Brands

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We live in South Africa, a country where labour is cheap and readily available. We also routinely complain about poor service in South Africa. The connection here is that since labour is so cheap it’s easier to constantly hire people, give them minimal training and then set them loose on the hordes that will enter your stores.

You’re essentially stocking your store with cattle that are unable to answer any questions but will work for the lowest common denominator salary.

A perfect example is almost any technical store. I’m not exactly expecting a salesperson to know the manufacturer of a motherboard but I do want them to avoid telling gullible customers that the iPad Mini has a retina display. I also find it fairly amusing that most iStore employees have Blackberry’s.

This isn’t a fringe case though; most store attendee’s have little care of empathy for their customers. They’re doing a job and they only care about a paycheck at the end of the month. That said, is it the fault of the store attendants or is this an issue that stems from the top? (more…)