iPhone 5S and 5C SA Pricing Revealed

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Well, the day has finally arrived for Apple fans. The new iPhone 5S is now available in SA – and Vodacom and MTN have also revealed their pricing for the new phones.

We are quite happy to see that many of the vendors have stepped with earlier hours on launch day, and needless to say lines have formed in front of the relevant stores. For example, here is Vodaworld in Midrand this morning:


First up is MTN, who seems to have pretty aggressive pricing, with decent data bundles compared to previous years: (more…)

Vodacom announces new “uChoose” Contracts

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Today Vodacom launched their new uChoose Smart plans, inviting customers to create their own plan by combining the flexibility of monthly payments and the  spend control of prepay. On Vodacom uChoose you can select from four simple plans that include larger internet bundles, anytime-any network minutes and SMS.

The user chooses a plan that suits them: (these prices exclude a phone)








R 129p/m

R 199p/m

R 399p/m

R 579p/m
















And then you can enhance the bundle:  (more…)

Cell C slashes Data Costs

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Last week we reported that Cell C’s CEO was planning more price cuts, but did not want to let his competitors know when he will “deal a uppercut” to them. Cell C has just announced their latest promotional data rates for people who want to get data only contracts, and once again they have significantly undercut their competitors.

Vodacom has recently matched their pricing for certain packages, so its good to see how quickly Cell C reacts to the competition. Many users were also worried that the Giga packages would soon be phased out, but luckily it is still in place for late night surfers (or downloaders…). The new Giga pricing drops from R249 to R189 per month, and still offers some of the best value for money in SA right now.

The Out of Bundle rate remains unchanged.

These latest prices will run from today until 30 June: (more…)

Vodacom iPhone 5 Pricing – We Break It Down

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Vodacom seems to be the first South African network willing to give their pricing for the iPhone 5, which will launch on 14 December.

On the pre-registration page Vodacom shows the additional cost of an iPhone 5 16GB Black above the specific contract normal subscription cost, which is not really easy to analyze. So we went ahead and threw it all into one spreadsheet.

Here is the iPhone 5 16GB cost, broken down into total cost per month:


Cell C’s New Contracts Guarantee a New Phone Every 1, 2, 3, or 4 Years

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Cell C has launched a new promotion that offers customers five new contract packages that guarantee a brand new handset every 12 months for the duration of the contract selected (1, 2, 3 or 4 years) and significantly reduced Data, SMS and MMS rates in addition to the flat (in and out of bundle, peak and off-peak) 99c per minute on per second billing Voice rate.  The promotion will run from 17 August 2012 to 17 November 2012.

“The beauty of this 3 month promotion is not only in the guaranteed new handset that customers will receive at the beginning of every contractual 12-month period but also in the reduced rates. However, this is not a lock-in contract, if you choose a 4-year contract and want to opt out after 1 year, or 2 years, or 3 years, you can at no penalty. But then you will of course only get a new phone at the beginning of each year you are contracted for,” says Cell C CEO Alan Knott-Craig.

In addition to the guaranteed handset annually, customers who sign up for any of the new contracts on promotion will benefit from the company’s still unrivalled flat 99c per minute, on per second billing Voice rate, which includes calls to 50 international destinations, a reduced rate of 25c for Data (per MB), as well as 25c per SMS and MMS for the duration of their contract term.

“Each contract will include monthly airtime that can be used for Voice, SMS, MMS or Data – or any combination of these at rates, never-before-seen in the market.  The same reduced rates will also apply for out-of-bundle Voice, Data, SMS and MMS usage.” Says Knott-Craig.


Cell C finally gets the iPhone

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For the iPhone fans amongst us, Alan Knott Craig has already just given us even more choice when it comes to Apple’s phone. Until now SA could only choose between Vodacom and MTN if you wanted to get an iPhone with your contract.

MyBroadband has gotten hold of the initial pricing, and there is more good news if you want to get hold of the previous generation (but still great) iPhone 4 model with 8GB of storage. The 4S is also there, in all its sizes:


8ta Contract Pricing announced

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A few weeks ago Telkom’s mobile network, 8ta, surprised us with some pretty great prepaid deals. These included the lowest all day cost rate to mobiles in SA, but some pretty great deals like for every 5 SMS’s you send, you get 50 for free. But many of us were waiting to see what they would bring when they announce their contract pricing. Well wait no more.

Contracts range from R90 all the way up to R500. But unlike the prepaid deals, these deals seperate the costs between on-net and calls to other networks. What bothers me are that these contracts are not really clear upfront about what you get, you have to go dig a bit on their site:  

Contract 1 gets 90 minutes to 8ta and landlines, and only 15 minutes to other networks. This also gets 25MB of data. R90 pm

Contract 2 gets 130 minutes to 8ta and landlines, and only 30 minutes to other networks. This also gets 25MB of data. R130 pm

Contract 3 gets 230 minutes to 8ta and landlines, and only 60 minutes to other networks. This also gets 25MB of data. R230 pm

Contract 3s gets 230 minutes (13800 sec) to 8ta and landlines, and 60  minutes (3600 sec) to other networks. This also gets 25MB of data. R230 pm

Contract 4 gets 500 minutes to 8ta and landlines, and 200 minutes to other networks. This also gets 50MB of data. R500 pm

What you should note is that all except one of these contracts have only per minute billing, which I find odd. The phone selection is not bad at all as well – you might want to go take a look at what is available. 8ta is also making the deal a little sweeter for contracts – you can phone one landline number for free for the length of the contract. So if you phone one number a lot, it might make sense to look at a 8ta contract.

But presently the bigger concern is the mobile broadband deals – competition is heating up with Cell C taking the market by storm with their deal.

So how about 8ta’s data deals?

Internet 1 – 650MB for R195 p/m
Internet 2 – 1.5G for R280 p/m
Internet 3 – 3.2G for R500 p/m

At present these deals look quite competitive with Vodacom and MTN, but do not come close to Cell C’s current deal. If you are someone who wants to get a notebook with your data contract however, 8ta’s deals look very good,  but 8ta might want to consider giving more info about the netbooks and notebooks they are supplying with the contracts…