Hands On Review: Nokia E7 – Symbian’s last big Hurrah?

Published by on May 16th, 2011, No Comments

There is a lot of talk that Nokia being past its prime, and that their days are numbered. This has primarily to do with Symbian, its age old smartphone operating system which many of us have dealt with at some point during our smartphone-carrying lives. Luckily Nokia did announce that it will be using Windows Phone 7 in its future devices, but they are still rolling out Symbian devices until then. During Symbian’s history it has gone through many iterations, starting off as a rather complicated mess, and then finally moving towards a touch based, more elegant experience as we see today in the Nokia N8 and E7. The thing is – Nokia probably would not have made these changes if the iPhone and Android did not force its hand. But lets not spill the beans on the E7 just yet. (more…)