Google debuts Android for Work

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In December last year, Apple announced a new partnership with IBM to supplement the iPhone and iPad’s role in Enterprise. Now, in February 2015, Google has released its own reply in the form of Android for Work.

The move, not only in response to Apple’s interest in enterprise, will pit Google against titans of industry such as Microsoft and BlackBerry.


Exactly how fast is Uber growing? Uber fast

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Uber CEO

It’s one of the most talked about tech companies in the world right now, and if these latest sentiments by its CEO are to be believed, it is also one of the fastest growing companies in the world.

Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick, has made some pretty impressive statements regarding his chauffeur-like service. So impressive, in fact, that Uber might be contributing to  healthy chunk of job creation the world over.

Speaking at TechCrunch’s Disrupt conference in San Francisco, Kalanick said that Uber is creating nearly 50 000 jobs per month. Yes, that’s right – 50 000.

“There are hundreds of thousands of partners connected to our system…[sic] We’re in the neck of 50,000 new jobs every month that are being created” he told the interviewer and surprised audience.

50 000 is no small number and considering that the company announced that they roughly create 20 000 jobs back in May, the growth rate of the company is nothing less than astonishing.  (more…)

ManServants – a startup for the ladies

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Ladies, we all want the perfect boyfriend or husband. He needs to charming and witty and kind and he needs to do everything you ask him to without complaining, am I right? Well, now you can get your hands on the perfect man… at a price.

ManServants is a San Francisco-based startup that aims to provide women (or men) with the proverbial ‘perfect husband’ – at least for a day.

It’s important to note that ManServants is not an escort service, so you won’t be getting lucky with this service. Instead, the aim is to help or merely entertain customers for a day.

Your ManServant will basically cater to your every need. He can prepare meals and serve them, act as a butler for the day, be your handy-man and help you fix things around your house or merely keep you company when you’re alone. Almost like a bodyguard.

If you really need a pair of extra hands, your ManServant can also act as your PA or errand-boy and take you to and from meetings, deliver packages or documents or help you with your admin. All while being charming and friendly. (more…)

Apple partner with IBM to tackle enterprise market

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ibm-vs-appleA few decades ago Apple and IBM were going head-to-head in the personal computer market and no, if any, quarter was given in their epic corporate battles. Fast forward to today and you will find these two once fierce enemies have teamed up as business partners. Apple and IBM have announced an exclusive partnership which will bring together Apple’s hardware capabilities and IBM’s software and service capabilities to tackle the enterprise market.

The US stock market favors this development with both companies’ stock increasing by around 2%. This deal very closely resembles the deal struck between IBM and Microsoft almost 33 years ago which saw Microsoft grow into a tech giant by piggy-backing on IBM’s PC platform. (more…)

Businesses Need to Build Digital Competence for New Era – Gartner

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_ALP0435_5Gartner, Inc. estimates that by 2020, there will be 7.3 billion personal devices and 30 billion sensors in things ranging from jewellery to appliances – up from 1.6 billion personal devices and 0.9 billion sensors in 2009. These devices communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other, lead into a new world – the era of the digital business.

“The digital business is the coming together of possibilities in the physical and virtual worlds to create new business designs that can drive competitive advantage,” said Jeffrey Mann, Gartner research vice president.

“As the Internet of Things (IoT) and smart objects meet cloud, mobile, social and information, the IoT will create entirely new combinations of technology at accelerated speeds,” said Mr Mann. “This will disrupt existing business models, reshape entire industries and redefine the role of IT.”

Gartner projects that by 2020 the total economic value-add for the IoT will be $1.9 trillion in this digital industrial economy.

Mr Mann added that it’s not about using technology as an enabler, but as a source of innovation for what the business could do. “Businesses need to put technology at the heart of how they generate revenue, seize competitive advantage and produce value.”

This digitalisation will completely change business technology and information architecture, what it needs from vendors, and how it deals with cyber security and risk. It will also require every business leader to have digital leadership skills.

“Especially in South Africa there’s been a lot of emphasis on cutting budgets to the bone,” said Mr Mann. “A lot of the decisions that were made to ‘do more with less’ can hurt digital business efforts if there isn’t enough flexibility to react to and take advantage of new opportunities.”

This year’s Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa will focus on emerging technologies, defining strategy, what leaderships skills are going to be necessary, and what you have to be ready for in the new digital industrial economy. It will also look at the more practical short-term challenges of how to run the business better, like how to decide on a collaboration platform or how to design an application portfolio.

As part of the agenda, vice president and Gartner Fellow Mark Raskino’s 2015 digital business scenario will look at the most important digital business actions each senior executive must take. Principal research analyst, Will Hahn, will explain why you need 53 African Strategies for success on the continent. Research vice president Brian Burke will look at how gamification motivates people to do extraordinary things. In addition, research vice president Frank Buytendijk will explore digital ethics at the centre of the digital business.

“Businesses can’t rely on old practices, safe relationships, legacy technologies and known vendors anymore in the new digital era,” said Rene Jacobs, Gartner Africa managing director.

“They have to explore, adapt and adopt new digital realities,” said Mrs Jacobs Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa 2014, the foremost gathering of IT leaders on the continent, will equip and inspire senior executives with new digital knowledge from our specially crafted agenda, peer networking and one-on-one discussions with Gartner analysts.

The Gartner Symposium/ITxpo Africa 2014 will take place at the CTICC from 10-12 September. A team of 18 of Gartner‘s leading research analysts will spend three days sharing more than 50 presentations with new global research and in-depth studies. The ITxpo will also showcase some of the latest service provider offerings. For more information and a full agenda, please visit


Amazon’s delivery drones aren’t taking flight any time soon

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Amazon drones

In December of last year, Amazon made a big splash in the media with the announcement of PrimeAir - their all new delivery system that would see the company deliver packages to customers with the use of drones.

While the idea of drones delivering packages to people captured the imagination of many, some were impressed and others more skeptical (like this hilarious parody video proves).

However, whether you were pro PrimeAir or not, Amazon’s drones are not taking off anytime soon.

The US’ Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has basically concluded that delivering packages with drones is illegal – thus putting a cork in Amazon’s new age ideas.  (more…)

The beauty industry is making big waves in the digital world

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Julep, the US-based beauty brand that customizes and sends boxes filled with curated beauty products to their subscribed customers, has announced that they will be launching  an iOS app – thus making the entire process easier.

Julep is much like RubyBox - a local company that basically does the same thing; sending us South African girls a box full of curated sample beauty products every month.  However, Julep sends their customers full-sized products instead of samples. This makes them also a little bit more expensive than their US competitor, Birchbox, which follows the same business model as RubyBox.

The key with both Julep, Birchbox and RubyBox, is that they customize your box according to your specific needs, but you never really know what you will receive in this month’s box.

However, with the launch of the Julep iOS app, the company will slightly change direction by allowing customers to choose exactly what goes into their box.

The app will allow users to choose what specific products they would like to receive in their box according to their subscription. In the past, Julep had a $19.90 per month subscription for a box of 3 products chosen for you. Now, with launch of the app, the new personalized box will cost $24.99 a month.

Why am I talking about a US-based beauty product subscription service when we are sitting at the bottom end of Africa? Well, because over the past few months, I have noticed an increase in online beauty services and products – a trend that is quickly picking up pace all over the world.  (more…)

88mph startups meet with investors

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88mph, one of South Africa’s leading seed investors and accelerators, recently held their Cape Town Investor Day at the Crossley & Webb vintage car showroom, and the startups showing at the event were definitely something to get excited about.

88mph operates from Cape Town as well as Nairobi and Lagos and aims at providing startups with more than just funding. In addition to the initial investment, the accelerator also provides these startups to networks, gives them feedback on their products and assists them with business models, marketing and helps them to experiment in the market.

In February, 88mph invested in seven startups – all of which have been hard at work over the past 10 weeks. The company’s Investor Day will allow these startups to communicate with venture capitalists and high net worth individuals and show them what their business can do.  (more…)