Report: Facebook to launch new platform, ‘Facebook for Work’

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As if you don’t spend enough time on Facebook, especially at work (am I right?), the social giant is reportedly looking at broadening their horizons once more with the launch of an entirely new platform called ‘Facebook for Work.’

The new platform is basically exactly as the name says: it’s Facebook, but for work purposes. Facebook for Work will essentially compete with other work-focused social networks like LinkedIn.

According to a report by the Financial Times, ‘sources close to the matter’ has revealed that Zuckerberg and his minions are trying to break into a market that they have yet to enter.

They’ve got the messaging part down now, after their record-breaking acquisition of WhatsApp and the recent launch of their own, stand-alone Messenger app (which the company says has more than 500 million monthly active users) so it’s only natural that they would be looking at other avenues to generate even more revenue.  (more…)

According to Facebook, 500 million people are using Messenger monthly

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FB Messenger

Remember a few months ago when Facebook forced it’s mobile users to download the new standalone Messenger app in order to read their Facebook messages? It was a controversial move by the company that seemed to leave a lot of people rather annoyed. 

However, all is fair in love and war and it seems that most Facebook mobile users have succumbed to the social networking giant’s, uhm, subtle implementation. 

The company has recently revealed that, despite public opinion, a lot of people have now downloaded the Messenger app and use it actively. 

In a recent Q&A that revealed quite a bit of inside info into the inner workings of the world’s largest social network, founder and CEO, Mark Zuckerberg revealed that half a billion – yes, you read that right – people have moved over to the proverbial dark side – or should I say, Messenger blue. 

Zuckerberg revealed that the Facebook Messenger app now has over 500 million active monthly users, which is really impressive when you think of how many people were less than impressed with the whole ‘forceful’ adoption strategy.  (more…)

Ask Mark Zuckerberg anything in his first Q&A

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facebook-question-600Facebook has an estimated 1.35 billion users and most of them have a lot of burning questions for the social media giant but usually they just talk among their friends and never truly get a straight answer. Well, following in the footsteps of Reddit’s “Ask me anything” sessions, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg will drop the walls around his company and act as “customer support” himself next week in Facebook’s first community Q&A. (more…)

So how does downtime affect Facebook?

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facebook-crashNo one will argue that we find ourselves in an integrated social network loving community that relies on constant contact with friends, colleagues and family through various social platforms. Just the thought of those services being down sounds like a decent horror movie script and most can’t believe why companies like Facebook would go down or take soooo long to get back online. Well, I can tell you that, like any company, Facebook does not like not being able to provide its service, but just how badly are they affected? (more…)

113 year-old lies about age to join Facebook

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Anna Stoehr.jpg

It seems that Mark Zuckerberg and friends over at Facebook may have made an oversight that no-one thought would ever be a problem when creating an account on Facebook. It is a known issue that very young people join under the pretense of being older than they actually are, as Facebook has a minimum age restriction of 13 years old. (more…)

Facebook working on an app for anonymity

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According to recent reports, Facebook is reportedly a standalone app that will let its users interact and communicate under the cloak of anonymity. This would be a departure from Facebook’s usual mantra of connecting people, as real names and identities are of no consequence within the new app. (more…)

WhatsApp now officially belongs to Facebook

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Eight months after we initially heard that Facebook had acquired WhatsApp for a whopping $19 billion, the deal has finally been approved by the various commissions involved in the US and Europe. In fact, the deal’s price tag has actually increased to $21.8 billion. (more…)

Facebook Messenger hack shows hidden mobile payments feature

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Facebook Mobile

Facebook wants to be more than just your go-to social network and platform for talking to your friends. It seems that the social giant now also wants to be your preferred platform for sending money to your friends – well at least when they enable their newly unearthed mobile payments feature.

Andrew Aude is a computer science student from Stanford University who brought Facebook’s plans for mobile payment to light after he hacked the code of Facebook Messenger and discovered the new feature.

Aude, who posted screenshots and a video of the feature in action on Twitter, used Cycript – a iOS and Mac hacking tool – to enable the feature on his jailbroken iPhone.

As the screenshots and video show, the mobile payments feature allows you to send money to your friends in Messenger, just as you would send a photo or video.

Aude says the entire process is fairly simple. You simply tap a button to start the payment process, select the amount and hot send. Easy and fast – apparently. (more…)