Is there a Facebook, Uber partnership looming?

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If recent reports are to be believed then we might see a new, powerful partnership between Facebook and Uber in the near future.

According to a report by Re/code, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg,  reportedly had a meeting with Uber CEO, Travis Kalanick about a possible partnership between the two mega companies that would reap a lot of benefits for both.

Apparently, the two discussed the possibility of integration the Uber service into Facebook’s Messenger app. This would then essentially mean that you would be able to order an Uber while you are talking to your friends on Messenger.

We already know that Facebook is very interested in turning their messenger app into something more than just (another) messaging/communication tool. And it seems that they are looking into e-commerce to expand the horizons of Messenger. (more…)

Facebook to add “Buy” button to your newsfeed

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Facebook-buy2Facebook will be taking “liking” to a whole new level by introducing the “Buy” button on their users’ news feeds. This particular function is set to make its debut on Thursday this week and will test the self control of many an online shopper.

Facebook has made several attempts at cracking into the ecommerce industry over the last couple of years. It tried the collections-feature (Pinterest-style) with buy buttons linking you to the site back in 2012. Last year Facebook introduced the Donate Button through which users could make on-site payments to charities. More recently they unveiled the auto-fill with Facebook feature that automatically enters your payment details when you’re making a purchase in a third-party ecommerce app. (more…)

World Cup final breaks Twitter and Facebook records

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Germany win World Cup

The 2014 FIFA World Cup was certainly one to remember. Besides the fact that it was held in Brazil, the undisputed home of football, the tournament offered some amazing high’s and shocking low’s.

It’s natural then that World Cup cause quite a stir on social media – a record breaking stir, in fact.

The World Cup seemed to dominate conversation on two of the world’s biggest social networks. The event broke records on both Facebook and Twitter as the world became consumed with soccer-madness.

This year’s World Cup final is officially the most talked about sporting event on Facebook, ever. According to data released by Facebook, Sunday’s final generated a lot of interaction on the site.

88 million people interacted with the site – and they did that 280 million times. This is in the form of posts, comments and likes. It broke the previous record, which centered around last year’s Superbowl in the US.  (more…)

Apple, Facebook & Google march on for gay pride

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Apple Pride

On Sunday, 29 June, San Francisco held it’s annual gay pride festival. It is one of the biggest pride festivals in the world, and, considering the fact that it takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley, giant tech companies also got together to show their support for equality and the LGBT community.

The three big guns – Apple, Facebook and Google – were there in full force and further cemented their place as forward thinking, compassionate companies.

Apple took the cake, though. The company invited all of it’s San Francisco based employees and their family members to take part in the march. Apple employees all wore special t-shirts featuring the Apple logo in rainbow colours with the word ‘Pride’ etched across.

Even Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, made an appearance and handed out t-shirts and pride flags to hundreds of excited employees.  (more…)

Facebook explains why it experimented with users’ feelings

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We were all quite bemused as to the reasons Facebook would artificially change their users’ news feeds, as we reported yesterday, as was most of the world. Why exactly did the company feel the need to experiment with your emotions? One of the co-authors of the study, Adam Kramer, has come out to explain.


Facebook study manipulates the mood of users

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Facebook-moodBack in 2012 the social network giant Facebook conducted a study to determine if they could manipulate the mood of its users. Facebook’s experiment artificially tweaked the feeds of of almost 700,000 users to show either negative or more positive updates from their friends over the course of one week. The results as published in he Proceedings of the National Academy of Science indicated that there exists direct correlation between emotions conveyed in the users’ personal posts to that of the artificially tweaked update sentiment. But was this ethical or even legal? (more…)

Facebook launches new social app Slingshot

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As if there weren’t enough social applications out there, Facebook has just launched another – Slingshot. It was tipped as a competitor to Snapchat, although the functionality seems to be a bit different, and truly unique at first glance.

Snapchat had become a massive hit due to the idea that messages, apps and videos being shared would expire after a certain amount of time the recipient looking at the message. As you can imagine, this lead to some of the internet’s more ‘adult-friendly’ activities seeing the light of day on Snapchat.


Facebook to launch Snapchat competitor?

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According to reports, we may soon see Facebook launch a messaging service much like the infamous Snapchat very soon.

Employees are apparently calling in ‘Slingshot,’ and it would likely not be integrated with the social site’s other applications, such as Facebook Messenger. Some say that the timing of the launch may be indicative of the fact that Facebook made a bid to buy Snapchat for $3 billion late last year, which ultimately failed. (more…)