Microsoft announces 20 new OEMs will ship Office & OneDrive

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Microsoft made a huge announcement today, citing a bold new phase in the company’s cross-platform strategy: 20 new OEMs, including the likes of Sony and LG, will ship Microsoft services such as Office and OneDrive as pre-installed apps on their devices.

The news, which comes alongside yesterday’s announcement that Cortana will shortly be available on both iOS and Android, indicates that Microsoft are readying a tighter integration with Android, iOS, and the forthcoming release of Windows 10.


The first car with Android Auto launches – and it’s a Hyundai (video)

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Even though Google announced Android Auto quite some time ago, it has taken a while to bring it to market. It seems the world isn’t ready for cars truly integrated with the mobile world, as Apple’s CarPlay is taking longer than expected as well.

That begin said, Hyundai has just made it official that it will be the first automaker to launch the service on its 2015 vehicles, and the new 2015 Hyundai Sonata will be the first model to include it. Owners of existing models will also be able to get the service through the Hyundai online service software update. (more…)

New Nexus details emerge ahead of Google I/O

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With Google I/O around the corner anything that has to do with Google is taking centre stage. The Nexus line will be refreshed in the latter part of the year, but we’ll receive no news from Google at the conference regarding the hardware. Rather, it seems they will share some interesting news regarding its software policies.

According to reports, Google intends to use the update’s release to set up an official policy for how long Nexus devices are entitled to updates. This is regardless of the manufacturer or form factor. (more…)

Android M gets a codename – new version’s name revealed?

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It’s that time of the year again – Google I/O is around the corner and that means everyone is expecting the newest version of Android to make an appearance at the developer’s conference, probably still as Android M.

As usual a couple of leaks have hit the web, and some claim that we already know Android M will be released in a couple of days and we may know what its name is going to be. (more…)

Google leaks updated Photos app screenshots

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Google Photos screenshots-970-80

With Google’s 2015 I/O conference just around the corner – scheduled for the 28th of May – the company has leaked several images depicting a new version of its Photos app which have been published by Android Authority.

The leak details new tools as well as a re-imagining of pre-existing app features, and it seems that Google are readying a more cohesive photo backup service which parallels Apple’s Photos in both iOS and Mac, as well as Dropbox’s Carousel photo management app.


Google releases free I/O 2015 app

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IO-2015-AppNext week sees Google hosting their annual developers’ conference with the keynote presentation kicking off events. News and rumors have slowly been building in anticipation of the conference where it’s likely we’ll be seeing high-profile releases at the conference – such as of Android M and other cool and innovative launches.

Many people will be tuning into the goings-on of the I/O event. Whether you are lucky enough to be there or following events on line, Google has released their official Google I/O 2015 app to keep you in the loop. (more…)

Google debuts its first Apple Watch app

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Ever since the launch of the Apple Watch, more and more software from the world’s biggest companies have made its way to the Watch OS in the form of various apps. Many have announced their intentions to launch an app for the Watch (while a couple have already released one). (more…)

Google adds pre-registration and alerts for Android apps

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Starting with Glu’s Terminator Genisys: Revolution mobile game, you can now pre-register for apps from the Play store. Now developers can create some buzz before releasing an app by creating a placeholder page in the store where users can sign up and receive an alert on their phone when the app is actually released. (more…)