Apple, Google and others cough up $415 million in employee poaching scandal

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Employee_lawsuitThe technology industry is a cut throat world where everyone needs to have an edge to stay ahead. Over the past 5 years the big tech companies have had many a court battle where they accused each other of patent infringement, competition law breaking and various other legal skirmishes. Now though it seems like they are facing an attack from a different source, their own employees. (more…)

Inside Project Loon: Google’s ambitious internet balloon project (video)

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Google’s aerial ambitions are becoming larger every year and continuing unabated. The last time Google decided to speak publicly about its fleet of internet-beaming Project Loon balloons, they could languidly hang in the atmosphere for about 100 days, but that is up to more than 6 months now.

That’s not a bad stretch considering these things can now deliver LTE data speeds to devices on the ground, but Google’s got these things running even better than before. (more…)

Google reportedly preparing Android Wear for iOS

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Google is reportedly preparing to release an Android Wear app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, according to a French technology website.

The report claims Android Wear with extended iOS support could be announced at Google’s I/O developer conference in late May, although Google may push the agenda depending on sales of the Apple Watch. (more…)

Google buys .app domain for a cool $25 million

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There is no denying that Google has a lot of money. And when you have a lot of money you can do anything you want with said money.

While Google has invested in everything from robots to wi-fi balloons, the tech giant just dropped another pretty penny on something techy – that being the terribly sought after .app web domain.

The .app domain is was one of the most sought after domains for sale when the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers decided to expand their generic top level domains, i.e the .com’s and the .org’s.

As it is with anything worth millions of dollars, the .app domain was auctioned off to the highest bidder. And Google didn’t flinch to throw around some serious cash.  (more…)

Google debuts Android for Work

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In December last year, Apple announced a new partnership with IBM to supplement the iPhone and iPad’s role in Enterprise. Now, in February 2015, Google has released its own reply in the form of Android for Work.

The move, not only in response to Apple’s interest in enterprise, will pit Google against titans of industry such as Microsoft and BlackBerry.


Google Inbox expands to more devices

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Today marked a great turn of events for Google’s new Inbox mail service, as the service expanded into several new platforms, including the Firefox and Safari desktop browsers, as well as launching native iOS and Google Play apps for the iPad and Android tablets respectively.

On launch, Inbox initially worked inside Google’s own Chrome browser, and with a native iOS and Android app geared for mobile phones.


Latest Android ad is all about the social (video)

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Google doesn’t market Android all that often, as the millions upon millions of Android devices out there seem to be doing their marketing department’s job for them. However, every now and again they like to release some quirky, fun TV spots.

The latest Android commercial is all about the social aspects of Google’s software, with lots of handshakes, high-fives, fist bumps and more between two or more people. (more…)

Sony reveals SmartEyeglass

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25C584C500000578-0-image-a-1_1424200444714 Following Google’s recent announcement that development and production of their hyped Glass headset would be cancelled in favour of refining the technology into a myriad of new products slated for the future, Sony has announced their own take on Google’s fallen son in the form of SmartEyeglass.

Yes, that’s one word. (more…)