WhatsApp rejected Google’s $10 billion offer

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Image: The Techgets

Image: The Techgets

Even though the majority of the world is extremely surprised at the extremely high value Facebook placed on the messaging service when paying a total of $19 billion for WhatsApp. According to new sources, it wasn’t the only offer that WhatsApp received, however.

CNN Fortune reports that Google also tried to acquire the popular messaging application, for $10 billion. It isn’t clear when this offer was made, however. The bid reportedly came without a promise of a Google board seat, unlike Facebook’s agreement. (more…)

Google’s Project Tango: a 3D sensor smartphone

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We know that anything and everything 3D has been booming over the last year. 3D printers have become a part of everyday life and 3D mapping has become the standard in various fields.

So it was only a matter of time before we saw a collaboration of two of the biggest pieces of tech n the world today; 3D technology and a smartphone. And of course, this is exactly what Google is working on.

Yesterday, Google launched it’s latest project – Project Tango. Project Tango is an experimental smartphone equipped with high-tech, 3D sensors.

The 5-inch phone will (obviously) be Android powered and deliver users with the unique ability to measure the world around them in 3D. (more…)

Google Capital officially launched

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Google Capital

Yesterday, Google officially launched its brand new investment fund, Goggle Capital, and with it, made growth-stage companies around the world very excited.

Google Capital is essentially a growth equity fund aimed at growth-stage companies. These are companies that, while still young, have kicked off their baby shoes and are moving into their adolescent stage.

In a post published on Google’s blog, the mega company said that they are looking specifically at companies that ‘have already built a solid foundation and are really ready to expand their business in big ways’.  (more…)

Google: ‘Don’t be a Glasshole’

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With the rise of Google Glass, many fans and naysayers are starting to share their opinion on Google’s futuristic product. While many believe it’s the way of the future, others believe that the product is only reserved for smug tech junkies.

Google knows this all too well. This is why they have published a small manual to using your Google Glass – basically a few, simple do’s and don’ts. (more…)

Short film illustrates how big Google really is

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We know that Google is one of the largest (if not the largest) tech companies in the world. We also know that only a handful of companies strive to be as innovative as Google. What us mere mortals sometimes can’t fathom or understand, is exactly how big Google really is.

Not to worry, though, as this short film illustrates the immensity that is Google.

The video was made by YouTube user, ColdFusTion, who seems to have a very keen interest in everything Google.

The video shows us some very interesting facts about Google and how two 22-year olds came up with an idea so big, it literally changed the world. (more…)

Google takes public stand against Russia’s anti-gay laws

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Google Doodle

Today marks the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. It also marks the start of a universal event, promoting equality and acceptance, being held in a (highly) discriminating country. Queue the controversy…

It’s no secret that Russia, under the rule of Vladimir Putin, is not accepting of the LGBT community. Russia’s strong, anti-gay laws has been the subject of much discussion – especially leading up to the Olympics. And today, on the first day of the Games, Google has very subtly taken a huge stand against Russia’s ridiculous laws.

Google’s doodle today pays homage to the start of the Games, however, it is so much more than a ‘good luck’ to the Olympians.

The doodle features various Winter Olympic athletes, in the colour and pattern of the rainbow gay pride flag. Genius. (more…)

Google and Samsung agree to license each other’s patents for 10 years

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The symbiotic relationship that Google find themselves in with Samsung is one they can barely afford to abandon, given how Samsung dominate the Android market. It only makes sense, then, that the two companies have just struck a deal to license each other’s patents for the next 10 years.

In addition to accelerating product research, the agreement should reduce the chances for future patent lawsuits. This also shows us that Samsung is fully committed to Android, even though they are working on their own operating system as well. (more…)

Report: Google acquires secret AI company for $400 million

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It seems that Google’s plans to be the world leader in artificial intelligence has jumped to another level after the mega-company reportedly acquired a secretive AI company for a staggering $400 million.

DeepMind is the latest of Google’s AI-orientated acquisitions, according to a report by Re/code. Not much is known about the London-based company, but we’re pretty sure that after being acquired by Google, their media profile will skyrocket.

What we do know, however, is that DeepMind was founded by games prodigy and neuroscientist, Demis Hassabis. Hassabis, who is described as a ‘child prodigy in chess’, was named “probably the best games player in history” by the Mind Sports Olympiad.  (more…)