100 People get to test Project Ara (video)

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Ara Scouts is the initiative launched by Google whereby they will test their new Project Ara prototypes. One hundred lucky members of the public will get to test out Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) team’s project that has a deadline to be completed approaching fast. (more…)

Google buys Songza music service

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With music services becoming ever more popular, rumours were rife of an impending acquisition from Google, as we have known for quite some time they want to better their music streaming capabilities. As they are so often in the tech industry, the rumours were correct and Google have announced their acquisition of Songza.

Having built a reputation for delivering curated playlists ranging from broad genre themes, Songza also focused on lists based on your mood. Google want the company’s knowledge to better the Google Play Music offerings. (more…)

Little girl convinces Google to give her dad the day off

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Look, most of us know that working at Google is pretty cool. Not only do they take good care of their employees, they also have exciting game rooms, wonderful lunch menus and nap pods (!). However, working at Google is no joke – even if you get to take a nap. 

‘Googlers’ as they are affectionately known, work really, really hard. Developers, designers and software engineers work around the clock to bring us wonderful Google products.

This, however, did not sit well with one particular little girl, who was fed up with her dad working so much. So what did she do? The best thing you can do in these situations – write a letter to his employer, Google.  (more…)

Google Chromecast will use sound to connect nearby devices

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chromecastChromecast made its debut in July of last year and since then the little multimedia streaming HDMI dongle has been a huge hit. It allows you to play audio/video content on a high-definition display by directly streaming it via Wi-Fi from the Internet or a local network. Google now wants to make the Chromecast experience more social. Google will open up the device to everyone in the immediate vicinity of your living room, regardless of being connected to your Wi-Fi network. This announcement was made at Google’s I/O by Chromecast product manager Rishi Chandra. He stated that they will use a variety of different technologies to achieve their “social” Chromecast goal and one of them is quite cool… (more…)

Google’s Cardboard turns your Android device into a VR headset (cheaply)

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Facebook have spent a lot of money to buy Oculus VR, maker of the Rift, to bring you a virtual reality experience you will remember. Google has decided to go down a different route, though.


Google surprises with Android One

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As the keynote from Google I/O started the whole conference room was abuzz as to what we would hear from Google VP Sundar Pichai. Not many people saw this coming, however.

After spouting Google’s user statistics for its Android OS – which has now hit 1 billion active users over a 30 day period – first big I/O announcement to make: the launch of Google’s Android One project.


Google I/O 2014: What to Expect

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We’re all licking our fingers to the prospect of getting plenty of news, software, hardware and more from Google at their yearly conference, Google I/O. The key-note from the company will take place today, and we’ll be following all the goings-on with bated breath.

But what exactly are we waiting for? Here are our top predictions of things to expect from this year’s conference. (more…)

Google invests $50 million to encourage girls to code

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Google Made With Code

Boys like cars and tools and tech and girls like fashion and make up and shoes, right? Wrong. The tech industry has long been perceived to be for ‘boys only’, but a new initiative by Google is helping to change this archaic outlook.

When you think of computer coders, you primarily think of clever men in hoodies (thanks, Mark Zuckerberg) and this is partly due to the fact that it is true – computer engineers and coders are mainly male.

However, Google’s new project called ‘Made with Code’ aims at getting young girls interested in coding.

There is an inherent stigma behind coding; that is boring and only interesting for computer geeks. This is what ‘Made with Code’ is trying to abolish, by showing girls that coding is fun and that it can be used to make the things they love – from clever apps to movies.

The Made with Code launch event was held in New York City on Thursday night and was attended by hundreds of high school girls, ready to embrace the world of computer science.  (more…)