Google Nexus 5 official and for sale

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Today brings an end to all the rumours, leaks and speculation — the LG-made Google Nexus 5 is finally official and is available to buy in the Google Play stores in U.S., Canada, U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Japan and Korea today.

Here are the basics of what you need to know: This year’s Nexus handset is a 5-incher with a 1080p display, a 2.3GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 CPU and 2GB of RAM. Storage comes in 16 and 32GB configurations. The Nexus 5 is the first Nexus device to ship with an OIS (optical image stabilization) camera which comes in at 8 MP, which should compensate for hand motion in photos. It’s also packing a 2300mAh battery and wireless charging capabilities. (more…)

Google posts first Nexus 5 advert: “I do”

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The next big thing from Google has officially arrived (well almost). Google has released the first advert for the Nexus 5, probably just hours before they send out their official press release on the device.

More details to follow soon.

Google Glass gets redesign with mono earbud

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Glass Explorers, the early adopters of Google Glass, that get to test the hardware for Google will now be able to swap them out for the newer version. The changes will make the futuristic hardware compatible with prescription glasses and most sunglasses.

The most visible change is the addition of a mono earbud sporting the Glass logo, which appears to connect via the device’s micro-USB port. Mountain View’s kept mum on what other revisions it’s made, but with the hardware scheduled to arrive in the hands of beta testers shortly, more details can’t be far off. (more…)

Google smartwatch with Google Now near production

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There have been rumours flying around that Google is working on a smartwatch for some time now. It is the newest craze in the tech sector, every other player in the market seems to be developing one. Unfortunately, the ones that have come to market aren’t as useful as we would want them to be, and none have a battery life more than a day.

But now, a report from the Wall Street Journal has given us the clearest indication of when we can expect Google’s attempt to enter the market. Citing “people familiar with the matter,” the paper reports that the Android-powered watch is in the late stages of development, with Google currently working to fine-tune the device to improve power efficiency and battery life – as mentioned before, it is one of current smartwatches’ biggest problem. (more…)

YouTube planning on launching subscription service

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Soon music lovers across the globe might get to experience a better YouTube, if their reported subscription service is to come to life.

According to reports, Google is busy working on a YouTube subscription service which would supply subscribers with on-demand videos and offer them unlimited access to artists and their albums.

The idea is to make the YouTube subscription similar to the likes of popular music streaming services like Spotify or Except, of course, with video.

Although Google have already launched their own music platform, ‘Google Play Music: All Access’ in May of this year, it seems they want to do something similar with YouTube.

Google acquired YouTube in November of 2006. (more…)

Former Google ad executive joins Twitter

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Just ahead of their initial public offering, social media giant Twitter, has snagged one of Google’s advertising executives and lured him into their court.

J.J Hirschle, the now former head of media and entertainment advertising at Google, will now join the team at Twitter in a similar role.

Hirschle will be responsible for for the team that will sell advertising products to retail companies.

A spokesman for Twitter, Will Stickney, confirmed Hirschle’s appointment and new role in the company. (more…)

Google wants to extend your life span

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Google DNAIt seems that for Google, the sky really is the limit. Or in light of their new venture, even controlling human life.

Google has accomplished some pretty amazing things over the past few years. From becoming the world’s most favourite search engine, to bringing wireless internet to African villages in huge balloons.

But now, it seems that Google has stepped up to a whole new level.

The mega company announced it’s new venture today; a company called Calico, that will focus on significantly expanding the human life span.

Does it sound almost unbelievable? Well, according to Google CEO Larry Page, it’s not. Page was quoted as saying: “I believe we can improve millions of lives”. (more…)

Google Acquires Bump Technologies

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Google has acquired their 8th company for 2013 – and this one is actually rather cool.Bump

Mega-corporation, Google, has acquired Bump Technologies as of yesterday.

Bump Technologies released a statement on their blog yesterday, September 16th, stating that they are now part of the Google family.

Bump said that hey are “thrilled” to have joined the almighty Google, as they share the same belief in making communication and connectivity all around the world easier.

Bump Technologies, which was founded in 2008, is most famous for it’s popular app – simply called Bump – that allows you to share files, photos and contact information by literally bumping your smartphones together. (more…)