Google’s ‘Feeling Lucky’ for music

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Many of us carry a large portion (if not all) of our music collections around with us in the pocket. What do you do if you aren’t in the mood to scroll through the entire selection to find what you want to listen to? Just like the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ search button from Google on the website, you will also now be able to use it for playing music from your device. (more…)

‘Okay Google, Take a Photo’ command comes to Search

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Google has been trying to consolidate all its voice command across devices and software version, and now we mere mortals that don’t have a Google Glass are getting some of its basic functionality on our smartphones. Two of the core commands of Glass are now available in the new version of the Google Search for Android application.

If you say “Okay Google” followed by “take a photo,” your device will launch the camera app. Similarly, “take a video” will also launch the camera app, but in video recording mode. (more…)

Google Maps for Android update brings upcoming events

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Google is all about giving its customer as much information as possible and the latest update for its Android Maps app continues that trend. When using Maps, it will now not only show how to get to the location you searched, but also include upcoming events at that location.

Information is displayed below the venue’s address, and will include information about bands playing at a club or restaurant, games at a sports arena etc.

Image: Google+, Source: Google Play

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Google Drive drops price to $2 per month for 100GB

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Dropbox has been the darling of anyone (including us) who wanted a well designed cloud storage tool that synced with your desktop, smartphone and a web interface. Google launched their Drive product 2 years ago, but today dropped their pricing to bargain levels.

Google just announced their latest pricing – a 100GB of cloud storage for $2 a month and 1TB of storage for $10. This means you can have a proper amount of storage for your files, photos etc, which is always safe in the cloud as well. As a bonus, if you have multiple devices, the files can be always accessible from any of those machines. You can also always access all your files from any web browser.

So far the only disadvantage to Google Drive is that it does not quite have the developer API support that Dropbox has, but that should change quickly. That, and of course having to re-upload all your files if you have used Dropbox until now…

Now you have no excuse for not backing up.

Go to to set up a larger Google Drive.

Google Hangouts for iOS redesigned

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The iPhone and iPad versions of Google’s popular apps have the reputation of sometimes being neglected Google. They have tried to alleviate those concerns from Apple customers in the last couple of years and have continued the trend by completely redesigning the Hangouts app.

It has a new flat look, which very much accompanies the entire feel of iOS. It also has a couple of new features, like picture-in-picture video calling for the first time as well as the capability to send 10 second video messages. (more…)

Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone to cost $50

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Last time we reported on Project Ara, it was a Motorola project. Now that Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo, we expected the project to be scrapped. Well, it seems we were mistaken. The Project has remained Google’s after the deal was made, which is great news.

ara1 (more…)

WhatsApp rejected Google’s $10 billion offer

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Image: The Techgets

Image: The Techgets

Even though the majority of the world is extremely surprised at the extremely high value Facebook placed on the messaging service when paying a total of $19 billion for WhatsApp. According to new sources, it wasn’t the only offer that WhatsApp received, however.

CNN Fortune reports that Google also tried to acquire the popular messaging application, for $10 billion. It isn’t clear when this offer was made, however. The bid reportedly came without a promise of a Google board seat, unlike Facebook’s agreement. (more…)

Google’s Project Tango: a 3D sensor smartphone

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We know that anything and everything 3D has been booming over the last year. 3D printers have become a part of everyday life and 3D mapping has become the standard in various fields.

So it was only a matter of time before we saw a collaboration of two of the biggest pieces of tech n the world today; 3D technology and a smartphone. And of course, this is exactly what Google is working on.

Yesterday, Google launched it’s latest project – Project Tango. Project Tango is an experimental smartphone equipped with high-tech, 3D sensors.

The 5-inch phone will (obviously) be Android powered and deliver users with the unique ability to measure the world around them in 3D. (more…)