Google’s Project Ara modular phone update (video)

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Even though Google quickly sold Motorola after making the acquisition a couple of years ago, they have kept some very important parts of the business. One is of course all the patents the company brought with it, and the other is what Motorola called Project Ara – the ‘build-your-own-phone’ project set to come to market relatively soon.

It spawned from what was something called Phonebloks, and Google are now calling it Project Ara by Phonebloks. They aren’t leaving us completely in the dark, though. Check out their update of where the project is and will be going below: (more…)

Google wants Android TV to simplify your entertainment

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In the past couple of years we have been hearing rumours of possible Google TV launches, but none ever came to fruition. It seems that Google has completely moved away from that concept, now starting talk about what they call Android TV.

The Verge have reportedly found documents revealing a new Android TV release with a more conventional living room interface. The new OS would rely on a simplified card layout centred on accessing content quickly. (more…)

Google Maps parody, ‘Google Naps’, shows you the best places to nap

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Sometimes you just feel like having a nap. Especially when you’re traveling the world and doing all sorts of exhausting, tourist things. The only problem is, how would you know where the best place is to have a nap in a foreign country? Well, that’s where Google Naps come in to the picture.

Google Naps is a parody of the popular Google Maps, and, basically, shows you the best places to take a nap all around the world.

The service has exactly the same interface as Google Maps – with beacons place on the map showing you where the best place would be to get some shut eye. However, these places are not hotels or guest houses, but rather public places that will be adequate for a quick power nap.

The areas marked as nap spots are usually public areas with soft grass or benches. (more…)

Google’s new Android version will focus on businesses

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It seems that Google is targeting the corporate world with its next version of Android. According to experts, the operating system isn’t very well suited to business needs and demands, something iOS does with aplomb.

The new OS will reportedly allow apps that require their own authentication, as well as data storage on secure chips. Remote management controls will also be introduced. Google will unveil the new version of Android at its annual I/O conference in June 2014. (more…)

Gmail testing promotional image cards

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Gmail pic ads

Your promotions tab in the Gmail client may soon become a much more interesting place. Presently it functions as a glorified spam folder, but that might soon change. While it’s not really spam, most emails that hit that folder are probably ignored, according to data from Google. (more…)

Google Glass partners with Ray-Ban and Oakley

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Google Glass may have been making more waves than usual over the past couple of months, but one thing that has continuously followed the high-tech eyewear is the criticism of it’s look.

I mean, let’s be honest, from a style point of view, Google Glass is definitely not the Prada of eyewear. In fact, for someone who cares more about the look of their glasses than its technical abilities, Google Glass is ugly.

And, finally, it seems as though Google has caught on to this.

The mega company announced yesterday that it will be partnering with Luxottica, to help establish Google glass as both a tech must-have and a fashionable accessory.  (more…)

Google’s ‘Feeling Lucky’ for music

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Many of us carry a large portion (if not all) of our music collections around with us in the pocket. What do you do if you aren’t in the mood to scroll through the entire selection to find what you want to listen to? Just like the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ search button from Google on the website, you will also now be able to use it for playing music from your device. (more…)

‘Okay Google, Take a Photo’ command comes to Search

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Google has been trying to consolidate all its voice command across devices and software version, and now we mere mortals that don’t have a Google Glass are getting some of its basic functionality on our smartphones. Two of the core commands of Glass are now available in the new version of the Google Search for Android application.

If you say “Okay Google” followed by “take a photo,” your device will launch the camera app. Similarly, “take a video” will also launch the camera app, but in video recording mode. (more…)