Stephen Hawking and Intel collaborates on a connected wheelchair

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Dr. Stephen Hawking

With Apple’s announcements on Tuesday, we could all clearly see that there is a major emphasis on health and fitness integrated technology. And while we were all consumed by Tim Cook’s keynote, another tech company – more famous for making chips – announced a new project that will no doubt transform the world of health and fitness integrated technology.

Intel announced their latest invention on Tuesday at the Intel developer Forum 2014 (which, unfortunately for them fell on the same day as Apple’s event, meaning less press coverage).

However, that doesn’t take away from the fact that the project is still nothing less than amazing and innovative.

The company showed off their connected wheelchair – a project that is being endorsed by one of the greatest living scientists of our time, Dr. Stephen Hawking.  (more…)

Spire: Monitor that tells you you’re stressed

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Fitness and health accessories seem to be the new frontier among gadgets and wearables. The Galaxy S5 has a heart rate monitor and S Health app to help you manage your active lifestyle, many companies have created a wearable band or smartwatch to help you monitor all your vitals, and Apple has also heavily focused on health in its new iOS 8.


Vessyl – a ‘smart cup’ that tells you what you are drinking

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If we needed any more proof that health-focused gadgets, apps and services are exploding, then this is it.

With people becoming more concerned about what they are putting into their bodies, developers have started making devices that can help with said problem. And here is yet another one.

Meet Vessyl – a so-called ‘smart cup’ that can tell you exactly, down to the last detail, what is in the cup.

Just last week we reported on SCiO – a similar gadget that can give important information about the food you eat. Vessyl does exactly that, just with liquids.

This sensor enabled cup analyzes it’s contents and then provides you with a detailed description of what it is. It is able to analyze the cup’s contents by beverage type, volume, and, of course, nutritional information such as calorie and sugar content.

This cup is so smart that it is even able to tell you what brand and flavour of beverage you are about to consume – incase you didn’t know that already. (more…)

Stellenbosch based HealthQ Technologies creates world’s 1st open source metabolic chamber

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Stellenbosch has recently become home to one of approximately 20 metabolic chambers globally – and the first of its kind to be based on open source technology. Enabling the tracking of human metabolism with an accuracy that far exceeds previous methods, this technology is set to revolutionise the way we think about exercise and nutrition. We attended the launch and walked away very impressed by this team’s ambition.

Metabolic chambers are highly specialised scientific research tools used to learn more about human metabolic activity. These chambers enable scientists to measure and characterise human metabolism under very specific controlled conditions over a broad range of activities, such as sleeping, eating, cycling, running, or the performance of various other forms of exercise. Data gathered from these chambers provide biological scientists with insights as to how human subjects react to different conditions at a metabolic level.

This type of information is of enormous value for the development of novel and increasingly accurate technologies for monitoring fitness, weight loss and general health and wellness. These are currently hot global investment topics experiencing explosive growth due, in part, to fast rising healthcare costs coupled with a global obsession with achieving optimal health.

Due to the complexity and high cost of construction, metabolic chambers are extremely rare. (more…)